Aug 2, 2022

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Restored Republic via a GCR as of August 1st2nd, 2022 (excerpts)

Judy Note:

  • Will Pelosi trip to Taiwan trigger a US-China World War III?
  • Trump to Abolish IRS.
  • All Central Banks now under White Hat Control.

Global Financial Crisis:


  • Dutch still holding ongoing rallies and demonstrations against Farmer restrictions.

The Real News for Mon. 1 Aug. 2022:

🤔🌐🔙 ~ (Okay. back to Earth.. reporting from the skies..) 'No one's gotten to the bottom of 9/11', Trump says: Where the HECK is the "SPAR19"-plane and Pelosi going❓ Songshan Airport in Taipei❓Did Joe-the-Moe really authorized CIA drone strike with Obama's "Ninja-bomb" aKa Hellfire R9X❓ A direct hit on FBI's most wanted 9/11 terrorist Zawahiri standing on his balcony in wealthy Kabul next to Danish embassy❓ Rumored dead in 2020 by asthmatic related issues❓ Was a it another VIP White Hat target and not Zawahiri❓ Biden can barely read the teleprompter❓ Why lies four US warships off island's east coast and flight tracking website goes DOWN❓Has US, Beijing and Taipei put military on high alert❓ Why is (actor) Pelosi to be honored at iconic building Taipei 101 when US doesn't acknowledge Taiwan to represent China❓ (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: So many questions, so little time. So many reasons without a rhyme... ☢️P.S. SoTW do not think for ONE second, there will be a WW3. Aaaand let me quote Steve Bassett: "Aliens turned off US and Russian missiles: The ETs come down and hover a craft over a nuclear site and turn all the missiles off.". That said, there could be a MAJOR WH vs. BH event in Taiwan area. Perhaps nothing like The Russo-Ukrainian War - but some "special operations" like Mr. Putin (the 2nd clone) is conducting... |


Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit LIVE | Pelosi Heads To Taiwan | Taiwan China News Live | English News Live - YouTube

General Berger to China: “Shoot Her [Pelosi] Down!” | Real Raw News
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Telford abuse: More than 1,000 children were raped and sexually exploited over 30 years | Daily Mail Online
BBC Host Jimmy Savile Abused At Least 500 Kids, Study Finds – The Hollywood Reporter
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Chinese TANKS flood beaches opposite Taiwan as Beijing warns US will 'pay price' for Pelosi visit | Daily Mail Online
ALIENS LATEST: Nuclear WW3 between US and Russia 'prevented by aliens' | Weird | News |

 [👉'9/11 WTC was the biggest gold heist in history $300 billion in bars. Stopping G/NESARA rollout. Eliminating any evidence and audit depart. Making warlords & Military–industrial complex superrich. 2001 was beginning of fake-muslim-terror FF ops.' ~ SoTW👈]

Blogger: .. Let me repeat it once again; you cannot TRUST ANYTHING that comes from the Mainstream media... 🤦‍♂️No one in their right mind should believe, that FBI most-wanted al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, who was killed by a CIA airstrike in Afghanistan over the weekend by surprise attack after he was drinking to many Piña Coladas, thinking of 72 virgins waiting for anyone in Paradise and repeatedly showed himself on his balcony! Hiding in plain sight - living among the common folks for years after years??. 🙋Did Ayman al-Zawahiri inspired Bin Laden to attack the US or was he on CIA's payroll? ✍️ British journalist Jason Burke wrote: "Al-Zawahiri ran his own operation during the Afghan war, bringing in and training volunteers from the Middle East. Some of the $500 million the CIA poured into Afghanistan reached his group.". 🧾A CIA Document proves Osama bin Laden was CIA asset Tim Osman and 9/11 was an inside job. That the Air Force had been ordered to stand down, and that Dick Cheney was at the center of this operation. 🏫 How Pres. George W Bush (+ papa + granpa = Rise of the 4th Reich) and the US govt responded to the terrorist attacks while reading "The Pet Goat" for children. 👌 BBC News is all a hoax to mislead us all. And of course, the infamous, BBC, foreknowledge of 9/11 collapse of WTC Building Seven. Same BBC, who's foreknowledge of every single pedophiles in the UK govt., among celebs, globalists, including, late BBC host Jimmy Savile, that abused at least 500 kids, perhaps 1000... |

