Nov 24, 2017

BREAKING | 24. Nov 2017 | Politiet undersøger mulige eksplosivstoffer i København | Blogger. PS: ""James: By the way, the same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?"". Last couple of times False Flag Ops hits London City, unusual and suspect activities takes place in Denmark - like clockwork. Some sought of test, to see how sacred danish people has become? A ""beta-test"", a drill for something bigger in the horizant?? (In English from TV2 NEWS:) The police are investigating possible explosives in Copenhagen -- The Copenhagen Police have closed off an area in the Northwest Quarter in Copenhagen. A suspicious possible explosives is being investigated. The police confirm that they are in full force in the area with bomb disposal units, evacuation busses, ambulances and an emergency doctor on site... |

Politiet undersøger netop nu mulige eksplosivstoffer. Vi vurderer, at der er tale om et almindeligt kriminelt forhold i det kriminelle miljø. Intet yderligere for nu. 

Zachary K. Hubbard Youtube Channel | Nov 24, 2017 | Oxford Circus London false flag shooting scare, November 24, 2017 +The Kabbalah (Cabal) Code | Blogger: Another London false flag??. “The Fall of Earth’s Planetary Prince” – Hope for the World – 11.21.17 (Oxford Circus: Piers Morgan accuses Olly Murs and Russell Brand of sparking hysteria with ‘fake news’ tweets amid major terror scare - Terrorism Fears Unfounded) -- illuminati kabbalah numerology -- False Flag Egypt & London Scare... |

Daily Mail reporters get their facts utterly wrong in rush to break Oxford Circus evacuation


Oxford Circus London false flag shooting scare, November 24, 2017 +The Kabbalah (Cabal) Code

In these terrorist times, putting up heavy stone blocks as part of the city landscape in several major Danish cities. This also applies in Aarhus, where they have just set up some architectural and white painted concrete blocks, replacing the somewhat less beautiful versions that had previously been at the entrance to the pedestrianised high street "Strøget" in Aarhus city. But many has made their remark and wonder, that something is completely wrong..

'Security surrounding pedestrianised high street "Strøget" a FB posting begins:

The most important purpose of the concrete blocks is to prevent terrorist attacks such as those taking place in Nice and Barcelona, where terrorists plowed crowds from large trucks and vans, but the picture shows a truck in the background which seems impossible to climb or get passed the  concrete blocks, people has reacted with wonder on on the Facebook page.....[READ MORE] | Nov 24, 2017 | DR-chefer sendt hjem: Praktikanter udsat for upassende adfærd | Blogger. Let the cleansing begin!! -- The Movement of #MeToo has hit DR, officially biggest Danish Broadcasting Corporation, several senior exec has been suspended in a case of inappropriate behavior against trainees.. Sleeping Beauty is the latest victim, #MeToo is here to stay. We must challenge all men about sexual harassment. However, why are the MSM outlets silence about #PedoGate industry? The hashtag #MeToo might draw attention to sexual violence, but will it make men stop? We have been drowned in sexual abuse for many centuries, not to downsize the importance of #Metoo, but when do Pandora's Box opened for Deep State and the C.I.A.'s Global #PedoGate were the REAL important players are in hiding?... |

DR tolerer ikke mobning eller krænkelser af nogen art, lyder det fra DR-ansatte Caroline Reiler. Foto: Bjarne Hermansen/DR

Yahoo News | Nov 24, 2017 | Attack on mosque in Egypt's Sinai kills at least 235: state media | .. Cairo (AFP) - Armed attackers on Friday killed at least 235 worshippers in a bomb and gun assault on a packed mosque in Egypt's restive North Sinai province, state media reported, the country's deadliest attack in recent memory .. |

Security forces are fighting the Egyptian branch of the Islamic State group in the Sinai peninsula
Security forces are fighting the Egyptian branch of the Islamic State group in the Sinai peninsula (AFP Photo/MOHAMED EL-SHAHED)

PFC \\ | Nov 24, 2017 | Please Help Me to Decree that the Truth about Vaccinations Is Revealed Now... | .. We could decree something like this: I {your name here} declare and decree and command in the presence of the Council of Love {name if you wish any or all Guides – Light Beings} that I wish that the truth about vaccinations be revealed now to the human population on Gaia. This is the will of Source {– your name –} and so it is, and so it is, and so it is .. |

by Therese Zumi Sumner

I have to say that some years ago I decided that from now on my blogging would be focused on information about the Event and the Disclosure process that I ‘knew’ to be the truth, along with advice to help our Ascension process from reliable channeled information. I felt that I had posted so much info pertaining to the madness, chaos, deceit, lies and manipulation and decided then to leave that informing to others. I had devoted a page on my website to truth about vaccinations and posted many articles about this on PFC and my blog and felt ‘enough of that’.

