Sep 7, 2017

All News Pipeline | Sept 7, 2017 | As Democratic Congressman Promises 'Fight In The Streets', Retired US Marine General Has Dire Warning For 'Enemies Within' | - Left Continues Planning The 'Overthrow Of President Trump' In November .. |

While the eyes of most Americans now set upon the Atlantic Ocean and for those in its deadly path, preparing for Hurricane Irma, it'd be dangerous to take our eyes for too long off of the still unfolding sinister plans of some to 'take down America'. As Susan Duclos reported back on August 20th on ANP, beginning on November 4th of 2017, numerous anti-America groups have let their plans be known, telling their followers to "take to the streets and public squares in cities and towns across the country continuing day after day and night after night—not stopping—until our DEMAND is met."

As Susan asked in her story, "what is their demand?"

"The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!"
Likely forgetting the fact that tens of millions of Americans voted for President Trump and the fact that attempting a coup here in America against our legally elected President would likely be met by a brutal response, nonetheless even Democratic Representative Luis Gutierrez from Illinois recently stated in response to President Trump's order on DACA: "We Will Fight Trump in the Courts, Congress and ‘in the Streets’" according to this new Breitbart story.

Just to emphasize his message, Gutierrez said it again and again.

“Yes, we will be on the streets fighting. Yes, we will go to the courts to fight, and we will also insist that our friends and our allies in Congress of the United States don’t sign a budget, don’t collaborate with Republicans and give us a budget unless there is a safe place legislatively, an avenue legislatively, that secures the future for the 800,000 DACA recipients. Let’s be clear. We are going to fight in the courts, we are going to fight in the streets, but also we are going to fight in the Congress of the United States to make sure legislatively we have a solution.”....[READ MORE]

YR // TV 2 | 7. September 2017 | Kæmpe regnvejr over Danmark gav mere end 100 millimeter | Blogger: Hvorfor bliver jeg ved med at fokusere på de cykloner, orkaner eller tropiske storme. Fordi, der 'muligvis' findes en lille gruppe af den aller øverste magtelite i vores elskede verden, som vil os det ondt. Tror du, bare fordi du bor i Norden, at du slipper? Orkanen 'Harvey' blev styret over Canada, efter Texas og både Norge og Danmark er mærket af Harvey, i form af regnen. Det er ikke mig som siger det, men TV 2 Nyheder. Nej, det er ikke en orkan mere, men den har bragt regn med sig og det er ikke slut endnu. Vi har fået over 100 millimeter på godt ét døgn. Har familie som besøger Norge i øjeblikket, check Weather forecast for Bykle (Aust-Agder) = Expected: heavy rainfall (Agder, Telemark,Vestfold). Kan godt være du syntes det virker ligegyldig i forhold til det Nordamerikanske kontinent, Asien og andre steder, hvor nogle af de mest bizarre, og værste orkaner, verden har mærket i nyere tid... |

Weather forecast forBykle (Aust-Agder)

Kæmpe regnvejr over Danmark gav mere end 100 millimeter 

Helt usædvanligt vejr ramte landsdel: Det sker kun en gang hver 500 år

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room | Sept 6, 2017 | Mr. Ed Update | INTEL Update (Real News) - "Secrets & Hurricanes" | Blogger: Sheesh! You're probably thinking, poor chap, posting stuff that makes absolutely no sense. It might be so, however, what if... |

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "Secrets & Hurricanes" 9/5/17
Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 6-Sep-2017 21:25:27

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "Secrets & Hurricanes" 9/5/17

Subject: Secrets & Hurricanes 9/5/17

Only 100 million people on earth are true humans.

The other 7.3 billion are a mixture of humanoids, alien species, reptoids, clones and holograms.

There are 95 species on earth in one form or another.

New glasses are coming that will allow you to identify who people really are.

We have been living in a '3D Hologram' run by 'Artificial Intelligence' for thousands of years.

All governments are infiltrated by alien beings both good and bad.

2/3 of Congress are Clones or Humanoids. (bad guys)

'The Tall Whites' like Ivanka Trump are good ET's and are throughout America.

'The Black Avians' are in Russian government and 'The Mullaks' are in China.

More can be learned about 'The Blue Avians' from Corey Goode & David Wilcock.

General Dunford is part Anunnaki and oversees the Trump agendas.

The ongoing cabal arrests will begin taking down the 'top cabal leaders' (we all know) after 9/9/2017.

The hurricanes are created by the cabal (not natural) and being steered and enhanced by HAARP Technology Systems* to cause as much damage as possible and generate income for the cabal.

