March 29, 2016

Lockheed Martin, reveals the "UFO": The Aurora program exists and flies for years ( Soft Disclosure --- Lockheed Martin with their SR-72. Richard Branson has recently announced Virgin is set to order 10 supersonic Boom jets with Pulse Jets engines, NASA and their EM Drive Fuel-free engine. Secretly Skunk Works design drafts or the Real Deal? Izakovic: "The gap between the experimental and secret technology that note is about 25/30 years. In 98% of cases, what you see in the sky meets the earth's physical)

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Date: Tuesday, 29-Mar-2016 12:10:36

(Franco Iacch)

SR-72 Lockheed Martin

Virgin Boom
NASA Concorde
We can be operational within two years with the SR-72. With an "unexpected" announcement Lockheed Martin announced to the world that it has acquired the technology to develop the first operational hypersonic platform on the planet. During the annual report, the defense giant said it was ready for the technology, which relates to a higher than Mach 5 speed system.

NASA sonic booms
That the specifications of the sixth-generation platforms are
specifically concerned by the hypersonic speed, it had long been known. "Our  aero- dynamic configuration is stable in all flight profiles: subsonic, transonic,  supersonic and hypersonic". Reading between the lines, Lockheed has admitted that it then has completed the development of a technology, that is still experimental in the rest of the world. Specifically, a higher profile at Mach 6 provides for the implementation of new thermal protection systems as well as the aerodynamic design. The latter, whereas the absence of movable surfaces, has been optimized to obtain the stability in different speed regimes.

Reaction Engines - Lapcats
Until today, at least in known development processes, the
hypersonic platform was dropped at high altitude by a support platform. This is because a hypersonic aircraft could not take advantage of the conventional runways for takeoff and landing. The SR-72, however, would overcome these limitations.

SSP "Nazi Bell"
The Skunk Works, a division for special projects at Lockheed, he would deliver a final project able to reach North Korea in 90 minutes, fly over the entire peninsula in two, making high-resolution detection and behave like a standard aircraft without the need of a launch aircraft or recall.

The Great Changeover 2013 - 2027 - unexplainable phenomena has begon! (False Flag Operations, George Orwell 1984 surveillance society, AI Technology, Death Animals, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Sinkholes, Sonic Booms, Bible Prophecy Signs in the Sky, Meteors and Flooding and Wildfires All In One - What The Heck Is Going On?) March 29, 2015

The Earth is in distress and is calling to us, sending us signs of the extremity of its imbalance through earthquakes and tsunamis, floods and storms, unprecedented heat and drought.

And some of us are responding to these signs, hearing this calling, individually and as groups, with ideas and actions-trying to bring our collective attention to our unsustainable materialistic lifestyle and the ways it is contributing to ecological devastation, accelerating pollution and species depletion.  Yet, sadly, much of this response comes from the same mindset that has caused the imbalance:  the belief that we are separate from the world, that it is something "out there," a problem we need to solve.

The world is not a problem to be solved; it is a living being to which we belong.

These are excerpts from Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee's recent book, Spiritual Ecology - The Cry of the Earth.  Join Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee and me on Thursday, March 31st at 8:30 am Los Angeles, CA time (PDT).  We'll be discussing his book, his description of the challenges we confront and his call to action, a call to action that will heal humanity, the world we live in and the Earth that is our home.

To find the time in your area, please go to:

This is the only program planned with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee in 2016 so be sure to join us if you can.

Reserve your spot now:

MASS ANIMAL DEATH LIST 144 Known MASS Death Events in 51 Countries (or Territory)

(Month of March 2016):

Dead fish in Indian River Lagoon28th March 2016 - Hundreds of Thousands of dead fish along Indian River Lagoon in Florida, America. Link
28th March 2016 - 19 dead dolphins found washed up along the coast of Georgia. Link
27th March 2016 - 11,000 ducks killed due to avian flu in Icheon, South Korea. Link
25th March 2016 - Massive die off of fish in a lake in Nanhu District, China. Link
25th March 2016 - 5,000 fish die in a fish farm in Labuan, Malaysia. Link
24th March 2016 - Massive die off of fish 'due to unknown disease' in Maniema, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Link
23rd March 2016 - Thousands of TONS of oysters die off in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Link
23rd March 2016 - Tens of Thousands of fish die in a lake in Krabi, Thailand. Link
22nd March 2016 - Dozens of dead birds found along a road in Elmira, New York, America. Link
20th March 2016 - 350,000+ cattle dead due to cold weather in the Mongolian Steppes, Mongolia. Link

Age Regression used in Secret Space Programs confirmed as Scientifically Feasible ( It's possible that scientists at MIT have been aware of the Nazi age-regression studies since 1942!..Once age regression is used on the military personal after tours of duty, memories are mind wiped to ensure SSP stays secretly intact...)

