Sep 13, 2020

🙏 ~ 💝 Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟OPERATION MJOLNIR - ASHTAR SHERAN : ENOUGH ! 🔨🛸🪐✨] ... (SoTW) Besides special attention from Cosmic Central race and SURFACOM special forces etc., after Return of Light meditation, other 'older' operations, are (Omega) Phoenix, and a more ongoing and active Operation; Mjolnir since November 2017 (MJOL- NIR - Hammer of Au / Thor / E.T [ᛞ ᛁ ᛟ ᛚ ᚾ ᚱ]). Delta Option plan is the newest of its kind and covers only certain aspects of pre-Event operations according to Cobra. Delta Option plan will be activated ONLY as a last resort when all other more peaceful options have failed (according to Cobra)... "Operation Mjolnir is a special operation of the Light Forces to enforce implementation of the Galactic Codex within quarantine Earth. Mjolnir, also called Hammer of Thor (compare Norse: Thor, Roman: Iuppiter, Greek: Zeus, Egyptian: Wsir, late Atlantean: Astar) , is a special undisclosed technology of the Galactic Confederation that will make sure Galactic Codex is respected again in quarantine Earth sector" ~ Cobra... VOTL.. |

🎂😜🥳 ~ CoROpå – se lige tallene (VM) ~ | Blogger: [👉VM omkring JP's artikel: "Det anede mig nok, at det var statsministerens populistiske tilgang til emnet, men det er alligevel VIRKELIG skræmmende. Tænk hvad det har kostet den enkelte og fællesskabet – og fortsat gør!." ~ Vibeke Manniche👈] ... |


CoROpå – se lige tallene

Jeg har lige plottet de sidste dages tal ind – så du på kurven kan se HVOR rolig udviklingen er. Ja, der er nogle udbrud. Men nej – INGEN fare på færre. På kurven ser du den procentuelle fordeling af antal smittede i forhold til antal testede. Reelt det eneste, som giver mening -udover at vi kan glæde os over få indlagte osv.

Så er det også kommet frem i en artikel i JP, at en sms-korrespondance mellem landets statsminister og to regionsformænd viser (og bekræfter) at hun ikke alene forsøgte at lægge stort pres på dem begge for at få dem til at lukke ned for stort set al aktivitet i sundhedsvæsenet (det kostede mindst 75.000 udskudte/aflyste operationer og tilhørende smerter og gener), men Mette Frederiksen baserede det også på en enkelt sygeplejerskes udtalelser i en artikel.

Det anede mig nok, at det var statsministerens populistiske tilgang til emnet, men det er alligevel VIRKELIG skræmmende. Tænk hvad det har kostet den enkelte og fællesskabet – og fortsat gør!

🙇~ 💗 Dr. Alex Bloom on As You Wish Talk Radio "Navigating the Storm" (ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel) 💕 ~ |

James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, and Contact Has Begun, He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience

Source (ECETI)

Featuring Friend of the show: Professional Psychologist Dr. Alex Bloom. 🚨🛸This week is Another (Must See) Show! 🚨🛸 James and Alex cover Practical Tips to Manage the Current Chaos and How to Stay Grounded in These Times.

Dr. Alex Bloom is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in both meditation and treating anxiety. He has been on his spiritual path for well over 25 years and is currently finishing an online course and subsequent book on bridging psychology and spirituality together in a unique and accessible way. The processes he describes will pave the way for many to have their own personal experiences with the Divine by following simple, yet cutting-edge, principles. Alex regularly discusses these concepts on his YouTube channel.

👼 ~ 💕 Don't fear your differences (Messages from Ann & the Angels) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉Excerpts: "Dear ones your world is at boiling point due to the false premise that sameness is necessary. So many are insisting their way is the right way, and it is… for them! Your way is the right way for you. If everyone were to focus on what they love about what they love, and about who they love, the best of the human race would emerge. Mother Nature would not have to release your pressures in such a violent way. Opposing parties could learn from each other and bring their strengths together. The diverse races would band together in creative “think tanks” to draw from their strengths. The reality of “live and let live” is not yet real for many upon your earth who remain chained by their own fear or hatred to that which they fear and hate. Nonetheless, you can find freedom! (..) ~ The Angels👈] ... |

Photo by Ann Albers in Sedona, AZ

Our Diversity is our Strength

(Ann Albers:) I started channeling weekly messages from the angels after 9/11/2001, in an attempt to reach as many people as possible with the angels' words of hope and inspiration. I didn't realize at the time that we would become an international community of lightworkers dedicated to expanding our capacity to receive and share God's love in the world.