However, just the very thought that a child close to me might be vaccinated shortly due to peer pressure brings out a deep anger within me that I must do something about. I have consciously fought this practice of vaccinating ever since the truth was revealed to me in 1988-89. I had my own alternative practice from 1987 - 2002 where I spread the information I knew about to parents of small children. Some years ago, when 6-700 {65% teenagers} in Sweden contracted the disease ‘Narcolepsy’ proven to be a ‘side effect’ of the swine-flu vaccine, I was thanked by a neighbor on behalf of her three sons who had wondered “why were we never vaccinated at all” after a close friend of theirs got narcolepsy. All over this planet there are maimed and lamed children after vaccination programs like the one for polio in places like India. It makes me so sick to think on this subject.

The vaccination ideas were created according to Cobra in the Nazi concentration camps during WW2. Just one example of evidence I know to be true is that sometime in the 80-90’s Finland carried out the biggest ever polio vaccine operation ever in any other European country. Later when a polio epidemic arrived the worse cases of polio were to be found in Finland in the vaccinated population!! Do you really think that the multinational pharmaceutical companies want this type of info to spread? Did you hear about the doctors in the USA murdered for speaking out? I just went to the PFC search engine and put in the words ‘doctors murdered vaccinations’ and found more than a dozen articles posted about these truths by most of the people collaborating here on PFC. | Nov 23, 2017 | More than 40% of reported rapes in the EU take place in England and Wales | .. Ninety-nine per cent of people jailed for violent sexual crimes across the union are male, new figures show. Some 64,500 attacks were recorded in the two countries during 2015 of which 35,800 were rapes, according to figures released by Eurostat. The overall figure for England and Wales accounted for 30 per cent of the EU total – about 215,000 – while the number of rape reports was nearly 45 per cent of the union’s 80,000 total.. While England and Wales had the highest overall number, Sweden's per capita rate was greater than all other countries.. | Blogger: RT: (2014) -- Cover up? Review of Home Office handling of Westminster child sex allegations slammed.. RT: (2015) -- Pedophilia in Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’ – Theresa May.. RT: (2017) -- Sexual violence expert brought into Westminster after harassment allegations... |


While England and Wales had the highest overall number, Sweden's per capita rate was greater than all other countries' Getty | Nov 18, 2017 | ÆGTE internationalt aftalt spil: Nigel Farage afslører massivt Soros netværk af Europaparlamentmedlemmer, der spreder "gender theory" åbne grænser og russofobi (VIDEO) |

© Philippe Desmazes / AFP
George Soros
Idet han overtager anti-Soros faklen fra den ungarnske leder Viktor Orban, søger den britiske politiker Nigel Farage at undersøge andre medlemmer af EU parlament, som støtter den rige forretningsmands kontroversielle vision. Men er Orbans og Farages frygt begrundet?

Den britiske politiker, Nigel Farage, det fremtrædende ansigt for Bexit, er nu bekymret over Europas skæbne. I en tale til EU paramentet i denne uge fremlagde Farage nogle tænksomme ideer om kilden til påstandene om, at Rusland på én eller anden måde manipulerede Brexit afstemningen og Trump valget.

"Netop i sidste uge igangsatte valgkomissionen i Storbritannien en undersøgelse for at finde ud af, hvorvidt "Forlad" kampagnen modtog offshoremidler eller russiske penge," Farage sagde.
Kommentar: Delvist oversat af fra ACTUAL international collusion: Nigel Farage exposes massive Soros network of MEPs spreading 'gender theory', open borders and russophobia (VIDEO)
"This came about as a result of questions asked in the House of Commons by one Ben Bradshaw, somebody linked to an organization called Open Society."

But Farage, who seems to take great delight in agitating his fellow MPs, was just warming up. He went on to provide yet another example of an EU parliamentarian working on behalf of George Soros, this time against Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, who has accused the financier of seeking to create "a Europe of mixed population."

"We even had last week Mr. [Guy] Verhofstadt lobbying on behalf of Mr. Soros at the Conference of Presidents in a battle that is going on with Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary," Farage said, pointing directly at Verhofstadt as he spoke.

"I wonder," Farage continued, "when we are talking about 'political collusion,' I wonder if we are looking in the wrong place."
Farage described Soros's influence in Strasbourg and Brussels as "truly extraordinary." And that influence looks set to increase dramatically now that Soros has donated the bulk of his wealth - $18 billion - into his Open Society pet project, which campaigns for open borders and supranational structures such as the European Union.
Comment: Small detail: it's unlikely that so much of it is from Soros' own money, but he'd be happy for people to believe so because it gives the project an aura of 'philanthropy'. 
Farage concluded his short, fiery monologue with a weighty statement: "I fear we could be looking at the biggest level of international, political collusion in history."