Written by Dr Michael Salla on March 28, 2016. 

Due to recent breakthroughs in genetic research, the claims of three whistleblowers, who say they underwent an age-regression process in secret space programs, have become that much more plausible. The whistleblowers, Corey Goode, Randy Cramer and Michael Relfe, all say that they were age-regressed to become 20 years younger at the end of their respective tours of duty in secret space programs.

Recently, geneticists have identified the genes that control the aging process, and in stunning experiments, the results of which have been released in peer reviewed scientific journals, have demonstrated that they were able to reverse the aging process to varying degrees of success.

The results of these experiments make it plausible that the three whistleblowers did indeed undergo an age-regression process using classified medical technologies in secret space programs, as they claimed.

The lead genetic scientist in the publicly announced age reversal studies is Dr. David Sinclair, who discussed in an interview the results of his genetic experiments first conducted on mice:

We’ve discovered genes that control how the body fights against ageing and these genes, if you turn them on just the right way, they can have very powerful effects, even reversing ageing – at least in mice so far… We fed them a molecule that’s called NMN and this reversed ageing completely within just a week of treatment in the muscle, and now we’re looking to reverse all aspects of ageing if possible.

He explained how this process could also be done safely for humans:

We’ve gone from mice into early human studies actually. There have been some clinical trials around the world, and we’re hoping in the next few years to know if this will actually work in people as well … They show that the molecules that extend lifespan in mice are safe in people.

Professor Sinclair went on to say in his interview that drugs based on the nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) molecule could be successfully developed “to restore youthfulness in human cells.”

Sinclair’s view that NMN based drugs will eventually be developed for safe use by humans is stunning in its implications. He may well be in the midst of developing the fabled elixir of life, which accounts for him quickly being elevated into the world’s 100 most influential people according to Time Magazine.

April 2015 satte DR fokus: 210.000 danskere er ensomme. En ny undersøgelse, som YouGov har foretaget for metroxpress, rammer ensomheden hver fjerde dansker... (men er symptombehandlingen 'sociale relationer' virkelig den eneste kur?) - 29. Marts 2016

Update: Ensomhed rammer hver fjerde dansker. Inden for de seneste to måneder har 25 procent af alle voksne danskere følt sig ensomme. Og 17 procent føler sig ensomme dagligt. Eksperter advarer om, at langvarig ensomhed kan være livsfarlig. læs videre her


Udgivet første gang den 21. April 2015 af Verdensalt

Over 200.000 danskere er ramt af ensomhed. Men ensomheden kan være svær at tale om.

Derfor sætter DR fra uge 17 og frem fokus på ensomhed med indsatsen ’En som mig’.

Hvad vil det sige at være ensom? Ensomhed er ikke bare at føle sig alene. Ensomheden udspringer af savnet af meningsfulde sociale relationer, samtidig med man savner nærvær og samhørighed med andre.

Det fortæller lektor i psykologi ved Syddansk Universitet, Mathias Lasgaard, der har forsket på området. - Ensomhed er en subjektiv ubehagelig tilstand, der opstår, når man oplever et modsætningsforhold mellem de relationer, man synes, man har, og de relationer, man ønskede, man havde, siger han.....

Tror du selv på - Luk mig ind - det er Blachman (1:3) - gør en forskel?

Rastløs. Vemodig. Trist. Modløs. Følelsen af ensomhed kan beskrives på mange måder. Og mange oplever, at følelsen fra tid til anden lægger vejen forbi. Men hvornår er man ensom, og hvornår er man bare alene? Ensomhed og depression kan måske være tætte forbunden, men ikke nødvendigvis klassificeret efter normen i samfundet, hvad er bedst, at være introvert eller ekstrovert mennesketype, enten om du nu kan lide, at være i centrum og snakke med mange mennesker, eller foretrække en dybere samtale med én person ad gangen? Kan vi symptombehandle med nervemedicin og lykkepiller og tro på, hvis nu vi fejer vores ensomhed ind under gulvtæppet, så går det nok væk af sig selv? Eller skal vi selv udføre en aktivt handling, hente ny energi/inspiration fra vores egen 'indre' potentiale, lytte til vores intuition og mavefornemmelse hver gang, vi synker længere ned i vores grav af ensomhed og depression?

