Jun 30, 2018

The Guardian | June 30, 2018 | ~ Almost 600 arrested at Washington protest over Trump immigration policy ~ | .. Demonstrators sat on floor of Senate office building to condemn treatment of migrant families, with more rallies planned .. | Blogger: [🗣️Families Belong Together rallies: George Soros-funded & Deep State campaigns divide America] ... /ritzau/ (translated from Danish:) -- More than 600 protest marches are planned in cities ranging from the Democratic stronghold of New York to the Republican State of Wyoming. The demonstrators go under the slogan: 'Families belong together'. It is a direct reference to the families currently separated by US authorities at the southern border. The divisions are a result of the US government's decision to introduce zero tolerance to immigrants. Therefore, all adults arrested in the attempt to cross the US border are being prosecuted illegally. If families have children, it has been practice in recent months that they have been removed. The children are placed in children's centers without contact with their parents, which has caused great resentment. Trump has announced that he will no longer separate the families. At the same time, a federal judge in San Diego earlier this week decided that the over 2000 separated children should be reunited with their families. The decision states that it must take place within 30 days if the children are over five years and within 14 days in the case of children under five years of age. At the same time, parents should be allowed to talk on the phone with their children ten minutes a day. However, it is far from certain that families can be reunited under normal conditions. On Friday, the US government announced that they interpreted the verdict's decision as a blow stamp that now you can hold entire families in the custody of the authorities. According to a submission to the court, the US government writes that "you do not want to separate families but withhold the entire families while the immigration process is awaiting". The treatment of immigration cases can take months and years. It forces civil rights defenders to fear that there is a detention of families indefinitely. So far, US authorities have agreed that a child must be detained for a maximum of twenty days. But it can now be extended considerably.... |

READ MORE: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jun/28/us-immigration-protest-trump-washington-senate

PFC \\ Huffingtonpost | June 14, 2018 | ~ A Real-Life Hacker Reveals What You Should Stop Doing Online ~ | .. One tip: Before you Insta that photo, pay attention to what’s in the background .. |

Stephanie Carruthers, who uses the handle Snow, is a “white hat” hacker. Her dog Eros helps her fight crime online.

Stephanie Carruthers is a “white hat” hacker known as Snow whose clients include both Fortune 100 companies and startups. In 2014, she won the Social Engineering Capture the Flag competition at DEF CON, one of the world’s oldest and largest hacking conferences. She’s a frequent presenter at hacking conventions and shares her expertise with businesses hoping to beef up their online security.

We asked Snow over Twitter about the work she does and what tips she has for keeping people safer online.
I don’t think that I’ll ever feel safe online.

What exactly is a white hat hacker?
A white hat hacker is an ethical hacker. Specifically, I am a social engineer, which is a people hacker. One of the easiest ways to explain what I do is by saying, “I lie and break into buildings.” I perform different types of assessments, such as phishing campaigns and physical security assessments. My work is performed with the goal of being able to show my clients where their vulnerabilities are so that they can fix them before an actual attacker finds them.

How did you get into doing this?
Social engineering became a passion while competing in the Social Engineering Capture the Flag at DEF CON, and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to grow into this career.

How safe do you feel personally online?
I would never say that I am un-hackable. Data breaches are occurring at such a constant rate, it feels like a norm, and for that reason, I don’t think that I’ll ever feel safe online. Therefore, I take precautions to protect myself as much as possible.

What are some of the dumb things you’ve seen people post online?
I try not to label things as dumb, but uneducated. I would hope that if someone truly understood the risk of the content which they are putting online, that they would reconsider posting it.

That being said, some of the things that I’ve seen online where the individual doesn’t understand the risk are:
  • New drivers: Excited teens (or even parents) taking a proud but up-close picture [of their new license] that has all their personal information, including home address.
  • New homeowners: Homeowners taking a celebratory picture of their new house key and geo-tagging their new house without realizing that it is [easy] to duplicate a physical key from a photo.
  • Employees: Employees will often take selfies with complete disregard for what’s in the foreground or background of the picture, including passwords/sensitive information on whiteboards, computer monitors, voicemail passwords taped to their phones, etc. Also, for some crazy reason, employees post pictures of things like their paycheck. While some people may see nothing wrong with these types of posts, attackers can use these types of pictures to their advantage.
What should people never do on social media? 

Frequency Writer | June 30, 2018 | ~ JULY 2018 ENERGY FORECAST: THE GREAT UNRAVELING AND GREATER UNITY UNFOLDING ~ | via channel Marie Mohler | .. A Message from The Arcturian High Council and Mother Mary .. | Blogger: (VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT) ... |

Dear Ones,

It is the Arcturian High Council and Mother Mary here, to speak to you today about the ongoing unraveling of energy on your world, and the new unity and cohesiveness that is going to take its place.

2018 as a whole will have produced your most productive contractions in the New Earth’s labor and delivery process to date. Humanity is at the midpoint of what 2018 must succeed in stripping away this year, so that more truth, greater illumination, and truly, a more holistic integration in every heart on the planet can be achieved.

Today, we will speak to the energies flowing through in July. And we will also continue to speak of the mass clearing of the energies that 2018 was always designed to activate, that many of you in your daily lives might see as the Great Unraveling.

For the Great Unraveling is ultimately designed to bring the Great Unveiling and the Great Revealing by the year’s end.

You see dear ones, there was a time when the Earth was One, Whole, Pure, Crystalline Ball and Frequency of Light. And in that Light, the Earth and all Inhabitants lived as One Breath. As One Heart. As One Unified Expression of Source Energy. It is what many call a Golden Age of Light. And you, as One Humanity, have experienced several of these timelines, even if your conscious minds cannot remember. Your Souls Remember. And that is why to some of you, these frequencies in our transmission today feel and sound very familiar to you. For you literally ARE templated still today with the knowing, being, and breathing of that Unified Field of Oneness, Light, and Love from the Golden Ages. You literally ARE those frequencies.

READ MORE: https://frequencywriter.com/july-2018-energy-forecast-unraveling-unity/

GAIA TV \\ OpenMinds | June 30, 2018 | S11:Ep11 | ~ Watch Free: Oracles, Reptilians & the Divine Feminine ~ Marguerite Rigoglioso & Regina Meredith ~ | .. When the oracles of the Earth Goddess in ancient Greece rose to prominence, they were erudite women of power. Over the ages, the gods took over and patriarchy encroached into these sacred realms. Now, we can now lift the feminine spirit and return to its divine place .. |

Thanks to Cobra Etheric Liberation, Ke El and theearthplan


Verdensalt.dk | Re-blog | GAOG | June 30, 2018 | ~ Collective Evolution: Interview with David Wilcock ~ | Blogger: Special Interview from CONTACT in the DESERT 2016 ...Everything You Need to Know About Everything. A MUST-SEE ... |

Hvem er David Wilcock: David Wilcock er en professionel foredragsholder, filminstruktør og forsker af gamle civilisationer, bevidsthed videnskab, og nye paradigmer af stof og energi. Hans kommende Hollywood-filmCONVERGENCE afslører bevis for, at alt liv på Jorden er forenet i et felt af bevidsthed, som påvirker vores sind på fascinerende måder. Divine Cosmos er den officielle Internet side, hvor derfindes tusindvis af gratis sider af videnskabelig og spirituel information om åndelig vækst, Ascension og udviklingen af bevidsthed. David kommentere altid på hvad Benjamin Fulford udgiver, fordi meget giver mening.

