November 30, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (The minds of Humans right now is a cross between Police Gazette and Mad magazine) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: People over 60 should postpone travel in wake of Omicron variant, WHO warns - say whaaat!???... World right now turning into Corona-Mad-Cow-Disease and Covid-Stockholm-Syndrome... We now know, South Africa, has been punished not to force the wacko-vax-shots into it's population and seconds later, KA-BOOM, out came a new variant, OMICRON the MORONIC strain. And the "fastest of sleepers" is once again buying into the SCAMDEMIC. No no, it actually started in Holland, they say. No, no, is was already here in the start of November and the "movie" or "show" continues in Fast, Feast, Repeat. Cult-owned Big Pharma unveils its plans and White Hats are playing along to get more people to wake up, but in my country - forget about it! it's a done deal - wrap up the "vaksine" nice and pretty for Christmas!. People will buy it no matter the "cost"! Face mask and corona passport, you name it! It will come as no surprise to many that politics and politicians, elites and what-have-you, are driven by re-election not candid honesty, and certainly not with a master's degree understanding Earth needs and humanity, or as economic expertise or whatever, even a rudimentary grasp of moral and ethics (or even grade school) history. I'm talking about the REAL hidden history, before thousands of years of tyranny, religions and psycho-bio-warfare and all the hysteria of a deadly virus of the mind with no basis in physical reality, came along. Yesterday, I think I lost another friend, not that I talk to her often, not that she's a nutcase like me, but she can't get her head around, that the new variant, is a SCAM! Last year in 2020, I had to stay home (alone) doing X-mas and New Year, because my sister and boyfriend (children) got mad, because I had the nerve to vacay Sweden, before we had to meet up! How dare you! They demanded 10 days of isolation, and I wasn't sick at all! This year, they are building momentum again and my nieces and nephew are saying between the lines, my mom and myself, the "unvaccinated" have to get tested before Christmas Eve, due to their dad's demand, because he is "weak" - weak or sick my ass - he's doing it again to split our family apart! And I know it's going to be a fight, lucky for me, I have some of the best parents I could ever wish for and if I'll have to stand up for what is right, I will do it! In riot gear if it will come to that. I'm so sick and tired of this "movie" and again, we've need to grow a compassioned heart and understand what humanity is undergoing. Buuutt, no more tears (Enough Is Enough). I'm a LightWarrior and LightWorker - that is my call... |

👸🌉🚧 ~ (DRIP to Flood! Tick Tock Clock...) Another nail in the coffin: Barbados becomes the world’s newest republic after ditching British Queen-Lizzie (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: SoTW once vaca Barbados and had a girlfriend at Dominican Republic. Both places, one has to visit... 🙃STRANGE isn't it??? - Not 1 day has passed (since Maxwell case begone) and Barbados has announced its intention to remove Queen Elizabeth as its head of state and become a republic... 🙃STRANGE isn't it??? - The lesbian U. S. District Judge Alison Nathan, (who looks like a 'man') once appointed by gay Obama (aKa Barry Soetoro) and (one of the 3 fake) Bidens, granted Maxwell’s request to keep secret undisclosed “sensational” information contained in the court documents and transcripts, preside, behind closed doors stayed behind closed doors... 🙃STRANGE isn't it??? - Prince Andrew, the main course at the dinner table, with all the other victims, among many in Epstein case of world leaders, famous performers and business titans and the “little black book”, are not mentioned in one single word in many, many months... 🙃STRANGE isn't it??? - Queen Mother of England, mysterious health problems have been shrouded in secrecy by Buckingham Palace but a change in its behavior could be a bad sign... 🙃STRANGE isn't it??? - The day before yesterday, Danish Queen-Daisy, second in command to rule Committee of 300, Queen-Lizzie head of, had a special ceremony at Sankt Birgitta's chapel in Roskilde Cathedral, next to her own tomb (aKa Sarcophagus?). My higher self with help from Danish holistic ND predicted, DDFO-Daisy, has passed to the Kingdom of heaven, Marts 2021... 🙃STRANGE isn't it??? - Tarot by Janine has dedicated an entire (show) diving deep into Denmark, Royal Family, Elites with deep state- and dark cult ties. She said, in the month of May 2021, that within 6 months time, we have passed that now, White Hats operations, has taken out evil Royal house of "hunting parties", Greenland Hotel, DUMBs, that are famous for sexparties and The Danish Monarch, was a deep state cult, a stronghold, fighting NOT to be taking down, Queen was born a "male". Janine also mentioned Maersk Line and Evergreen heavy involved in sex-trafficking... As always, use your own spiritual discernment... |

 🚨Has everyone wrapped their heads around the depth of evil and corruption that will be revealed in the following industries/sectors;

➡️ Govt on federal, state, and local levels (Governors, Sec of State, State Legislatures, mayors, clerks, etc.....)

➡️ Medical (including doctors, administrators, insurance, vendors, etc.)

