Dec 12, 2019

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🧨 ~ 5️⃣ 'While You Were Sleeping' Things You Didn't Know About & Could Change The World Overnight (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: 5️⃣--The world is waking up to censorship of information by the press, by corporations, and by government. Here we have what amounts to a US government POLICY of censoring (5000) certain inventions, groundbreaking inventions (activistpost) ... 4️⃣--The western world, including countries self-ruling part of the Kingdom of Denmark, are secretly deploying, made in china, 5G service rolls out for trillions - a wireless technology war against humanity. Telefonica Deutschland, is turning to Huawei and Nokia to help with the rollout of the national 5G network, ignoring US pressure to reject the Chinese firm & ignoring $1 trillion class action lawsuit (RT+CPHpost+GAOG) ... 3️⃣--While PM of Denmark calls 'terror case extremely serious', ISIS jihadist sentenced to 22 years in prison for horrific terror attack plan - caught plotting to behead people with a chainsaw in New York (cphpost+neonnettle) ... 2️⃣--The Last Full Moon Of The Decade Will Happen On 12/12 At Exactly 12:12 am. Michael Snyder wonders if this is “A Harbinger For Trump?” (christiannewsnetwork) ... 1️⃣--Hours from now, we will reach peak amplification in the triple 12: 12:12 Gateway, moving into exact alignment with the galactic center. Many channelers are saying it is a powerful energetic portal where we can receive Light Codes that activate our 12- strand DNA. James Tyberonn and many Ascension-ists believe it’s the final activation of the 144 crystalline grid around our planet. Others say it’s a gateway of Divine Love and the activation of Christ Consciousness on Earth. I'm certain that great change is coming to the finances of this world, but that it does not have to be chaos. It matters not, how many fearful black magic tricks, our 'controllers' will create, (change) is VERY hard and that for anything to change, it must collapse first. From the economic, medical, government, and education systems, a big change is needed. We know that things as they are crushes the spirit and deprives us of vital energy. Yet, a complete collapse of these systems would cause utter chaos in our world that would plunge us back into survival mode and cause more harm than good. The same can be said for the push for spaceships to land NOW. No matter our personal wishes or how we perceive the right thing to be, we need to focus on the Highest Good for all, even if this slows things down or does not look like we think it should. This is why neutrality and holding space for this great change upon us is essential (..)... (SoTW+Merlin+Jenny Schlitz+Meg+others) ... |

🔭 ~ Nick Hækkerup: Med overvågning stiger friheden ( ~ | .. Nordkorea og DDR giver ham ret .. | Blogger: [❓Er det rigtigt, at størstedelen af forskningen i 5G er betalt af teleindustrien? Er det kinesiske teleselskab Huawei i lommen på den Kinesiske regering? Sætter TDC 750 ekstra 5G telemaster op lige nu og har PET ligeså avanceret udstyr som Kina? Svaret er JA JA JA og atter JA!👍] .... (Nordkorea og DDR giver ham ret) -- for GUDS skyld ikke forglemme Kina, der overvåger alt - og dårlig opførsel giver minuspoint. Gennem ansigtsgenkendelse og overvågningskameraer kan den kinesiske regering give og tage point fra borgerne baseret på deres opførsel - og har man en lav score, får man færre rettigheder. Men hvorfor finder kineserne sig i at blive overvåget i helt almindelige gøremål? Altså, kinesere, der vil købe en ny telefon eller datapakker, skal have skannet deres (fysiske) ansigt og derefter kan regeringen finde personen (virtuel) med millimeters nøjagtighed, og følge med på hver enkelt tastetryk, og hvis det strider imod regerings ønsker, ved de, og kan de, straffe enhver, og mulighederne udvides og bliver uendelige, med 5G. Husk, den kinesiske regering har råderet over folks bankkontier. Får vi danskere, nogensinde kinesiske tilstande?... |

Selvfølgelig skal forbrydelser straffes.

Og det er for så vidt også rigtigt at der i praksis ikke er gode muligheder for at få glæde og gavn af frihed hvis der ikke er tryghed i samfundet. Det er faktisk derfor at frihed så smart er defineret ved fravær af tvang. Frihed har i sin definition indbygget anti-forbrydelse.

Men staten kan aldrig garantere 100 procents tryghed. Faktisk vil jeg vove den påstand at kun en stat som fjerner al frihed vil kunne give alle fuld tryghed. Og det ville kun være kortvarigt for uden frihed ville samfundet gå i stå og bukke under i løbet af kort tid.