Each week's newsletter contains an angel message, a message from me explaining how I put the angels' teachings to work in my life, and various other announcements about classes, events, and new products. I would love to help you experience the love, wisdom, and guidance that are available to us all.

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There are worlds upon worlds in both your 3D reality and beyond. There are entire communities of diverse individuals all within a mere half inch of your pinky finger – communities of skin cells, bone cells, blood cells, capillaries, cuticles, hormones, neurons, and so much more! There are a myriad of diverse communities within a square foot in your yard – leaves, soil, bacteria, bugs, molds, water, roots, etc. Likewise there are nations in your gut. Without exception, each of these natural communities is designed to follow its direction from the Source and exist in harmony and balance with the diversity of life around it.

Humans were designed this way too.

Problems arise when you forget that your diversity is your strength. Your diversity causes you to grow and expand. Your diversity, if harnessed with love, can make the human race exponentially more capable of solving its problems. Your diversity guides you to examine your own personal point of view and find your natural place in the ecosystem of the human race. You signed up for diversity when you came to this earth. The One became many to explore all that it could become, and you are part of that One, while also being completely unique. You are all precious cells in the body of the earth, and in the Body of the Divine.

Knowing this, it makes no sense to insist that anyone else must think or act the way you do. Knowing this, it is equally absurd to expect yourself to be the same as everyone else. It is instead, of great value to your soul, to use the diversity as a way of exploring your preferences, much as you would if you were sampling food at a buffet. "I like this. I don’t like that." At a buffet you would not insist that the host remove all food you don’t like. You wouldn't judge it or cast aspersions upon it! You would leave it there for others to enjoy, and simply, without drama, partake of the food you do enjoy. You might try something new and discover you like it, or try something new and discover you don’t.

👼 ~ 💓 A Message from my Higher Self: Higher Vibrations (TreeOfThe GoldenLight + Eraoflight) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉Excerpts: "Can you imagine what a great event your Ascension will be, the final step that ensures your return to the Light. A long journey that has finally ended and no wonder there will be celebrations. With your reduced level of consciousness and blocked memories of your countless incarnations, it is no wonder that you are perplexed as to what it is all about.. The dark Ones have fought hard to carry out their nefarious plans, but the Light has proved to be more than a match for them and stands on the brink of complete success. Already the dark Ones are in retreat and shall continue to be so until their final collapse. They came so close to fulfilling their plan for world domination but in the end the Light has proved supreme and helped the return of peace on Earth. It will not happen overnight but the seeds of success have been sown." ~ Mike Quinsey👈] ... 🤗PS: OMG!... I felt a deep loving energy passing through me, after reading this piece and a BIG "ahhh... moments" after a few deep breaths... Many of us are exhausted, after tramping through mud and dirt, every day, by looking at low energy and frequency material on the internet, trying to find TRUTH, could use some POSITIVE news, and GROUNDING, to protect ourselves... A few days back, seconds after I pushed the button on sharing my daily Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (September 07, 2020) about healing prayer and SoTW is bond by a Light Warrior's knightley oath, both my fire alarms sounded and I had nooo smoke or anything else to set them off like that. My first though was, that we're all surrounded and protected by spiritual guides who are trying to get in touch with us - to show us the way and telling us, if we're on the right path or stray from the path... Namaste... |

September 11, 2020

As time continues to speed up matters are moving along very quickly, and things that carry the lower vibrations are beginning to find that their very existence is under threat.

In not such a direct way, a large number of human Beings are feeling that their place in society is under threat and their future is very uncertain. It comes from a feeling of insecurity about their future.

The more the vibrations increase the more a distinct difference is being felt by those who have yet to find their true selves. It all leads to the separation of those who are preparing to ascend, and those who have yet to grasp the significance of the period they are in.

