Jan 18, 2019

Truth Seeker News | ~ US will 'quit all treaties' & 'make militarization of space inevitable' with new Trump doctrine ~ | .. President Donald Trump's promise to be "far worse than anybody, if need be" by developing space weapon tech "faster than the rest of the world" will spark a new arms race without ensuring US safety, says leading Russian expert .. | Blogger: Direct Energy Weaponry, in which, U.S. almighty military, already have and using it on a big scale (Sonic, Microwave, Laser, and Non Lethal Warfare)... "For 40 years, Lockheed Martin has researched, designed, developed, and captured electromagnetic energy and elevated its power to create innovative Directed Energy solutions. We have developed laser weapon systems, radio frequency and other directed energy technologies for air, ground and sea platforms to provide an affordable countermeasure alternative. We are addressing critical needs such as accuracy, mobility, size, weight and power (SWaP), cooling, and minimal collateral damage." ~ lockheedmartin... |

Avisen.dk | ~ Læge tiltalt for at smugoptage voldtægt: Kan miste autorisation ~ | (In English:) Drugrapes, hidden videotaping of sexrapes and possession of child pornography are among the crimes that the prosecutor believes a doctor from Copenhagen has committed from November 2017 to May 2018 .. | Blogger: Sorry to bring this to your attention😟, but vital to understand, how some personality disorders in some people, allow themselves the liberty to sexual abuse others, etc. etc. We can't even grasp how BIG the #PedoGate agenda has infiltrated the world... 💤People Awakening to Truth and seeing through the maze of lies... Waking up to the truth of pedophilia and collectively deciding to heal and care for children... Seeing the people around us FINALLY start connecting the dots...💠 |

The police search also showed that the man possessed 188 child pornographic images and nearly 14 hours of pornographic films by minors. Photo: Linda Kastrup / Scanpix Ritzau / archive

Thirdphaseofmoon | ~ "It's Not Of This World!" You Gotta Watch This Video Before 2020... ~ | Blogger: Who really built the Great Pyramid?🔺... |

Dr. Michael Salla Exopolitics.org | ~ Cosmic Rays as Triggers for Solar Flashes, Earth Core Eruptions & Pole Shifts ~ |

On January 11, one of the world’s top science journals, Nature, reported an unexpected acceleration in the movement of the Earth’s magnetic poles that has required an immediate update of the World Magnetic Model used for global navigation by ships at sea, Google Maps and smartphones. Scientists have speculated that the unexpected acceleration is due to “liquid iron sloshing within the planet’s core”, and that in the case of the north magnetic pole, the likely culprit was a “high-speed jet of liquid iron beneath Canada moving the pole towards Siberia”.

Importantly, scientists widely agree that the acceleration in the movement of the magnetic poles points to something very unusual happening in the Earth’s outer core which is filled with a nickel-iron alloy surrounding a solid inner core of iron. In part 2 of this series of articles investigating issues raised by Ben Davidson in his Earth Catastrophe Cycle video series, I discussed a CIA document authored by a geologist, Chan Thomas, that was only declassified in 2013. Thomas hypothesized that the inner core of the Earth, behaves just like a star in terms of emitting plasma or “neutral matter” in periodic bursts every few thousand years into the outer core, thereby triggering both magnetic and geophysical pole shifts.

In part 1, I examined evidence of solar flash (aka micronova) events in history, and the prospects for one recurring in the near future. This raises the possibility of the connection of some kind between solar flash events and “neutral matter” eruptions that occur deep inside the Earth’s core. In this article, I examine whether high energy cosmic rays from outside our solar system are the trigger mechanism for both solar flashes and neutral matter eruptions that lead to pole shifts.

It’s important to first point out that the accelerated movement of the magnetic poles is happening at a time when the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening and the Solar Minimum (low sunspot activity) have both made the planet more susceptible than ever to cosmic rays.

Cosmic rays are the atomic nuclei of hydrogen, helium and larger molecules that have been stripped of their electrons. They have been generated from galactic events such as supernova and quasars, and travel throughout the universe at almost the speed of light.

While our sun also generates cosmic rays, it is the cosmic rays from the galactic core that carry the most energy as they penetrate deep into our solar system, into our sun, and finally into the Earth’s interior.

Cosmic rays are impacting both the Earth and the sun with increasing impact because the energy shield created by the solar wind is at its weakest level as a result of the current solar minimum. Some scientific models predict the solar minimum will continue until October 2020, and may even stretch out into a grand solar minimum lasting until 2070, during which time humanity witnesses a mini-ice age similar to the Maunder Minimum that occurred from 1645 to 1715.

