Nov 20, 2020

🙏 ~ 💝 (United We Stand) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟Be Ready - Abbey Cook (🌟] ... Thanks to Abbey... "Follow the white rabbit Follow it deep into the hole Yeah, don’t worry about it Anons learn and know we know It’s a big ordeal It’s a global order scheme Not a game, this is real The fight for all humanity".. Chorus: "Learn to read the map Learn to spot the signs You look between the cracks Connect all the lines". (..).. |

😇 ~ 💗 (Åbn Landet Nu!) CENSUR på Berlingske ved Tom Jensen (WM) 💕 ~ |


🦠 😷🔬🌡~ (There is NO virus! You must be mad!) THE COVID SCAMDEMIC IS UNRAVELING (TheCrowhouse + PFC + David Icke Dot Connector) ~ | Blogger: Thanks to Max Igan, as always amazing videocasts... Max, covers Ireland, Australia, Germany, France and a Dutch chart, that shows the Draconian Lockdowns proof, there's more death at home, than Hospitals. COVID is a reclassify or recategorized of "normal" influenza, that has more death than so-called COVID-sickness and death numbers - the CV-1984 is all a SCAM. Short lifespans, no bacteria, no contacts, soul harvesting, destroying the immune system etc... Max mentions WEF, with Professor Klaus Schwab book - The Great Reset, again and again. It's all planned for a loooong time ago... Everything is connected - Medical certificates, pill passports, Immunity passports, corona app, active nanotech chipped vaccines (DARPA’s neurotech research resonates with Tesla’s acoustic mind control), 5G mass surveillance, Smart City, end of tourism, destroy small business overtaking from gigant tech corp, MNC or global enterprises... etc. etc... 💯PS: At the danish govt press meeting, Tuesday 29 September, there was a person who pretended to be a journalist from "Midtsjællands media house". He asked if the new coronavirus exists after a danish citizen got a freedom of act documention from the health authorities, that no virus could be located. The person doubted then the existence of new coronavirus and made statements about lack of evidence that SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus), the cause of the disease, etc. and demanded an answer. That conversation was seized by the director of danish the National Board of Health and one of the W.H.O. directors from 2021, Søren Brostrøm, at the press conference, and who got very, very mad at that person, and Søren Brostrøm responded to the press conference: "There is absolutely no doubt that we have a new virus that is spreading among humans. It is completely well documented in both foreign and Danish laboratories ”. At the same time, he further argued that a complete mapping of the virus has been made early - among other things by the Statens Serum Institut (you be the judge)... |

1 thought on “There Is No Virus. When the Penny Drops. All Else Follows!”

    As Blossom Goodchild Channels “The Federation of Light” who tells of a coming big announcement, we see the repeat of a further lock down by overstepping authorities. Further damaging our lives claiming they are trying to save lives.But I can tell you there is more to living than a beating heart. much more. I knew this when I risked my life for 10 years as a police officer. I was not paralyzed in fear at the knowledge that I would, Rather my Avatar would die ONE day in this realm. I still breathed freely, loved, laughed, married… I lived my life. Every day knowing that the next time I drove a car I could die, the next call I went on as a police officer I could die. But not ONCE did I consider not going to work or driving on the highway.I had a friend who had an aneurysm leaning into a washing machine and died on the spot, and yet I still washed my clothes. I did not wear dirty clothes to avoid the possibility that I was mortal. I always new I was mortal from the moment I dropped into the body. I don’t wear dirty clothes on the off chance that I might dieI will not dishonor life that way, I will look straight at life and honor Life with courage and an innate Freedom that gives me the right, the cosmic right of choice about how I will live my life. No Governor decides that for me. I do. The Constitution honors my life by stating the obvious for all to see. I AM FREE TO CHOOSE! Choice is freedom! Tyranny is not!No, the big announcement I believe that is coming will bring about a true awakening that will tell the controllers that the time of honoring yourselves is truly coming to an end. and it will in fact end as we enter the age of “The First shall be last and the last shall be first” as stated in the Bible.The revelation IS and will be this…”As the majority of the world has embraced the idea that the Mexican Beer is spreading like wildfire, and while scientists and doctors of the Medical Industrial Complex and experts and their minion the politicians have shown how wide spread this problem is… And when all have accepted this in their reality. It will then be shown in a moment of IN-spiration and Revelation that it is all TRUE!That many are sick and suffering, Not because of a Veyerus but because what they are identifying as a Veyerus is actually toxic cell excretions “exosomes”, due to pollution. pharmaceuticals, chemicals, toxic magnetic waves/smog and subsidies to big sugar, salt and petroleum, Flouride in the water and toothpaste, heavy metals dumped into the skies that all diminish the immune system. intentionally. The revelation that WE are our own doctors and that The healthcare industry gets rich off of a false germ theory.That those who produce the TV commercials that own and have captured our FREE PRESS are the ONE’s who benefit most. And are the ONE’s who are really at the bottom of the problem. Those who benefit from such pollution to prop up the artificially inflated stock market for the corporate welfare state on the dole.Those, who Americans honor the most as the Best and the Brightest among us and are called “the beautiful people” have been waging a war against our very health.I tell you the truth. AGE is simply IN-flamation of the tissues in 3-d due to a toxic environment designed to weaken your immune system to ensure repeat customers for the medical Industrial Complex and to “decrease the surplus population” as Scrooge (banker/corporate business man) stated in Charles Dickens “a Christmas carol”.If you doubt this, just look at a picture when you were 14 years old, then look into the mirror.This is the Truth and this is the big announcement. More to come, hold on to your seat belt! there will be a reckoning – ONE