By David Wilcock

June 28, 2018 By Steve Beckow

Collective Evolution is featuring an “Exclusive News Interview with David Wilcock” (filmed in 2016) for the next two days. Joe Martino writes:

If you haven’t watched the interview yet:

Click here to watch it

In the private interview, David goes DEEP and connects many dots to bring undeniable clarity to the big picture of what is happening on our planet and what we can do about it to help.

(JD has found a second source for the interview:)

Here is what we covered in the interview:

A Message from my Higher Self & KRYON | June 30, 2018 CET | Channelled through Mike Quinsey | .. As you undoubtedly know, you cannot in any event stay in a vibration that is higher than yours. Evolution is nevertheless still taking place even if it is at a slower rate, and that is mainly because lessons have to be learnt time and time again .. |

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
© 2018 treeofthegoldenlight

At one level there is some excitement, as the indications seem to suggest that matters regarding revaluation of the currencies have advanced and are almost ready to be released.

However, it should be noted that completion of the transactions is not in itself necessarily the green light to go ahead. It is such an important step to take that the decision will be made by those who have a complete picture as to the likely outcome.

However, the outcome is assured and absolutely nothing will prevent the many changes that are going to lift humanity up. Keep focussed upon a successful outcome and you will be helping it come sooner than later.

Planet Earth is heading for a new area of Space where the vibrations are higher. You will know by now that such a change is to your advantage, but until you are in them you cannot really appreciate how it is.

Notably, the souls of a lower vibration will eventually have to follow a separate path to continue their chosen way of life. It is freewill operating at its best, where no pressure is put upon those souls who like every other one have laid out their appropriate path.

As you undoubtedly know, you cannot in any event stay in a vibration that is higher than yours. Evolution is nevertheless still taking place even if it is at a slower rate, and that is mainly because lessons have to be learnt time and time again.

The changes in vibration are beginning to have an effect already, and you may have noticed that there are more humans now than previously that are well over 6 feet tall, of a slim build and are not an exception. As the years pass by there will gradually be more and more, and eventually it will be the normal. In your recent history there have been various groups of humans of all heights, even incredibly tall and well over 7 feet tall or more.

Some of it relates to earlier periods when there were still experiments taking place to find the ideal human form. In the recent past there were also suggested alien forms such as the “long skull” Beings. Homo sapiens are the finished form and are now appropriate for all the different Races, and has proved extremely successful.

RT - Russia Today | June 30, 2018 | ~ Dane chicane: Russian gas pipe to Europe to be built despite Denmark’s heel dragging ~ | Blogger: SMALLEST country on Earth, Denmark, LEGO Miniput warmongering Russophobia State, thinks they can threatening superpower Russia ... |

READ MORE: https://www.rt.com/business/431185-nord-stream-denmark-no-matter/

RT | June 30, 2018 | ~ Murray: "I'd like to see Jack Straw face a criminal court" ~ | .. Prosecute Blair govt officials at ICC after torture report – ex-diplomat Craig Murray.. Ex-Guantanamo Bay prisoner says British intel agencies the ‘only reason’ he was locked up .. | Blogger: [🤥The lie about (fake) terror, Guantanamo cover-up, 9/11, The Skripal case, Assange and everything else, that comes out from British intelligence service & UK officials🤥] ... |

BILD | 30. Juni 2018 | ~ Himmler's daughter worked for german secret service BND, although she was convinced Hitler supporter, until the end ~ | .. Until the last breath, Gudrun Burwitz, was a fervent Nazi. Her father Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945), who organized the Holocaust and Nazi terror as Reichsführer SS, called, "Püppi". Now BILD has learned, that the Himmler's daughter died at the age of 88 years... |

LÆS VIDERE: https://www.bild.de/bild-plus/news/inland/heinrich-himmler/himmler-tochter-arbeitete-fuer-bnd-56155796,view=conversionToLogin.bild.html

Greg Hunter | June 30, 2018 | ~ Weekly News Wrap-Up ~ | .. Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com analyzes the top stories from the past week in the Weekly News Wrap-Up .. |

CBS Los Angeles | June 30, 2018 | ~ Paranormal Investigator Claims To Find ‘Time Warp’ Near Las Vegas ~ | Blogger: [🛦L.A. proximity to Nellis Air Force Base. The Unofficial Area 51, Area S4. Verdensalt.dk has talked to a guy from EG&G Janet Airline and their secrets🛸] ... This enigmatic air-base has become a pivotal piece in the UFO jigsaw. Area 51 is located in Nevada, taking up the kind of acreage that a small country would be proud of, and in fact is the size of Switzerland. Until recently, according to official U.S. statements, it didn’t actually exist. Unofficially it is an operational testing range for the cutting edge technological developments of America’s armed forces. The facilities centered around the Groom Lake area are amongst the most secretive in the world, requiring a level of security so remarkable that Area 51 has become a modern day myth in its own right. Access to the base is by authorized personnel only, via a daily shuttle where at least 500 people arrive at the guarded terminal owned by EG&G on the northwest side of McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here they board one of a small fleet of unmarked Boeing 737-200s. Using three digit numbers prefixed by the word "Janet" as their call signs, the 73s fly off North every half hour. There is no perimeter fence, just a vast mileage of desert in all directions inaccessible to the public. This ‘no man’s land’ around Groom Lake is patrolled constantly by infamous camouflaged guards, (nicknamed cammo dudes) who travel in Cherokee Jeeps to monitor the borders and stop any unwanted visitors getting inside of the base. They are supported by electronic surveillance systems, including motion sensors and other monitoring equipment that is said to have the ability to pick up human sweat. Military units and air support are also present. Warning signs on the edge of Area 51 tell of heavy penalties for intruders, including the authorization for the deadly use of force. No one denies that the U.S. Government aims to keep this site secure at all costs. No one gets in. Period. Recently, some very good aerial satellite images of the area have been available through Google Earth (far below images), which is an amazing 3D map of Earth that has most areas mapped down to a resolution of just a few thousand feet. Most of the pictures on this page in fact were captured from the program because they are the most up-to-date satellite imagery taken of the base... |

READ MORE: https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2018/06/28/time-warp-las-vegas-paranormal-investigator/


