Mar 2, 2020

🚴 ~ Russian billionaire businessman, 52, pays £20m bail to British court to avoid being locked up while he fight extradition to the US for tax fraud ~ | Blogger: [🤥Bjarne Riis's year without lying: 'Now I feel free' - yeah right!🤔] ... Remember the fraudulent Oleg Tinkov and Bjarne Riis aka nicknamed The Eagle from Herning, in war of words over the way Tinkoff team was run?. Weeell, you know, how much does Mr. Riis knows about Mr. Tinkov's fraud and his affairs?. It's a bloody good question isn't it?. My dad is biking indoor with the now old Jørgen Emil Hansen, world champion in road cycling. SoTW have won a contest after a swimming with him during a party gig. We were both drunk, but it' was fun! During my own bachelor party i contested in Triathlon with Peter Sandvang, World Champion Ironman 2001. I lost BIIIG time, but it was all fun. Buuutt, my dad hear things, about fraud with insurance companies and the scam in danish cycling. I'm not allow to talk about it - just rumors... |

Source (Daily Mail Online)

  • Oleg Tinkov, 52, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court on Thursday 
  • US prosecutors issued provisional arrest warrant and he paid £20m for bail 
  • He is charged with making false tax return and under-reporting 2013 income  

※🔴Benjamin Fulford Partial Report | ~ Pandemic show aims to launch world government, Project Blue Beam next ~ | Weekly geo-political news and analysis | Blogger: 📍Excerpts from BF report which SoTW finds veeery interesting in these "Deepfake" times of technology used in the pornindustry, influencers, LSM media to threat to the 2020 election posed by deepfake videos: " Project Blue Beam is a fake end-times scenario using holograms, computer graphics, and real military displays, they say. The idea would be to stage what is known as a liminal event, something like a wedding or a coming of age planetary ceremony, the sources explain. The proposal has not been finalized at this point, they add.. The ability to project giant holograms in the sky was proven in combat during the second Iraq war. Also, the use of computer graphics on TV news could now easily create a WWIII type scenario. By adding military forces in action, it would be easy to convince the sleepwalking majority that the event was real. Insiders like the readers of this newsletter could just relax and enjoy the show. In any case, there can be no doubt that the ongoing coronavirus panic is designed to pave the way for emergency military rule and the start of a world republic. What people need to keep in mind though, is that it’s all fake.. Before we describe more fakery though, we need to also point out some very serious special forces’ battles that are unfolding in several key locations around the world. The most important action is now taking place in Zug, Switzerland, according to MI6 sources. A senior MI6 source said: “We believe Baron Nathaniel Rothschild is housed at a compound in Zug, Switzerland. SIS has been dispatched to ‘dislodge’ this last obstacle. Switzerland is tricky because it is home to the CIA, as I am sure you already know, and also in the more esoteric world a group called Swiss Octagon, who are what remains of the pharaonic bloodlines and pretty tough/dark characters at that.”... [READ MORE IN THE FULL REPORT]... |

Who is this Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (born 1961) is a journalist, author of Canadian descent, who lives in Japan. He speaks 4 languages, including Japanese. He worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, The International Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun English Edition, and South China Morning Post, before his days at Forbes Magazine, where he was the Asian office manager from 1998 to 2005. His investigative reports persecuted scandals in the Japanese government and business. After leaving Forbes, he wrote a number of Japanese books, some of which became best sellers, and began to publish on the internet. He surrendered to Japanese citizenship in 2007. He gained some popularity on the internet after he conducted an interview with David Rockefeller in November 2007.

Pandemic show aims to launch world government, Project Blue Beam next

Blogger: A far-fetched story!?... Yes I agree... Verdensalt has been following Fulford’s reports for some years, reading them should probably be done with a large grain of salt. There's NOTHING right or wrong in this storytelling, other than some entertainment, some are properly truth or false claims, hard to factcheck. As always, use your own spiritual discernment. BF seems to share information directly from alleged sources within the Pentagon, CIA, White Dragon Society, and so on. Often the data presented is contradictory on the surface, but underneath in the intelligence services apparatus or underworld, more likely. It would probably be more productive to consider his data as one possible perspective on what is happening on Earth at this time. Especially after Cobra and David Wilcock and others latest outbreak of mistrust in BF postings... With that said, the world is unbelievable corrupted and nasty, it's sometimes hard after a man swallowed The Red Pill...

