Jun 12, 2020

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Saul is an ascended Master just like Jesus, Buddha, Mary and many many more. BTW you are all on your ways to becoming ascended masters so stand up and celebrate your greatness.

channeled by John Smallman 
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Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday June 10th.

Humanity’s awakening process is moving along very nicely indeed, as increasing numbers of people become aware of how, and for how long, those in governmental positions of authority have been willfully misleading the electorate that they have been elected to serve. This increasing awareness is a necessary part of your awakening process, because it leads you to realize that it is in yourselves that you must trust, allowing your intuitive knowingto guide you powerfully and lovingly along your chosen life paths. That guidance is always with you, you just have to learn to trust it by practicing using it, first in situations that are non-threatening, and then, as your trust strengthens, in situations that are more demanding.

You were created as sovereign beings with free will, but over the eons many have been trained and encouraged to give their power away to others – parents, teachers, the military, the police, multi-national organizations, religious leaders, and governments – supposedly for their own good. And as your history clearly shows, those to whom power is given nearly always abuse it, and then conflicts erupt, either small and local, or on a massive scale, setting good people at war with one another to satisfy hidden agendas which are then presented to you as necessary and in your own and everyone else’s best interests.

With the present ongoing global lock-down and governmentally imposed limitations on your personal freedom it is becoming very apparent that the present systems of government, seemingly different in different countries and nations, are most definitely not in humanity’s best interests and need to be drastically changed so that everyone – every individual – is heard, honored, and respected. The idea of democracy and of establishing democratic societies has existed for a long time, and has occasionally seemingly been put into practice, however, almost without fail, those who are elected to or take upon themselves positions of power and authority become consumed by their own egotistical desire for ever more of it. Sometimes this leads to a particular person being criminally indicted by others in the group, who then choose a replacement, and on other occasions it leads to conflict, suffering for many, and revolution, whereupon the whole process starts over again. That is human history.

👑💊🙃 ~ (Impossible Red Pill To Swallow) Lizard Illuminati Queen: 94 Years And On Zoom (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Whether, Queen Elizabeth is a reptilian soul who can't die or not, the British Royal Family, Pedophilia must come the a END of a 1200-year parasitic monarchy... David Icke, Benjamin Fulford, Robert David Steele and many more are saying, that Britain’s so called royal family imposters and their black nobility Zionist-Illuminati bloodlines have been the earth’s underlying powerbrokers behind all war, genocide, the world economic system of human enslavement, and their globally organized pedophilia trafficking network predatorily feeding off of, sacrificing and destroying our children and how this growing cancerous scourge on humanity must be excised off the face of this earth sooner than later.... |

A video posted to the “Covert Geopolitics” YouTube channel in November 2019 purported to capture a “fully naked ‘Filipino looking child’ escaping from a window of the Buckingham Palace in the middle of the day.”

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💧 ~ Statsministeriet tavs om ny læk ~ | Blogger: [👉Ekstra Bladet har bedt Statsministeriet oplyse, om man så denne gang vil opklare den muligt strafbare sag med politiets hjælp. Men det ønsker ministeriet ikke👈] ... {Det hjælper jo ikke ligefrem, at Centrering af magt hos regeringen skulle være midlertidig og den bukkende og dansende Heunicke, forsøger nu at beholde dele af magtfuld coronalov} ... Skal lige love for der bliver gået til makronerne hos Ekstra Bladets gravergruppe, siden tidligere nyhedschef på Radio24syv Kristoffer Eriksen bliver chefredaktør... Og noget som jeg snakkede med min ret overraskende (opvågnen) nye ejendomsmægler om i går, at det kommer IKKE til at holde i længden. Den såkaldte Landsmoder af Danmark, og de 'måske' oppustede tal om Mette F.' popularitet, censuren og hendes skyggeregering (socialakrobaternes) sucess, er nok den STØRSTE løgn, i mands minde, og holder ikke. Min ejendomsmægler siger til mig, hvis nu Mette F. (også) havde lukket landet ned med udgangsforbud, så var han gået 'amok'. Han selv, filmede folk, da hun lukkede landet ned den 11. Marts om aftenen og der var 500 meter kø i en populær by, som huser Bilka. Han råbte sagde han; 'hvad har I gang I' og alle gloede ned i jorden, flove!, sagde han. Boligmarkedet er DØDT i storbyerne mht. salg af lejligheder og huse, men sommerhusmarkedet, selvom priserne er 5-6 millioner for et 65kvm sommerhus(bor tæt på landets dyreste), går som varmt brød og er sindssygt, siger han og man skal ikke stole på nogle aviser eller branchen's egne oppustede annoncer for tiden, som siger, at ALT er som Maj måned, sidste år. Til sidst, siger han, snart falder hele korthuset sammen omkring Mette F., når "regningen" skal gøres op, til sidst. Så vil folk ikke finde sig i mere. Det, uanset om regeringen kommer med stepvis af redningsplaner og hjælpepakker, for at tilfredsstille de 'vitale' virksomheder og eller redder danskerne, i nød... |


💣🧑‍⚕️ ~ BOMBSHELL: Leaked conversation of Lancet and NEJM Editors-In-Chief reveals they already know Big Pharma is a “criminal” cartel pushing rigged science for profit ~ | Blogger: [👉In other 'Unhealthy, Unethical and Immoral' news👉] ... {NOVO - Protected by "most" powerful lobbyists, the Medical Mafia and the Danish CoronaKing, Magnus Heunicke, Bill Gates' VaccineMonster henchmen, who wish to construct a new 4-lane highway, for Novo Nordisk factory in Kalundborg} ... Novo, has come together to snaps up Corvidia Therapeutics in deal worth up to $2.1 billion. The deal brings Corvidia’s lead candidate ziltivekimab, a proprietary anti-interleukin-6 ligand monoclonal antibody (anti-IL6 mAb), into Novo Nordisk’s pipeline... Novo Nordisk A/S is a danish trillion kroner valued company and global provider of advanced treatments for diabetes and other serious chronic diseases (However, studies have linked Ozempic & Victoza to serious side effects, including thyroid cancer and pancreatitis). Novo has got themselves POWERFUL transformational alliances, a bond between Novozymes and Monsanto (Dubbed "Monsatan" and "Mutanto" - Nazi-founded Bayer chemical company). As an example of their GREED and BAD DEED; Lily & Novo Nordisk has increased diabetes drug by 700% and 400% price hikes over 20 years in America (Lilly, Novo latest to feel the wrath of Bernie Sanders over price hikes)... 📑Quote: "With the acquisition of Corvidia Therapeutics, Novo Nordisk has secured an innovative drug in cardiovascular disease, which extends the company's cardiovascular portfolio beyond diabetes, says research director Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen."📑... 😟PS: Sooooo sad... While the CoronaVirus PlannedDemic triggers a wave of distress, bankruptcy in corporate America and the world, The medical–industrial complex, The Rothschild Banking Cartel and online stores with tech companies, are among the most cash-rich in the world, right now... |

Mike Adams
We've got two breaking news stories for you today. First, there's the leaked "secret" phone conversation between the editors of The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, where they describe Big Pharma's control over rigged science and the medical journals as "criminal."

Suddenly the world is waking up to what we've been reporting for 20 years: That Big Pharma is a criminal cartel, and the science journals are fake science propaganda rags.