Jan 26, 2016

INFOWARS BREAKING: Military Martial Law Bill Sneaked Through by Senate - Jan 26, 2016 CET

Bill gives Obama power to deploy military anywhere - including on U.S. soil

Sen­ate Ma­jor­ity Lead­er Mitch Mc­Con­nell is attempting to fast track a “war powers” bill that will allow President Obama nearly unlimited power to deploy the military anywhere in the world for any length of time – including on U.S. soil.

“The Authorization for Use of Military Force put for­ward by Mc­Con­nell would not re­strict the pres­id­ent’s use of ground troops, nor have any lim­its re­lated to time or geo­graphy,” Defense One reported.


In other words, the authorization allows the president to deploy the military anywhere at his discretion – both foreign and domestic – for as long as he wants.

Several senators, including Sen­ate Ma­jor­ity Whip John Cornyn, were surprised by McConnell’s decision to fast-track the bill after a year of deep in-fighting over similar measures in the Senate.

“He did?” he asked the Na­tion­al Journ­al on Thursday morn­ing when reporters informed him about the bill.

Even some Senate Democrats have an issue with a new authorization without geographical restrictions placed on the president.

“I’m for the Con­gress vot­ing on an AUMF; of course it de­pends what the AUMF looks like,” Sen. Robert Men­en­dez said Thursday. “I don’t want a blank check.”It’s also interesting to note McConnell is trying to push through the bill on a Friday as an unprecedented blizzard slams the northeast U.S., including Washington, D.C.


x22report : New Bill Will Give Obama Total War Authority Anywhere On The Globe Including The US - Episode 877b

Message from Montague on Sunday Jan 24, 2016 CET

Kanaliseret af Veronica Keen
© 2015 Montague Keen

Hver søndag, bringer Montague et budskab om håb og støtte til alle, derer villige til at lytte. Han snakker tit om Cabal og deres evindelige konstruktive adfærd.

In the past, I warned you of the plans to bring in Military Martial Law. Well, your Mr Obama put that in motion on the 22 January.

Breaking News at Infowars

This is a huge wake-up call for humanity. They are not playing games and have now put into action their take-over plan. It was done when everyone was concerned about getting home in the great snow storm. Remember, they used the very same tactic in the blizzard of 1913 to get the Federal Reserve Bill accepted. They always use the same tactics.

Obama, the Khazarian Puppet, will be given unlimited powers to send the US Army to any country they choose. Make no mistake, this is a globalist take-over and the globalist army will suspend what few rights you have left. Preparations for this have been ongoing for many years. THEY ARE PREPARED . . . ARE YOU ?

To understand the enormity of the situation, I ask you to read . . .


It will open your eyes to the extent of this evil take-over of humanity and the Earth. Do your own research and prepare to defend yourselves.

Remember, ISIS was set up by the US and the UK. It was financed and armed by them. Now, they use it as an excuse for the globalist takeover. They have been preparing for the mass persecution and annihilation of humanity for centuries. They despise you and what rid of you. Yet still you serve them.

Veronica has fluid in her lungs. It is painful and debilitating. We will resume normal communication when she recovers.

You need rest, my love. You have a mission to fulfill. Please take care.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Cover Letter to Pope Francis - From Anna Von Reitz - Jan 26, 2016 CET

From the Americans:

by Judge Anna Von Reitz

Anna Maria Riezinger, also known as Anna von Reitz because my actual name is German and a mile long. I am an American Common Law Superior Court Judge in Alaska where operation of the Seventh Amendment Courts started up again in conjunction with the Common Law Grand Juries more than a year ago and I also serve as a Federal Postal District Court Judge for the Western Region.....

We are indeed calling upon you in your Extraordinary role as Trustee of the Unam Sanctum Trust and the Jurisdiction of the Air to act in our behalf in this matter addressed to the Board of Directors and Boards of Governors of the World Bank/IBRD/IMF. Hard copy with seals is in the mail to you and HRM Elizabeth and those directly addressed.