Published by Benjamin on March 2, 2020 CET

Robert David Steele, FAKE PANDEMIC 5G Issues Daily Update It’s OVER!
The fake coronavirus pandemic now being promoted around the world is aimed at creating a world republic, P3 Freemason sources say. The coronavirus fear is also being used by the U.S. Corporation as an excuse for their February 16th default. Just like the proverbial schoolboy who said, “The dog ate my homework.” These people are saying, “The virus ate my financial system.” That is more face-saving than saying, “I got cut off because I haven’t been paying my bills for 40 years.” In any case, what this means is they have lost the ability to create central bank funny money to prop up markets and keep themselves in power.

The owners of the U.S. Corporation have been using a coincidental mention of a deadly virus in a 1980’s book to propagate the message they have planned these events years ago. They used this to tell the Asians to “rollover our bonds or face the music.”

The propaganda rag Popular Mechanics, of 9.11 BS infamy, has contributed to their fear-mongering with the following headline:

“Welp, Scientists found 28 new virus groups in a melting glacier. This is how the world ends.”

⚠️ ~ ‘Significant’ coronavirus outbreak likely in UK ‘within days’, PM says ~ | Blogger: [🆘THIS IS A UK (CALM DOWN) WARNING ALERT🆘] ... {All SoTW have to say, don't panic, keep your frequency on high, no fear, but try to stockpile healthy and nutritious food for a 14-day quarantine, before fears and overwhelmed by negative emotions put people to panic and empty store shelves of toilet paper, bottled water, masks, like in Hawaii and Italy - SoTW} ... This comes straight from the horse's mouth at Simon Parkes latest post called "Coronavirus 'War Room'" and he says and i quote: "Some people thought I was was being a little excessive when I said that the UK government was thinking of enacting laws not seen since 1939-40's and the start of the Second World War. However everything I post is a result of what I have been told or found out(..)"... Latest meeting with Simon, Becky and the other international coordinators at CC, much more details has been shared, but I don't think i'm allowed to give it to you - sorry!.... In other news while Xi Jinping jumping ship... My professor and doctor friend at the ER in Beijing, has some strange but positive news and he says, he had ZERO patents today from 9 AM to 19 PM and I think we both agreed that, 90% of people are stucked in their homes, and when that happens, nobody gets hurt and nobody leaves for the hospital, fear or not... |

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Boris Johnson conceded the spread of coronavirus in the UK is likely to get worse, as he urged people to wash their hands to the tune of Happy Birthday.

🗼 ~ Hvordan 'brander' man Brande? (Leftnews) ~ | Blogger: [🤴En antimonarkist anmelder: Fra Amalienborg til Constantinsborg. Familien Holch Povlsen, Bestseller, 56,2 milliarder kroner💸] ... {Bestseller-familien er kær ven af Kongefamilien. Brandes Bestseller Eiffeltårnet 320m and Village. ”Earth Room”'2.100 kvm under 1400 tallets Herregård, Constantinsborg. Godsejere vil rive avlsbygningerne på 3.000 kvm ned, Constantinsborg, som nu engang er fredet, men Anders Holck-Povlsen behøver ikke ligge på knæ for byens kommunalpolitikere. Ejer også 800 km turistmagnet af Skotlands 'Route 66'. Eneste privatperson i verden, ud over Dronning Elisabeth, der ejer mest jord i skotland. Hvorfor?} ... F*uk hvor er det fedt at være Anders Kongens Kapitalist egocentriker af store jordejendomme og foretagsomme fabriksejere... At tænke sig, at Anders Holch Povlsen, vil opføre en 2.100 kvadratmeter stor underjordisk bygning ved sit gods, Constantinsborg. Det er tiltænkt, at de to etager vil bestå af køkken, badeværelser, medierum, vinkælder, tegneværelse og en såkaldt oplevelsessilo... Præcist som alle andre rigmænd rundt om i verden. Et meget ægte tegn på, at ENORME spirituelle paradigmeskifte-kræfter er på vej, er, når den private Magtelite forsegler sig inde, under jorden. Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos og andre rigmænd er netop ankommet til New Zealand og Argentina, hvor De, har deres underjordiske bunkere. Men ikke Jyde-Anders... Han bygger et atomsikret underjordisk hus i jydemuldet, med alt tilbehør, fra super-hemmelige gange, fuglefløjt og royal røgelse af mystik. Væk fra Coronavirusen, bondebefolkningen og utilfredsheden, der klager over den superrige Statsadelens korrupte pamper-vælde, og godsejere og gårdejere. Som taget ud af Morten Korch's 'Kampen om Næsbygård', I de gode gamle dage, hvor der for alvor, var ulighed til...☝️ PS: Alt mens regeringens og kongehusets tilflugtssted ikke er sløret på Google Maps. Mette F. og Thornings hemmelige bunker ligger frit fremme på nettet. Man må gerne se bunkeren i Vedbæk, som Verdensalt har bevogtet under Militærpoliti-enheden i Flyvevåbnet og de andre 1400 hemmelige, som ligger frit fremme. Men alle bunkere, andre steder rundt om i verden, er sløret, på Google Maps. Vil Anders også holde sin hemmelig?... |

Kilde (

Hvor mange kender mon Anders Holck-Povlsen?