Vores underbevidsthed styrer vores impulser ganske korte sekunder før de bliver til tanker?  90.000 tanker passerer din hjerne på et døgn, og mange af dem er de samme. Ruminering, som det hedder, når man tygger drøv på dagens hændelser, stjæler ikke alene din nattesøvn. Den æder din energi og kan ende med at gøre dig fysisk syg og deprimeret. Vi ved, 'søvn' har afgørende betydning for kroppens genopbygning, og mangel på søvn kan både påvirke immunforsvar og kognitive funktioner.

Forkælede drømmebørn har ondt i selvværdet og ældre mangler sociale interaktion 

Jeg vil anskue tingene lidt anderledes end DR's temauge, selvom det er en stor mundfuld. At være ensom er oftest uønsket - og gør bare ondt. Alt afhængig af, hvor vi 'selv' placere os i livets cyklus af udfordringer! Når vi er arbejdsløse, kan vi let være ensomme. Ensomhed er ikke kun et fænomen hos ældre mennesker, fordi vi har mistet vores livslange ledsager eller relationer til familien, eller ensomheden som vis udstrækning 'bor til leje' hos unge, som er, ekstra sårbare. Ensomhed, er lige så farlig som at ryge eller være afhængig af tilfældigt købesex. Den findes i alle aldre og gemmer sig på alle sociale lag i samfundet.

Den teknologiske revolution, mobning, de sociale medier, afhængigheder af anerkendelse, opmærksomhed samt idealer og alt for tidlige seksuelle erfaringer, hjælper ikke ligefrem vores unge væk fra ensomheden eller depressionen. Så spiller skilsmisser, overgreb på børn også en central rolle (svært at tage ud af  ligningen), for ensomheden/tomheden/afmagten sniger sig ind, uden selv-udvikling, hele livet. Jeg vil våge den påstand, der er paralleler fra teenagere til de ældre generationer fordi, igen, social interaktion og relationer til familie og jævnaldrende, betyder alt. Men, fordi unges reptilhjerner per definition, er halv udviklet som teenagere, samt de ældre, har svært ved at konsumere eller ændre deres skikke & sædvane, er det oplagt, at sige, løsningen på ensomheden er IKKE kun social interaktion med andre medmennesker....

Arbejd med dig selv, acceptere ensomheden og dyrk den intens

Tom Heneghan Update - March 29, 2016 CET

ALL Patriot Americans MUST know with sources inside
American/European intelligence agencies and INTERPOL
reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the
corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly
propaganda U.S. media's massive deceptions
Protect and defend your Constitution Bill of Rights,
the Supreme Law of the United States

Sunday March 27, 2016

The Brussels Airport is Israeli Mossad Terrorist Headquarters

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert
​Israeli Mossad motto: "By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War" source

UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that European INTERPOL, reference the French Defense Ministry, has issued thirty-five (35) RED NOTICES aka warrants for the immediate arrests of active Belgium and German security and immigration officials that have aided and abetted the activities of the major European ISIS terrorist cell headquartered in Hamburg, Germany aka the Kurt Becker 9/11 terror cell.

HIGH TREASON Co-conspirators
Bush-Clinton-Netanyahu Crime Family Syndicate's
Michael Chertoff and Michael Hayden

Saul: The Nagging Feeling That There Must Be More to Life - March 29, 2016 CET

Saul is an ascended Master just like Jesus, Buddah, Mary and many many more. BTW you are all on your ways to becoming ascended masters so stand up and celebrate your greatness.

Kanaliseret af John Smallman
© 2016 johnsmallman

Audio version available here.

The Easter celebration is a reminder of your oneness with God, and therefore with one another, an annual commemoration of the Resurrection which was a major step in moving all of humanity forward toward awakening from the dream of separation.

The Resurrection brought into humanity’s awareness the possibility of remembering the knowledge, hidden for eons beneath a cloak or veil of indifference and self-imposed ignorance, that you are One with God.

