February 08, 2015

Montague’s Message for Sunday February 8, 2015 CET

Kanaliseret af Veronica Keen 8. February CET
© 2015 Montague Keen

Hver søndag, bringer Montague et budskab om håb og støtte til alle, der er villige til at lytte. Han snakker tit om Cabal og Deres evindelige konstruktive adfærd. 

The crisis that is being deliberately created in your world is also exposing those who do not have humanity's best interests at heart. There is no mistaking now, who is in the pay of the dark cabal. They are demanding war. I did tell you in the past that the cabal cannot exist without war. You can now plainly see how desperate they are, as they rush from one country to another, pleading for war.

Now that you are awake, you can see exactly what is happening. This scares them, as they have not had to deal with such dissent before. They do not just want war; they need war. But the innocent people of the Ukraine do not deserve what is being visited upon them. They need your support. It is Ukraine, today: it could be you, tomorrow !

The cabal wants to cull the population. They will show no mercy. They want to bring their plans to a conclusion with their New World Order, at any cost. You, mere humans, are in the way. So they want to dispose of you. I implore you, do not kill your own species to enable this cabal to take over Planet Earth. As I have pointed out many times before, they cannot do it without your assistance. This is a critical time for you. Decisions must be made: do you do nothing and wait to be culled, or do you make a stand and support your fellow man. There is no fence to sit on. The time has come for action. You were warned, over and over again, that this time was coming. Now, it is upon you, so serious decisions must be made. You have heard the LIES of the cabal throughout history. "Weapons of Mass Destruction" that NEVER EXISTED: but you fell for it.


The Montague and Veronica Keen Foundation 



Proposed Centre in Ireland

If you are able to contribute financially to the purchase of the building for our new Centre in Ireland, you can use the donation facility on this page to do so.
No amount, however small, is unappreciated. All those who contribute will have their names added to a plaque in the entrance of the building, with your approval.

Donation Page: http://www.montaguekeen.com/page120.html

5 July 2014

For humanity to survive it is necessary for me to move to Ireland. I am requested by Monty and the world of spirit to move to Ireland. The blocked energies in Ireland control our world. They must be released. Ireland is the key that will unlock everything.

I have lived in England for 55 years, so this is a huge step for me. It will mean moving away from my three children and five grandchildren. My mission requires me to do this. I do not have money and I do not own the house I live in. So I need your help to buy a Centre in Ireland.

On my last visit to Ireland we found the perfect building for this project. It is in a direct line from Tara and Uisneach. Its ENERGY is incredible. It is perfect in every way.

I ask you to please contribute in any way that you can. No amount is too small. Together, we can make this happen. Time is of the essence. I have 9 weeks to find the deposit of 40,000 Euros. Everyone who contributes will be acknowledged; their names will appear on a plaque in the entrance to the Centre.

We are creating our future. A future without the corruption that has destroyed our world and almost destroyed humanity itself. We are now fighting for our survival. The blocked energy must be released.

My friends and I had great success at Tara on the 26 May and the 23 June. This must continue. There are forces amongst us whose only objective is to cull humanity and to destroy all that humanity needs to survive. We cannot sit back and allow this to be done to us. Every day more evidence of this is exposed and we are shocked that this has happened without our knowledge. This is our opportunity to take control and to allow the light to penetrate, expose and remove all that is dark and corrupt.

Please help me do this.

With love and light, Veronica.

Source http://www.montaguekeen.com/index.html

Facebook BANS Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show - February 8, 2015