➡️ Big Pharma (deep as ocean)

➡️ Abortion and sub-industries (sickos)

➡️ Law Enforcement (Police, judges, “lawyers”)

➡️ Social “media” (Big Tech)

➡️ Mainstream media (“news” outlets, newspapers, etc.)

📅 ~ 💗 ('December 15th & 30th 2021 is the GRAN FINALE.') Monthly Predictions and Spiritual Insights for December 2021 (Joni Patry) 💕~ | Blogger: As always, SoTW, recommend to take everything with a grain of "Salt" (of the world)... I have left out all Joni Patry's Cosmic Insights Shop, Jewelry Collection, Joni Patry Daily Astrology payments or cryptocurrency prophesies, since that is not what is about (sorry, not to be disrespectful)... |

Joni Patry lives in Dallas, Texas and is one of the most recognized teachers and Vedic astrologers in the world. She was a faculty member for ACVA, CVA and Instructor for online certification programs, published many books, journals and appeared on national and international television shows. As the keynote speaker for international conferences, she has a Japanese website, and teaches in Turkey and India. She has been awarded the 2015 Jyotish Star of the year and Dr B. V. Raman's Janma Shatamanothsava Award Jyotisha Choodamani. She publishes an online astrological magazine, Astrologic Magazine and has an online University for certification, the University of Vedic Astrology.

To my Dear Friends and Community,

The past month I was very busy traveling to Europe and Sedona, Arizona where I spoke at a Vedic astrology conference. My experiences taught me a lot concerning the global perspective of the events that plague the world. Europe is preparing for a serious lock down. Germany’s hospitals were overrun with new coronavirus cases and Austria just went into another lock down. Now we have a new variant coming out of Africa. Usually, the wave of the virus comes out of Europe then to the United States. Many are asking me, when will it stop? When will we be free from this virus?

I pointed out many times that we are going to have to live with the virus. I believe many around the world agree that they do not want any more lock downs. Most of all people do not want to be told what to do, especially from governments that have no idea how to solve this dilemma, causing a lack of trust. What is sad though, is how people are treating each other! At a time when we need togetherness and unity, people seem to be making everything a political stance causing a major divide. The anger I see on both sides is mounting towards an explosion that will finally clear the air. Everyone seems to be trying to blame everyone else for the effects this virus has caused. There is a breakdown of our society causing suffering worldwide.

In no way can experimentation with a deadly virus benefit the world. And this is what happened! The only reason for this is for biological warfare. Now that Pandora’s box has been unleashed on the world, we must look for healing and come together. We cannot blame each other for their choices on whether they choose to get vaccinated or not. Nor blame governments for lock downs or not. Everyone must make a choice and it is not for us to judge others because this is what is making it last and become worse. It is the anger and hatefulness that keeps the virus going.

✨ ~ 💓 ('New Nyla Nguyen Update: 'They're 'killing' peoples hope, good Christmas spirit and joy.') CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS FILED BY DOCTORS & TEACHERS, SLOVENIA NURSE EXPOSES JAB SCANDAL, MUTANT BABIES 💕 ~ | Blogger: (SoTW - outside this report) -- "Police won't enforce the mandates!" - in some countries - but they won't need to, as groceries and fuel are being withheld from those who fail to get their shots in Aurangabad, India. Un-freakin-believable... Each country has it's own set of "draconian" coronavirus laws, like, Australia’s ‘extreme’ new coronavirus laws and police powers mean for our civil liberties that force vaksines into aboriginal australians... Greece imposes $114 monthly fine on unvaxxed people over 60, and the vaccine queue, in Denmark to put saltwater or lethal injected into kids down to 5 years of age, is weeks long.. Olaf Scholz, that replaces (Hitler's daughter) Angela Merkel as German chancellor, according to, Spiegel, seeks targeted vaccine mandate... |

Slovenia Nurse Claims There Are 3 Types of Vaccine Vials: One Is a Death Jab

Educators in Toronto have filed criminal reports against the Toronto District School Board. Doctors in BC have follow suit with their own criminal complaints with the RCMP. DUMBs might be targeted in the BC floods. Update on Australia with body bags being stored in churches. Slovenia whistleblower nurses blowing whistle on the codes of Jab bottles. Black eye babies being born from double jabbed mothers and more!