Uden for erhvervskredse er han vist en temmelig anonym skikkelse.

Der er imidlertid et sted i Danmark, hvor næsten alle kender Anders Holck-Povlsen - og det er i Brande.

Brande er også det sted hvor Anders Holck-Povlsens virksomhed tekstilkoncernen Bestseller har sit hovedkvarter.(LÆS VIDERE)

Verdensalt Kilder: (PS: Alt hvad jeg skriver om oppe i kommentarfeltet, er Verdensalt's meninger ikke,

🤗 ~ 💗 Spirituelle partisoldater, nationalister og selv udvandrer, skamroser Danmark: Vi bor i verdens lykkeligste land (SoTW Arkiv) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🌳Season for pre-Spring Forest Meditation + Mountainbike Rides + Long Walks = An experience for both Body and Soul. Get yourself a Spiritual Detox with Verdensalt's Homegrowned Grounding Meditation & Opening of 3rd Eye🚴‍♂️] ...Du oplever den først, når du kommer ud af storbyen væk fra 5G, luftforureningen og drager på cykeltur i den skønne skov, naturen og lytter til vandplasken, hvis du er heldig du bor nær vandet. Ikke nok med et fantastisk stille og solrigt vejr bager fra himmelen inden (næste) superfuldmåne titter frem og spirituelle superstorm kommer og skaber kærlige opløftende vibrationer, men også din indre ægte MTB singletracker, eller lange gåture med din børn, partner og opleve den intense duft af det kommende forår, og blomsterne, der allerede er begyndt, at komme og fra mulden.. Tid til at smutte mod (Boserup, Tisvilde hegn, Gribskov, Rudeskov, Fruens Plantage) Dyrehaven, det smukkeste sted på sjælland... Kongens skov, slot og UNESCO Verdensarv, smuk natur og rigt dyreliv... |

... And Now for Something Completely Different ... Er man ægte mountainbiker, kaster man sig hovedløs over cykelstyret, og gennempløjer singletracks, på de blå MTB spor i de danske statsskove (eller skovstierne)...

 {Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today} ... 

Kunne være Boserup Skov, Gribskov, Valdemarskilde Skovdistrikt, St. Dyrehave og Tokkekøb Hegn eller Tisvilde Hegn, Jægerspris Nordskov - whatever (ja undskyld, ikke for at forglemme Jylland og Fyn m.fl, købte faktisk min nye superMTB Principia Evoke hos Støvring Cykler)...

Når man så bliver træt af det, eller ønsker afveksling, så går turen måske til Jægersborg Dyrehave, eller steder, hvor man også kan medbringe kæresten, børn og barnlige sjæle, ud og se på naturen, dyrelivet og tosomheden og hvad har vi... Jeg har selv prøvet lidt af hver...

Går man steppet videre og ønsker den spirituelle del, både med skov og vand, kommer vi ikke udenom Tisvilde Hegn og Nordkystcykelstien rute 47 (Hundested - Helsingør) a.k.a. den sjællandske Nordkyst også kaldet Den Danske Riviera. Ved man ikke hvor de 'rige' bor, så findes de her... Efter en skovtur på singletrack eller almindelige brede skovstier, er startpunktet for mig, Trisvilde strand.. Kører man bare få hundrede meter, starter Rute 47 skiltet på hovedgaden, langs beboelsesområdet og så går turen ellers op og nedad, i landskabet, indtil man kommer på det højeste punkt, hvor billedet er taget...

Der er faktisk stejl og langt ned, der findes et par enkelte steder, som er offentligt tilgængelig, ellers er alt privatspærret, dog bor den stenrige advokat Jan Leth Christensen, ikke i området 😌 Det ideelle er, man kan fornemme vand skvulp og få ro på underbevidstheden. Lukker man så øjnene og meditere over tilværelsen, evt. tager sine lyttebøffer på til musikken, føles livet, så fredfyldt og måske nu, kan det være, at vi lever i verdens lykkeligste land ... Bare et lille tip...

