Aug 25, 2022

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🙏 ~ 💝 (33. grader af selvforståelse) Dagens Spirituelle Motivationscitater eller Livets Sandheder (SoTW DK) ~ 💕 | Blogger: : Du skal selv være den forandring, som du ønsker at "se" i verden!... Min mutter fortalte lige om en sygeplejerske-komsammen, hvor én kendte familieordfører Mette 'Fortielsen', som ingen mening har selv og bejler til partiformanden Fru. 'Vermouth' og mangemillionæren dansk-schweiziske iværksætter Lars 'Tvetydig', der snød en stribe skuffede og frustrerede investorer. Nårmen, Mette 'Fortielsen' , har kærstede med mænd (med-et-lem?), som jeg skifter underbukser og det var hendes familie, rigtigt godt træt af - 6 mænd på 5 år. Nu, har Fru. 'Vermouth' også "udskiftet" sin ud med en ny (old-mans-club) kærlighed, ligesom, Pernille 'Rosen-infektion' og Kristian 'Brubaker' Jensen, fra samme "klub". Så har vi Don-Damernes-Dan og ekskærste, Katherine 'Bias'. Andre vi kan nævne som jeg har sat meget fokus på, er det medie-stunt omkring Lasse 'Er-Du-Vimmer' ekskone, 'Cirkeline-Dum-Blondine' - engang hyklere og pro-vaxxers. Så er der 'Dopamin' Jensen er DDFO Frimurer på niende år. Ørkenens Sønner FisseFisseFezFez og loge-eden. Huxi 'Bake-Off' korrekte politiske selvbillede. Dirch 'Passer'. Mads-Spasser Mikkelsen, som én af de allerstørste illuminati ikoner. Og jeg kunne bare blive ved (og ved)... P.S. kan varmt anbefales at trykke på Fjæsen link og gå ind under gruppen og se de mange billeder omkring C4 Aalborg-pigen og landsmoderen Mette som æresgæst. Det er så vildt, hvor mange kendte og ukendte, som er med-lem i det 25K store laug... |


Hvad koster benzin og diesel egentlig uden afgifter? |
Business-update: Statsejet selskab tjener milliarder på energikrisen (

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🌀 ~ 💗 (Preparing For The New Golden Age) MOVING INTO THE AGE OF LOVE - Diana Cooper (Michelle Fielding -Spiritual Coach) 💕 ~ | Blogger: SoTW do not believe in Cobra RM predictions of the Dark Age or as SSRF sees, a Golden Age dawning after the year 2025, although they are not directly talking about the Event. And before that, they expect a devastating World War 3 wiping out 50% of the world's population (which I don't see coming). SoTW do not believe it any WWIII or devasting depopulation event and more what Diana Cooper is depicting. What i see on SoTW is a future fully working Golden Age of Tomorrowland (one of the utopian worlds Walt Disney created in the early 1950s). For me, “Tomorrowland”, is NOT dystopia but rather a story of pessimism (his) and optimism (hers), of humankind's end or triumph... I'll spend 1,5 hour on the phone today speaking to my friend about how the heck can we still be in this "movie" and not see the "end". We have to wish for a better ending, than the "DS, Cabal, Illuminati" wanted us to look forward to with heat, drought and floodings. Higher power bills and energy-food-crisis. A housing bubble and the Great Reset. Pumped-up dollar and US $30 Trillion in debt. $500 Trillion debt world wide. Same world leaders ruling. Reptilian "Queen", Pedo-Pope and Obama behind Joe-the Moe, still in power and the world is going down the shitter. Especially, the extreme lies from western media and leaders about Russo-Ukrainian War - the special operatons freeing Russians in Ukraine and destroying of CABAL HQ and their 40+ bioweapon facilities. Hence, the returning of the gold standard that was stopped by President Richard Nixon in 1971 in which, goldbacked Russian ruble and nations behind BRICs. We are talking about eliminating Soros, Schallenberg (Habsburg Black Nobility) with the 13 bloodlines illuminati families controlling the Cabal. THESE FAMILIES ARE: Rothschild (Bauer or Bower), Bruce Cavendish (Kennedy), De Medici Hanover, Hapsburg, Krupp, Plantagenet, Rockefeller, Romanov, Sinclair (St. Clair), Warburg (del Banco), Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)... |