🏰⚔️🏹 ~ (Overskrifter om Pingo, Pusling, Frømænd og Jægere) Den kontante time: BT's podcast Det, vi taler om ~ | Blogger: DET HER, er lidt interessant (for en gang skyld i Det, vi taler om)... Vi ved alle sammen godt, at Pingo, har været omdrejningspunktet i et hidtil hemmeligholdt loge-lignende netværk, der med forsvarschefen som uofficiel leder løbende orienterer Danmarks kommende konge om interne forhold i Forsvaret... For hvis der steder, hvor der er vandtætte skodder, så er det i Forsvaret, i DDFO og Kongehuset. Det ikke på Christiansborg, hvor de vigtige beslutninger, sker, tro mig... Min søs har en kæreste som er tidl. professionel lejesoldat, også tidligere jæger-kærester, ja, siger det som det er. Som beskrevet på bloggen, er han forsøgt erhvervet til DDFO af sine venner i Forsvaret, FE og Terma A/S. Så, ja, foruden Amin Jensen og 9.000 andre frimurer, så er der medlemmer i alle led af samfundet... [LÆS VIDERE]... |

"Anders Lassen der fusker med fondsloven og Pingo kan ikke længere være protektor" ~ Ernstved

"Deep State DK-Eliten er urørlig - lev med det!" ~ Rathje

"Kronprinsen misbrugt til at tigge penge på Fjæsen så Suspekt kan komme på helikoptertur sat i værk af Handwerk, kviktesteren. Helt gaggelak" ~ Pinborg

Minkkommissionen er kommet på hårdt arbejde. Regeringen har ikke journaliseret, som den skulle, og en række sms-korrespondencer mellem nøglepersoner i den øverste S-ledelse er systematisk blevet slettet.

Jacob Friberg kom i studiet og satte os ind i problematikken.
Og så har Kronprinsens gode ven, Jeppe Handwerk, problemer med ulovlige indsamlinger i Anders Lassen fonden - indsamlinger fonden har lavet på Facebook og med Kronprinsens som posterboy.
Endeligt kigger vi på den betændte sag mellem bestsellerforfatteren Sara Omar og instruktør Manyar Pawarni.



PS: Blot et lille eksempel på den numerologisk frimurer Illuminati-orden og jeg er på INGEN måde ekspert eller skal gøre mig klog - bare lidt tant og fjas: 

Tallene 3, 7, 9,11,13, 33, 39. Eventuelle flere af disse tal har særlig betydning for Illuminati. Bemærk, at Bilderberg-koncernen har kerne af 39 medlemmer, der er brudt i 3 grupper på 13 medlemmer i hver gruppe. Bemærk, at kernen på 39 svar på de 13, der udgør Policy Committee

Pressemøde om COVID-19 den 11. marts 2020 = (11. 1+1+3+2+2 = 9 = 9/11. 3+2+2 = 7) Danmarks 9/11

Var det TILFÆLDIGT, at 4 millioner mink, senere 17 mio. skulle SLAGTES i Oktober Halloween Harvesting? 

Jeppe Kofod og andre partier = Fredag 13. August 2021 meddeltes at Kabul snart ville falde (13. 8+2+2+1= 13. 2 x 13) Siden oldtiden har fredag den 13. været forbundet med uheld og ondskab)... | 


 Jeg har en gammel kammerat, som er gået i flyverskjul som jæger / frømand, og han har fortalt mig om ting, 3 timer under et tilfældigt møde, hvor han var rædselsslagen overfor, hvad, der (kunne) ske med ham, hvis han blev whistleblower, eftersom han fik overdraget materiale af sin afgående Oberst, som ledende i visse operationer. Han talte til mig, i mange detaljer, om hemmelige operationer i DK og udlandet han havde så mange beviser hvor korrupt Danmark er, at han frygtede for sit liv og vælde. 

Når en "dræber" eller "jæger, der har oplevet alt, kommer til én som mig, en helt alm. blogger og spirituel Influencer, og er så bange, hvad de kan gøre ham ondt, så ved man, der er noget gruende galt, med Dannevang. 

※🔴🔺~ ('Vax pusher "Aunty Cindy", “behind her fake laugh, ”shows“ a fear I have rarely seen in anyone,” a CIA source notes.') Fulford's *PARTIAL FULL* report & weekly geo-political news and analysis ~ | Blogger: I believe this is the full report and thanks go out to "Kejraj" from EraOfLight (com)... |


Who is this Benjamin Fulford? BF (born 1961) is a 
journalist, author of Canadian descent, who lives in Japan. He speaks 4 languages, including Japanese. He worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, The International Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun English Edition, and South China Morning Post, before his days at Forbes Magazine, where he was the Asian office manager from 1998 to 2005. His investigative reports persecuted scandals in the Japanese government and business. After leaving Forbes, he wrote a number of Japanese books, some of which became best sellers, and began to publish on the internet. He surrendered to Japanese citizenship in 2007. He gained some popularity on the internet after he conducted an interview with David Rockefeller in November 2007.

Babylon will babble on but, to no avail

Blogger: A far-fetched story!?... Yes I agree... Verdensalt has been following Fulford’s reports for some years, reading them should probably be done with a large grain of salt. There's NOTHING right or wrong in this storytelling, other than some entertainment, some are properly truth or false claims, hard to factcheck. As always, use your own spiritual discernment. BF seems to share information directly from alleged sources within the Pentagon, CIA, White Dragon Society, and so on. Often the data presented is contradictory on the surface, but underneath in the intelligence services apparatus or underworld, more likely. It would probably be more productive to consider his data as one possible perspective on what is happening on Earth at this time.. With that said, the world is unbelievable corrupted and nasty, it's sometimes hard after a man swallowed The Red Pill...