😮🛸🙃 ~ (been there, done that) This Just Happened at AREA 51… (LUFOS) ~ | Blogger: [👉Hancock - Call Me Crazy Ooone More Time👈] ... 2019 "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" - Yes SoTW was there! -- No aliens. No party. Poor turnout for Area 51 raid kills UFO fanatics’ festival. Lame free storm Area 51 Las Vegas party... Actually, for me, Storm Area 51, was not so much Storming Cabals hideout or locate Aliens, but rather, to Storm the Spiritual parts of America - not camping in the Nevada desert (dumb idea anyway)... We should properly all forget about Area 51 or S4 facility, there's way more important planetary concerns to direct your attention to... I did however manage to locate the Little Alien cafe and also went on a (crazy) guided tour, years prior, in 2017 at a MUFON conference. The US Air Force facility known as either Groom Lake, Homey Airport, or Area 51, within the Nevada Test and Training Range, has, besides the main gate, also a (back door) - done that... It caught my interest after i was contacted by a VERY shy and mysterious guest (IT specialist) from Janet Airline (EG&G - Area 51 - Dreamland Resort) at a MUFON conference... This company runs security and the (secret) codename, called JANET, that the government uses to covertly ferry people around. UFO researcher has discovered that Area 51 employees are (also) using (in secret a subcontractor) called SCANDINAVIAN AIRLINES to/from The Tonopah Test Range (TTR) - a restricted military installation located about 30 miles (48 km) southeast of Tonopah, Nevada. It is part of the northern fringe of the Nellis Range, dangerously close to Area 51... Driving the looong way from Las Vegas out in the dry desert, from the highway, I could (see) more incoming B-1 bombers with F-16 fighter jets in their weekly routine exercises (no F-35 - they were grounded) while we were on our way on a guided MUFON tour bus (with 20 years plus experienced German Jürgen and his buddy, Tony, a very skilled US guide) towards back door Area 51 (Groom Lake) where we meet the infamous Area 51 camo dudes - lethal force authorized... Jürgen has the best knowledge in the world, about Area 51 /, S4 etc. and that German guy, has lived in the area and has been questioning by FBI, many times, because he has studied the advanced security they have around the 5,000 square miles (12,950 square km) of restricted airspace. Especially their super advanced sensors in the road that he studied in every detailed and went to FBI - USAF didnt like that a bit... These camo dudes came to us hard (more or less), one car with 4 military dudes in front and one in the back of this minibus, they knew, Jürgen, so it seemed, he said, they could measure our body heat, listen to every single conversation, using thermal face biometrics, intelligent telescopes, scanners and Direct Energy Weapon systems - you name it - they got it... 😋You want more? Have I been to "Mad" Mike Hughes hideout (yeah). "Back Gate" to Area 51 (yes sir). MUFON & International UFO Congresses (of course). Together with James Gilliland in Mt. Shasta seeing 20-30 UFO's (Absolutely). Sedona UFO and Vortex Tours (I confess). Talked to people within the US-MIC (you bet your sweet bippy I did)... 🤔Why this crazy UFO interest SoTW?... Not sure really? A deeb inside knowing and seen UFO IRL... Maaany years of Cobra School!... My danish holistic doctor knowledge!... Reiki healing & Inaugurated in Kriya Yoga & Horoskop activations... As former danish military police recruit in the Royal Danish Air Force!... Take a pick.. |