Qpark | June 30, 2018| ~ BOLLYWOOD SONGS IN PUBLIC!! ~ | .. (Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Choli Ke Peeche, Dhoom, Chammak Challo, Badri Ki) .. | Blogger: hilarious and hysterical funny... put a smile on that face... 🤣😁🙏 |

OOM2 \\ TALES FROM OUT THERE BLOGUE \\ Disclose TV | June 30, 2018 | ~ Oumuamua, The First Known Interstellar Visitor Has Just Unexpectedly Accelerated And Changed Its Direction ~ | Blogger: If you REALLY want the TRUTH (outside US MIC, MSM media and NASA's propaganda)... Go to Divine Cosmos, David Wilcock & Corey Goode, and read: ".. Corey Goode Mega-Update: Ancient Builder Race- Recovering Humanity’s Billion-Year Legacy.."... |

An international team of scientists using data accrued by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and other less powerful observatories has found that the first known interstellar object to travel through this solar system, an object called ‘Oumuamua (pronounced oh-MOO-ah-MOO-ah) has gained a surprising boost in its speed and has switched its trajectory.

TV2 FNYS | 30. Juni 2018 | ~ Løsningen er på plads - alligevel risikerer varmekunder snart prissmæk, lyder kritik ~ | .. Ifølge Dansk Fjernvarme kan omkring 70.000 husstande få en ekstraregning på mellem 2000-4000 kroner. V mener, værkerne selv bærer et stort ansvar. .. | Blogger: [Milliardregning til brugere af fjernvarme] ... Undskyld mit franske, men det er noget forbandet svineri... 💢Endnu et politisk røgslør, inden Folketinget, tænk at kalde det folke-tinget, forlader den synkende skude, i sommerferien... Montører og sælgere af varmepumper og andet godt, må hulke af glæde, fordi tror ikke, danskerne, befinder sig godt med, at være omgivet af fjernvarmeidioter og selvfede pengehajer, som æder deres sidste surte tjente skattekrone, til de semioffentlige energi- og varmeselskaber, hvor medarbejderne og lederne, indhenter deres løn, på forgodtbefindende. Har det fra interne pålidelig kilder, hvordan Danmarks største naturgasselskab operere.. Slogs selv med en af dem, via Ankenævnet på Energiområdet... |

LÆS VIDERE: http://nyheder.tv2.dk/politik/2018-06-29-loesningen-er-paa-plads-alligevel-risikerer-varmekunder-snart-prissmaek-lyder

NPR | June 30, 2018 | ~ Former ICE Chief Counsel Gets 4 Years In Prison For Stealing Immigrants' Identities ~ | .. ICE attorney made almost $200,000 stealing immigrants' identities .. | Blogger: See how easy it is to misuse the system in central governments .... Denmark with #Stoejberggate in front, passes controversial bill in 2016 to seize assets and valuables from refugees... Just think about it!? Only used 4 times, in 2 year time, has danish authorities used this law called 'smykkeloven', sized over 174.000 DKK, going straight into the political party election campaign cash box. But, is this just symbolism, employed by Europe, misleading and, therefore, dangerous? ... |

A former top attorney at ICE in Washington state has pleaded guilty to stealing the personal information of immigrants who were at risk of deportation and using the data to defraud banks. Here, protesters stand outside the ICE office in Seattle during a demonstration in May.Lindsey Wasson/Reuters

READ MORE: https://www.npr.org/2018/06/28/624207450/former-ice-chief-counsel-facing-prison-time-for-stealing-immigrants-identities

AXIOS | June 30, 2018 | ~ Axios: 'Heat Dome' to bring widespread dangerous heat to U.S. ~ | Blogger: 🌡️Affecting Europe and some part of the northern hemisphere, as well ... Melting ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, Rising Seas Dangers... |

Map showing a computer model projection of the "misery index" (heat plus humidity) on July 2, 2018. Credit: http://earth.nullschool.net 

July is typically the hottest month of the year, for both the U.S. and the planet as a whole. However, this year it is going to start off particularly hot across the country, as a dangerous heat wave stretches from Arizona to Maine. Why it matters: The heat and humidity will combine to create life-threatening conditions in many cities, particularly in the Read the full story

NN | June 30, 2018 | ~ BOOM! Trump’s DOJ criminally charges 76 doctors, 23 pharmacists, 19 nurses raking in billions in medical fraud to push toxic drugs ~ | .. Talk about draining the medical swamp... Trump's DOJ has issued over 600 criminal indictments in a massive crackdown on health care fraud. This includes 76 doctors, 23 pharmacists and many more people, all engaged in billions in health care fraud .. |

(Natural News) President Trump is draining the “medical swamp.” The U.S. health care system is plagued by rampant fraud, abuse and profiteering carried out by dishonest doctors and pharmacists. In working to combat the rampant fraud, the DOJ has announced an unprecedented crackdown on medical fraud, charging over 600 people with criminal activities that involved over $2 billion medical fraud.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivered prepared remarks, saying, “This year we are charging 601 people, including 76 doctors, 23 pharmacists, 19 nurses, and other medical personnel with more than $2 billion in medical fraud. In this latest operation, with the help of our fabulous partners at HHS, we have charged another 162 people—including 32 doctors—with the illegal distribution of opioids. This is the most doctors, the most medical personnel, and the most fraud that the Department of Justice has ever taken on in any single law enforcement action. This is the most defendants we’ve ever charged with health care fraud. It’s also the most opioid-related fraud defendants we’ve ever charged in a single enforcement action.”

One doctor, explained Sessions, defrauded Medicare of over $112 million, “distributing 2.2 million unnecessary doses of drugs like oxycodone and fentanyl.” (See Opioids.news for more coverage of opioid drugs. Another site launching soon is BadDoctors.news.)

Yet more proof that the failed pharma-central health care system is a massive criminal drug racket

Jason A World News | June 30, 2018 | ~ This will Change Everything! (2018-2019) ~ | Blogger: [🧒Children are unwelcome guests in the adult power elites world. Effects of child abuse and neglect for children and adolescents with sickening evil satanic occult parents. Satan and the Devil in world religions etc. 😒] ... I've been enjoying his channel, like so many others - it's a little bit end-of-time-pessimistic-religious in nature, but he is offering up some good and current footage from US news outlets and unexplained events around the world... |

 jason a world news 2018

Jun 29, 2018

BREAK-IN SATIRE | DKW | 29. Juni 2018 | ~ De 10 små cyklistbaroner, 2 går konkurs og hvem hæfter for de 150 millioner? ~ | Blogger: [🚴Lille Lars fra Græsted er blevet til Generalen fra Gribskov. Statsministerens feriebuddie, Claus Hougesen og cykelven dømt i Danmarks største historiske bestikkelsessag, mens den teknisk insolvente, Statsminister, skaber i panik, #DenPrivateLarsLøkkeSugar- FondensPensionsScamUdenRegnskabspligt-der-lever-videre-indtil-Løkke-bliver-smidt-ud-af-Borgen, mens #UdenlanskeFremmede-MagterSvenskeHandelsbanken-har-en-gældslemme-på-Lars-kviklån-realkredit-mens-Venstre-og-skattekronerne-betaler-hele-gildet💸] ... 00'ernes Don Ø's Kommanditselskab, som komplementar og UDEN regnskabspligt, snører Løkke og de 9 kommanditister, bla. med Fitness-konge Palm og Jørgen Glistrup, der går konkurs og man hæfter solidarisk med Don's sommehuse-indkøbs-fidus, tager skraldet, men en lille kæk cyklist, blev Statsminister og gik 'fri', så ham kan vi li’! ... Der var en , der var to, der var tre, der var fir’, der var fem, der blev til grin. Der var seks, der var syv, der var otte, der var ni, men den tiende, han var FIN!?? ... |