Published by Benjamin on Nov, 29, 2021

You can almost taste the fear in the mouths of the Khazarian mafia leadership as they circle the drain of doom. The signs of high-level panic among the KM leadership are becoming ever more obvious as time continues. They are frantic because they know it is just a matter of time now before they face first bankruptcy and then war crimes charges.

The most obvious example of their panic last week was the moronic omigod! omicron version of their fake pandemic. This “new variant” that is “500 times more contagious” than previous versions, circled the globe faster than the speed of light after it was “discovered,” in Africa. The Presidential Covid-19 Task Force in Botswana informs that the new variant was first found in four fully vaccinated travelers.

It then instantaneously hit Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, The UK, Germany, Israel, Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands and Italy.

The problem is, like the story about the boy who cried wolf, the elite who cry “pandemic” have been caught lying over and over again, so that when they say “this time the wolf is 500 times bigger!” nobody believes them.

“We now have 127 institutions in over 25 countries on record – all failed to provide or cite even 1 record describing purification of the alleged covid virus from any patient sample on the planet, by anyone. All the documents are publicly available,” according to a group of doctors seeking pandemic truth.

With the truth and the people

closing in on her, vaccine pusher Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, “behind her fake laugh,” shows “a fear I have rarely seen in anyone,” a CIA source notes. This fear can be seen as she says “It’s actually really straightforward, if you’ve got a vaccine pass, you can do everything. Basically that’s it!”

🎴🎱✨ ~ ('Redos of everything: This time next year our world looks completely different and has rebirth itself.') DEEP LOOK INTO THE SHADOW WORLD: WORLD SITUATION CHECK IN - PLANS WITHIN PLANS! TERRAIN SHIFTING! ~ | Blogger: (SoTW outside this report) -- C'mon already! Right? Let the Solar Flash (EVENT) commence, we are stocked in the Matrix!!... It's hard for me to bypass Janine these days, she is awesome, like Simon Parkes CC. But, not much is comin out from Simon and others. White Hats and all its allies, seem to have put a stop to it all? Of course not, but just as crucially the Earth Alliance seemed to doing operations behind the scene, We, The People, cannot be holding in a waiting pattern, for ever and ever! WE NEED to have some formal disclosure in the public domain - it's a given... What is the validity of Tarot card readings? Well, depends who's reading them right? My perspective is that a tarot deck is a very old, very comprehensive representation of the human condition. Just about everything we go through in our lives is in there somewhere; loss, love, mystery, alienation, creativity, struggle, sex, death, grief - the list goes on. However, for Janine, I recon, it's also her main income business, and some of us, has no income at all and still waiting for the BIG EVENT, outside the 3-D Matrix of illusion. You might claim, that the EVENT, is what HU-manity has to undergo, transmute and transformation of inner spiritual awakening symptoms, signs, process, and stages. And IF, humans are not able to do that, with distractions of new corona variants, rising gasprices and vax mandate, the Solar Flash EVENT will be activated, and then, well, most Earthlings, will be blown away with changes, going so fast, it will be like thrown into a strong tornado... |

November 29, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (Commie Corp Corona Cimbria i billeder) Dagens Spirituelle Motivationscitater eller Livets Sandheder (SoTW DK) ~ 💕 |

🙏 ~ 💝 (We're born & wrapped up in a spider web that creates our reality by 3D Matrix of Illusion) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟BREAKING OUT OF THE MATRIX ~ Lorie Ladd🌟] ... I talked to a Danish friend that suggested looking into the latest of LL's video, it's really good. He told me about his wife was to leave him this month, because, they have lost to many friends and neighbors due to his spiritual views on Facebook about being vaxxed and many other topics. After 4 hours of "debating" he decided to leave FB (forever) and his wife of 35 years of marriage was amazed that he would do that for her, and he said to me, he had never felt so much "alive" now, than before. So much more time. Not a single soul has returned of his many FB-friends or family members asking him, why he left social media... We are living in crazy times, let me tell you... |

