Oct 23, 2021

🎴🎱🎃 ~ (Hunter Becomes the Hunted: MAJOR global sweep ready to be validated and published to the world ~ Janine and...) Dilara! Sarge! Snarky! Mil ops in effect! Coastal shutdown! Adreno raid! (McAllister TV) ~ | Blogger: More BOOM BOOM BOOM reports -- according to McAllister TV and the guys in the panel talking about "Ever Given" (AKA "Evergreen" AKA Clinton's "H3RC") ship get stuck in the Suez Canal, that was JUST the beginning... In this video by Janine she's refereeing and committed an entire show to McAllister TV latest video and it's true, that October has been MAJOR secret-silent White Hat operations taken place in every single major Sea Ports of World (The World is taken back sector by sector all over the world by WH ops).. Apparently the woman named "DILARA" talks about observing very, very strange helicopters flying on secret missions for the White Hat on The full moon of Wednesday (Oct. 21) so "The Hunter" becomes, "The Hunted"... 🚢⚓🏴‍☠️PS: (SoTW) -- As far as SoTW can remember, Janine told us, Danish Maersk/Evergreen Line and Greenland DUMBs (so does "Sarge"), is also deeply involved in these nefarious activities.. Rumors has it, special forces from America and Russia, emptied the ship blocking the Suez Canal, that had hundreds or perhaps thousands of "Children" that was rescued, but also many, who didn't make it. In one or more of Ever Given's 18.000 containers had (a nuke) was onboard, among a special (weather manipulation device) to (kill) all food crops, that makes drought etc. That information goes well with ex-Navy SEAL, Michael Jaco, Project Camelot, Mel K, Dr. Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, and others are saying was onboard that container ship... |

UPDATE 24/10/2021 9:00 AM CET

🛏️🧑‍⚕️According to "Sarge from ICONS" on McAllister TV, at the 46 minute marker, and from many sources he says, that, M*E*D*B*E*D*S, has been distributed to places on Earth fully operating, already. Holland, South Africa, Greenland etc. (SoTW heard of a Hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina). Especially helping the PedoChildren rescued from DUMB's.."Sarge" goes on about MedBeds tech programs that with only a "gene" form a person, could be growing back a new "limb" or anything really, if it's missing or a "tissue" when attacked would accelerate in unbelievable fast growth (SoTW heard about that in the Secret Space Programs for SuperSoldiers). There's already a new term called "MedBed operators"... 
SOTW - OMG! Holland and PedoGateOrder is really BIG yes, but Greenland?? Oh my lord...Greenland is the world's largest island and an autonomous Danish dependent territory with limited self-government and its own parliament. Buuutt, I have heard from source, that a specific "Hotel" in Greenland and a specific "DUMB" had been used for really bad sexparties which the Danish royal elites was heavily involved. Think about if it was also used for nefarious things like satanical and occult rituals and children is involved .... |  


Dilara, Sarge and Snarky! military op in effect! east and west coast ports shut down! hundreds of ships backed up outside la! black "vertical lift helicopters" filling the skies over hollywood and bay areas! huge san francisco adrenochrome raid! military law! millions arrested! med beds being used now world wide!

🙏 ~ 💝 (Spiritual love can refer to a love rooted in a spiritual connection that helps us find meaning and purpose in our lives) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Simon Parkes told us, If he had to use a traffic light system of alert then earlier this week, he moved CC up to "ORANGE" Alert and depending on how the weekend plays out, we may well move to "RED" Alert (SoTW have been allowed to share "some" of the "thoughts" from a Extra-ordinary CC meeting)... (SoTW) -- All we know is that, the release of JFK records delayed again, with Creepy-China-Corona Joe Biden citing CV[AI] and national security and Migrant caravan breaks through Mexican police as he blasted for claiming he hasn’t had time to visit border. On December 5th of 2020, Fakery Serial Killer Halloween Latex Mask Joe said he would NOT make a vax or mask mandate. Now he mocks Americans... ✨ANYWAYS: While we wait on the “Special forces group" from the Light Forces - The Benevolent Earth Alliance, Trump and Off-worlders to finish up!. The "GREATER" reset - Inspiring Vision For Humanity. The RV reboot, the New Quantum Financial System, N.E.S.A.R.A & G.E.S.A.R.A, the EVENT, Planet X (the King planet, which Is coming), Spiritual DNA Activation, Spiritual Paradigm Shift 💘ALL WE NEED IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, PEACE, FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, ABUNDANCE... So be it and so it is...|