'You had 911 families protesting at the LIV over the weekend and now you have a 911 terrorist shot down by a drone this is so contrived I don’t believe any of this shit.' ~ Midnight Rider Channel 🇺🇸, [Aug 2, 2022 at 03:59]


‼️⚠️🍕 (MASSIVE DATA DUMP) Did You Know This? ~ August 2, 2022 (Rose Rambles…) ~ | Blogger: Please accept my apologies for bringing this sorry subject to your attention and bursting the bubble. Buuutt it's still important to understand, whether we belong to "normies, muggles, fastest sleepers" or "awaken digital warriors, spiritual light workers", it doesn't matter. The darkest-evil-stuff doesn't simply go away, just because we ONLY wish to see the light in the tunnel. Yes, we can all "pretend" it's all rumors or conspiracies, putting our head in the sand, however, there's a reason over 300K Sealed Indictments exist and upcoming or ongoing mass arrests, military tribunals etc., takes place... |

 ‼️⚠️ 🍕 MASSIVE DATA DUMP⚠️‼️🍕🍕

Pizzatime PizzaGate🍕🍕




1. Ricky Gervais call out Hollywood Celebs

2. Elijah Wood speaks out on child abuse in Hollywood

3. Blake Lively discusses Human Trafficking and Child Abuse

4. Hollywood pedophile ring preying child actors linked to X-Men director Bryan Singer

5. Hollywood Unveiled: Mansion Parties where vile and evil things occur

👼 ~ ❤️ ('A soul very dear to us, Blossom Goodchild, mantra by FoL: I am the light, I am the love, I am the truth, I am..') Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, August 1, 2022 💕~ | Blogger: [👉"Uprooting darkness on target; what is upcoming; “pandemic”; prayers, thoughts; light distribution; mantra; how, when previous civilizations perished; vibrations; climate change"👈] ... |

Channeled by Suzy Ward
© 2022 matthewbooks

Blogger's note: This is about channeled information on reincarnation, karma, extraterrestrials, spirituality & metaphysics from Matthew Ward through his mother Suzanne. It's so exciting how Matthew's messages resonates with me and many others. Catch the moment of truth and level of explanation easing to expand our understanding in our low density or world of 3D matrix of illusion. Similar to our Galactic channeled Sheldan Nidle messages and deceased Montague Keen (both Sheldan and Montague has stopped given us updates)  

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Light forces’ efforts in uprooting darkness are spot on target. Well-publicized turmoil in several countries are part of this, and behind the scenes, discussions are underway to wind down the war in Ukraine and clean house in the remaining Illuminati-influenced governments. Other progress includes planning sessions for major improvements in the global economy, environmental restoration and medical industry, and by invitation from the international group in charge, extraterrestrials with technological expertise in those areas are participating as advisers.

Especially since all activity is in acceleration mode, it’s likely that upheavals and inconveniences cannot be avoided as the tenacious Illuminati resist having the remnants of their network taken down. Probably they also will ramp up mainstream media’s false “news” to evoke fear because they need that energy to keep going. Regardless of how upcoming situations may appear, nothing they attempt will succeed—ever-rising vibrations assure that all light forces’ undertakings will be triumphant.

You are invaluable contributors to this, dear family. Most of you are not in the trenches, so to say, but your very BEingness sends out the high vibrations that are transforming life on Earth. You knew that when you volunteered to go there, it’s why you went—the empowerment of love and light is who you magnificent souls are!

🌸🦁😘 ~ ('Your heart crystal is pulsing with Soul superradiance as the central sun sourcing your Light Body.') LionsGate Star Power! (Meg Benedicte) 💕 ~ |

 Meg Benedicte - Newsletter Hub (


We are in for a momentous treat next Monday, August 8th, in a galactic Leo superwave of heart expansion. Leo the Lion governs the heart. Ruled by the Sun, Leo emphasizes the divine spark at the heart of our solar system. Leo activates the cosmic heartbeat within your heart center, the pulse of singularity, your heart’s stargate to the quantum field.