The Great Fraud that the Holy See and your predecessors participated in is fully known and exposed to millions of people worldwide. Whatever the circumstances and reasons for this participation they are not important now.

What remains is a prompt removal of false claims and improper administration of the Global Estate and especially our part of it. We suggest that you access the Emergency Stabilization Funds and pay the American Armed Forces without respect to Jacob Rothschild. His offer to operate the UNITED STATES under new management as a Successor has been rebuffed as just more of the same destructive and dishonest fraud.

As we discussed with Pope Benedict in 2008 and as we have kept you advised since then, the entire mechanism and basis of this fraud--- including the Medieval misinterpretation of the Afterbirth as a deformed dying child and the establishment of an infant decedant estate in their behalf---has been fully exposed. The Holy See's culpability is evident in the Summa Theologica and manifest in the current circumstance.

LIVE STREAMING: Whistleblower - Investment banker taler ud om pengesystemet... (Mads Palsvig har handlet med Valuta, Global Macro Trading (Statsobligationer),Optioner, Derivater, Futures globalt i verden over..Top Banker i USA, Kapitalist, Zionist i 49 år, Pro tilhænger af USA og Israel, arbejdet for banker i USA, London og Hong Kong, mødte Ben Bernanke(Chairman FED 2006-2014) indtil han blev blacklistet, da han begyndte at stille spørgsmål til 'systemet'..."Det er stort, virkelig stort.. Det SKAL ud det her, siger Mads")

Samarbejdet mellem Mads Palsvig, Open Mind Conference og Gaia TV
Vi sender LIVE  tirsdag d. 26. januar ca. kl 18.45 - 21.15
Blogger: Finansielle Akronymer



LIVE STREAMING 26. Januar 2016 SIDEN kl. 16.00-21.00 ... Youtube eller GAIATV

Forelæsning - En investment banker taler ud.
mads palsvig
Det er med stor fornøjelse, at Open Mind Conference i samarbejde med GAIA TV inviterer til foredrag med den internationale bankmand Mads Palsvig. Mads Palsvig har næsten 30 års erfaring fra ansættelser i nogle af verdens største finansielle virksomheder i bl.a. London og Hong Kong – fx Credit Suisse First Boston og Morgan Stanley.
Gennem sit job som Investment Banker har han fået indsigt i, hvordan pengesystemet fungerer i praksis, og hvilke overvejelser der ligger til grund for nogle af de helt store beslutninger i den finansielle sektor.
En indsigt, der bekymrer Mads Palsvig, men som også inspirerer ham til at se mulige forbedringer.
Kom og hør en spændende fortælling om mærkværdige finansielle og globale beslutninger, myten "Booms og Busts" og en analyse af, hvorfor der mere end nogensinde før er brug for fundamentale reformer af pengesystemet for at sikre et transparent demokrati og en stabil økonomi i fremtiden.
Foredraget afholdes to gange samme dag:

Første gang: Kl. 16-18
Anden gang: Kl. 19-21 sendes også Live på GaiaTV http://www.gaiatv.dk/event

Læs mere her: https://www.facebook.com/events/191199781232623/

Millionærklubben 26-01-2016
Designing New Financial Instruments

German Eurosceptic Leader ‘Shocks’ by Predicting Merkel Will Flee to South America (Merkel will run to South America like her father did in 1945) - Jan 26, 2016 CET

A German Member of the European Parliament (MEP) has suggested that Chancellor Angela Merkel will have to go into hiding in South America following her tenure, for fear of violent reprisals from the German people for her immigration policy. Her comments, made during a television debate, drew audible gasps from the audience.

Beatrix von Storch, a spokesman for An Alternative for Germany (AfD) was immediately confronted by the debate host, Anne Will, who challenged her with one of her own Facebook posts in which she accused Merkel of “ruining our country like no one since 1945”.

“I’m taking bets that Merkel will leave the country when she steps down – for security reasons,” the post continued, reports Die Welt.

When quizzed on whether she was serious about what she had posted, von Storch replied: “I mean that she should go into exile to Chile or South America”.