👯‍♀️🏩🧸 ~ (Nothing to see here - the naked gun - Va. professor resigns over ‘MAP’ research) The Left is Normalizing Pedophiles? A Special News Report (AwakenWithJP) ~ | Blogger: [👉"The worldwide #Metoo wave is the visible hard chocolate that borders the Mars chocolate bar, while the hidden soft part of the nougat core - the heavily-fused pedophile world, that includes horrible and much more offensive criminal evil against children and adolescents" ~ SoTW👈] ... Take Denmark as an example, where hard Corona restrictions has been reinserted, today is November 29, 2021 (29.11.2021 = 2 + 9 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9). The Number 9 is associated with the Major Arcana Tarot card called The Hermit. As the name suggests, The Hermit is always going off alone in search of spiritual wisdom... Everything is coming to a head... Unfortunnaly we will never know the whole truth, since, Mainstream media (MSM), is still, in some part, controlled by Black Hats. The “Elders of Zion,” i.e. the Rothschilds and their lackeys, cannot live without the Occult Numerology and in Freemasonry, is embedded the core or the secret heart of the occult mysteries, wrapped up on number, metaphor and symbol. And we know for a fact, they are required to tell us, PRECISELY, what they are up to, to make a public statement, to sacrifice themselves and ask for forgiveness of sins, before they conduct a bad act. We also know, that the pedogate-order runs deep, and is the overall platform to maintain control of other minions, from singing like a canary. Unfortunately, Prince Andrew, will NEVER EVER cooperate with the FBI or be tried, convicted, and (executed) based on his crimes, in a public court, because, that, would implicate Queen Mother of England, even though, Trump, has stuck a deal with the Queen, some say. It will be at Gitmo, away from the public and in secret. That is the way I see it, and could be "dead" wrong... You have nooooo idea how disgusting the #PedoGateWorld really is - no idea. They call it Hillary's #Pay-to-Play, #Pizzagate, Podesta's #Spirit-cooking of secretive shady occult sex freemasonry rituals and we're only seen the top of the iceberg.. Btw, my best research tells me, that both Queen-Lizzie and 'Air Miles Andy', the controversial royal and playboy prince are both DEAD and gone, years back. Now, played by clones, stunt doubles, CGI and green screens. I'm sure, Ghislaine Maxwell, is alive, in order for the "pedo-snakes" to dance to the sound of the flute... |

🤴👁⃤ 🛐 ~ (Herskerinde Mæætte, Frimureriet og Den STORE WEF Nulstilling) Det magtfuldt epidemiudvalg, interessenter på højt niveau; Teknokraterne, Kemi- Medico og Transhumanisterne og Bank-globalisterne, samt det Kommunistiske Corona Corp Control store afsæt for Covid-19-krisens Digitale Nulstilling ~ (SoTW) | Blogger: 🧧"QTrump" og udenomjordiske væseners bagtropper march mod Bankernes samt de "HEMMELIGE SELSKABER" bag ved THE GREAT RESET. Med planen The Great Reset vil en lille international elite indføre et verdensomspændende kommunistisk diktatur. Coronapandemien er blot første skridt... ♻️Fronterne er trukket skarpt op i kampen om stigende gas- el, fødevarer og salgspriser (stigende energipriser og grøn omstilling = varm luft i Canal Grande)... 🤦‍♂️EL's samtykkebaseret voldtægtslov, de grædende kvinder der beskylder Dorph for overgreb og hele Me-too-bølgens bag'kvinder', drevet frem af forkærlighed for teknologi og angst for døden, forsøger transhumanisterne og feministerne, at ændre ved de grundlæggende menneskelige vilkår og 'mænds' rettigheder... 👮Frimurerpolitiet, advarer borgere (igen) mod snyd med coronapas, der kan koste betinget fængselsstraf. Hollandsk politi anholder par på flugt fra coronakarantæne... 🦠Bare en simpel "mistanke" om Omikron, lukker en hel skole i Odense, med 459 elever på Rasmus Rask-Skolen. Det selvom, efter fund af "ukendt variant" af coronavirus, hos blot én elev... 💉Forlydende går nu på, at Nazist krigsforbryderen, Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger bedstefar's firma, Biontech (Pfizer) med Deres Frankenstein virus-vaksine er tvillinger med Strüngmann!?! Ihvertfald, er tyske Biontech / Pfizer, (der truer lande med sanktioner hvis ikke de køber deres produkt), er gået i gang med at tilpasse vaccinen til den nye Omikron-variant, ifølge Bloomberg News... 📅Alt går efter WEF/DK-aftalen, diktaturet, krystalnatten og zionisterne med den verdensomspændende drejebog om Agenda 21 (2030) at få folk til at "lystre" eller "affolkning"... 🛐Alle Mæætterne og Co., med LLR-troldehæren, behøves ikke foretage sig en pind. Danskerne, gør hvad de får besked på, per instinkt fra det De lærte i 2020 går foran inden restriktionerne kom, mens George Orwells vender sig i graven og mesterværket 1984 om den dystopiske fremtidfortælling fra 1949 om det undertrykte liv i et totalitært terrorregime i 2021, er en realitet... 🦌Du skal bare tage dine hurtige løbesko på og tage over sundet, til Sverige, hvor den første S-kvindelige statsminister, gik af efter 7 timer, ja hende, som lige er blevet genindsat igen (igen), som "aldrig" nogensinde har hørt om tilstande som i Dannevang. Undtagen Stockholm, højborg for frimureriet. Jeg har været der i 2021 og flere gange i 2020, da vores Landsmoder, lukkede landet ned, også boet der i 7 år, og alle smilte, glade, uden mundbind og restriktioner, og ingen, havde hørt om, eller set, at en usyndelig, uintelligent, ufarlig, virus, som ingen kan bevise er isoleret, er årsag, til hele, misfæren... 🤪Er Omikron-variant virkelig 500 procent mere smitsom? Give me a break... |