"Find five errors": 

Kilder som 'Kisser' nævner (nogle): 👉

Her er Løkkes kaotiske privatøkonomi

Lars Løkke Rasmussen tynges af massive renteudgifter

Lars Løkke Rasmussen havde ikke selv råd til at betale for de meget omtalte formandshabitter og boxershorts, fordi hans egen økonomi ikke var 'robust nok' - trods en uafbrudt årlig milliongage siden 1998.

Det indrømmede V-formanden selv i tirsdags.

I dag kan Ekstra Bladet så afsløre, at Lars Løkke slås med en kaotisk privatøkonomi og reelt sidder i gæld til halsen.

Den anstrengte økonomi er en lænke om halsen på den kendte politiker. For alene de månedlige renteudgifter på Lars Løkkes mange lån medfører, at Venstres formand reelt har stærkt begrænset handlefrihed.

Kreditorer har desperat forsøgt at skrabe sikkerheder til sig. Eksempelvis tog Handelsbanken fra 2010 til 2012 pant i Lars Løkkes sommerhus og efterfølgende underpant i alle Venstre-formandens gamle pantebreve.

- Når kreditorerne reagerer, som de gør, understreger det, at sagen er alvorlig. Handelsbanken har sat sig på alle frie midler, og selv hvis Lars Løkke havde nogle andre økonomiske midler privat, ville banken også beslaglægge dem, forklarer Lars Wismann fra Wismann Property Consult, der blandt andet rådgiver om ejendomme og pantebreve.

Han understreger, at kreditorernes adfærd med at tydelighed viser, at de har taget sikkerhed i alt af værdi, og Løkke derfor ikke kan have nogen skjult formue i baghånden.

Alene renteomkostningerne ved Lars Løkkes hus i Græsted er ifølge de officielle oplysninger fra Tingbogen i værste fald op imod 10.000 kr. om måneden. Hertil kommer sommerhuset i Billund, hvor renterne risikerer at være dobbelt så store alt efter, hvor meget Løkkes har valgt at trække på den kredit hos Handelsbanken, hvor han betaler 10,7 pct. i rente.

Også statsautoriseret revisor Søren Cortsen peger på, at Lars Løkkes kreditorer har taget hårdt fat blandt andet ved at tage underpant i en række af Løkkes gamle lån..... LÆS VIDERE

CBS Baltimore \\ extra-capsa | June 29, 2018 CET | ~ Gunman ID’d As Jarrod Ramos; 5 Dead In Capital Gazette Shooting In Annapolis ~ | ~ Capital Gazette Shooting in Shades of Charlie Hebdo & the Parker-Ward Hoax ~ | Blogger: [⚠️Capital Gazette =722 and it happened when Trump was exactly 72 years 2 weeks old⚠️] ... The Capital Gazette Shooting saw a white male named Jarrod Ramos =1101 [Trigonal] storm the offices of a newspaper on 28 June 2018 and kill five people, having earlier sued the Gazette =110 in a defamation case. It occurred in Annapolis =101 a span of 1001 weeks after Columbine and exactly 1010 months after the birth of the paper’s former publisher & co-owner, Philip Merrill, who killed himself a dozen years earlier. The Capital Gazette is owned by The Baltimore Sun =1100. Five Dead =110/111. It also happened exactly 111 weeks (777 days) after the movie Money Monster opened, about a hostage situation in a newsroom. News =1111 [Squares] .. |

READ MORE: https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2018/06/28/reports-of-shots-fired-in-annapolis/


The Capital Gazette Shooting saw a white male named Jarrod Ramos =1101 [Trigonal] storm the offices of a newspaper on 28 June 2018 and kill five people, having earlier sued the Gazette =110 in a defamation case. It occurred in Annapolis =101 a span of 1001 weeks after Columbine and exactly 1010 months after the birth of the paper’s former publisher & co-owner, Philip Merrill, who killed himself a dozen years earlier. The Capital Gazette is owned by The Baltimore Sun =1100. Five Dead =110/111. It also happened exactly 111 weeks (777 days) after the movie Money Monster opened, about a hostage situation in a newsroom. News =1111 [Squares].
Capital Gazette =912 [Jewish G]. Merrill killed himself 12 years 19 days before the shooting. Baltimore Sun Media =219. Domestic Terrorist =219. Je Suis Charlie =219. Governor Larry Hogan =2019 [Trigonal], the Governor of Maryland.
Newspaper =441. Merrill killed himself 4401 days before the shooting at the headquarters of Capital Gazette Communications =441 where police were called at 14:40. Charlie Hebdo=1404, another staged event at a newspaper. Baltimore Sun Media =4040. The Murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, the reporters allegedly killed by Vester Lee Flanagan II =1144 [Jewish] in another made-for-TV theatrical performance of psychological warfare. Fake news before fake news was popular. Before it became self-aware.

The Parker-Ward Hoax happened on 8/26 and this one on the mirror date of 6/28.

The Baltimore Sun =88. Propaganda =88. The Capital =188 located at 888 Bestgate Road in Annapolis =1888 [Reverse Exended]. Baltimore =888 [Reverse Sumerian]. Governor Hogan =888 [English Extended]. And there they go flashing the big Triple 8 on us.