🧘 PS: Du kan prøve min meditation, hvis det resonere med dig!
🧘 PS: You can try my meditation if it resonates with you...👉

😨 ~ Calm down! WHO tells global markets not to panic after coronavirus wipes $5 trillion off stocks 😌 ~ | Blogger: The funny thing is, that WHO with CDC and other deep evil medical mafia players have started the whole panic, and now, they want the world to calm down, but financial meltdown or not, benefits from the upcoming vaccination and flu shots.. Now we can see that Coronavirus spreads among dogs as racing greyhounds catch disease as well, which means, the virus was originally created in a lab by UK / Chinese / Canadian / United States biological weapons program. Designed for battlefields and animals, now mutated to humans and god's know what that will do, to Mother GAIA... Of course - you be the judge... |

FILE PHOTO: A screen showing a stock market crash © Global Look Press / Simon Belcher
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Current Viral Pandemic (Same Name as Popular Beer) - Origins and Antidotes

After a sea of red swept through the global markets, resulting in the worst week since the 2008 global financial crisis, the World Health Organization (WHO) has called on investors to stop panicking and focus on facts.

"Global markets… should calm down and try to see the reality," the World Health Organization's Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told CNBC on Sunday. "We need to go into the numbers, we need to go into the facts, and do the right thing instead of panicking. Panic and fear is the worst."

According to the official, the world still has a chance to contain the rapid spread of the deadly coronavirus which has already claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people. But if all efforts fail and the situation changes, he warned, we should "prepare for the worst," as the disease may become a global pandemic. (READ MORE)

💰 ~ Skattelyprojekt har udløst regninger for 2,1 milliard kroner (Finanswatch) ~ | Blogger: [☝️ Husk lige på: "Licens er noget vi giver hinanden" og "Skat – det er noget, vi ta'r fra hinanden!"] ... Ahhh visse vasse- tænker du!. Der findes 1,500 milliarder på de offentlige finanser hvert år, så hvad er 2,1 mia. kr. til eller fra? Men det er bare lige det som er kernen i problematikken. Danmark har millioner- milliarder-trillioner af penge, som kan misbruges og ikke har rette ejermand, hvor de 800.000 statsansatte, bare kan lege ta'-selv-bord, foruden de indenlandske- og udenlandske storsvindlere, tager til sig, igennem de 22 banker, som er hvidvaskningscentraler i gode gamle Dannevang ... Og det bliver kun opdaget, når en graverjournalist har fået blåstemplet sagen i censurnævnet og CIA's projekt, Mockingbird...ALT er skemalagt og tilrettelagt, som det var fandens fødselsdag, hver dag, og det hele fik ben på jorden i 2005, hvor Løkke og Jensen kickstartede kaos i Skat... PS: En ansat hos Esbjerg Byhistoriske Arkiv mistænkes for at have rapset 500.000 kroner fra kassen, kommer det bag på dig?... |

En effektiviseret indsats mod skattely har resulteret i flere skatteregninger til borgere og virksomheder.

"2,1 milliard kroner til at lave velfærd for, synes jeg, er et stort tal. Det er desuden en indsats blandt flere i forhold til transaktioner ind og ud af landet," siger han. Kim Tolstrup kan dog ikke oplyse, hvor stort et beløb ud af de 2,1 milliard kroner, der er blevet hentet ind.

🛩️ ~ Internal Air Force Emails Show Confusion And Concern Over Colorado's Mystery Drones (TheDrive) ~ | Blogger: [🚁Drones or UFO's🛸] ... Examples from the heavily redacted emails; "Sheriff’s deputies are responding and seeing the drones as well. They reported seeing a “mothership” 6’in diameter flanked by 10 smaller drones (some fixed wing, some not). When deputies follow thedrones, they clock them at speeds of 60-70 mph. The drones also appear to be dropping or picking up things that look like “potatoes”. The FBI in Colorado and the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) in Omaha are currently looking into the sightings. Perkins County Sherriff’s Office has three of the potatoes frozen in storage and will likely transfer them to the FBI for analysis. The FAA is sending an agent to Colorado this upcoming weekend to help investigate and handle the news coverage. I will update you when I have more. V/r"... |

Source (

In December 2019 and January 2020, the plains of rural northeastern Colorado and southwestern Nebraska were the epicenter of a series of sightings of what were widely described as unidentified drones. 