FIRST – HOW MANY OF YOU KNEW ZUCKERBERG WAS DAVID ROCKEFELLER’S GRANDSON? Since getting people to sit still long enough to read articles these days is a MAJOR chore, I am going to go off the assumption that less than 1% of my followers REALLY see the significance of that. If you already read HOW THE CIA MADE GOOGLE, then a little light probably went off in your head tying all that together in a nice bow. DAMN! CRAZY!  If you have not already read:
There is nothing whatsoever conspiratorial in there… besides, even if it was 100% speculation, I am batting close to, if not .1000 with my predictions and the scandals that I’ve pegged WAY in advance, so I would think by now even if it WAS conjecture, that I’d have at least SOME of the benefit of the doubt by now. Regardless, GOOD LUCK disputing anything in that article. It was a whole team that did the research, not me, and they have it almost down to keeping track of timecards with their attention to details. There is ZERO doubt in my mind where the seed money came from and who was involved. NONE. With that said, the article also gets into Facebook at the end, and where some of the startup money for that came from, so after learning that Zuckerberg is a Rockefeller…. I’m not surprised AT ALL. Eventually all this stuff makes perfect sense! 

Politiken: Vestens elite betragter flere og flere mennesker som affald

OVERFLØDIG. Der findes romaer i Bulgarien, som bor på lossepladser og spiser den mad, de kan finde. »Det er den mest direkte form for overflødige i Europa«, siger Trojanow. - Foto: Britta Pedersen
Det rammer så meget pletskud omkring Cabal/Illuminati's agenda. Tror ikke, at redaktionen på Politiken som værende præget af den verdensomspændende censurorden, er klar over, dette er 'kernen' af magtelitens rygrad, som beskrives her..... Det er nok fordi, artiklen blot beskriver en opridsning af en anden mands bog, ikke Politikens syn. Fantastisk klarsyn fra Ilija Trojanow.

Verdens befolkning bliver i stigende grad opdelt i ’de uundværlige’ og ’de overflødige’. Også folk i Vesten, der lever på overførsler, er overflødige, siger forfatter Ilija Trojanow.

Politikken - DEBAT 8. FEB. 2015 KL. 08.44

Trojanow er født i Sofia i 1965. Hans familie flygtede fra Bulgarien til Tyskland, hvor den fik politisk asyl. Han har skrevet flere bøger, bl.a.Verdenssamleren, der blev hans internationale gennembrud. Han er nu aktuel med bogen Det overflødige menneske (Tiderne Skifter).

Hvem kan undværes? Hvem er overflødig? Din mor, din søster, din kæreste eller dit barn?

Det er umuligt at svare på. Ikke desto mindre er der mennesker, der i dag bliver opfattet som overflødige, hvis du spørger en række af senkapitalismens finansfyrster i bankverdenen, globale organisationer og endda miljøforkæmpere.

Det er ikke kun fattige afrikanere og indere, der i dag bliver opfattet som overflødige. Er du ikke værdiskabende, og forbruger du ikke, er du overflødig i den globale samfundsøkonomi. Tag bare den tyske butikskæde DM. Deres reklameslogan er: ’At købe er at leve’. Det er en pervers udvikling. I det senmoderne samfund kan alt tilgives – bare ikke manglen på forbrug«.

Sådan siger den bulgarskfødte tyske forfatter Ilija Trojanow i sin korte bog ’Det overflødige menneske’, som for nylig udkom på dansk. Trojanow, der i Danmark mest er kendt for romanen ’Verdenssamleren’, indleder sin debatpamflet med eksempler på, hvordan søfolk igennem tiderne har været nødsaget til at træffe ubehagelige valg om, hvem der var plads og mad nok til på bådene, og hvem der måtte kastes over bord.

Som regel gik det ud over de svageste og de fattigste. Situationen er ikke meget anderledes i dag, mener Trojanow. For eliten er aldrig i tvivl om, hvem der kan undværes, når vi taler om, at Jorden er ’fyldt til bristepunktet’.

Emptiness (How to Stop Feeling Empty) - Teal Swan-

Published on Feb 7, 2015
One persistent feeling state that many people struggle with is a feeling of emptiness. Self help gurus say that if you feel empty before a relationship, you’ll feel empty during a relationship so that leaves the question, what the hell are you supposed to do if you do feel empty. In this episode, Teal explains what causes the feeling of emptiness and also how to solve it so you don’t feel empty anymore.