Jason Goodman | June 29, 2018 | ~ The Real SOUL of a Shoe – with Special Guests Ole Dammegard and Quinn Michaels ~ | .. For some time now, Ole Dammegard has been pointing out the alarming frequency at which conspicuous photographs of shoes appear in news reporting of terror events around the world. Friends of the channel would also note that Quinn Michaels frequently tells us "once is random, twice is coincidence and three times is a pattern". Last Saturday, Quinn's research coincided with Ole's. Ole has already documented so many occurrences of this, it can no longer be dismissed as coincidence .. |

Dr. Michael Salla Exopolitics.org | Jun 29, 2018 | ~ More Scientists Confirm Volcanoes Rapidly Melting Antarctica’s Ice Sheets ~ | .. To date, as many as 138 volcanoes have been identified throughout West Antarctica, including the presently active Mt. Erebus along the Terror Rift, as well as Mt. Siple and Mt. Waesche, which both show evidence of recent activity. However, the locations and extent of volcanic activity along the WARS are debated, because many of these 138 known volcano-like features are buried beneath several kilometers of ice, and some evidence suggests that much of the interior subglacial WARS is dormant .. If we take the upcoming Solar Cycle 25 (2019 – 2030) as the catalyst for triggering volcanic activity around the Earth through increased solar activity, West Antarctica’s ice sheets could disappear in as little as a decade or so .. First, ocean levels will rise far more dramatically than previously thought. If all the ice in West Antarctica were to melt, ocean levels would rise by 10 feet (3.3 meters). Rather than humanity having centuries to prepare as estimated by many geologists, it would only have a decade. Second, whistleblower claims that there are large subterranean bases in Antarctica that belong to multiple secret space programs dating back to World War II will be exposed for all the world to see. It can be predicted that nations and corporations managing such classified programs would not allow themselves to be preempted by geologic events, and accelerate official disclosure initiatives. Third, ancient artifacts of a flash frozen advanced civilization buried under the Antarctic ice will be revealed confirming rumors and eyewitness accounts of such a discovery going back to the early 1990’s. The technologies and knowledge acquired from such discoveries is likely to provide humanity with rapid scientific revolutions spanning aerospace, health, archeology and even religion .. |

On June 22, a team of scientists from the University of Rhode Island and University of East Anglia announced in a paper published in Nature Communications that they had discovered a new factor in the rapid melting of Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier – a previously unknown active volcano buried deep under the ice.

When combined with another scientific study released in 2017 by a team of scientists from the University of Edinburgh, which announced the existence of 91 volcanoes buried under West Antarctica’s ice sheets in addition to the 41 previously discovered, a disturbing conclusion is reached. West Antarctica’s ice sheets are being rapidly melted from a vast network of buried volcanoes, which are far more active than scientists previously thought possible.

The June 22 paper, “Evidence of an active volcanic heat source beneath the Pine Island Glacier” summarized what is currently known of volcanoes that make up the West Antarctic Rift System (WARS):
To date, as many as 138 volcanoes have been identified throughout West Antarctica9, including the presently active Mt. Erebus10 along the Terror Rift, as well as Mt. Siple10 and Mt. Waesche11, which both show evidence of recent activity. However, the locations and extent of volcanic activity along the WARS are debated, because many of these 138 known volcano-like features are buried beneath several kilometers of ice, and some evidence suggests that much of the interior subglacial WARS is dormant.
The assumption that the majority of West Antarctica’s volcanoes are dormant is increasingly being challenged by new scientific discoveries. Telltale signatures of volcanic activity are being found in ocean waters as evidenced from rare isotopes such as Helium-3, which was used by the authors of Pine Island Glacier paper to reach their conclusion.

In addition, heat increases and seismic activity in Antarctica points to large amounts of magma moving deep below the West Antarctic Ice Sheets (WAIS), as the June 22 paper suggested:
The apparent surface deformations in the WAIS thickness also suggest localized heat fluxes that are most likely volcanic due to their intensity14,15, while ash layers from ice cores reveal more recent eruptions16. Last, the detection of earthquakes as recently as 2010 suggest magma migration beneath the Executive Committee mountains, in a region of Marie Byrd Land where seismic studies have revealed thin crust and low-density mantle material beneath.
According to Professor Karen Heywood, one of the co-authors of “Evidence of an active volcanic heat source beneath the Pine Island Glacier”:
The discovery of volcanoes beneath the Antarctic ice sheet means that there is an additional source of heat to melt the ice, lubricate its passage toward the sea, and add to the melting from warm ocean waters. It will be important to include this in our efforts to estimate whether the Antarctic ice sheet might become unstable and further increase sea level rise.
While the June 22 paper focused on the impact of the buried volcano melting the Pine Island Glacier, the wider impact of other buried volcanoes on the West Antarctic Ice Sheets (WAIS) was briefly mentioned in the abstract:
Our finding of a substantial volcanic heat source beneath a major WAIS glacier highlights the need to understand subglacial volcanism, its hydrologic interaction with the marine margins, and its potential role in the future stability of the WAIS.
The new findings about the influence of one or more active volcanoes to explain the rapid melting of Pine Island Glacier, along with the temperature increase and melt-offs observed elsewhere in the frozen continent all point to powerful transformative events in West Antarctica.

The following long-term temperature map of Antarctica alongside the newly discovered volcanoes, shows how and why West Antarctic is heating far more rapidly than East Antarctica.....

Left image shows temperature increase of Antarctica from 1956-2006 (Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio);  right image shows 2017 discovery of 90 new volcanoes in Antarctica.

INFOWARS | June 29, 2018 | ~ NASA’S EXPERIMENTAL SUPERSONIC AIRCRAFT USES “QUIET” TECH ~ .. Renamed to X-59 QueSST .. NASA’s newest experimental aircraft, designed with quiet supersonic technology and intended to help open a new era in faster-than-sound air travel over land, will forever be known in the history books as the X-59 QueSST .. Once fully tested and pronounced safe to fly within the National Airspace, the X-59 in late 2022 will begin making supersonic flights over select communities to measure residents’ reactions to any noise they might hear .. |

An artist's illustration of NASA's X-59 QueSST supersonic airplane, which the agency will use to test technologies for quiet supersonic aircraft.Credit: NASA

READ MORE: https://www.infowars.com/nasas-experimental-supersonic-aircraft-uses-quiet-tech/

Den Korte Radioavis/Weekendavis | 29. Juni 2018 | ~ Uanset hvad fremtiden bringer, forbliver Radio24syv i stærk vigør, hvilket vi agter at bevise denne sommer, hvor vi stempler ind med en sommersendeplan, som virkelig siger spar to, siger Radio24syv ~ | Blogger: Vil, seniorkorrespondent, Kirsten Birgit Schiøtz Kretz Hørsholm, fra Radio24syv, overleve endnu en MUS-samtale og flytte med over til den glovarme heden i Jylland? ... |

Anonymous Official | June 29, 2018 | Everyone Must See This Before its Too Late... (2018-2019) | Blogger: PART III - SECRET GEO-ENGINEERING PROGRAMS, KNOWN AS CHEMTRAILS. ENVIRONMENTAL MODIFICATION TECHNIQUES OR WEATHER WAR SYSTEMS. INTRODUCING ENERGY OR CHEMICAL FORMULA INTO THE METEOROLOGICAL PROCESS ... [🔭Hydraulic Fracturing, HAARP, EISCAT, Chemtrails, DEW, Weather Modification, Weird Deformed Animals Findings & Animals Fall from the Sky, Hail Storms, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Sinkholes, Massive Cracks, Sonic Booms, Bible Prophecy Signs in the Sky, Tsunami, Flooding, Hard Rain, Drought and Wildfires All At Once - What The Heck Is Going On❓] ... Verdenalt.dk understand, it is difficult to take in the scale of the disaster and danish people, has NO CLUE, what's going on... Pictures taken June 28, 2018 on a late night after a dinner with a friend, in North Zealand, near Copenhagen... |


June 28, 2018 - North Zealand, near Copenhagen... 