“At the end, what the 4th industrial Revolution will lead to, is a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,” ~ WEF

"Mere konkret forpligter aftalen mellem WEF og den danske stat til, at der samarbejdes om ”biotechnology” og præcisions-medicin og om det såkaldte ”internet of things”. Desuden samarbejdes om ”digital trade/cross border data, Artificial Intelligence/machine learning, Big Data, data ethics, autonomous vehicles, and blockchain”. Denne konstellation af begreber peger direkte i transhumanistisk og singularistisk retning. ~ TAR


"Lige om lidt indfører Mærsk vaccine-krav. Altså krav om, at ansatte skal tvinges til at tage de nødgodkendte, eksperimentelle injektioner, der for manges vedkommende har katastrofale bivirkninger. Hvorfor hører vi stort set intet om følgevirkningerne i pressen?." ~ newspeek

"Ikkevaccinerede fylder stuerne på lungeafdelinger og TV2 FNYS NEWS sender skrækindjagende billeder fra Hvidovre Hospitals lungeafdeling er presset til det yderste, siger de. Lidt a la når Danmarks Indsamling sender billeder af børn alvorligt akut underernærede verden over. Det virker så sindssyg godt, og er så angstprovokerende, at forældre er STORMET ind med Deres babybørn og unge, og der nu først er tid til vaccination af 5 - 11 år den 7. December 2021, ifølge DR P4." ~ SoTW

👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra: Superadvanced SSP-Med-Beds is NOT coming! That's a bummer!) Are the Secret Space Program Med Beds Coming? | New Earth Insights ~ | Blogger: It's (kinda) depression story, but listen to what he has to say... SoTW thinks, that Med Beds WILL come out, but in what "format" I have no idea.. Is, Brad, basically telling us all, that the "active" nurse (Vibrational Healing Mentor in the SSP) called "Skye Prince" and the new telegram (Skye's Med Bed Room) is a liar and victims from MK-ULTRA & Montauk Project?. A form of brainwashing, trauma, milabs (which stands for military abductions), and covert harassment; all of which she and others had to endure their entire life as a product of Project Surrogate and Ultra MK Milab Super Soldier experimentation???... Noooo.... What about the testimony of Corey Goode, Randy Cramer pseudonym "Captain Kaye," or Dr. Salla's source, "JP"?. What about intel on Med Beds from Elena Danaan, Megan Rose, Alex Collier, Tarot by Janine, Michael Jaco, Jared Rand, James Rink, Kimberly L, Jenny Lee, Billy Falcon, Simon Parkes, Juan O' Savin & David Nino Rodriguez and Dr. Charlie Ward??... no, no, no... take a chill pill, SoTW... What Brad is saying is, that Earthlings living on Mother GAIA, will NOT in the "nearest future" have access to the "same" superadvanced technology that SSP has created for Med Beds in SPACE, Brad, has a good point. IF, let's say the Elites, The Ruling Families or Ruling Houses (our Controllers), on Earth, would have used this kind of superadvanced tech, what then? Making them 20 years younger and illness free, forever (Brad - have you heard of Clone programs?)... A bit more disturbing, lack of a better wordings, is when Brad in the last section of this short video, talks about Humanity, with their own authority, has NEVER been able to leave our star system. Buuutt, Brad is saying, it is true, refereeing to the "intergalactic slave system" and "some" humans from Earth, have been abducted and installed on different planets etc.. Wow!... |

"What I understand; Secret Space Programs Med Beds = Holographic Medical Pods, Tachyon Energy / Plasma Energy, Quantum Healing Therapy, Bio Healing Technology, has many, many names and functions, capabilities and blue print" ~ SoTW 

According to Jared Rand; (3) types of Med Beds: (1) Holographic Med Beds; (2) Regenerative Med Beds which regenerates tissue and body parts, that’s powered by a different source; (3) Re-atomization Med Beds that in about two-and-half to three minutes will regenerate the whole human body, head to toe." 

PS: (SoTW) Cobra RM Tachyon Healing Chambers (THC) is NOT a Med Bed, either. I know in details and have been inside many time in Denmark. PSS: A cool place to start is James Rink's supersoldiertalk. I had a good American friend of SoTW, Patrice, who told me once about it, now dead of cancer. I have lost 5 friends, last few years to cancer, so, so, so sad. At least, my Danish holistic ND and SoTW, saved ONE, from Bank of Nordea leader staff, from the cancer dead... |

In this excerpt, Brad Johnson speaks on the rumors of the Secret Space Program med-beds and if they will be unveiling in our near future + Brad speaks more on revealing further insight on the Secret Space Program in general. 