The Leo Sun is the star-power of our solar system. Leo is courageous, confident, creative and bold. While LionsGate is open, an infusion of solar power emboldens leading from the heart. As you move through this Ascension process, you are becoming the Soular Sun of your own reality. Your heart crystal is pulsing with Soul superradiance as the central sun sourcing your Light Body.

Leo Solar radiance highlights what makes you shine in the world. LionsGate infuses you with star-power from the Great Central Sun so you can fulfill your soul destiny. Take some time this week to tune inwards and reflect on why you are here on Gaia at this particular time? What makes you the star of your life? What ‘sources’ you? What makes you extraordinary? All is amplified in the solar infusion during LionsGate.

✨👱‍♀️🌌 ~ (Omnec Onec - “The woman from Venus”) The Transformation Of The Earth – 4 Phases (Cosmic News) 💕 ~ | Blogger: Omnec Onec, claims that she is a female extraterrestrial "Venusian" who originally came to Earth in 1955, born 246 Earth years ago... SoTW read the book "Simply Wisdom And Love", Venusian Spirituality, that I bought from her - really amazing... I felt, really privileged, to have meet Omnec, got myself a personal hug and blessing on her birthday in 2015 at a spiritual Rob Potter conference in Mt. Shasta. Warmest hug ever - her body heat was beyond anything I have experienced... |

Omnec onec was born and raised on Venus. Venus is often referred to as our sister planet in this solar system. This planet is very interesting for us because long ago completed their communities in the same process as the Earth is in our NOW, called Ascension. They now live in the fifth dimension. Although Venus seems too warm and completely uninhabitable planet in the fifth dimension, it is in fact, a beautiful world with crystal cities. One of Mike Quinsey contacts Ker-On, (and SaLuSA) are from Venus, have sometimes spoken of his own world. Our galactic friends often tell about humanoid ETs are already living among us. They live among us, of all sorts of reasons. Some, has teamed up with the Galactic Federation and are actively working for change on our earth plane, others research and others are here, just for the sake of the experience. Omnec Onec have lived on Earth since she was 7 years old and has lived in her own flat in 130 years (human years). 


Omnec Onec – The Transformation Of The Earth – 4 Phases – Cern – Timeframes – Support The Process – Link

Jo Conrad Interview Omnec Onec in 1999 – Link

🛡️ ~ ❤️ ('More of what you would call large sightings.') Ashtar: Disclosure is Coming Closer (GAOG) 💕 ~ |

by James McConnell

I am Ashtar. I come to be with you at this time, at this opportune time, this time that has been long coming.

Long have you been looking for those various things that could happen within your society that would bring about change, or bring about the showing of change. Or the toppling of those dominos that you have heard of many times. And I am here now in this moment to tell you that that is coming very shortly. Many various changes are about to befall mankind in many different ways, and from many different sources.

And for our part, within our ships, we have been preparing, as you have heard before, preparing for the Great Changeover that is coming to this planet. I speak of The Event, yes. But I speak also of those, what you might call ‘mini-events’ to occur beforehand.

And one of those is the beginning of disclosure, beginning of disclosure of our ships. So in the very near future, weeks, perhaps months, you will begin to see more and more of our ships. More of what you would call large sightings. Many across the planet will view the spectacle that can be shown to them from our ships. More on that cannot be given at this point. But just enough now to give you an inkling of what is about to occur.