*HAARP = (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) run by the Navy and Air Force.

Hurricanes 'Andrew'...'Katrina'...'Harvey' and now 'Irma' are examples of "Fake" storms created only for harm by the cabal. (often done at high tide for more flood damage)

Hurricane Matthew was a good example of "steering" a storm using HAARP technology.

Matthew was traveling due west until it suddenly turned north and goes directly to strike Haiti once again.

Hurricane Matthew 10/10/16

Verdensalt | Sept 7, 2017 | 💕 Greetings, Light Warriors, Light Workers, Awakening souls! 💕Important Channeling messages from our Divine Father, Mother, One. Benevolent Higher Dimensional Beings, Archangels and Angels, Ascended Masters of Light, Enlightened Beings Above and Below, Galactic Federation of Light, Wise Prophets and Indigo, Crystal And Rainbow Children... | Blogger: From my understanding ~ For many decades ago, but intensified since 2012 when the new Maya Calendar kickstarted, Cosmic Electrical Currents has hit Earth. The local Sun (Portal) in the Milky Way, is connected to the Galactic Central Suns. Earth belongs to the Central Sun, Alcyone, from the Pleiadian System. The Manasic Photon Belt, our Central Sun Alcyone are raising Earth's Vibration and Global Mass Ascension, Pure Light of Wave-X, bombards the Earth and Frequency Shift. It's about the activating process, our hidden treasures in Junk DNA and bringing our dormant Cell Memory to life. The New Template of Self, DNA, timelines, completion dynamics, resolution of old self, resolution of Higher Realm activity, and the dimensional bridge of Christ consciousness embodiment. Unfortunately, the most important healing Tachyon Energy Particles, that cures us completely from all our illness, cannot reach Earth, stopped by Serpent Archons Control Grid or The Veil (surrounding Earth), the CIA/NSA/USAF's Chemtrailing (Solar Radiation Management), HAARP, the Lilly Wave and Psychotronic Warfare states and use of Direct Energy Weapons etc. A lot of Dark Devices in play... After Yaldabaoth entity has been dissolved (Lord Of The Archons - AI), The Veil is taken down and NESARA/GESARA will eliminate TPTB ("the powers that be" - Takedown of Chimera group/fortresses), The BIG EVENT will happen. The Pleiadians (are a Highly Evolved Humanoid race, our closest Allies and Galactic Family), will provide earthly humans with Tachyon Technologies beyond our wildest dreams. Until then, earthly humans will still be affected by these photonic influence from our Galactic Central Sun. These Wave-X bombards of Pure Light Consciousness pass thru the membranes of time into the Biological Container, recoding DNA with advanced intelligence. Keep in mind, when Pure Light entering The Human Biosphere, it forces out all our memories of traumatic experiences hidden deep in the brain and etheric body of memory from the reincarnations. This is a period of rupture, a time where false ties due to Negative Karma are broken. These human conditional 'core issues' has to be dealt with, transmuted and eliminated. Clearly the old vibrations have to be released or raised to a higher level if they are to remain. Consciously or unknowingly everyone receives these massive tidal waves of energy. Those who are aware can more easily handle this new situation, the unconscious are in a very agitated situation that sometimes leads to blows and and extreme reactions. Perhaps you now realize that's one of the reasons why people are acting violent, crazy and upset about common states of mind. There's no secret place to hide anymore... First show of force hits our Starchildren and especially teenagers. Like a super-absorbent nanosheet, children are most affected to the life of living on Earth. Children don't need to raise their spiritually, their already open-minded and fully awake. Their brain download is open to receive, already activated when they choose to descend down to Earth. When you then unconsciously stuff them with food toxins, vaccinations and stress into your children, keeping them from evolving, they get sad, depressed and suicidal. Adults in the other hand, has for centuries blocked all emotions and has forgotten how to treat themselves and other with unconditional love, still thrives on negative 'adopted thought patterns' that prevent them from listening to the openness of the heart. But, more and more may be seeing through the now ineffective expressions of government, media, western medicine, and education, understanding the many layers of delusions and illusions that these have perpetuated for so long, and watching as the veils they so carefully constructed long ago dissolve before their eyes. Wouldn't you rather questioning all the authorities that deny us access to concrete evidence from the thousands years of suppression and manipulations, and those who constantly tell us that western medicine is a now 'mandatory', vaccines has no serious side effects, that's stopping us in the highly needed awakening process? Who would in their right mind, eat Prozac (antidepressant) as more and more young people do to themselves, because their 'soul' hurts?. Many spiritual and great things are able to break down the emotional barrier of sadness & illness, that in return helps the Ascension process and assisting these Stargate influx opening, the magnetization harmonic resonant energies, that transform and transcend out-dated timelines in an evolutionary continuum of transformation. Do not be afraid, it's a natural human evolutionary process going on. We're moving from a carbon-based being into a crystalline-based being, on a cellular/etheric level, everything you know is shifting rapidly into an entirely new form and new orientation. Earth/Gaia/Terra Nova are NOT a place where you have to “pay to exist,” but a place where you co-Create increasingly higher levels of daily existence, working in communities of other peace-loving, high-heart-based Light Beings, where nothing is created by “accident,” and nothing is taken for granted... |