As time passes the truth will become more apparent, as it is the individual’s choice and decision as to whether they turn to the Light. It will ensure a fair and acceptable outcome as all shall eventually find themselves at the right level that is in accordance with their vibrations.

Whatever degree of progress is made in your evolution it is a step nearer to your return to the higher realms from whence you came. There is no blame attached to those who lag behind as the rate of progress is very much an individual matter for the soul involved.

😷🦠🙉 ~ Denise Welch Accuses the Government of 'Scaremongering' over the Covid Pandemic (This Morning) ~ | Blogger: [👉Truthseeker, celeb and passionate Denise, downplayed by Dr. Sara and UK news anchors?👈] ... A MUST-WATCH... Thanks to Anne, my friend for sharing... PS: Denise Welch, is a english actress and television personality and book publisher... |

Source (This Morning)

As fears for the future of the UK economy grow, the country’s cities and towns remain quiet as people are only slowly being urged back into the office. However, Denise Welch claims that this is only the result of national ‘scaremongering’ and that we should be looking at the Covid data which is incredibly positive at the moment. She joins us to explain why she’s encouraging others to start examining the numbers and why we shouldn’t be frightened of returning to work, alongside Dr Sara who will give us her view.

Broadcast on 04/09/2020

🦹🔁 🦸‍♀️~ (expect LOCKDOWNS) PM Netanyahu and Danish PM Frederiksen, discussed dealing with the challenges of the coronavirus, steadfast position in defense of the Jewish community and the ancient tradition of circumcision (Twitter) ~ | Blogger: [👉The Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia or Cabal or The Dark Alliance, are being wipe out, as we speak, but not the WORST of it's LEADERS, BIBI, who inside sources say, is NECK-DEEP involved in conducted the 9/11 and MANY false flag terror attacks and right now, is speaking to the danish PM, who EMBRACE cutting in boys penises, preserve & protect the (fake) Jewish traditions in Denmark and how to proceed in the next step in the Corona Corporation Lockdowns with 5G?👈] ... 🤔HOW WOULD you know, SoTW? I don't... I have been AWAKEN and looked at world affairs in 15-20 years... But, I think, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is properly one the WORST humans ever existed, not only because of the sweeping Corona lockdowns, corruption charges, dead over Palestinian state with Israel gaza strikes, zionist banksters and danish special force soldiers, who has been trained by Israel's military, that is designed to make it an invincible state... Many are saying, that Israel top leaders, are involved in creating 9/11 with Bushes and Co. and started many, many western False Flags ops... |

🦸‍♀️👌👍 ~ (Holder fast i Kofod-sagen - krænkelser og #metoo) TIDEN ER INDE TIL ET OPGØR MED DEN RÅDNE KULTUR (Samira Nawa) ~ | Blogger: [👉kult-sexitisk-sekt-denomination-polarisering-politik: lige børn leger bedst?👈] ... FØRSTE gang på verdensalt, jeg nogensinde, er enig med en politiker omkring 'Kneppe Kofod' og ikke så meget krænkelser og #metoo, da jeg ikke er kvinde og haft disse oplevelser... VI VED, at dansk politik, er en KULT og lige børn leger bedst, nu hvor Mette-Mus og MAND er flyttet til Hareskovby sammen med #lattergas og Simon Kollerup's 11,4 millioner kroner pragtvilla, hvor jeg har venner boende... VI VED, at Det, vi taler om, med Ditte Okman, har i SAFTIGE DETALJER, beskrevet hvad der 'præcist?' SKETE, under nattens 'SexSéance', da Jeppe Kofod, inviterede, som underviser, en kursist, op på sit hotelværelse, for at diskutere samfundskritisk Yemen politik, og 'overfaldte' en uskyldig DSU-novice 14-årig-plus-366-dage gammel jomfru, som sad og græd på toilettet, mens enten Kofod gemte sig under sengen i skam, eller havde et håndklæde om tissetrolden, efter badet og så diffust ud, da de 'andre' DSU'er brød ind. Det, er udsagn fra Henrik Qvortrup og de andre i panelet... EFTER SIGENDE, skulle daværende DSU-formand Jacob Bjerregaard, som nu er Borgmester i Fredericia Kommune, have været BRANDSLUKKER og haft en oprevet familiefar og datteren, lige fyldt 15 år, samme dag, både som 'trøster' på stedet og i Deres private bolig, for at dysse sagen ned og undskylde for episoden... Senere, har Jacob Bjerregaard, tilgivet Jeppe Kofod samt daværende, gruppeformand Carsten Hansen, der fortrød, han brugte ordet »utilgiveligt« om Kofods opførsel ( OG vi hører I-N-T-E-T fra de andre politiske partier og Deres top, denne sag skal DYSSES NED... SÅ JA, TIDEN ER INDE TIL ET OPGØR MED DEN RÅDNE KULTUR... |