AMBASSADOR ENDS NEIL KEENAN SAGA - February 8, 2015 CET (Great announcements coming up tomorrow)

Asiatiske Ambassadør fra "Red Dragon Family" opdatering med Ron Van Dyke aka Paradoxman316 udsender daglige Youtube Videoer omkring vores Evolution, Revaluering, baseret på Spiritualitet og Opvågenhed

Finansielle Akronymer

Published on Feb 7, 2015

In recent videos, Neil Keenan openly attacked the Ambassador, even making a death threat. In the most recent video, he called the Ambassador out specifically. The Ambassador, out of courtesy, response in this video. He also announces that there will be an upcoming video that will bring good news to the people of the world. This has been planned over the past week, and probably even longer, and will be recorded in the near future. The Ambassador, as always, call for all of us to look in the mirror and to work together for the good of humanity and helping 555 overcome 666 – the beastly tyranny that has enslaved the entire world.

Published on Feb 7, 2015
Special Report from China

David Schmidt has been followed from the Airport i China, Niel Keenan will fate a way, he has said, he will attempt to kill or take the The ambassador out.! Niel Keenan has not found GOLD, only copper. To the Guru Blog writers, RV will not happent!!! Time to step up, follow the money, its all fake! We know your bank accounts and where you live. Stop misleading people...

Sananda, Sanat and Gabriel: The Cabal Departs This Week! ( failed ambush by Cabal Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Kissinger/Israeli with scalar weapons while negotiating a peace plan)

I do recognize many truthseekers and Lightworkers consider Kathryn E. May as hoax and scam artist with self centered attitude, however besides her high price tag workshop retreats etc. I do personally find her transcribed messages uplifting and liberating, truth or not. You decide. The day when heads of the 13 families surrender ( incl. Banksters Rothchilds), will be the end of Cabal, fear will disappear and freedom for Terra.

February 8, 2105 (www.whoneedslight.org)


My beloved brothers and sisters, I come with astonishing news. This will be a long and very thorough message because there is so much to tell, and because Sanat Kumara, the one you have loved and known as Father God, wishes to talk with you, and so does Archangel Gabriel.

It is difficult to know where to start, but I think I will begin by passing the talking stick to Father God, because so many of you have said you were sad to hear of his leaving for the new Universe. Let's let him tell you what it is like, and what his work will be.

Father God/Sanat Kumara:

Oh, yes, my Dear Ones, it is I, as interested in you and close to you as ever. We have a very good communication portal open and operative, so you may talk with me just as you used to. I want to reassure you that I am not gone, and that distance is really no obstacle when Cosmic Love is concerned. I am smiling at all of you and pinching Kathryn's toe just like the old days. (K: He is, and we are laughing.)

There is wonderful news for you, so I won't go into great detail this time, but I will give you a rundown next time to tell you what the new Universe is like. You are going to be very fascinated to know that in spite of the same template being used to create and maintain the balances in solar systems, galaxies and other cosmic phenomenon, the variety and wonder of this Creation is breathtaking. I know you will be enthralled when you see what we are doing here. I hope you will come to pay us a visit when you have completed your work on Earth, whenever that may be. We have planets of such wonder and beauty, based on the Earth plan, that I know it will "knock your socks off".

Update - David Wilcock Secret - Space Program Livestream TONIGHT! - February 7, 2015 CET

In the last four months, our knowledge about the secret space program has at least quadrupled, thanks to the arrival of new insiders. Now, for the first time ever, you can see David's keynote address at the Conscious Life Expo by livestream video!


Extraterrestrials have been visiting and settling on Earth for millions of years.

Functional portals have existed on earth, both natural and artificial, allowing ETs to visit earth humans at various times. These legends have since become myths of phenomena like "fairy rings."

Our own people have had alliances with various ET groups for millennia -- but up until the 20th century it was only a one-way street. They visited us but would not bring us home.

The Germans were the first to secretly develop space travel capability beginning in the 1930s, thanks in part to a newly-minted alliance with certain ET groups that most would consider highly negative.

Once the Germans found out what kind of neighborhood it was, they wanted to side with the toughest kid on the block for protection.