The UFO Seekers team heads to AREA 51 to get as close as possible to the secretive U.S. Air Force facility. While there, off Groom Lake Road, they spot employee vehicle traffic, the employee transport bus, camo dudes, and most importantly, they sky-watch for UFO activity. Let’s see what’s out there

🗣️🕊️💖~ (What’s the secret to success for nonviolent movements? Try solidarity) Traktorer fylder København og Aarhus i protest mod minksagen (JV) ~ | Blogger: [👉Tilliden til vores omgivelser er altafgørende - handling er påkrævet👈] ... Det kan godt være jeg tager til Aarhus, ligesom jeg var i Aalborg, med lørdagens anmeldte demonstration, ligesom jeg har været til enkelte udvalgte demoer i København... #Minkgaten er ikke for sølvpapirshatte og en modstandsbevægelse med en voldelig overtagelse af Borgen, men den er vigtig, fordi, den er dråben der får bægeret til at flyde over... Tror ikke danskere kan mere af den arrogante Christiansborg's magtfuldkommenhed, og alle politikere, som tror de er hævet over grundloven, med parlamentarisk immunitet og et beskyttende militær, efterretningsvæsen og politikorps, der nægter at slå til ansvar og tro på eller erkende den gennemførte korruperede systematiske ondskab, der ødelægger alles danskeres liv via Corona-løgnen....Man kan ikke (alene) sidde og agere sure/sød på sociale medier og når man snakker med sin nabo... Action speaks more powerfully than words, som man siger, man behøves ikke slå på tromme, potter og pander og skrige løs af frustration, det eneste det kræver er, man viser sin solidaritet overfor de svage i samfundet, de forurettede, såsom minkavlere og deres familier, gårdmænd, hårdest pressede brancher og eksempelvis pressede restaurationer, serviceerhverv, fly og rejsebranchen m.fl eller vores børn og toksiske vaccinationsforsøg, eller andet dårligt, mod et fejlende system, som ikke kan se de har gjort noget galt og har gjort det, lige siden den industrielle revolution, startede i 1760. Og en magtelite, lobbyismen og gigantiske virksomheder har kortsluttet demokratiet og overtog, samfundsorden... Check ud Susan Standfield video hvor hun forklarer om Københavns "Denmarks story of 7 days of Pots and Pans" der vandt over den udvidet epidemiloven... |

💊🕳️🐇 ~ (Parasitism: A.I. Off-World Entities Controllers and the Future of Humans) This will SHOCK you! 😲| Leave the matrix now👉 | HUGE RED PILL!🔥 (Saratoga Ocean) ~ | Blogger: [👉You don't have to gone on COBRA SCHOOL, as Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wayshowers or people who are being awakening on a Grand Scale, to understand this video - just open-minded for higher Spiritual Exoteric and Esoteric teachings👈] ... THIS JUST MIGHT BE THE BEST video I have seen for a looooong time and it uplifted my own energy-level or the sense of power increased tenfold as SoTW entered into Saratoga Ocean universe of teaching... To go a bit further and this is SoTW's own opinion, as always... Perhaps it might come as a SHOCK to you, but our local Earthly "authorities" are nooot our politicians, corporations, Cabal or Banking Elites (shape-shifting lizards taking human forms in a plot to rule America & the world)... On top of the Power Matrix sits A.I. Off-World "Controllers" (The Dark Alliance, SSP Alien Factions, A.I. Reptilian Overlords etc.) who feeds of all Humans FEAR as Guinea pigs, to alter Earth into a unified Artificial intelligence (AI) machinery... That is why, you SHOULDN'T take any (Corona) vaccinations with high powered nanotech and bots to control your body and mind... "They" have already put tons of toxic cocktail of aluminum, strontium and barium sprayed from planes in a plot to control the weather, the population and our food supply... Last step is to vaccinate and medicate and prolong people's fear and anxiety to make "us" Earthlings, more submissive and controllable, than we already are... BUUUTT, we can fight back... We, the People, are actually Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience, not the other way around, and God / Source, reveals his spiritual creatures to us through divine... Together or as individuals, we are STRONG as Pure Hearted Light Angelic Beings with ENORMOUS potential to be the CREATORS and MANIFESTORS... Remember that... |


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This video is chock full of ANSWERS about how we are specifically controlled without our knowledge. Let's take a peek behind the illusion and discover exactly how our energy is being used in ways we cannot see...

Be sure to watch this whole video because at the end I show you EXACTLY how to leave the matrix and take your power back 🌎🌟

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