Jeg var den første, der brød op for at sige farvel til mine kollegaer ved firmafesten. Min chef begyndte også at tage overtøj på og antydede, at vi så kunne følges ud. Jeg vinkede godnat til mine kollegaer. Det samme gjorde chefen. Men han gjorde også noget andet. Storgrinende råbte han ud over selskabet: “Så fik jeg studinen”. Og der kom et latterbrøl tilbage. For sådanne bemærkninger er jo “bare for sjov”. Jeg blev noget så flov.

I dag har 48% af kvinder mellem 18 og 29 oplevet seksuelle krænkelser og chikane på arbejdspladsen. Så når Sofie Linde og andre kvinder fortæller deres historier kan vi ikke negligere det. Vi er mange, der kan relatere og vil gøre op med denne rådne kultur, som desværre stadig findes.

Som folketingsmedlem og ligestillingsordfører er det min pligt at støtte mine medsøstre mod krænkelseskulturen. Både i samfundet, mediebranchen, på Christiansborg og alle andre steder.

🏩🍆💦 ~ (Del 2) Guddommelig Sex - EP 010 Sanselighed, nærvær og det at “gå fra forstanden” ned i hjertet (GAIA TV DK) ~ | Blogger: JEG TROR, disse videosessioner, er direkte møntet til (unge) KVINDER, men faktisk også til (unge) MÆND, når Dennis Søndergaard kanalisere “Merlin” og Robert Lubarski, Sexolog, parterapeut, Spirituel vejleder og kærlighedsshaman, taler og går i DYBDEN om kærlighed og sex -- der bliver ikke lagt fingre imellem -- og så er der Sophie's Choice (med al respekt)... 🤔PS: HAR tidligere voldtægtsanklaget, Per Brændgaard, rådgiver, vejleder, underviser, skribent, foredragsholder og debattør, ret i, at kvinder nu har fået et supervåben, som gør, at de kan smadre os mænd fuldstændigt, efter, den nye samtykkebaseret voldtægtslovgivning?... 👐PSS: COBRA fra plejadernes modstandsbevægelse, har sagt mange gange, at implantater, er blevet sat i verden for, at opretholde dualiteten og polariteten af ​​vores indre maskuline og indre feminine adskilt og ude af balance såvel som at forhindre os i at inkorporere vores guddommelige feminine og guddommelige maskuline natur og få dem til at afbalancere hinanden... Kvinder er pivåbne i Deres hjertechakra (empati, intuition, forståelse m.m) og lukket i Deres harachakra (Sexualitet m.m).. Mænd er lukket i Deres hjertechakra (empati, intuition, forståelse, ubetinget kærlighed m.m) og pivåben i Deres harachakra (Sexualitet m.m), ifølge Cobra... ☸️Ved godt, der er mange flere aspekter og synspunkter om hvad DE 12 CHAKRAS, indeholder... |

Kilde (Gaia Tv)

Program 010 Sanselighed, nærvær og det at “gå fra forstanden” ned i hjertet

I dette program taler vi om sanselighed men også om at at skabe det forhold der får vores hjerte til at synge, for tænk engang hvis vi så hinanden som vores kunststykke!?

Intensionen kunne være “Jeg former dig med min kærlighed” Midt i al den mangel på sanselighed vi kan opleve i verden eller i vores forhold, skal vi huske på at der oven over skyerne er en sol der altid skinner. Måske er vi gået på automatik og glemt at tro på og bede om, det der gør os glade. Så er du klar til at åbne et rum hvor du igen inviterer sanserne ind selv om du har vænnet dig til noget andet? Hvis du gerne vil ha “Guddommelig sex” så starter det med dig, da du er guddommelig, men måske har du glemt det. Hver dag skaber det du gerne vil ha mere af……så vær opmærksom på den intension du sætter. Udvikl dig istedet for, at indvikl dig!