Spirit Week (frontpage) 

A Transmission to Help Calm the Elemental Fury of Hurricane Irma

The devastating affects of a hurricane can be greatly minimized through calls for divine intervention and our unification as an ‘enlightened group harmonic’, that is vibrating in omnipresent awareness.
Therefore, as one Group Avatar, we are invoking intervening assistance to assist in shifting the strength of this storm and its potential path of destruction. We are projecting our consciousness right into the eye of this Hurricane as we pulse in the vibration of love and transformation.

We acknowledge the presence of God and the universal source of creation as the mighty sustaining grace of each and every fulfilling action.

Our highest alignment is with Divine Will as the mighty qualifier of this transmission and its outcome. We know that all will be in accordance to the highest good of all concerned.

We know that humanity is undergoing great soul initiation and all will unfold in accordance to the highest good of all concerned (childrenofthesun

⇨⇨⇨⇨ Press Play for Meditation ⇦⇦⇦⇦

Latest messages - September 2017

Little girl gives the motivational speech of a lifetime 

Blogger: Sooo adorable little girl with a strong message! Keeping that joyful spirit after the holidays can be a struggle for some people. Making matters worse are those hard-to-keep New Year's resolutions. This adorable 4-year-old girl will help turn that frown upside down!..  

Message to the World from Brave Mykayla

Brave Mykayla Comstock was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2012, when she was only 7. Chemotherapy didnt work like it was supposed to, instead we chose an alternate route for her- It worked...Will you help her change the world?

Message to the World from Brave Mykayla 

Blogger: I just LOVE this adorable little girl, She's my hero!! ...5-year-old DEMANDS #TheresaMay does something about the "hundreds, millions" of homeless people on the street & is pretty adamant..This video has gone viral getting over 30k views on YouTube and more on Facebook...Broke lives in Coventry, England, and has been upset about homelessness for a long time.. She asked her mother who is "in charge" in the UK and decided to send her comments their way...According to her mom, Brooke is keen on talking to the PM about the environment and rubbish waste too...Booke's mom assured CNN the video was the young girl's idea...

Amazing baby! 4-year-old Bella from Moscow easily speaks 7 languages

Amazing baby! 4-year-old Bella from Moscow easily speaks Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic!

Irish Priest's singing 'Hallelujah' at a couple's wedding

A big surprise for newly married couple Chris and Leah O'Kane...
These lyrics are original and written by a girl in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, I think. So many have asked for them I hope the girl who wrote them gets in touch with me.

The SUN | Sept 7, 2017 CET | 'THIS IS A NUCLEAR HURRICANE' - Hurricane Irma – Miami mayor warns people to flee NOW as 185mph mega-storm barrels towards Florida after demolishing Caribbean islands leaving ten dead and two Brits missing |

Florida residents have been urged to flee as Hurricane Irma approaches, pictured is evacuating traffic with one car going towards the storm

Daily Mail | Sept 7, 2017 | 'Total carnage': Luxury yachts wrecked and beach front homes smashed to pieces as Irma wipes out TWO Caribbean islands destroying 95 per cent of Barbuda and St Martin, killing at least ten | Blogger: Who will profit from Hurricanes? Besides the obvious, much-needed work for contractors, carpenters and electricians needed to mitigate damage from wind and water. In the aftermath of the destruction of Hurricanes Harvey, one company stands to profit greatly - Sterling Construction Company (STRL). Mainstream media (MSM) of course, The medical-military–industrial complex. International Red Cross and other NGO's, Fortune 500 corporations which includes Amazon, Lowes and Home Depot etc... Trust Wall Street to come up with a way to make money off hurricanes. ""Weather derivatives"" have been around for decades, but futures contracts related to hurricanes are fairly new. The Chicago-based CME Group, which manages the world's largest commodities markets, came up with a hurricane index after the epic hurricane season of 2005 – the year of Hurricane Katrina – caused an estimated $79-billion (U.S.) in damages... SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM COBRA🙏This planet is not liberated yet and planetary conditions will not significantly improve before the Event. Therefore it is still very important that we keep strengthening the New Atlantis energy grid around the planet with cintamani stones and meditations 👼... |