(Excerpts from) Extra-ordinary CC Country Coordinator Zoom meeting minutes - 21/10/21 @ 8pm

  • We are on the verge of major military activity happening beginning this weekend all over the earth. May or may not be reported on MSM as it is white hat and the MSM if they do not have a script will not be able to control the narrative so will may report on it.
  • Trump is in a safe location  - Trump’s social media platform to be launched in early November- https://truthsocial.com/ (PS: not available as Pre-order in Apple App Store in Denmark) 
  • This is not a 3rd world war but will be portrayed as such to keep people in fear and create chaos.
  • These military ops are a balancing or readjusting of geographical and political positions but also in many areas will be the last of areas where children are being held to be freed.
  • Simon feels that we are very close due to several reports of many elites withdrawing assets and getting out of town over the last several days from various locations reported from several sources. The bad guys are on the run.
  • God Speed Patriots!

Thanks to my friend  Alessandra Neagu for sharing 

👁⃤ 🔱📐~ (Er de "Controlled Opposition" der slipper katten ud af sækken eller ægte frimurer?) DK's Darling, Jeanette Ottesen, Ibi Illuminati "Go'Morgen Danmark”-værtinde, "Hvem holder masken?" og alle de andre der signalerer de tilhører "The Club" eller er en slags whistleblowere (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Hvorfor er Jeanette Ottesen, så "fandens" vigtigt at få på alles læber lige nu❓. "33" (De 33 Grader Frimurere) år og mest vindende atlet, skriver Femina.dk❓. Hvad betyder Jeanette Ottesens selvbiografi, "Fri" - er hun sluppet ud af klørene på DDFO-"The Club❓... DET VI VED ER; at dem, som bærer en halskæde af "Illuminati Talisman" eller tatovering, er et symbol på menneskehedens højeste formål. Elite individer af alle typer bærer "Talisman" som et mærke af prestige og en global enhed af de menneskelige arter (Simon Makienok: Sværger til Illuminati)... Marco Loughran's tatovering, fremstår ikke som Pernille Skippers "Fem spids stjerne", men snarere støtter ”Intet er umuligt”-prisen, som Jeanette fik ved et DR’s sportsshow... At fornærme nogen eller vise vores vrede ved at stritte med langfingeren er ikke nyt. Gestussen er nemlig mere end 2000 år gammel og var kendt af de gamle romere, der omtalte langfingeren som den skamløse finger og den katolske kirke, fik forbudt... Derimod, har JO's halskæde (Halskæde med brede sammenhængende led - Gyldne lænker - kvindernes guldalder) en stor betydning, fordi, den betyder man er sat i "lænker" og tilhører "The Club". 'JO' har en MASSE tatoveringer som mange andre "kendisser" og en del af disse, signalere hun, at tilhører OL-klubben (◯‍◯‍◯‍◯‍◯). En del af OL Okkultists Nazi-IBM symbolik!. Og jeg tror denne historiefortælling om JO's bog og hele "mobbekulturen" og hun nu leder efter en vej til sit nye liv og har måske fundet svaret, er en del af hele puslespillet om at sætte sig selv "fri". Et nyt tv-program, hvor detaljerne indtil videre er tophemmelige, skal hun og andre "kendisser" vandre i det "fri" over flere uger.. MEN HVAD ved jeg endeligt på SoTW, jeg hedder Manuel fra "Halløj på badehotellet" og "I know nothing"...NOTE: "Controlled Opposition" betyder, at man kan være styret af Black Hats, men skal se ud som White Hats eller omvendt. Jeg tror, JO er styret af White Hats, for at få folk, til at vågne op... |

"Vores elskede land, Danmark, er bygget på Frimurerordenens meget meget dystre og mørke royale præmisser der i moderne forstand kan dateres til 24. juni 1717 og fejrer altså i disse dage 304 års jubilæum, under The United Grand Lodge i London, hvor alle er velkomne - både mænd, kvinder, socia­lister, muslimer, blinde og bikere"... ~ SoTW