Sofie Rose - gør livet lettere med Engle-Magi | 29. Juni 2018 | ~ FULDMÅNE- MEDITATION ~ | .. Fuldmånemeditation er en fantastisk mulighed for at åbne op for en magisk healende og transformerende energi. Hver måned optager jeg en ny lydfil med en fuldmånemeditation – og den vil jeg gerne dele med dig ganske gratis .. | Blogger: 🌕🌕🌕 Verdensalt.dk har optagelser af meditationstekniker, fra Reikimetsrer, Marzcia Techau, Clairvoyant og spirituel lærer og mentor, Jette Harthimmer og så mange andre, som jeg har modtager ved konsultationer, podcast samt uddannelsesforløb .. Måske er, Sofie Rose, noget for dig!?... Én ting er sikkert, vor solhverv i Juni og fuldmånen er EKSTRAordinært stærk og månen/solen, udsender et meget kraftigt LYS og skaber ENORME magnetiske energifelter omkring jorden og i menneskers DNA, hukommelsesceller og så fremdeles... Oplevede FULDMÅNEN de sidste 3 dage, mens andre var gået i seng, og den er virkelig POWERFUL... |

Fuldmånemeditation – Tilmeld dig her:

TV2 FNYS | 29. Juni 2018 | ~ Historisk sag skal for retten: Loyal to Familia kan blive forbudt ~ | Blogger: In English -- [👥'So-called' cold-blooded and brutal street gangs in the Nation of Denmark, LTF, is to be DISSOLVED, FIRST TIME IN ANY COUNTRY, but Danish govt, has NEVER heard about the MS-13 Mexican gangs, operating in Mexico, South America and US borders, who has properly KILLED (with drug lords) most of the 113 candidates, pre-candidates, and current and former politicians, that have been killed and 300 more have suffered some form of aggression since September, ahead of Mexico’s Election on 1 July 2018. MS-13 is also the favourite toolbox of top secret assassination squad, used by Deep State of Bush/Clinton/Obama regime, if you believe that🔫] ... The MS-13 El Salvadorian gang who are hired killers for drug kingpin El Chapo, as well as a new attack on the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, has affiliation to Washington, D.C., which have been secretly colluding with the Deep State for years now. If you want more MS-13 gang members raping, stabbing and murdering your family members next year, vote Democrat this November ... | 🤔 (Exercise Of The Right To Freedom Of Peaceful Assembly, is going BYE-BYE)... The Deep State governmental body with The Danish judicial system, in a "attempt" to resolve Loyal To Familia - 'members can not continue their activities, even under a new name, acc. to DK attorney General... But that's NOT the biggest story... The story is IF, the court system, can DISSOLVE ANY ASSOCIATIONS, peaceful or not, the Freedom Of Assembly, will be CHANGED, FOREVER!... Freedom Of Assembly, gives us the right to demonstrate, to form associations, to hold protest meetings. But many places in the world, peaceful protests, is confronted with police violence, detention and harassment... PS: Article 20. "".. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association .." (United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948) -- |

LÆS VIDERE: http://nyheder.tv2.dk/politik/2018-06-28-historisk-sag-skal-for-retten-loyal-to-familia-kan-blive-forbudt


Jun 28, 2018

RT - Russia Today | June 28, 2018 | ~ Enceladus: Alien geysers on Saturn’s moon contain all key ingredients for life ~ | .. Scientists trawling through data from the dead Cassini spacecraft have discovered that icy jets on Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, contains all the basic ingredients required to support life .. The researchers released a statement saying they are “blown away” by the findings. “With complex organic molecules emanating from its liquid water ocean, this moon is the only body besides Earth known to simultaneously satisfy all of the basic requirements for life as we know it,” the paper’s co-author Dr Christopher Glein said .. | Blogger: Yet another soft disclosure storyline? Like the story about a Japanese spacecraft trying to probe water-rich asteroid in groundbreaking new study, signs of life? ... |

Photo illustration of Cassini spacecraft diving through the plume of Enceladus. © / NASA
© / NASA
READ MORE: https://www.rt.com/news/431135-saturn-moon-enceladus-life

KRQE | June 28, 2018 | ~ New Mexico geologist discusses suspected UFO crash site findings ~ | .. ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) - The Bureau of Land Management is taking an interest in a New Mexico geologist's discoveries that he claims are out of this world. He believes he has found parts of the alleged UFO crash near Roswell in 1947. "Some of it could be trash, camper trash, but some of it could be interesting,” said Geologist Frank Kimbler. Kimbler distinctly remembers the moment he discovered debris from the suspected 1947 UFO crash site. "I started looking around all over the place, looking to see if the helicopters were going to fly over, because you get paranoid when you read the stories of about Roswell and what's happened to people when they've come forward with stuff,” he said. Over the past eight years, Kimbler has dedicated himself to finding physical proof of the UFO, going out to the suspected site 75 miles northwest of Roswell about a dozen times. Using a metal detector, he's collected about 20 metallic fragments the size of a fingernail. "Some of the material that I found out there has been tested and it has anomalies that suggest that it might be of extraterrestrial origin,” said Kimbler .. |

READ MORE: https://www.krqe.com/news/new-mexico/new-mexico-geologist-discusses-suspected-ufo-crash-site-findings/1265976082

COBRA | June 28, 2018 | ~ Gamma Timeline ~ | Blogger: Ongoing debate about what the 'shift from beta timeline to gamma timeline', really means... |

Hvem er Cobra: Stifter af bloggen http://2012portal.blogspot.com ; Denne blog er den officielle formidler af kommunikation fra modstandsbevægelsen.

Eftersom jeg for længst har givet efter på disse højst usædvanlige fænomener og trosberetninger for vores forfædre samt galaktiske venners færden, er det en god ide som nybegynder, at læse eller slå tingene op via bibliotecapleyades.net (google søgeord og vælge dette site) eller (http://www.verdensalt.dk/2014/08/kort-situationsopdatering-pa-kloden.html) for at forstå hele sammenhængen.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Gamma Timeline

In the last few months, there have been drastic shifts in the timelines and significant changes in the plan for the planetary liberation.

Most of those changes need to remain deeply classified, I will reveal here as much as I can.

In May we have shifted from beta timeline to gamma timeline. The new gamma timeline calls for direct physical intervention of the Light Forces in the lives of surface Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, as soon as possible without triggering the toplet bombs.