Scientists have for decades tracked solar and cosmic ray activity and confirmed that cosmic rays peak during solar minima as shown in the following diagram.

The Truth About Vaccines | ~ We've Missed You! Ty & Charlene Share Big Plans for The Truth About Vaccines in 2019 ~ | .. We’re here in “Music City” filming some videos, and we wanted to tell you something. We just want you to know that at TTAV, we remain steadfast on our SAFE vaccine mission: Safety | Awareness | Freedom | Efficacy .. |

TV2 FNYS NEWS | ~ Dronningen og kronprinsen rejser til Argentina & og 25 danske virksomheder ~ | Blogger: [False Flags: Template for Terror 🎅🏿Santa Obummer Is Coming to Town. Get Ready for a Shakedown😨] ... Barack Obama heading to Kolding on Denmark visit 2018.. The day when Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Obama, had both feet on the ground on the soil in Jutland, Denmark's largest peninsula, the day that a danish special police and military operation, took place and closed the island of Zealand, near the capital of Copenhagen, with hundreds and thousands of people, being affected, by this incident!!! Just like Gotham City in Batman movies... DID YOU KNOW, that there's no escape from the Illuminati in Argentina? Argentina was at times called the fifth British Dominion because the british Rothschilds and other british investors owned so much of Argentina. DID YOU KNOW, that the ultra-exclusive investment bankster, N.M. Rothschild & Sons in London, is the ONLY danish Govt financial adviser, consulting house and investment banker. Has delivered consulting services to ALL Bank Packages, DONG / Ørsted, NETS, TV2 DENMARK, Post Danmark A/S, TDC, The Danish mortgage credit system, Danmarks Nationalbank and much, much more ... Obama still Pro-Cabal? Why did Obama visit Argentina in 2016? Why Bariloche, at all places? which are actually Nazi South American headquarters and military underground bases, a huge secret submarine station in hidden... DID YOU KNOW, declassified secret FBI files prove Hitler escaped to Argentina in 1945... Still not sure? Look into the danish newspaper since 2000 has covered Rothschild and Denmark connection (Berlingske Tidende) Berlingske Media, a Danish Copenhagen based media company... You be the Judge.. |

Frederik, Crown Prince & Margrethe II is the Queen of Denmark planning to visit Argentina from March 18-20 of 2019. Photo: Henning Bagger / Ritzau Scanpix

verdensalt | ~ Peptalk for the World Meditation for Peace and Unity during the Total Lunar Eclipse, Supermoon and Lunar Perigee ~ | Blogger: The BIG WAKE UP CALL....Empowering Leo Eclipse Activations... We NEED YOU to Reach a critical mass of over 144,000 people meditating simultaneously and joining their energies together for the benefit of our beautiful planet and mankind... The new year is upon us, and it must be celebrated with a BIG shubang ... Lightworkers, Light- warriors, Curious Souls and Stargazers, prepare yourselves - January 20–21, 2019 Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) The total phase of this total lunar eclipse will be visible from North and South America, Europe and western Africa. Central and eastern Africa and Asia... YOU have the opportunity to see Total Lunar Eclipse, Supermoon and Lunar Perigee... Humanity is receiving needed Assistance!... On the Surface - Some Military, White Knights, White Hats, Some Dragon Groups, other Secret Groups .. Below the Surface - Resistance Movement - Physical Freedom Fighters from Many Star Races .. Above the Surface - Positive Star Races from the Galactic Federation. Our beloved Galactic Light Forces / The Resistance Movement has fully exploited this opportunity by releasing more Liberating Projects, AFTER this EVENT of 20/21 and assisting the Positive Cosmic Central Sun overseeing the evolution of this whole Universe. The Light Energies reaching GAIA's surface has a positive outcome planning to liberate our planet, because The Good and The Dark Forces has come to a complete standstill, after a Crushing and Cruel Experience of Earth and Galactic Wars for millenniums. Finally, THIS mass- meditation, 'could' set humanity free... ENCOURAGE you and your friends to Gaze at the Moon, if you're not able to mediate for 20 minutes, then send out YOUR best positive intentions, for humanity & gaia during the eclipse... Thanks to Marci for this beautiful pic... 💨💪🙆🙏👶👦👧👨👩👴👵👪👫💫✨💖☮️🌍🌐... |