💲💩🚽 ~ ($1.5 Trillion F-35 symbol of America’s misplaced priorities & disastrous waste of money) First of long-awaited F-35 fighter jets handed over to Denmark (cphpost) ~ | Blogger: (SoTW) -- It was way back in 1997 that Denmark signed on to the F-35 fighter jet industrial co-operation. That is 24 years ago, or 288 months or 8760 days ago... As we speak, Turkey’s purchase of US-made Block 70 Viper F-16s, and recoup $1.4 billion it paid for F-35s it is blocked from buying, Anadolu agency reported on Thursday... Turkey has been one of the NATO alliance's biggest contributing partners, since 1952, but not anymore - they have clevered up!.. Denmark, on the other hand, has stood in neck-deep water, with Deep State America, since as early as 1783 when diplomatic relations began... Not only, will taxpayers have to commit up-to 100 Billion Danish kroner for buying, service and maintenance and reschooling pilots. Buuutt, The Danish Armed Forces & Greenland Joint Arctic Command, will not see ONE single F-35 before 2023 on Danish ground. The only F-35 Denmark has been tested, are located in Texas, Fort Worth.. In 2023, the world and Golden Age of Transition, will be Transmuted to something, the Earthlings has never seen before and surely, Denmark, will perhaps, never see any F-35 in any lifetimes and in any mirrored universes - that's a given... When it will come out, that ex-Michael Christiansen, chairman of board at DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) could be compared to BBC, and their company, Lead Agency A/S and politicians and alike, so many others has scammed the population and earned millions in the deal, illegally, all hell will break loose... |

 🐕‍🦺PS: SoTW is former Tactical K9 military police specialist in The Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF). Air Base Karup & Vaerlose. Only a short while, for 1 year, before I understood, Vaerlose Air Base, was once, one of the biggest Dark Cult hangouts. And yes, I have protected the "brass", generals and commanders DCD-building and been inside or down-under the "forbidden" and at that time in the late 1980, secretly cold-war NATO-Vedbaek-Bunkeren, as one of the few. I wish I didn't, but they "memory wiped" me, because I saw stuff, I was not allowed to see.(I have used kinda Regression therapy, tarot-cards, kinesiology and my higher self, to get to a point, that they wiped our parts of my memory with a energy- weapon - lucky they didn't kill me)

Today, RDAF is a joke, with all due respect, most of cold-war bunkers has been closed. Only remaning is Combined Air Operations Centre Finderup (CAOC Finderup) AKA (Static War Headquarters). So is Vaerlose Air Base, ICAO: EKVL. Airforce no longer protecting The Joint Defence Command (DCD-FKO)...  You be the judge... |



The DR chairman has financial interests in choice of combat aircraft.
Michael Christiansen is both President of the DR and co-owner of the Danish Lobby Bureau, who must convince the politicians that they must buy the fighter F-35

PSS (SoTW arkiv): Den højst arrogante Michael Christiansen (formand – udpeget af kulturministeren), har været klog nok til ikke at annoncere på Linkedin, hvilken steder han sidder i bestyrelser og hvem han leger tagfat med. Men det har hans gode ven, Torsten Jansen, tidligere berømt TV-anker, en af Danmarks førende eksperter om USA, Partner, VP LEAD Agency, ikke. Det siges i visse kredse, at både Michael Christiansen samt Torsten Jansen har samarbejde med forsvarsindustrien, Lockheed Martin, tunge tænketanke, vigtige udvalg, konsulenthuse og digitaliseringsprojekter. Han er sjovt nok også Strategic Advisor for ding, ding ding - Lockheed Martin. Det siges, at Michael Christiansen er medejer af Lead Agency A/S, der agerer konsulenthus for Lockheed Martin og Statens indkøb af F-35 (Ifølge Kirsten-Birgit, DKR 24-11-17 og EB - 2016). Ifølge det seneste regnskab for sit holdingselskab er Michael Christiansen alt i alt god for 42 millioner kroner. Lead Agency er ud over Michael Christiansen ejet af tidligere chefredaktør på Aktuelt, Kresten Schultz Jørgensen, den tidligere vært på TV Avisen, Torsten Jansen, samt Peter Albæk, der tidligere har været formand for Børns Vilkår...


April 7th, 2021 9:05 pm| by Christian W

It was way back in 1997 that Denmark signed on to the F-35 fighter jet industrial co-operation.

Today, in a roll-out ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas, the first F-35 was handed over to Denmark by the aerospace company Lockheed Martin.

“Today is an important significant day and a very important milestone – for Denmark, the Danish defence and not least the strong Danish-US partnership. The F-35 is in a league of its own and will benefit Denmark for many years to come,” said defence minister, Trine Bramsen.

Homeward bound in 2023

🎭👁️🔺 ~ (George Carlin, Dave Chappelle, Mel Gibson, Kathy Griffin & Bill Cosby part of the "Dark-Cult" or "Good-Guys"?) DEEP DIVE INTO THE WORLD OF CELEBRITY COMEDIANS! (Dark Secrets & Deep Truths!) (Tarot by Janine) ~ |