Before the Event, some Lightworkers might be physically contacted by the Pleiadians according to Contact Dish protocols, and another small group of Lightworkers might be accepted into the Resistance as per Entry protocols. Some time after initial group, another group might be accepted into the Resistance and they will be able to take their pets with them. This second group will not be integrated into the Resistance society and a special colony is being prepared for them in a certain location underground.

At a certain point, Resistance agents might establish physical contact with certain Lightworkers on the surface and offer assistance.

The Four Pillars | June 28, 2018 | ~ MAYA ASTROLOGY - THE ENERGIES OF THE DAYS - 4 TZ’IKIN (28TH JUNE 2018) ~ | .. The number 4 is very important within Mayan mythology. Four represents the cardinal points, the four colours of maize, the four carriers of the year, the two equinoxes and two solstices, as well as midnight, sunrise, midday and sunset. The number four is representative of the four first men, who raised the sky from the sea to create the world we live on. In Mayan myth it is four pillars that support the sky from the Earth. As you can imagine, four is a number which represents stability, a solar number. Even though it is still low, it is thought of as a beneficial number .. |

Itzamna, the principle bird deity, from the “Hero Twins” frieze on the Tecolote pyramid complex at El Mirador. Photo by Mark Elmy
READ MORE: https://thefourpillars.net/?cat=29

Computerworld.dk | 27. Juni 2018 | ~ Atea accepterer dom i bestikkelsessag: Betaler bøde på 10 millioner kroner ~ | .. Atea anker ikke dommen i den store bestikkelsessag, hvor selskabet onsdag blev idømt en bøde på 10 millioner kroner i, hvad der er omtalt som danmarkshistoriens største bestikkelsessag .. | Blogger: [⚠️Trækker tråde DYBT ind i centraladministrationen. Efter den berygtede, 2840-konto, Sophie Løhde vil se på statens Atea-aftaler efter dom for bestikkelse og sættes, i bero. Det som mange ikke ved, er at Rigspolitiet fyrede Bettina Jensen, for tildeling af 182 ulovlige aftaler til 54 leverandører – på blot to år af millionkontrakter, til konsulenter uden udbud, der gik bla. til Atea 'Nordea Finans' på: 2.603.901 kroner. Ifølge journalista.dk⚠️] ... SKRÆMMENDE, dem har verdensalt.dk samarbejdede med i mere end 10 år via et amerikansk firma, jeg arbejde for... (reblog 2017:) -- “Danmark er en bananrepublik,” -- det lyder måske meget bombastisk, men ser vi på digitaliseringsprocessen og robot-fascismens hule ansigt, så er hele vores lovgivning, tænkt og udviklet i en analog tidslomme, hvor centraladministrationen samt Statsadelen, lever side om side med hulefolket og stammefolket (borgerne), ikke aner hvordan man skal gribe sagen an. Vi skal bare vade over i Skat og alle de IT skandaleprojekter som er styrtet sammen under de analoge murbrokker (der findes eksempler i hundredvis) - det digitale inddrivelsessystem EFI, KMD, IBM, CSC og andre snyltere (Baby-Lars og Kristian ""Brubaker"" Jensen - en bombe under systemet). To dage før Folketinget står til at godkende regeringens nye og strammere kurs overfor salg af leasingbiler, skrider den lagte tidsplan for stramningerne ikke holder helt i mål (måske Skat's systemer ikke fungere?) og, Rigsrevisionen starter fuld undersøgelse af Sundheds-platformen.. Det er ikke engang pinligt, det er SKANDALØST!!! Dog, findes der et sted, hvor tingene bobler af digital iver og forventningsglæde, hvis man altså er PET eller efterretningsagent i Danmark. Her, kan man i samarbejde med artikeldatabaser Polinfo, Interpol Europol TISPOL - the European Traffic Police Network, Det nordiske politi- og toldsamarbejde (PTN), Task Force on Organised Crime in the Baltic Sea Region, CIA og NSA og så fremdeles, bestemme dagsorden. Med alle borgers ""digitale"" synderegister, pornografiske tendenser, nummerpladescanning, DNA register, blodprøveopbevaring, ansigtsgengendelse og CCTV, fingeraftryksdatabaser osv. går det legene let for politiet og tro mig, de har bagdøre til din konto i banken, dine fodspor på de sociale medier, smartphone og samtlige ""devices"" som er på nettet. Jeg har levet og åndet i IT branchen, ved godt hvad de er i stand til... |

LÆS VIDERE: https://www.computerworld.dk/art/243894/atea-accepterer-dom-i-bestikkelsessag-betaler-boede-paa-10-millioner-kroner

BREAKING | Sputnik News | June 28, 2018 | ~ Chartered Plane Crashes in Mumbai, 5 People Dead (PHOTO, VIDEO) ~ | .. Indian police say a chartered plane belonging to a state government has crashed in a busy district of Mumbai, the country's financial and entertainment capital .. |


collective-evolution | June 27, 2018 | ~ University Physics Professor Reveals ‘Face On Mars’ Clearly Has A Mouth Full Of Teeth ~ | .. IN BRIEF -- The Facts:Multiple studies and scientists have argued, through scientific rigor, that the 'Face on Mars' was actually built by a very intelligent civilization from Mars' past. Close analyzing shows a mouth full of 'teeth.' Reflect On: -- Why do we ignore, not report and fail to emphasize such important discoveries simply because they go against the accepted framework of knowledge? .. |

READ MORE: https://www.collective-evolution.com/2018/06/27/university-physics-professor-reveals-face-on-mars-clearly-has-a-mouth-full-of-teeth/

Videnskab.dk | 28. Juni 2018 | ~ Denne sten er med til at omskrive Mars’ historie ~ | (In English:) - A meteorite, located in Copenhagen, records the oldest material from Mars and Earth. New analyzes of the meteorite indicate that Mars had conditions for ocean - and perhaps for life - long before the Earth .. |

LÆS VIDERE: https://videnskab.dk/naturvidenskab/denne-sten-er-med-til-at-omskrive-mars-historie

WSJ | June 28, 2018 | ~ Buzz Aldrin Fights Family For Control of His Space Legacy ~ | .. The former astronaut’s children say their father is in mental decline and want a court to appoint them his guardians; he is suing for ‘elder exploitation’ .. | Blogger: [🚀Perhaps it's time, for Mr. Buzz Aldrin, to come clean about the moon landings and what they saw? IF in fact, they went to the moon, in the first place!?👨‍🚀] ... During the Apollo 11 moon landing, there was a two minute period of radio silence. According to NASA, the problem arose from one of two television cameras overheating, thus disrupting the reception. What really happened, according to various sources, was that Armstrong and Aldrin saw something else watching them! According to Timothy Good, author of Above Top Secret(1988) HAM radio operators receiving the VHF signals transmitted from Apollo 11 to NASA’s Houston headquarters, intercepted the following message which NASA screened from the public in the missing two minutes: Mission Control: What's there ? Mission Control calling Apollo 11. Apollo 11: These babies are huge, sir … enormous….Oh, God, you wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there are other space craft out there… lined up on the far side of the crater edge… they're on the moon watching us. (Above Top Secret, p. 384. -Dr Michael Salla Archive)... |