That memory is now arising into humanity’s collective consciousness and leading to an intense collective desire to return to Reality, to awaken from the dream or nightmare in which you have been ensconced since the moment you chose to experience separation from your divine Source.

Message from Montague on Sunday March 28, 2016 CET

Kanaliseret af Veronica Keen
© 2016 Montague Keen

Hver søndag, bringer Montague et budskab om håb og støtte til alle, derer villige til at lytte. Han snakker tit om Cabal og deres evindelige konstruktive adfærd.

My dear, I have completed my investigations on this side of life. I am now preparing to materialise on Earth, this time in a more public way. I have important information that I need to share. Your planets are out of sync. Humanity is in danger of crashing. This cannot be allowed. Love will heal your world. I told you some years ago that I was preparing to materialise publicly on Earth with profound messages for mankind. You trusted me, my dear. Your belief and trust in me is exemplary. You never faltered, even when others openly attacked and vilified you. You knew without doubt that I am a man of my word. We will complete our mission. The delays were unavoidable as the Cabal has relentlessly fought to prevent us completing our task. The attacks on your life were withstood with the help of friends.

The ENERGY in Ireland this Easter weekend is wonderful to observe. You have been shown how ancient knowledge, sacred symbols, and geometry, are still being used to hold humanity in darkness, submission and control. You were shown the straight connection which Mecca has to TARA HILL; it continues to WASHINGTON DC. This Irish Energy is used to make the US powerful. CERN and AREA 51 are also extracting energy from Tara. The VATICAN also steals Irish Energy from Tara. Sacred symbols are openly used to control and destroy humanity. Every building owned by the Cabal openly displays these symbols. The ancient knowledge and history of these symbols was kept secret from humanity and every day in every way, they are used against you. You have only to look at the Vatican to see this evil, openly on view. The Vatican foolishly believes that because it has instilled such FEAR in humanity with their blatant LIES about death and hell etc, man would never dare question them. Well, their time is up. The Vatican is exposed for the evil that it is; its central system is in tatters.

BREAKING: All European Newborn Babies Will Be Microchipped From December 2016

We’ve recently come across a piece of information we believe you’ll all find surprising and even disturbing to say the least. Starting from December 2016 every newborn baby in Europe will have to be microchipped, meaning that from the moment they’re born and until they day they day their every move will be tracked and monitored. An article published in a Finnish newspaper which was distributed to medical students and doctors there’s no more time to change the direction of mind control technologies and military medicine and we’re starting to lose sight of the future of freedom.

Numerous sources report that: “From December 2016, throughout Europe, every newborn baby will be compelled to take in a subcutaneous RFID chip”.

The chip in question will function like a GPS sensor, equipped with a micro-disposable battery which every person will have to get it replaced every two years in a state clinic. The data it transmits will be stored and sent to tablets or smartphones with specially designed apps enabling parents and doctors to monitor the baby’s health and overall state in real-time. What most people fail to see is that this technology is not science-fiction, it’s very real and has already been approved by the FDA for human use. And the scarier thing is that aside from collecting and storing personal information this little chip will be able to perform a plethora of other functions, with no one knowing its full capacity.


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Must-see: Smart Meter Fires: Burning meters, burning questions, shocking answers (Fjernaflæste målere til aflæsning af el blev i 2013 (Bek. nr 1358) gjort pligtig for alle landets husstande i Danmark. I udlandet, er de blevet forbundet med store helbredsskader på grund af mikrobølgestråling og kan forårsage brand..) - March 29, 2016

Fjernaflæste målere til aflæsning af el blev i 2013 (Bek. nr 1358) gjort pligtig for alle landets husstande.Fjernaflæste målere er velkendte fra udlandet, hvor de er blevet forbundet med store helbredsskader på grund af mikrobølgestråling. Det internationale begreb for fjernaflæste målere er smartmeters. Fjernaflæsning af målere kan foregå via kablede løsninger, men de fleste bruger mikrobølgebaseret kommunikation.Fjernaflæste målere kan bruges til forbrugsafregning af både gas, vand, el og fjernvarme. Visse fjernaflæste målere har også mulighed for - via yderligere mikrobølgekommunikation - at kommunikere med forbrugsapparater i hjemmet.
Den tvungne opsætning af fjernaflæste målere rummer flere problemforhold:
>> Mikrobølgestrålingen er kategoriseret af WHO/IARC som et 2B carcinogen (kræftfremkaldende).
>> Der er registreret mange øvrige helbredsskader som følge af mikrobølgestrålingen.
>> De fjernaflæste målere rummer betydelig og meget vidtgående overvågningskapacitet.
Alle ovenstående sagsforhold findes detaljeret dokumenteret (med omfattende referencemateriale) på de følgende sider. Formålet med disse sider er således at præsentere viden og forskningsresultater inden for området.
Baggrunden for oprettelsen af denne side kan læses i den tilgrundliggende rapport, som kan downloades her: Fjernaflæste elmålere - Virkninger og Konsekvenser


This new video from Brian Thiesen is quite literally explosive information which every homeowner needs to know.