November 28, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (These kids have their lives aaaaalllllllll planned out!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 |


🥳👵😂 ~ (Åben, Ukonkret og Parat) Ep. 19: Ear-2-Ear Konference 2021 (Cilius // Bruun) ~ | Blogger: Lidt komisk / ironisk et det, at Kirsten Birgit støtter og modtager (indspark til debat) med fodboldtosser og Fisherman's Friend, der spilles af en storrygende, fedladen, alkoholisk og sportshadende 'mand' i dametøj, ikke ulig Tommy Kenters folkekære Fru Kristof. Disse "sportsfolk", må have pumpet penge ind til Den Politiske Bivuak, siden Rasmus, tager dem med i programmet!?!. Hvorfor er sport den eneste del af kulturlivet, der har sin egen sektion i tv-nyheder? Godt, at Signe Lindkvist kom ind og fik sat, hende, på plads, som Danmarks strengeste DF-elskede 'kælling' (det sagde hun faktisk). Også glad, at Viktor Fischer kom på, for at sige; 'hvem gider at se på det forbandede lort, Hvem holder MASKEN'... PS: At Ibi er en 100% rendyrket "Wannabe" DDFO-frimurer, det kan jeg forestille mig sammen med ex-kæresten, Makienok, men KÆMPE overraskelse, det er, at Frederik Cilius også lader sig spille "gamemaster" i årets Moloch-show, der DIREKTE, er kreeret af frimurernes Hollyweird. Gud vide hvor meget han har fået for at spille dommer, i den rolle? Ligesom Oliver Bjerrehuus der afslørede en SINDSYG 'Vild med dans'-løn. Det med, at Don Ø PLUDSELIGT er ramt af corona og vi skal passe på hinanden (udvise samfundssind) eller Janni Ree's mand ikke længere kan se, grundet selv samme sygdom, er svindel og humbug, i min optik... Det hele er POLITISK og lidt for sjov - eller er det??. Må skuffe jer, abonnere ikke på TV-kanaler, men ser streaming-klip og lytter til radio og MSM-nyheder, i nød, for at følge med... |

#KisserGo, #HunEdderkop, #NarkoGangster, #BogmesterLynetteholmen, #DronningenAfSaba, #Sønderjysk Kaffebord, #ErikKlausenPlade

Den Politiske Bivuak afholder sin første Ear-2-Ear Konference i dag. Rasmus har udsendt indkaldelse til ventelisten og Malou har linet en masse gæstetalere op: Signe Lindkvist, Kasper Fisker, Viktor Fischer og Jonathan Spang. Men hvor er Kirsten? (Special guest star: Brian Holm) 

🦠💉🏴‍☠️ ~ (False Flag Formula Israel “Omega drill” now LIVE?) SOTW FACT-CHECKING: The new Omicron variant was 1st reported to the WHO from South Africa on "24" Nov 2021. Strange that is, Israel, kicked off a ‘Covid war games’, Nov 10, 2021? Now Israel has closed all it's borders!? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [💔ISRAEL Neocon Zionist Rothschild Khazarian Mafia = Benjamin Netanyahu claimed to be part of the 9/11 NYC. Japan's 3/11 and other False Flag Operations. World leaders are still defending him - why❓] ... SoTW have no links or intel from the alternative news feed to back this up, besides a mainstream Russian news report, that just announce, a drill... Why 'Omicron', Not 'Nu' or 'Xi'? As you know, W.H.O. skips two letters in Greek alphabet in naming Omicron COVID variant. "Omega" is the "24th" and last letter of the Greek alphabet. The Israeli simulation - dubbed the “Omega drill” - was announced on Twitter by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, 14 days before, it became, a LIVE event??. Bennett, has regularly referred to the ‘Omega strain’ to describe the next viral mutation that has "yet" to be discovered. Launched a national drill in a ‘war games’ format to assess its preparedness for an outbreak of a potential "unknown new strain" of Covid-19 is perhaps, the BIGGEST wakeup call?. The "drill" was led by Israel’s civil defense minister at a situation room in the National Management Center in Jerusalem... MAYBE you don't know this, but Israeli former PM Benjamin Netanyahu, indicted for bribery and fraud, is EVIL to the core... |