The Light forces have asked us to meditate to dissipate hurricane Irma each day from now on until it dissolves.
  • 'Monster' Hurricane Irma started hammering Puerto Rico with 185mph winds and heavy rain late last night
  • The category 5 storm reduced Caribbean islands of Barbuda and St Martin to rubble with deadly destruction
  • Roughly 95% of homes and properties were destroyed on both islands with Barbuda now 'barely habitable'
  • At least six people died on the French part of St Martin, while a two-year-old child was killed in Barbuda
  • Some 900,000 people are without power on Puerto Rico and at least 50,000 people are without water
  • Irma was following a projected path that would see it hit the Dominican Republic and Haiti on Thursday
  • The hurricane is expected to continue past eastern Cuba before veering north for Florida at the weekend
  • Red Cross said it is preparing for 'a major humanitarian response' as UN estimated 37million will be affected
  • Mandatory evacuations were ordered in the Florida Keys and parts of Miami as the scale of the storm emerged

Dr. Michael Salla Update | Sept 6, 2017 | As Hurricane Irma Approaches More Photos of Antigravity UFOs near MacDill AFB | Blogger: Part II - to be continued... |

On September 5 and 6, more flying triangle shaped craft were photographed in the vicinity of MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, which is the home of US Special Operations Command. The sightings are happening at the same time as Hurricane Irma was heading directly for Florida, among the locations where it has been predicted to make landfall is Tampa.

On the morning of September 5, I was contacted by JP (a pseudonym), who I have been communicating with for nine years and believe to be a credible source, about the unique circumstances that led him to take more photos of a triangular shaped craft in the vicinity of MacDill AFB.

JP said he was prompted to look in the direction of the UFO by a mysterious figure driving an unmarked black car, who appeared to want him to see what was happening, and take photos. Here is what JP said about the incident in his Skype communication to me at 10:16 am (Hawaii Standard Time) about 30 minutes after the incident occurred at 3:45 pm EDT (09:45 HST):

NY Times | Sept 7, 2017 | European Central Bank Faces Hurdle in Cutting Stimulus: A Weak Dollar | Blogger: Nordea's GoLDMaN SLaCKS Koskull-general - Vi kommer ind i EU's bankunion. Nordea skriver bankhistorie med flytning, mens svenske kunder raser over Nordea-flytning: "Jeg skammer mig på jeres vegne". Nordea til bunds i C20 på en dag hvor Draghi er hovedpersonen. Alle øjne er rettet mod Mario Draghi, som er præsident for Den Europæiske Centralbank, kl.13.45 lokal tid. Mario Draghi, har i månedsvis intet sagt af betydning, hvilket har efterladt investorerne i mørket. Men nu må han sige noget, mener analytikere. Dollaren dykker og er i fare ifølge NY Times. For ikke at snakke om Danske Bank og Danmarkshistoriens største hvidvaskingssag, lige nu andet døgn, hvor MobilePay er nede. Det kæmpe-scam som Mr. Draghi, IMF, FED og Rothschild familien er involveret i, gør Danske Banks svindelnummer, til en fnug i vinden. Du skal nok se, ECB banken, laver samme stunt som altid, laver et nyt QE stimulus eller fastholder rekordlav rente. Det handler ikke om at få flere penge i omløb, det handler om få mere gæld. Det, der bliver spændende at se er, siden Rothschild har trukket sig ud af dollarmarkerne og køber guld i stor stil, verdens rige lande henter tonsvis af guld hjem fra New York og Paris(Tyskland, Holland osv). Hvornår springer den ENORME gældsbyrde-boble på $700 trillioner?... |

Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, had been expected to announce a shift in policy after a central bank meeting on Thursday. But a weaker dollar has complicated those efforts.CreditDaniel Roland/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Folkets Avis | Sept 7, 2017 | Afsløring: Embedsmand i SKAT fik kæmpe lønforhøjelse efter han hjalp Thorning til magten i 2011 | .. Nu vil han selv være politiker. Erling Andersen blev under valgkampen i 2011 beskyldt for, at han hjalp partifællen Helle Thorning-Schmidt til magten. Nu kan et gravermedie dokumentere, at han efterfølgende pludselig steg markant i løn .. | Blogger: Nyheden har været på bloggen før, men vi må stoppe centraladministrationens 'soft corruption'... |