🤘😈😟 ~ DR: Den danske satankult (SoTW Arkiv) ~ | Blogger: [👉Skal lige love for det satte gang i mit skrøbelige spirituelle SIND! Føj! Det er NU, jeg får det dårligt👈] ... {Fra Copenhell, til Raket-Madsen til DR?} ... Ikke nok med, at der sidder 2 (storsmillende) journalister fra JP/Politikens Hus, som når ud til 3 mio. kernevælgere, Danmarks Radio og efterkommere til de døde, som alle, fremstiller denne DOX-film som en eventyr- og oplevelsesrejse ind i et underfundig rebelsk univers af mandlige satanister og "selvmords-præget" ildsjæle, der blot fremstilles som "uskyldige søde opmærksomhedssøgende egocentrikere", der fabrikerede og lagde mystiske danske satanmønter i kirker og på Civitas Diaboli (djævlens by), øen Anholt midt i Kattegat, udførte kultritualer og gav, dyr sin frihed... Hele DR's historiefortælling giver mig MYREKRYB og det virker på mig, som DR, godkender Satanisme!?... Vidste du, at Arkæologer har fundet mønterne i forbindelse med en udgravning i katedralen i Bath?... Vi må ikke være naive.. Når, journalisterne fortæller mig, at den nu afdøde forfatter Klaus Rifbjerg, bekræfter underskrift på satanistroman, menneskeknogler i et aflåst skab, sort sataniske stearinlys op i anus med pisk, kanibalisme og menneskehoved på spyd, Prins Henrik, besøgte Anholt i samme periode, spørger jeg mig selv - hvad sker der???... Desværre, findes Luciferianisme eller satanisme... 🕉️Går du først igang med din spirituelle opvågning, så på et eller andet tidspunkt, SKAL du igennem tidsperioden omkring disse begreber... [LÆS VIDERE] .. |

Mønter med djævlemotiver. Breve fra en satanisk kult, stiftet i foråret 1973 på øen Anholt. Urovækkende genstande begynder midt i 1970erne at dukke op i Danmarks kirker. Præster, gravere og kirketjenere bliver ængstelige, og mange forsøger at tie sagen ihjel. Men de okkulte fund fortsætter, og mysteriet har stået på i mere end 40 år, da to avisjournalister sætter sig for at finde frem til sandheden. Udløber: 11. maj 2021

Blogger fortsat: ... Går du først igang med din spirituelle opvågning, så på et eller andet tidspunkt, SKAL du igennem tidsperioden omkring disse begreber...

Man behøves IKKE at gå ned i materien eller dramaet, men man skal blot vide, at denne verdens "lucifister" lever for det meste skjult i en blanding af trolddomskraft, jødedom, hedenskab og en passende portion af "kristen eller spiritual symbolik", for at få det hele til at se mere respektabelt ud... 

👯‍♀️🐰🕳️ ~ (There's No Escaping the Rabbit Hole) Massive List of Democrats Involved in Sex Crimes Against Children Goes Viral (NWO Report + NBC News) ~ | Blogger: [👉An enormous list of Democrats including elected officials who have been involved in sex crimes against children has gone viral on the internet, as America continues to wake up to the pedophilia epidemic sweeping the nation👈] ... PS: YES IT'S IMPORTANT and NO, these are FACTS not CONSPIRACIES... Thanks to OOM2 and my danish holistic doctor, Louis, for sharing... ✍️PS: If you're thinking of applying for the position of Chief Conspiracy Person of, no such thing exist or is available... 🙏SoTW, are 'looking' for the absolute truth, without omission, embellishment, or alteration... 🍀Sometimes i'm lucky to find the TRUTH, sometimes it's rumors, gossip and CIA's efforts at manipulating its public image through entertainment media, television, news papers and internet etc... 📴There's a REASON 'sealed indictments' exist and right now, the server is, offline... |