The comment drew audible gasps from the audience thanks to its allusion to the fate of Nazi and socialist leaders following the downfall of their regimes.

Holocaust mastermind Adolf Eichmann escaped prosecution for decades following World War II by fleeing to South America, while East German Socialist Unity Party (SED) leader Erich Honecker sought refuge in Chile following the collapse of communism in East Germany.

Yet despite jeers from the mainstream, Angela Merkel is known to have had strong links to communism in her youth. A biography published in 2013 caused a stir in Germany as it revealed that the Chancellor was secretary for “Agitation and Propaganda” in the Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ) youth organisation while working at the Academy of Sciences in East Berlin during the 1980s.

The German leader brushed off this episode by claiming her only duties were to buy theatre tickets and organise book readings, but former colleague and former German Transport Minister Günther Krause, who, working with Mrs. Merkel during the dying days of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) told the biography’s authors:
“With Agitation and Propaganda you’re responsible for brainwashing in the sense of Marxism. That was her task and that wasn’t cultural work. Agitation and Propaganda, that was the group that was meant to fill people’s brains with everything you were supposed to believe in the GDR, with all the ideological tricks.

“And what annoys me about this woman is simply the fact that she doesn’t admit to a closeness to the system in the GDR. From a scientific standpoint she wasn’t indispensable at the Academy of Sciences. But she was useful as a pastor’s daughter in terms of Marxism-Leninism. And she’s denying that. But it’s the truth.”
Marxism teaches that European societies pit classes of people against each other in continuous struggle, a struggle which could only come to an end, as Marx and his colleague Engels put it starkly in The Communist Manifesto, “in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.”

Ms. Von Storch’s comments came during a televised debate on whether Germany should follow Austria’s lead in setting an upper limit for the number of migrants it accepts.

Armin Laschet, deputy leader of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), attacked Ms. von Storch when she refused to back down, saying “You and your upper limit. We’ve already heard what you’ve got to say at the lower limit!”

He continued by attempting to defend Mrs. Merkel’s open borders policy, insisting that the Chancellor had never promised that all who come could stay. Emphasising the importance of resolving the conflicts which are fuelling the migrant flow, he praised the Russian President Vladimir Putin for “co-operating” in Syria.

And he raised fears that the European economy would suffer if trucks had to wait at border crossings all across Europe, echoing a claim by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker who insisted last week that reinstating border controls would cost the bloc €3 billion a year.

US taxes and FATCA: 'The time for hiding is over' (Be aware... foreign banks have essentially become enforcement agents of the IRS, close your account, or even freeze your funds..)

FATCA. Since July 2014, the five-letter acronym has instilled dread in the hearts of American expats all around the world.

Published: 26 Jan 2016 09:12 GMT+01:00

“The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) requires banks to report information to the IRS regarding all financial accounts held by American clients,” Ines Zemelman, expat tax specialist and founder ofTaxes for Expats, tells The Local. "The age of financial privacy is over.”

American citizens must report their worldwide earnings and assets to the IRS no matter where in the world they live. WIth the implementation of FATCA, expats who have spent years avoiding this uncomfortable truth are being reminded of it -- as well as being punished if they don’t comply.

This development has led to many foreign banks trying to track down their American clients – and in some cases, lessen their own burden by simply refusing Americans service.

Many expats have begun to receive a ‘FATCA Letter’ from their bank requesting certain information about their US tax status (and asking them to complete either Form W-9 or W-8). The letter usually offers a brief explanation of the FATCA legislation that requires the bank to share your name, address, and other personal details with the American tax authorities - the Internal Revenue Service.

But what if you're not compliant? Some expats choose to ignore the request - but this high-risk approach is likely to quickly bring about a negative outcome.

ZeroHedge: Norway's Biggest Bank Demands Cash Ban (Norway - suffering from its own economic collapse as oil revenues crash - has joined its Scandi peers Denmark and Sweden in a call to "ban cash.")