👨‍💼⭐👈 ~ (Is it time for 1776 yet? CGI, Clone, Real world leaders out?) Dead or Alive: The Deep State want to destroy Donald Trump by any means necessary - whatever it takes to accomplish their goal or aim (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤜CGI's Morgan: ISN'T THE REAL BIDEN DEAD?🤛] ... We badly need changes in "World" wannabee leadership. Now! Right??. General elections: Sweden 9/11! Sep 27 Denmark? USA - November 8, 2022... You've got to believe in something, why not believe in Trump (Earth Alliance, White Hats and Off-worlders?)... On Fox News this morning danish time there was a TV ad for a free gift bundle will help your kids learn all about President Trump’s greatest accomplishments during his first term. Why not? Instead of trusting a no-good layabout fakery CGI/actor Joe-the-Moe Biden and the media myth of Democratic momentum. Buuutt, as I always say - put the trust in the PLAN not in (one) MAN!. Time Travelin' Trump or not, uncle John G Trump & Nikola Tesla - they're all very special and according to several channelings, Trump is galactic protected by Light Forces. We are with you President Trump (protected by Archangel Michael royal blue, purple and golden light, as I have heard it). You know, Trump is a wild card - a starter - not the finisher. A Light warrior, but have served his term in the White House. He will keep the pledge to 'drain the swamp'. A very likeable and people's favorite woman from outside any political corrupt system, will be leading as the last president of U.S. inc., or the first president of the new republic, according to my H-S (higher self). I have asked 5-6 times now in 1 year and the answer is the same. A woman will take the lead that everyone trust. Could it be the returning "Lady Di"?... Btw, Trump's MxM Alert news from my iPhone and the picture behind it is my beautiful beautiful blond haired daughter... |

biden is dead, body double in office — Yandex: 4 million results found

12ft | Biden Admin Running ‘World’s Epicenter’ of Child Trafficking: Former White House Adviser

Breaking: “Gang Of Eight” Requests Access To Records Taken During FBI Raid Of Mar-A-Lago…Are They Worried About What Evidence The Documents Contain? ~ August 25, 2022 – Rose Rambles…

💸🍿❌ ~ (You better believe it, you better...) White Hat Intel: NESARA / GESARA Explained by DC (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: No matter what Simon Parkes, Dr Charlie Ward & Juan O'Savin are saying - G/NESARA is real! 100% proven. I have been seeing it for 10 yrs. popping up now and then in the alternative news. And studied it closely with many hours of videos and material... As you may or may not know, the actually date of G/NESARA’s start-up is not yet known... What we do know, (SoTW research) as factual; ONE of the reasons "they" (DS, Cabal, NWO) panicked and used Project Looking Glass to see a alternative future where they "didn't lose", was to implement worlds biggest false flag (September 11 Attacks) stopping N.E.S.A.R.A. It was to be announced at 10 a.m. EDT on Sept. 11, 2001. The attacks occurred on 9-11 to stop NESARA’s announcement and remove all positive people and audit departments. Hence, just before the announcement, Bush Snr. ordered the demolition of World Trade Center to stop the international banking computers on floors one and two, in the North Tower from initiating the new U.S. Treasury Bank system. At the same time, they manage to steel 300 billion worth in gold bars in the basement of one of World Trade Center and The Historic Bonds (in SoTW's humble opinion). BBC News reported the collapse of 7 WTC twenty minutes before it actually fell. Also check out danish scientist Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust (been to several of his lectures and had evidence in my hands)... |