So-called “smart” meters have caused thousands of fires and explosions — such as this fire on Wednesday in Ontario. But corrupt politics and money have swept the whole thing under the rug.

Brian explains how and why this is all occurring, including reams of evidence and court documents. This is exactly what your utility does not want you to see. Watch now:

Video topics include:
  • Court documents,
  • High voltage surges (the removal of the surge arrestors designed to protect your home),
  • Lower voltage surges,
  • Thinner blades on “smart” meters,
  • Remote disconnect issues,
  • Bad installations, and
  • Installing under load
    Previously-documented “smart” meter fires have caused fatalities (see here, here, here, and here).

    And hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of “smart” meters have been recalled and or replaced (see here, here, here, and here).

    The most terrible thing is this: most people simply don’t know. It’s been covered up, worldwide.

    Benjamin Fulford FULL Update (VIDEO) - March 29, 2016 (※Weekly geo-political news and analysis) (Angela Merkel took Selfie with one of the terrorists behind the Belgium airport terror March 22nd (322) day of Satanic sacrifice. Silicon Valley was being put under Pentagon control - which will drastically cut off the flow of information to the Khazarian mafia. FBI was forced to back off its attempt to break into Iphones. Hillary loses could perhaps means stopping of vote rigging. Turkey is threatening Russia with military attacks but US millitary will not support Turkey. Erik Prince founder of blackwater has been forced to flee to khazarian mafia stronghold Turkey. and much much more..

    Hvem er så denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, Den Internationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage på Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmæssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en række bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sælgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre på internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet på internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

    Til tider, kommentere David Wilcock på Fulford's blog. Virkelig spændende nyhedsstof, en vinkel, som bliver mere valid eftersom de begge har informanter og indgange til den virkelige agenda, uden censur, der aldrig når ud i de officielle medier.

    Khazarian Satan worshippers now exposed for all to see

    Udgivet af Benjamin den 29. Marts 2016

    The battle for the planet earth is heading towards victory for the people as the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia is being unmasked in ways that defy denial. We have the New York Times reporting that gates commemorating Baal (another name for Satan, image at link below)

    are being constructed in New York and London.

    Then we have a leaked e-mail from Hillary Clinton where she writes about “sacrificing a chicken to Moloch.”

    Moloch, another namesake of Satan, was a god that children were burnt in sacrifice to in ancient Babylonia. An image can be seen at the link below:

    Next we have a photograph of German Chancellor Angela Merkel taking a selfie with one of the terrorists behind the Belgium airport terror that took place on the March 22nd (322) day of Satanic sacrifice.

    Mossad front company ICTS was in charge of security at the airport and the attack killed no Khazarians, Pentagon sources note. It is also worth noting the number 322 is on the emblem of the German founded Skull and Bones society at Yale University. Skull and Bones is dedicated to Satan worship according to recent revelations.
    On top of this we have US presidential candidate Ted Cruz saying on TV that “Donald Trump may be a rat but I have no desire to copulate with him.” In other words he is saying he “copulates with rats.”

    Following this we have Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso saying that the “United States in the 1930’s, like Japan now, was suffering from deflation and it was World War 2 that brought the US out of that situation.” He then adds that “we are looking for the trigger.” Thus we can see the fraudulently elected Abe regime now exposing its true fascist face.

    Are you starting to see a pattern here? Either these powerful leaders have gone collectively insane or a systematic campaign to expose them for what they really are is fully under way. My guess is that it is the latter and the NSA and other agency white hats are exposing these people in order to help overthrow them.

    In fact, in a clear sign the white hats are on the move, US top general Joseph Dunford last week summoned Google Chief Eric Schmidt to the Pentagon, according to US military intelligence sources. At this meeting Dunford told Schmidt that................
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