The war on cash is escalating faster than many had imagined. Having documented the growing calls from the elites and propagandist explanations of the "benefits" to their serfs over the last few years, with China, and The IMF entering the "cashless society" call most recently, International Business Times reports that Norway - suffering from its own economic collapse as oil revenues crash - has joined its Scandi peers Denmark and Sweden in a call to "ban cash."

By way of background, as we explained previously, What exactly does a “war on cash” mean?

It means governments are limiting the use of cash and a variety of official-mouthpiece economists are calling for the outright abolition of cash. Authorities are both restricting the amount of cash that can be withdrawn from banks, and limiting what can be purchased with cash.

These limits are broadly called “capital controls.”

Why Now? Why are governments suddenly so keen to ban physical cash?

read more: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-23/norways-biggest-bank-demands-cash-ban

Prime Creator Confirms Disclosure Process, “Yes There Will Be Announcements On TV”! It Will Be A Different Experience For Believers And Non-Believers - Jan 26, 2016 CET

There is no more accurate news source than Prime Creator… no one’s ego… no human… no non-human… no artificial intelligence…

Some notes from Prime Creator channeling:

Prime Creator talks about the disclosure process, at about the 17:00 mark.

Will everyone experience galactic disclosure?

All souls are being prepared, some souls are ready, others are not.

Many will experience meeting their soul brothers and sisters… those who are not ready will not experience this immediately.

“Yes there will be announcements on tv”.

Prime Creator says the tv announcements will be seen by believers and non-believers.

Non-believers will hear these announcements but are not ready… they will feel like it is a dream, it will not register fully and completely… they may experience disorientation, disclosure will provide initial energies required to meet our star brothers and sisters, but they will not see them right away, as others will.

Each soul is on it’s own timeline for the receiving of these energies, as truth.

IITM: This info., confirms other messages:

Breaking! Obama-Ashtar ET Message To Be Broadcast Via Television, Internet, Phone, and Remote Areas… Many New Advanced Technologies Forthcoming

Archangel Michael: Disclosure Is Close, And In Tandem With Revaluation, Reconstitution, And Reality Shift!

“We Are Moving Ahead With Disclosure” Cabal Surrender Update, UFO Sightings Exponentially Increasing, Ascension Update, Earth Affecting Entire Galaxy

Humanity Making Large Psychological Adjustment To New Currency, Freedom, Disclosure, True History, Ascension, Planetary Cleansing And Nibiru!

Sananda/Jesus Discusses Changes In Disclosure And Why Earth Humans Are The Last In the Multi-verse, To Know

CNBC News Reports: The markets are in store for a ‘thundering reset’ - Jan 26, 2016 CET


Wall Street is breathing a sigh of relief after the S&P 500 Index managed to eke out its first weekly gain of the year. Despite the signs of strength, one prominent market watcher says stocks are still in store for a "thundering reset."

"I think we have a dead cat bounce in no-man's-land," David Stockman told CNBC's "Fast Money" last week. According to Stockman, the broad market has been trading in the abyss since breaking above 1,870 in 2014, seeing a meager 1 percent return since then.

"We're been there now for 700 days…we've had something like 35 attempts at rallies and all of them have failed for what I call the "four no's"," he added.

For Stockman, those "four no's" consist of a combination of no escape velocity, no earnings growth, no dry powder from the central banks and no reflation. Taken together, it leads him to believe the U.S. economy is on the cusp of a full-blown recession.


Benjamin Fulford Update (VIDEO) - Jan 26, 2016 (※Weekly geo-political news and analysis)

Hvem er så denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, Den Internationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage på Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmæssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en række bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sælgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre på internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet på internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

Til tider, kommentere David Wilcock på Fulford's blog. Virkelig spændende nyhedsstof, en vinkel, som bliver mere valid eftersom de begge har informanter og indgange til den virkelige agenda, uden censur, der aldrig når ud i de officielle medier.

Beijing envoy says all US dollars will have a Chinese signature on them by 2018

Udgivet af Benjamin den 26. Januar 2016 (GMT+9) 

The shift in the center of global power is accelerating with a strong push being made to ensure all oil and other international commodities are traded in Chinese dollars or Yuan and not Khazarian so-called US dollars, multiple sources agree. All “US dollars” will have a Chinese person’s signature on them by 2018, according to a special envoy sent to the White Dragon Society by Chinese royals based in Beijing. He promised to send a photograph of these dollars to this newsletter after he returns to China.