Kæden hopper helt af for Nick Hækkerup der hvor han hævder en fast sammenhæng mellem overvågning og frihed.

Overvågning er blot et redskab som kan bruges på utallige måder.

🥶 ~ Extremely Vicious Cyclone Strands Iceland in Meters of Snow – Thousands in the Dark, Heavy Damage Reported (StrangeSounds) ~ | Blogger: No No Noooo... it can't be, it can't be, says major research study and scientists magazine, Nature journal / IPCC - Greenland's ice sheet melting seven times faster than in 1990s -Greenland’s ice sheet is melting much faster than previously thought, threatening hundreds of millions of people with inundation and bringing some of the irreversible impacts of the climate emergency much closer....|

What’s currently going on in Iceland is just insane!

A powerful and dangerous cyclone has dumped meters of snow on parts of the country, leaving extensive damage, thousands of residents and businesses in the dark and closing roads all over the country.

💢💚👧 ~ Trump tweets at Greta Thunberg to 'chill' following person of the year announcement (ABC) ~ |


🏴‍☠️ ~ LIVE "Mother of Satan": 21 anholdt under mistanke om terrorplanlægning - følg udviklingen her (B.T.) ~ | Blogger: [👉This is what we know so far: Media, police authorities and court system has charged three people out of 21, with means to manufacture one or more TATP bombs ("Mother of Satan") for a terrorist act. Others for trying to fund and buy guns, mufflers and ammunition for use in a terrorist operation. One of them charged by looking up websites with his IP-address at the wrong time and wrong place👈] ... In other words, terror-cell plan was to bomb Denmark at unknown locations, on domestic and foreign soil... 👂LISTEN UP: I hate being lied to, or not hate, but i don't like being manipulated, and i don't fall into the trap, so easily... ☝️FACT CHECKING: Recently, Hong Kong police (claims) to have seize a huge explosives cache ahead of rallies ... 🛎️DING DING DING -- Some 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) of tri-acetone tri-peroxide (TATP-bombs made from material anybody can buy at Home Depot) — the same high explosive used in the 2005 London transport bombings and the deadly Easter attacks in Sri Lanka — was seized in the district of Tsuen Wan late on Friday... Soooo, suddenly, in Denmark, world's most liberated and free country (wellll), a group of 21 woman and men, are plotting terror attacks, with TATP bombs and police are HEROES, to have stopped them... 🤔 OKAY, fair enough... But why don't i feel safe then? Hundreds or thousands has investigated into these so-called terror attacks, the 7/7 London Bombings (2005) meant to scapegoat Islamic people, terrorize Londoners, and allow draconian, new power measures while bolstering lagging support of the war in Iraq. The 2019 Sri Lanka Easter bombings, had to do with inflame religious hatreds OPERATION GLADIO - is the Terrorist Arm of NATO (aka North Atlantic Terrorist Organization)... Do not be fearful and participate in the Drama at hand, but question the authorizes, at all times, to ensure, we get the facts straight.... |

LIVE: ://

💉 ~ Samoa measles epidemic: Authorities forced to destroy vaccines as death toll hits 32 (SBSNEWS) ~ | Blogger: In other words, CDC with associates, are killing children with vaccines... Listen to RemovingtheShackles, for much, much more... |

Red Cross volunteers in Samoa. Source: Samoa Red Cross
More than 60 measles vaccines that were not properly refrigerated by a Samoan clinic have been thrown out as the death toll from the preventable disease continues to climb 


Last nights UnFuckIt Discussion opened with a Dani Rant, a rant that might turn itself into a regular show. For ages I've talked about the stupidity that seems to have flooded modern science and academia, with so called "studies" and "research" that are just asinine, ridiculous, and downright stupid... and I opened the show with a quick look at the latest unbelievable, illogical bullshit.Then onto the serious stuff. Time. Timelines. Mandela Effects. Project Looking Glass, The Yellow Cube, Dan Burisch, Bill Wood, Jon Titor, and others... It is obvious to me that our reality has been multiply fucked with and that we are looking at the zero point now, where everything is spinning in tighter and tighter loops, and the frayed edges of reality are literally unwinding right before our eyes. But who is pulling the threads? Last night I laid out my latest theory on these subjects and took a brief look into the "Q anon" information- are the "Q" what we called the "White Hats" back in 2012? Are the Q Anon just a rebranding of the original White Hats and their work through the US military and secret agencies, to counter the effects of the "cabal" and "shadow governments"? And is Trump nothing more than a rallying point to pull in the public, to insure the information is thickly spread across the consciousness of Americans? One of the biggest questions I've had since reviewing the Dan Burisch interview on Project Camelot back in 2007 is: What did Dan know about 2016? And did it play out the way he "saw" that it would? Are we on Timeline 1? Or are we on Timeline 1.5 in some strange variation that was created through the constant battle between various factions all trying to use the "time tech" to outwit each other? Inquiring minds want to know!..... continue reading on RTS Earth:

🎩🏳️ ~ PALADIN : THE WHITE HATS REPORT LATEST NEWS (Project Camelot) ~ | .. I interview Paladin about current and future investigations and coming releases .. |

🛦👎 ~ F-35’s troubled present & uncertain future: Japan eyes local assembly of the fighter jet that faces new problems in the US (RT) ~ | .. The F-35 program continues along its rocky path to full-rate production, facing new challenges such as a persistent lack of spare parts, poor repair capacity, and what is most dreaded – grumpy lawmakers reluctant to foot the bill .. |


PS: It's not all just satire link between Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Danish Terma A/S, Danish Defence... received via US military contacts and by own interest. The case of Michael Kristensen and co. can be found on others .. Terma A/S, and Claus Hjort connection, article on Terma A/S own website, rest, because I have worked in IBM and other IT companies which are connected to the defense industry...REMEMBER - I only know about 1 percent of all the secrets ....

HUSK - man skal ikke KUN høre på når andre konspiere - søg ALTID selv viden

Halvdelen af F-35-flåden i USA på jorden grundet tekniske problemer ifølge en ny Pentagon-rapport

.. Der er stadig omkring 1.000 mangler på F-35 .. Det amerikanske forsvar sminker tallene for F-35-kampflyet .. Norge parkerer nye kampfly for milliarder i telte - mens Danmark bevilger 260 mio. kr. ekstra til at flytte en hangar pga. flystøj ..

For at afgive sin ultimative støtte til Danmark ankom den nye chef for det multinationale F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO), den amerikanske viceadmiral Mathias W. Winter, til TERMA A/S i Herlev i Oktober 2017: 
(satire) -- 💸💸💸 📝Memo Fra Generalerne på Charlottenlund Fort: 
Kære folkevalgte!....🛦🛦🛦Vi æder lige DKK 200M yderligere fra skatteyderne, fordi vi tror på Danmark bliver tæppebombet med terror de næste par år, samt 260M til et nyt hangar, tænkte vi fra Forsvarsindustrien og kampfly-kontoret, med hatten i hånden overfor jer politikere, som er de GLADE givere. F-35-kampflyet er desværre blevet en smule dyr. Ud over de allerede bevilget 56,4 milliarder kroner samt vedligeholdelse, skal i nok regne med, at regningen løber op på en SVIMLENDE OVERPRIS på omkring skattekroner (100 mia kr) plus-minus, der kommer MÅSKE, flere omkostninger..
F-35 blev fremlagt som en jagerfly, der kunne gøre næsten alt det amerikanske militær ønskede, men det viste sig at være en af de største 'boondoggles' i den seneste militære indkøbshistorie!!. Hertil kommer den ikke kan manøvrere i Arktis, uforudsete 'små' defekts af tekniske udfordringer gør, den ikke kan flyve og bliver grounded, næsten hver dag. 7 danske F-35 kampfly skal stå på base i USA i overgangsperioden og ja, den lille nuance, at det faktisk er amerikanerne som ejer F-35-reservedele og sender tophemmelige informationer tilbage til militær kommandoen i USA. Det skal dog ikke hedde sig, vi ikke er GLADE for vores nye 'kommende' fly som virker, lad os sige omkring """2030""" hvor 7'ende generation kommer og erstatter F-35... Men, fortvivl ikke kære politikere, det er jo ikke OS eller JER, men de danske naive BORGERE, som betaler PRISEN...PS: Det er jo ingen hemmelighed, at 'Nice-to-know' ikke er 'Need-to-know', derfor fortæller vi jer heller ikke ALTING....

🔺 ~ LATEST NEWSEpstein and Prince Andrew Accuser Posts Chilling Tweet: “I Am Not Suicidal” (vigilantcitizen) ~ |

Virginia Giuffre accused Jeffrey Epstein of sex trafficking and Prince Andrew of having relations with her while she was a minor. She recently posted a tweet saying: “I am making it publicly known that in no way, shape or form am I suicidal.”.