SKAT logo

ABC7 - Eyewitness News | Sept 7, 2017 CET | Besides Irma, hurricanes Jose and Katia also forming in Atlantic region | Blogger: Cabal's Gold Vaults - Steal, Kill and Destroy👂 It all started with Project Cirrus, Oct 13, 1947 - First attempt to modify hurricanes.. How do they do it today? By Radiofrequency Microwave Transmissions, that manipulate the electrically conductive heavy-metal nanoparticles that have already been seeded into the atmosphere in the cloud formations (chemtrails). The manipulation of these particulates, in turn, manipulates air masses, thus storms formations, acc. to Dane Wigington... Dr. Sam Mugzzi and Kent Dunn - 'Cabal is trying to protect the underwater layers of Gold vaults in Texas and near Florida areas'. Military can steer Microwave man-made hurricanes. 'They shoot up a FM 95 (similar to FM broadcast band) wave (Electromagnetic waves) into the atmosphere, heating it up to 1 million degrees (Heat & Cold). Acc. to Keen, 'it's NASA's doing, hard evidence from his buddy at NASA' (Texas hurricane was Bush initiatives, Florida - Trump)'.. Wildfires - California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, Idaho, Montana, Arizona etc - all under fire, 'it's strategically right over mountaintops, where Cabal has their secret underground bases', acc. to Dr. Sam. Kent adds, 'they use heavy military incendiary grenade to ignite the fires'... Neil Keenan has just issued warning about Cabal and their Monetary Assets in the South Korean bunkers'. Latest news from Neil, has just stated, that 'Hurricane Irma is weaponized. HAARP Weather Warfare - Methodology Exposed'.. Dane Wigington - Geoengineering- 'Hurricane Harvey brought an abrupt and catastrophic end to the 12 year long major hurricane landfall drought in the US. Were climate engineering programs a factor in the Harvey disaster scenario? Available data has already made clear the answer is yes. How much decimation will the manipulation of Hurricane Irma inflict? The US government has been actively engaged in hurricane modification programs for a minimum of 70 years, historical documents prove this fact conclusively. Yet, the power structure controlled circles of academia (and corporate media) continue to fuel total denial of the climate engineering hurricane modification reality, this should not be a surprise. How much decimation have global geoengineering / weather warfare programs already caused? What are the primary objectives and agendas? How much worse will it get? The short video below provides verifiable data to confirm that climate engineering is a reality, and exposes some of the primary objectives'.. Benjamin Fulford - 'Germany announced the forced evacuation of 60,000 people from around the area of the Bundesbank last weekend just as 743 tons of gold was due to arrive there, because of “unexploded World War II bombs'.. COBRA // PFC: 'Yaldabaoth entity is beginning to realize that its time is almost over and is reacting very strongly to the increasing incoming energies from the Galactic Center. This is the reason for extremely difficult energies and situations many are experiencing right now. The Archons and the Cabal are misusing the excited plasma of the Yaldabaoth entity to increase the strength of plasma vortexes in order to trigger extreme weather'.. It took me a second to look up US Patents: US4686605A - Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere. US Patent: US20070238252A1 - Cosmic particle ignition of artificially ionized plasma patterns in the atmosphere. US Patent: US20030085296A1 - Hurricane and tornado control device... Sounds clearly sillly, crazy and wierd, right? I'm just saying, wink wink nudge nudge 💫 Always use your own spiritual discernment... |

Even as Hurricane Irma threatens to leave a path of devastation from the Caribbean to Florida, two additional storms have formed in the region.

Hurricane Katia has formed in the Gulf off the coast of Mexico with sustained winds of 75 mph (120 kph). The government of Mexico has issued a hurricane watch for the coast of the state of Veracruz from Tuxpan to Laguna Verde.

Katia is anticipated to drift toward the coast on Thursday.

The announcement of Hurricane Katia came minutes after the U.S. National Hurricane Center said Hurricane Jose had formed in the open Atlantic, far from land and well east of Hurricane Irma.

Jose has winds of 75 mph (120 kph) and is quickly strengthening.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center said Wednesday that Jose poses no immediate threat to land. But meteorologists warn the storm's path could


Sept 06 2017 - Dr. Sam Mugzzi with Kent Dunn