As a part of this push, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visited Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran to promise a huge industrial and infrastructure development carrot if Middle Eastern oil was sold in Yuan, Pentagon sources said. The Chinese were too polite to mention the stick that was the alternative to this carrot. However, news reports coming out after Xi’s visit to Saudi Arabia indicated Xi was furious at being snubbed by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef. Instead he was only able to see senile King Salman and his son, the “deputy crown prince.”


Nayef has long been close to the Americans and is deeply involved in ISIS and other such matters, CIA officials say.
To see how much things have changed in the US for Saudi Arabia, watch the following 6 minute Congress hearing featuring Congressman Hank Johnson getting recently retired US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford to admit Saudi Arabia is the main sponsor of radical Wahhabist Islam.


The Saudis are now in surrender mode and are just waiting for higher level fights to conclude before they kiss the feet of the winner, White Dragon Society sources say.

Pentagon sources were more forthcoming, explaining that the problem had now been traced to Turkey, Germany and of course, the Bush/Clinton neo-con Nazi Khazarian faction in the US.

For this reason the US military got Presidential Spokesperson Barack Obama to call Russia’s Vladimir Putin on January 13th. In that conference, the Pentagon and Russia agreed to................
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- FULL Report By Video -

Speech of Truth? - Danish politician Mogens Lykketoft (SAP) and Chairman of the UN General Assembly: Our danish PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen (V) is a »little crook« and Former PM Helle Thorning's (SAP) government was »talentless without any profile«

Published January 26, 2016 by Verdensalt

Blogger: Like in the brilliant  dogma movie "Festen" by Thomas Vinterberg (The Celebration 1998)... At Helge's 60th birthday party, some unpleasant family truths are revealed by the youngest son Christian (Ulrich Thomsen) in a speech. Actually he had already written two speeches. A yellow and a green one. By the table, he asks the father to pick a speech. The father chooses green. The oldest son announces that this is the Speech of Truth

The unusually harsh words derived from Mogens Lykketoft (Social Democrat Party) , who is chairman of the UN General Assembly and former President of the Parliament. On the occasion of that Lykketoft turned 70, he had invited a number of people, including political colleagues for a birthday reception, which was held on January 9, 2016 of the so-called "interview room" at Christiansborg Palace (Parliament - Folketinget)

To start the event Lykketoft held a short speech, which he subsequently - January 14 - sent around in a written copy to guests by e-mail.

"Several of the invites to this party have asked for hard copy of my little introductory speech in the conversation room. It shall be forwarded, "writes Lykketoft in the mail, according to newpaper Berlingske who got the mail forward in their possession.

The mail is sent to more than 50 people, among other S-president Mette Frederiksen, a former Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen (S), Governor Lars Rohde, former Ministers of Justice and Finance Gjellerup (S) and former Foreign Minister Uffe Ellemann Jensen (V).

..... Part of the Speech: First he calls this a "painful experience" that Denmark 'just now have a government and a parliamentary majority that gives priority to trivial, small greasy tax breaks to voters they consider stupid and selfish', like Lykketoft criticizes cuts in development aid and climate action.

"It is the most mindless populist government we have had in my lifetime. With a deeply unattractive policy and some deeply unsympathetic people in key posts, "continues Lykketoft before he criticizes his own party colleagues work in government before the general election in June last year:

"It is sad that the previous government was so talentless and no profile to the paved road back to the little crook, now prime minister," says the Lykketoft's speech, ending with...

.... »However, we cannot allow ourselves to be discouraged by this«

Read more: Danish article: http://www.politiko.dk/nyheder/lykketoft-loekke-er-en-lille-svindler-og-thornings-regering-var-talent-og-pr


Published on Jan 25, 2016

From the January 24, 2015 broadcast of the 2016 X Files premiere.

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