READ MORE: https://www.wsj.com/articles/buzz-aldrin-fights-family-for-control-of-his-space-legacy-1529872576

Verdensalt.dk | Archive | In5D.com | Mar 2, 2018 - June 28, 2018 | ~ Quick Reference Websites (which has not been censored) ~ | Blogger: 💕 Everyone is earning to find the truth - if you can handle it 💕 ... (In the Name of Terrorism & Offensive material policy) - before Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay Inc. and many other friends with benefits, will serve their master and create a Berlin Wall of Internet Censorship (or Mexican Border Wall) ... Since verdensalt.dk decided to blog about 'Sphere-Being Alliance' or whatever Deep Intelligence Services, find offending, my Google Plus has been eliminated - which made me very SAD. The only reason why i've chosen Google Blogger vs. WordPress, was to get a Facebook lookalike platform like Google+ (first they censored some of my blog post, next, embedded pictures went bye-bye, now once in a while, a post gets through the wall of censorship, only 6-7 weeks, at a given time) .. Total pageviews on verdensalt.dk - has been scrutinized .. Lucky for me, Net Censorship, with their secret web sheriffs, can only reach so far. EU Internet Law & Policy Blog (EU Cyberlaw) has a loooong reach, yes. However, forcing the local police to close down a Blog - is difficult - unless your support ISIS, terrorism and or any criminal activities ... In 2017 - EU warns tech firms: remove extremist content faster or be regulated. European commission tells Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and others that legislation is being considered if self-regulation continues to fail (theguardian) ... All the way back to 2011, The Danish Ministry of Justice has put forth a proposal that would effectively make it much more difficult for anyone to use the internet anonymously. To record all sorts of info such as IP addresses, browser histories and records of who the user interacted with. That data then gets sent to the government... "to combat terrorism." Of course, what this means is that there's almost no way to be anonymous online. While it may be true that anonymity can (and at times, is) abused, it's going really far to suggest that there shouldn't be any anonymity. And giving the government that much info just screams out for it to be abused. We're definitely seeing more proposals like this... Yesterday, June 27, 2018, i had a HUGE Spike in Traffic, but neither Blogger or my total pageview, give me the TRUE result... |





TV2 FNYS \\ EB.dk | 28. Juni 2018 | ~ Dansk Folkeparti vil spærre 10-årige inde ~ | (In English:) - Ten-year-olds must be punished with confinement 24/7 at closed-in institutions, if they break the law, The Danish People's Party (DPP), legal spokesman, Peter Kofod Poulsen says .. | Blogger: O-M-G! ... 😣.. Breaking the Cycle: effective punishment, rehabilitation and sentencing of children & youngsters, offenders to be placed into "isolation custody prisons/institutions" that will break them forever - IS NOT THE SOLUTION ... |

DF vil straffe 10-årige for kriminalitet

Regeringen og Dansk Folkeparti er i fuld gang med forhandlingerne om en ny lavalder, hvor børn og unge skal kunne straffes for kriminalitet. Udspillet lyder lige nu på 12 år, men det er ikke langt nok for DF.

Børn helt ned til 10 år bør fremover kunne straffes med indespærring døgnet rundt på lukkede institutioner, mener partiet.

- Så man sikrer, at man kan gribe ind meget tidligt over for unge, der begår kriminalitet. Og sætte ind med klare, hurtige sanktioner, siger partiets retsordfører, Peter Kofod Poulsen.

Han vil dog ikke kalde det for et ultimativt krav, men det er "et meget klart ønske", hvis DF skal lægge stemmer til forslaget. Ingen af parterne ønsker dog at sænke den kriminelle lavalder fra de nuværende 15 år, men i stedet indføre en anden type sanktion for de børn, der meget tidligt ryger ind i en skidt løbebane.

TV2 FNYS | 28. Juni 2018 | ~ Danmark fordobler hjælp til flygtninge fra Afrika ~ | (In English:) - 75 million danish kroner, is on its way from Denmark to EU fund, which will """protect refugees and fight human trafficking"" .. | Blogger: [👳NO!!! This i a reverse agenda! A convenient smokescreen for the Government, to trap citizens MIND and issue more CONTROL into the EU PoliceState. - EU Refugees - The scam that never stops trying and Angela Merkel, the daughter of Hitler, is fighting for her last breath, before she's taken DOWN. Is there an agenda to flood Europe with Muslim refugees, as the conspiracy theorists would have us believe?🏴‍☠️] ...YES!... Both NGO's & EU's Deep State power elites, WANTS to bring in armed and dangerous Muslim CHAOS, Modern Day Slavery & Sex Trafficking... Verdensalt.dk has stated these facts many, many times, but Geoffrey West, has repeated this soooo beautifully (i've been guided this morning, to re-read his post) ... | Excerpts from CVN:👀 ".. “Immigration has become an urgent question because, after years with a left-wing government, there are 600,000 migrants who don’t have the right to stay,” said Berlusconi, pledging to deport illegal migrants. “We consider it to be an absolute priority to regain control over the situation..(..).. CVN: ".. To some, perhaps many, who believe the mainstream narrative, they will quickly judge this response as being racist, without truly understanding the agenda that is behind this forced migration of people, mostly from North Africa. Libya was the country that was blocking the movement of migrants into Europe, until Gaddafi was assassinated by the US State Department under Hillary Clinton at that time. Gaddafi promised that if he was eliminated, it would trigger a flood of migrants into Europe and begin a process of destabilization, and he was correct. Gaddafi had been working on a plan of his own, to create an African Union, gold-backed currency that would benefit the continent, but this was unacceptable by the western elitists. Now, young men of a fighting age, are being brought into Europe to cause chaos, rape women, and create fear and insecurity, and this is playing out especially in Germany, France and Sweden. This crisis is not about racism; it is about understanding that racism is the argument being used, to shield an agenda that will see more and more people willingly surrender their rights and freedoms, believing that their governments will shield them, from the very problem that the government itself allowed to be created. One of the sources of this crisis, has been identified as George Soros, who has been funding protest movements and migrants in support of an agenda of destabilization, mostly in Europe, Ukraine and the US so far. Nigel Farage has spoken up in the EU parliament on this, and remains one of the few who has had the courage to do so...(..).." | 💬PS: You Be The Judge (Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, can't help you anymore) ... |

READ MORE: http://nyheder.tv2.dk/udland/2018-06-27-danmark-fordobler-hjaelp-til-flygtninge-fra-afrika