💲🛦🥺 ~ (Det skriger jo til himlen og er vandet på min mølle) Løgne, forbandede løgne og den 1,7 Trillion-Dollar F-35 fejlende falliterklæring (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Tja., det er sgu for griner... I 2021 fik Dannevang sit første F-35 fly - men det står stadig i Texas og nu er det, grounded (igen og igen)... Fremtidens 6. generations kampfly, er næsten færdig, og vil blive udstyret med laservåben og supersonisk, hypersonisk hastigheder større end lydens hastighed, muligvis, ubemandet. Det skulle skabe en ny generation "familie af systemer" af rummets og cyber, elektronisk krigsførelse og andre muliggørende teknologier. F-35 er en KÆMPE JOKE og HVIS, de 27 (skumpet ned til?) nogensinde kan lette mod Dannevang, er de til-den-tid, forældet... Jeg er ikke selv pilot, men arbejdede på Flyvestation Værløse i bevogtningafd. som MP K9, hvor F-16 holdt til, og hemmelige regeringsledere og Dronningen, susede igennem i slut, 80'erne. Vi havde også udenbys-opgaver, såsom, at bevogte Forsvarskommandoen (FKO) og Vedbaek-Bunkeren. Dengang, var det Top Gun: Maverick hot-hot-hot stuff... Jeps, den er god nok! Terma A/S og Forsvarsindustriens allerbedste kæledægger, Lockheed Martin, kickstartede F-35 Lightning II-udviklingen, tilbage i 1995. Og indtil dato, kostede Amerikanske, Danske samt Europæiske skatteydere, mindst, 1,7T. Altså over én trillion petrodollars, som er 10 i tolvte (én billion) stort pengebeløb... SoTW er gået slavisk i gang, siden 2016, (med hjælp fra Kirsten-Birgit, DKR 24-11-17 og EB - 2016) med få håndbevægelser, kunne se et sygt mønster, hos danske politikere og deres håndlangere i den danske defence og Aerospace industri (TERMA A/S og Claus Hjort Iceman Vader m.fl) samt LEAD Agency A/S, DR-formand og kendte mediepersoner, havde økonomiske interesser i valg af kampfly o.s.v. o.s.v... Siger ikke, jeg ved noget som helst, men har udviklet en god lugtesans for bullshit og mirakler... Hvis det lyder for godt til at være sandt, så er det formentlig også for godt til at være sandt... |

Danmarkshistoriens største våbenindkøb

2 sikkerhedsfejl der kan være farlig for både piloter og for flyene, fundet på to danske F35-fly...

1. danske F-35 klar fra 2023 (produktionen startede 1997). Er der stadig 1.000 mangler på F-35? Kommer til at koste danskere 100 mia. kr. - mindst! Flyver SAS fra og til Area 51 i pendulfart? Er tidligere DR-formand og andre journalister fra Lead Agency dybt, dybt involveret i købet af F-35?.. NOTE: Hvem har ellers været involveret? The Rand Corporation (Den u-barmhjertige samaritaner), Terma A/S, Forsvarsministeren Claus Hjort Iceman Vader for at holde kaje, som også er blevet rigeligt belønnet af Terma A/S og DR-formanden, Michael Christiansen samt Torsten Jansen fra Lead Agency A/S, (foruden McKinsey, Niras, Struensee og Co, Deloitte og RAND Europe samt Center, regional- og turismeforskning, der har været involveret i evalueringsarbejdet)...|   

The Air Force's 6th-Generation Stealth Fighter Will Have Laser Weapons | The National Interest

💯Nååå ja. Konklusionen spørger du til, hvis du ikke selv, har regnet den ud! Konklusionen er, at Pentagon, valgte på forhånd, F-35 over Boeings F-32 Stealth Fighter (Sveriges Gripen E Saab, Frankrigs Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon osv.). Det hele var en studehandel, Boeings F-32 Stealth Fighter, var et LANGT bedre valg, og har set deklassificerede lækkede WikiLeaks-papirer fra Forsvaret, der taler, for det hele var fordækt og aftalt. 

Lidt à la Anders 'Fog of War' og hans hemmelige notat, der bebudede Irak-støtte til USA et år før krig. 9/11 var som bekendt, den største falske-flag begivenhed, i verdenshistorien.. 