Restored Republic via a GCR as of August 25, 2022

White Hat Intel: NESARA / GESARA Explained  

  • “The End of Poverty, The End of Debt, The Beginning of a New Golden Age!” No Poverty, No Hunger, No Debt, Only Global Prosperity and Peace for ALL!
  • Final Wake Up Call NESARA has merged with GESARA. The announcement of GESARA will now affect the Republic along with the rest of the world amounting to a total of 206 sovereign nations.
  • The new financial system is part of GESARA law. The IMF will announce the “global gold-standard monetary system” once GESARA is announced. All remaining fiat currencies will be cashed in for gold-standard currency. Paper money will eventually be phased out and all currencies will be digital under the new financial system.
  • The goal is to make the transition event simple, smooth, and swift. The new financial system has been online for months and is hosted on a protected quantum server that cannot be hacked or accessed without permission.
  • Notably, the wealth proliferation aspect is actually very stabilizing. People who have new found wealth in extremis are far more likely to feel able to help their relatives, their close friends, their fellow citizens. They are more likely to engage in humanitarian efforts. This is wealth building.
  • The RV might see a shortage of qualified workers. This is wealth building. But this then leads to higher wages and salaries. That will be reflected in prices.
  • This is counter-balanced by a drop in taxes of, in some cases, up to 80% of the final product cost price. Which would result in deflation. As prices drop, savings increase for the worker and their family. This builds wealth.
  • Energy costs too are now an important component of the cost mechanism for any product. Energy costs will also drop as a result of free-energy and new technologies.
  • The future will be unbelievable, complete; our lives will evolve immensely
  • The Cabal is on the ropes and some of the new – suppressed – technologies that are being released date back 70 years or more. Suppressed technology is ‘New’ to us, but in reality, it is very ‘Old’. Some go back millions of years.
  • For example; the purified waters of Antarctica will be used to ‘turn the deserts green’ and ‘restore mineral life’ to all plants and living things. The future will be unbelievably complete with Cards for our own Personal Credit.
  • The application of ‘Replicators’ that can produce everything. And surely most importantly, ‘a new awareness’ of the ‘power of our mind’ in order to ‘display’ our needs. And soon also available ‘real health care’ to make people healthy instead of sick, to regrow limbs or organs, or to reduce our age by 30 years.
  • Money and banks are tools of the Cabal to control us, with their debt-based economy which can never bring prosperity. – Consequently, paper money and banks will eventually disappear. Coinage will not.
  • The greatest short-term affect will be that the RV will create a large surge in consumers over time. Corporations that responsibly produce things that people really need will see a huge surge in business and profits for many years to come. This is wealth-producing.
  • Because a huge aspect of GESARA is the elimination of the national debt of every nation on earth, taxes will be adjusted to be lower for citizens and corporations. Only a flat sales tax of about 15% on new items will be applied.
  • The pyramid structure of the global elite, including most governments, and corporations, has become dysfunctional. It created class separation and fostered the belief in dearth.
  • Part of spiritual evolution is born when one’s identity is no longer attached to material matters. When there is free energy, transportation and replicators distributed to everyone, we will become equal. No one will be enslaved, people will just do what they want to do, have free time, time to reflect and be creative. No need to hoard anything.
  • Advanced civilizations don’t wonder where their next meal is going to come from, how they are going to pay for their rent, how they are going to get from A to B.

🕷️ ~ 💗 ('Cabal members have sold themselves directly to Chimera spider queens as a host.') FM144: FINAL PREPARATIONS (24.07.2022) 💕 ~ | Blogger: "Teilen" and SoTW would add a Cobra-friendly site, like so may others, "respawning" or "recalibrating" (only some) of the intel or esoteric information given by Cobra, the only (Pleiadean) spokesperson for The Resistance Movement, (so he claims) in a more "lighter" way to swallow the red pill. That is how SoTW interpret this stuff, but I could be very wrong... BTW, yesterday i re-watched the movie with Will Smith (and the Chris Rock bitch-slapping incident) or the giant spider from J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. And the many spider sculptures weaves around the world like Louise Bourgeois' monumental public sculpture art icon. It kept me thinking of Cobra RM and his esoterically teaching about rulers of underground D.U.M.B.S. of "Spider Queens". Something that Teilen also mention is the entertainment industry and so-called "Stars" have a bizarre obsession for spiders. Like the movie "Edge of tomorrow" (heavily influenced by the Cabal), where the so-called Alpha and Omegas represent the male spider beings as well as the spider queen. The drones represent the energetic spider-beings, which can be found all over the place within the Earth quarantine etc. etc. So, some Lightworkers basically have sold themselves to the Dark Ones, sometimes directly to Chimera spider queens, in order to secure themselves high positions and wealth during the upcoming Dark Age, Teilen says. There are many reports from Starseeds which have seen these energetic spiders above their bed after waking up. These beings will disappear after a few seconds; however, it is important to energetically cleanse and protect the room and yourself after such an encounter... |


First of all, I'd like to point out that I answered a few questions from the comments section of the last update at the end of this post.

Then I would like to go into the subject of the incarnated Chimeras very briefly, since this is apparently of interest to many readers, before I say something about the current situation.

So, in my last update, I mentioned that the Chimera is now walking on the surface of the Earth. A few days later, this was confirmed by 2012Portal, where a Chimera subfraction was mentioned, which has infiltrated the surface population:

Until now, it was known that the Chimera is strongly linked to the negative military. However, it seems that there are also strong connections to other Cabal controlled areas, such as the entertainment industry. For example, it is nothing new that many so-called "Stars" have a bizarre obsession for spiders:

Note: There is an embedded Instagram reel in the following article that leads directly into a kind of "spider island". Please watch this reel only with energetic protection as well as cleansing and disconnection afterwards, as it has a negative influence on the subtle levels (negative Dark One technology to influence millions of unconscious viewers on social media). If in doubt, just read the article and skip the reel ...

For this, let's go back to the time around Atlantis for a moment. When the fleet of the Dark Ones landed on the planet at that time, the Light Temples were infiltrated by contacting mentally weaker, more manipulable Lightworkers (who had already been energetically manipulated beforehand) to betray and physically overthrow the Keylightworkers. So, some Lightworkers basically have sold themselves to the Dark Ones, sometimes directly to Chimera spider queens, in order to secure themselves high positions and wealth during the upcoming Dark Age.