Despite the media attention these sightings received and the speculation that they were related to the security forces responsible for protecting intercontinental ballistic missile silos scattered throughout the region, military bases in the area denied that the drones were theirs. While the mystery of the drones’ operator or operators remains unsolved, a series of internal emails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act reveal just how serious the drone reports were taken by the 90th Security Forces Group and the public affairs office at F.E. Warren Air Force Base. The emails are heavily redacted, but they at least shed some light on the confusion even the base experienced at the hands of this seemingly unsolved mystery.

In late December 2019, The War Zone was among the first outlets to report on the somewhat bizarre story of fleets of unidentified drones operating in the airspace above northeastern Colorado and western Nebraska. There was a sense of near-panic as law enforcement agencies were inundated with scores of reports of these drones, prompting the creation of a task force that included the FAA, federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI, and sheriffs from multiple Colorado counties. Eventually, the State of Colorado sent one of its well-equipped surveillance planes to hunt for the drones. Since then, however, reports of suspicious drone activity have dropped significantly, according to the Colorado Department of Public Safety and Nebraska State Patro

Despite the large effort and the mobilization of Colorado's infrared camera-equipped aircraft, nothing conclusive was identified and, to date, no one has come forward to claim responsibility for the drone activities. That doesn’t mean that the case is closed, however.

Douglas D. Johnson, a volunteer researcher operating in affiliation with the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU), recently obtained emails through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which catalog the internal communications of the public affairs office at F.E. Warren and the 90th Security Forces Group regarding the spate of drone sightings. The 90th Security Forces Group provides security both for F.E. Warren and the 150 Minuteman III Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) operated by the 90th Missile Wing.

The heavily redacted emails can be read in their entirety here. (READ MORE)

💌 ~ 💗 Earth Intelligence Report - March 2020 (Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings) 💕 ~ | Blogger: So BE it, and so it IS, I Am... 🙏|

Source (Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings)

🙊 ~ Lægemiddelstyrelse irettesætter dansk læge efter påstand om corona-kur (MEDWATCH) ~ | Blogger: [😞Chloroquine cures coronavirus? Bliver så spirituel rasende og ulykkelig på menneskehedens vegne, at SSI, SST, LMST og kan have så meget magt i danskernes sindelag😥] ... {122 i hjemmekarantæne, 4 inficeret tilfælde i Danmark, ingen døde. Magnus Heunicke vil KUN udtale sig om COVID-19 efter Sundhedsstyrelsen har proklameret at flere end en halv million danskere kan blive smittet med corona} ... Men IKKE, om de 22.000 fejl i medicingivning til borgere på landets bosteder, noget som en radiostation har fået aktindsigt i, og overlæge på Giftlinjen på Bispebjerg hospital Søren Bøgevig og formand for KL’s Socialudvalg Thomas Adelskov, udtaler sig omkring på RADIO4 Morgen den 2. Marts 2020... Verdensalt blev PAF og RYSTET over, at Landsforeningen HPV-bivirkningsramte - HPV-Konference i Roskilde i går, Søndag, kunne fremvise nærmest "ubestridelige beviser", at der findes tusindevis af danske piger og kvinder, som hver dag lider af invaliderende vaccineskader efter HPV-vaccinen. De vaccineskadede anerkendes ikke af de danske sundhedsmyndigheder og bliver flere gange ignoreret og negligeret, som de skriver på Deres egen hjemmeside... Verdensalt var med og ganske få fremmødte til denne ellers "vanvittige" vigtige konference. Jeg har skrevet om HPV i en mange år og alt det jeg fik at vide på Landsforeningen HPV-bivirkningsramte's konference, har jeg skrevet om på denne blog og bekræfter mig og bakker mig op omkring hvor MAGTFULD, det medicinsk-industrielle kompleks, er. HPV-vaccinen er også den MEST profitgivende vaccine, der findes i Danmark... Venter til Landsforeningen HPV-Bivirkningsramte sender Deres video ud om konferencen og måske, giver (verdensalt) en status til vennerne på oplysningsforbundet MAY DAY DANMARK ... Alt mens, svømmer Nordjyske vagtlæger i penge, som det var Joakim von And's pengetank, en nattevagt på minimum 10.000 kroner i honorar. Hvis man har læst medicin ligger indtægten på 1.057.600 kroner om året, viser opgørelsen lavet af CEPOS.... |

Thomas Senderovitz, direktør i LægemiddelstyrelsenFoto: Lægemiddelstyrelsen / PR

Kilde (WATCH medier)

Det er helt uacceptabelt, at en dansk læge annoncerer en kur mod corona, der ikke er dokumentation for, lyder det fra Lægemiddelstyrelsen ifølge DR.

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