Eller, ligesom i filmen 'Sgt. Bilko' (1996), hvor Dan Aykroyd præsenterer Sgt. Bilkos falske (Steve Martin) svævende kampvogn, der overbeviser militærets øverste, den virker. Men i virkeligheden, er noget bras... | 

For at afgive sin ultimative støtte til Danmark ankom den nye chef for det multinationale F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO), den amerikanske viceadmiral Mathias W. Winter, til TERMA A/S i Herlev i Oktober 2017 .. OG JEG KUNNE BLIVE VED (og ved) ...

(satire) -- 💸💸💸 📝Memo Fra Generalerne på Charlottenlund Fort: Kære folkevalgte!....🛦🛦🛦Vi æder lige DKK 200M yderligere fra skatteyderne, fordi vi tror på Danmark bliver tæppebombet med terror de næste par år, samt 260M til et nyt hangar, tænkte vi fra Forsvarsindustrien og kampfly-kontoret, med hatten i hånden overfor jer politikere, som er de GLADE givere. F-35-kampflyet er desværre blevet en smule dyr. Ud over de allerede bevilget 56,4 milliarder kroner samt vedligeholdelse, skal i nok regne med, at regningen løber op på en SVIMLENDE OVERPRIS på omkring mia. kr. plus-minus, der kommer MÅSKE, flere omkostninger..
F-35 blev fremlagt som en jagerfly, der kunne gøre næsten alt det amerikanske militær ønskede, men det viste sig at være en af de største 'boondoggles' i den seneste militære indkøbshistorie!!. Hertil kommer den ikke kan manøvrere i Arktis, uforudsete 'små' defekts af tekniske udfordringer gør, den ikke kan flyve og bliver grounded, næsten hver dag. 7 danske F-35 kampfly skal stå på base i USA i overgangsperioden og ja, den lille nuance, at det faktisk er amerikanerne som ejer F-35-reservedele og sender tophemmelige informationer tilbage til militær kommandoen i USA. Det skal dog ikke hedde sig, vi ikke er GLADE for vores nye 'kommende' fly som virker, lad os sige omkring """2030""" hvor 7'ende generation kommer og erstatter F-35... Men, fortvivl ikke kære politikere, det er jo ikke OS eller JER, men de danske naive BORGERE, som betaler PRISEN...PS: Det er jo ingen hemmelighed, at 'Nice-to-know' ikke er 'Need-to-know', derfor fortæller vi jer heller ikke ALTING....
Vores varmeste hilsner går til Søens folk (som Dronningen altid glemmer), The Rand Corporation (Den u-barmhjertige samaritaner), Terma A/S, Forsvarsministeren Claus Hjort Iceman Vader for at holde kaje, som også er blevet rigeligt belønnet af Terma A/S og DR-formanden, Michael Christiansen samt Torsten Jansen fra Lead Agency AS, som har hjulpet os gevaldigt og af den grund, haft økonomiske interesser i valg af kampflyet (foruden McKinsey, Niras, Struensee og Co, Deloitte og RAND Europe samt Center, regional- og turismeforskning, der har været involveret i evalueringsarbejdet)
... En lige note på vejen, af naturlige grunde, kender i ikke ALLE detaljer, det gør den amerikanske præsident Mr. Trump heller ikke, vi er jo trosalt en del af den lukkede hemmelighedsfulde Forsvarsindustri... Nååå ja - vi glemte lige at sige, Terma A/S er dansk forsvar- og rumfartsproducent. Deres største samarbejdspartner er nemlig, Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin sammen med USAF, henter sit Guld fra det uduelige F-35 jagerfly til sine hemmelige rumprogrammer (SSP) via Skunk Works® som er et officielt pseudonym for Lockheed Martin's avancerede udviklingsprogrammer, tidligere kaldet Lockheed Advanced (som ligger 1km under jorden og det siges har et lige så stærkt et forsvar, som Area 51 samt Area S4).... Nu skal i bare tage det roligt, tildele os alle de midler i et konstant væk, så skal vi nok sørge for, at beskytte danske interesser med vores amerikanske allieret venner ... ~ Hilsen, Forsvarskommandoen (FKO), Kampflykontoret og konsulenterne ...