September 20, 2016

Dave Schmidt Update: Dr. Cohler Explains the Source of the Gold Backing the RV/GCR, it's From the Rodriguez Trust

The Sedona Connection
 with Dave Schmidt

Sept. 21st, 2016

So Where is All of this Money Coming from to Fund the RV/GCR?  It's the Gold Funding the Rodriguez Trust, the Single Largest Source of Funds in the World.  Dr. Alan Cohler will be our Guest this Week.  He is the Asset Manger and Describes the History and Background of the Trust

Dear Friends,

For years I have been asking the question, who is paying for this RV/GCR? Where is all of this money coming from to pay for your currency exchange. Well, now you can get that answer straight from the source.

The 100+ year old Rodriguez Trust, based in the Philippines is the source. This trust is the single largest source of funds in the world.

Dr. Alan Cohler is the asset manager of the trust. His wife was a family member of the trust and they asked him to be it's manager.

He will be our guest guest on the radio program this week.

This is your opportunity to hear straight from the source, the history of this funding and why these funds are being released to us in the private exchange.

I also give a short update in the video from my trip to Thailand and more interesting info about the gold.

Click here for the radio program, Wednesday, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.

Live program call in number: 515-605-9356.

For those still wanting to sign up for the exchange program and report estimated currency amounts, go to the website for those links:

BREAKING: Egyptian state media claims Isis is 'made up' and 9/11 was carried out by West to justify war on terror (Excerpts from Benjamin Fulford" latest full update: "...In Egypt, meanwhile, government owned newspapers are saying 911 was an inside job by the West done to justify an invasion of the Middle East and that ISIS is a Western creation. For a government publication to say this is a clear declaration that Egypt has split with the Khazarian mafia rulers of the US..")

Isis could have been invented by the US to "justify the devastation, partitioning and occupation" of the Middle East, writes Noha Al-Sharnoubi

9/11 terror attacks in New York Getty

Katie Forster Friday 16 September 2016 - independent

A columnist for a state-run newspaper in Egypt has suggested the US invented Isis and set up the 9/11 attacks to justify its military interventions in the Middle East.

“Is it possible to believe the official version, from the US government, of the events of 11 September 2001?” wrote journalist Noha Al-Sharnoubi in Al-Ahram, a major national Egyptian newspaper owned by the government.

Ms Al-Sharnoubi said the World Trade Centre and Pentagon attacks could have been premeditated to "justify the war on terror” in her column, published on 23 August.


Mary Magdalene via Pamela Kribbe: Two Deep Fears

Kanaliseret af Pamela Kribbe
© 2016

I am Mary Magdalene. I kneel down before you with admiration and respect for what you do on Earth. You are opening up new paths of consciousness and you are doing that while still carrying the burden of the past within you. Old pain and anxiety come up precisely because new ways of consciousness are entering into your awareness, into your body, and into your emotions.

In the actual creating of new paths of consciousness, you heal the old pain. It seems as if this should have happened in the past – you have been on Earth so many times before – but it was not possible to create new paths then. There was still too much consciousness trapped in the old institutions of power and authority, and people were imprisoned by their fear for survival – by anxiety on the physical plane – or by fear of being socially ostracized.

These fears run very deep in people. If you do not know who you are, if you are immersed in the structures of unconsciousness that are maintained by society, then you believe you are your body, and fear for survival touches you in your deepest core: to die means to be destroyed. Then very deep impulses arise to resist, and that can lead you to destroy another person, if necessary, to ensure your survival. It is a basic primitive fear.

Then there is also the fear of being ostracized socially, of no longer belonging to the group. That, too, is a very deep fear in people.

Corey Goode & Bashar Connection “Everything Will Change” in the fall of 2016

September 18, 2016 / John Turpa

In 2014 “Bashar” an extraterrestrial being channeled by Darryl Anka made a startling prediction… “In your upcoming fall of 2016 EVERYTHING will change!”

Will everything change this fall of 2016?

There seems to be some interesting data pointing towards something indeed occurring this fall. Perhaps it’s what many call the “October surprise”. Well see.

One major thread of course is this year’s United States presidential elections. There are many drama’s unfolding on this subject in the mainstream media as well as in the alternative media. All you have to do is a quick youtube or Google search of what is happening in this very convoluted and sometimes dizzying display of what our current system is undergoing and perhaps revealing.

Although, this is not the main focus of this article, it is merely a caveat to a very rare prediction from a being who claims to be from another planet and an unlikely connection to a man who claims to be part of the “Secret Space Program”.

Bashar is a being who claims to be from a planet called “Essassani” and is channelled by Darryl Anka. If you know who Bashar is you may have noticed that his main focus is on how we as humans can improve ourselves, love each other and to follow our greatest excitement. He periodically talks about other E.T. races, his home and what is “out there”.

Although, he rarely goes into predictions.

Depiction of Bashar by Vashta

In 2014 Bashar opened a channel to 3 beings that orbit his planet. These beings identified themselves as Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse. Their function is to be a conduit of the “Sassani” people (the beings that live on Essassani) as their “collective oversoul” (collective consciousness). These 3 beings describe themselves as spheres that glow in a blue/white light, are approximately 75 miles in diameter and orbit their planet.

Depiction of Essassani home world with the 3 sphere beings Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse

During this 2014 channeling they made a striking prediction that in the fall of 2016 “Everything will change”

Corey Goode on Gaia