🙏 ~ 💝 (OMICRON anagram for MORONIC) Spirituelle Motivationscitater eller Livets Sandheder (SoTW DK) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟Er det hele politisk og et STORT spil for galleriet???🌟]... Vidner har INGEN sandhedspligt under MK afhøringer. Samme under #StoejbergGate Impeachment (Rigsret)?... Jens Lundgren med Jonatan Spang om Pretty Woman's lukning af testcentre - Big mistake!... Har DU prøvet 'Slette Mette'?... Statsministeren »Nej.« - jeg er IKKE medansvarlig for minkskandalen - Lasse Lund Madsen, professor i strafferet ved Aarhus Universitet - 'Det er det rene nonsens'... Eskild Petersen, professor i infektionssygdomme; mistænker, at Omikron har været i Danmark i flere uger - det er ikke mærkeligt, at en ny variant dukker op. Det samme sker med influenza hvert år... Tudekiks over 'Tredje bølge af corona fik mig'? Ham, den uddannelses- og forskningsminister, der havde som 20-årig et seksuelt forhold med 15-årig, der står for, at lukke de danske børn og unge 5-11 årige ind i de nye istandsatte testcentre dekoreret med lyserøde elefanter, sodavand og slikpinde? Mens 9-årige Xenia, der har fået 'døds-sprøjten' syntes det "sejt"... WHAAAT!! Nazireferencer?? [LÆS VIDERE]... |

Nordea politisk censur: » Mens mange mennesker stadig ser ud til at tro, at vacciner bremser smitte, så står det klart, at det gør de ikke. Vaccinen er åbenbart så god, at man er nødt til at tvinge folk til at tage den. Det vil næppe gøre underværker i forhold til manglen på tillid til systemet ,« skrev de to forfattere ifølge Berlingske... (fyret?)

 - Storbanken Nordea, som jeg har delvis arbejdet for i 20 år, suspenderer to senioranalytikere, bankens højt profilerede medarbejdere, efter Twitter-storm og skandalerapport, stiller sig tvivlende over for, om blandt andet nedlukninger og boosterstik er de rigtige værktøjer til at bekæmpe coronavirussen... Godt jeg ikke jobber der mere; Et Intranet, der dikterede hvad du måtte sige til kunderne, under alle skandalerne, konstante MUS samtaler, hvidvask og andre e-learningskurser med obligatorisk eksaminationer, ingen julegaver, ingen julefester og et Finansforbund, som ikke kunne hjælpe, personalet, i nød. Danske Bank og den Danske Wall-street bankbranche, er et pilråddent system og alligevel, er Frank Vemodssang-Vang, kåret som, Vesteuropas bedste bankdirektør. Total amerikaniseret og tjener kun aktonærerne, ikke kunderne. De hæver prisen for opsparinger over 100.000 kroner og snart er det NULL! Klar, parat og start til kryptovaluta, digitale pengepung, pengeløst samfund. Der er allerede trusler ude i alle banker, at de lukker ens adgang til NetBank, hvis man ikke overgå fra NemID til MitID frem mod sommeren 2022. Min far er testpilot, sammen med de første 200.000 danskere migrering, selvom, IT-systemet bag ved, er forsinket af flere omgange og ALLE danskere, SKAL, bruge sit rødbedefarvet PAS, for at komme på. MitID bliver det STØRSTE digitale kontrol- og indsamlingssystem over danskere, der erstatter CPR, der overgår Kinas sociale pointsystem - bare vent. Din anonymitet er VÆK.. |

🤗🏳️🙌 ~ (BREAKING SSP NEWS) WikiLeaks MAJOR Dumps Moon Landing Cut Scenes Filmed in Nevada Dessert (ECETI Newsletter + As You Wish Talk Radio) ~ | Blogger: [👉Russia sends Proof after Spaceship enters The MOON Hollow MASSIVE Base or (Artificial Satellite). "The Uncontrolled Narrative" & Undeniable Proof of CENSORED footage of metallic- and light spaceships and light beings. MIC-SSP has Shared Colonies with Other ET Races on Moon & Mars since 1960s. Russia and Japan to DISCLOSE it all SOON. Black Hats 'Planned Opposition' from People Cursing their Govt but The Backhand receiving Money from their Govt & FULLY Aligned - that is WHY there has not been UFO-disclosure. MOST of NEGATIVE ET's has been removed. Some small bunch of "Controllers" are STILL left behind; Easy to spot with LACK of Compassion & their "Depopulation-orders" ~ James👈] ... (of course there's so much more)... WAAAUV!... Awesome... Q&A start at 28 minute marker... |

James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, and Contact Has Begun, He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience  

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November 27, 2021| Issue 16

Social engineering and the Controlled Narrative

During the freezing wet weather, I have spent a lot of time indoors watching UFO documentaries, NASA, “never a straight answer”, Moon and Mars mission documentaries. We have had 70 years of censorship and coverup, social engineering at its best with experts that are either completely ignorant or deceptive when it comes to UFOs, the Moon, Mars and the rest of the Universe. This includes other dimensions.

When you have the knowledge that UFOs are real, ours and theirs, the knowledge of the multitude of civilizations that have been coming and going the past 500,000 years setting up colonies and building megalithic structures. When you know their cultures, some of the off world visitors personally by name this all becomes a very bad joke. When they say we are looking for life on the Moon and Mars they fail to mention we have shared colonies on the Moon and Mars with other ET races since the 60’s. This has been part of the secret space program joined by the Earth Alliance and Federation of Worlds.