UFOmania - The truth is out there | Nov 24, 2017 | Caught Shapeshifting In Front Of Celebs At Serena Williams’ Wedding | .. Beyoncé’s legions of fans were dealt a devastating blow when the Single Ladies singer was caught shapeshifting into a reptilian at Serena Williams’ wedding ceremony on Saturday .. | Blogger: 👁️👹👺👾👽I don't know if i believe in this Beyoncé story, however, Sometimes, you just have to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who think they are fooling you... We're being told that extraterrestrial life DON'T live among us on Earth. Truth or False? Funny little side note -- Denmark: October 2017, Queen B has grown into such a large part of popular culture that the Department of Arts and Culture at the University of Copenhagen has now dedicated a subject (part of the undergraduate class) to the world-renowned Soul Queen Beyoncé (so, danish students are actually worshiping a reptilian from outer space, thats funny)... It's on record that Pres. Putin accused Queen Elizabeth II of shape-shifting repeatedly as a warning “not to mess” with her as the high-priestess of the world-ruling Reptilian-Illuminati clique. A Danish taxi driver described driving past a group of VIP guests at the 2014 Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen and seeing some of their faces turn reptilian and some of their hands and feet take on a reptilian look...The official post from 'The Royal Family' about the 'Queen seen by her subjects in a different form' has been censored and removed from the internet... (Satire: Kirsten Birgit Schiøtz Kretz Hørsholm -- Kirsten Birgit ringer til Putin med et spørgsmål fra Ulla Terkelsen. "Yes, hallo. This is Mette Fugl calling from Denmark - ehm, Mette Fowl - and I have a very important spørgsmål. Is Mr. Putin aware of a secret organisation consisting of lizards from outer space controlling the world order? And ehm - ja, that was Mette Bird from Denmark calling. He has to answer, if he's a reptilian. So, yes - thank you. Cut me out, Zissel.")... |

Beyoncé’s legions of fans were dealt a devastating blow when the Single Ladies singer was caught shapeshifting into a reptilian at Serena Williams’ wedding ceremony on Saturday.

Finanswatch | Nov 24, 2017 | Joachim B. Olsen om Danske Bank-ledelse i hvidvasksag: En minister var blevet fyret for det her | .. 🤥 Interne dokumenter fra Danske Bank afslører, at bankledelsen vidste, at banken hjalp mistænkelige kunder i bankens estiske afdeling med at skjule sig for myndighederne. De nye oplysninger er i strid med, hvad topchef Thomas Borgen tidligere har forklaret 🤥 Hvis en minister havde fejlinformeret Folketinget på samme måde, som Danske Bank har gjort i forbindelse med bankens hvidvasksag, var ministeren blevet fyret, lyder det fra Joachim B. Olsen fra Liberal Alliance. Han peger på, at der er "et kæmpe troværdighedstab" forbundet med sagen 🤥 Erhvervsminister Brian Mikkelsen (K) var torsdag eftermiddag blevet hevet i åbent samråd efter de seneste afsløringer om, at Danske Banks ledelse havde kendskab til hvidvaskproblemerne. Her gentog han, at det er uacceptabelt, hvis bankerne ikke lever op til deres ansvar på området, men henviste i øvrigt til, at Finanstilsynet er i gang med en undersøgelse .. |


RT - Russia Today | Nov 24, 2017 | Imagine! An ‘alternative internet’ not ‘completely in the hands of Facebook & Google’ | .. Telecom giants in the US are set for a significant victory if Washington goes ahead with its plan to repeal so-called 'net neutrality' rules. The Obama-era legislation was enacted to prevent internet service providers from potentially cornering parts of the digital market and charging extra fees. As a result, it's likely to have a direct impact on internet speeds in the US and cause a lot of inconvenience for users. Meanwhile, Google has just been ""caught secretly"" collecting location data from Android phone users, even after they turned off location settings and had no SIM card in their devices. So is there a way to escape from the increasing arbitrariness of the ‘regular internet’? .. |

Kim Dotcom, the founder of Megaupload, who is wanted in America for alleged illegal file sharing, has pledged to create an ‘alternative internet’ to defend rights to privacy and freedom online.

Drudge Report | Nov 24, 2017 | ~ SEASON'S BEATINGS ~ | 🛒Shoppers punch and kick; Baby hit with shoe...🛒 One shot outside mall, brawls shut another...🛒 VIDEO: Men squabble over toy car...🛒 Chaos goes global...🛒 Customers wear employee uniforms to sneak in to stores!... 🛒Facial recognition tracking EVERYWHERE...(🛒Three big chains in Denmark are criticized for fake offers on Black Friday and 25 percent price raise)... |

Folkets Avis | Nov 24, 2017 | Karen West, Frihedsfeministen: "når borgerne skal fortælles at det går fantastisk godt – skal der både dygtige konsulenter og journalister til at fortælle den løgn" | .. "Tillykke" København, med det mørkerøde flertal. Man kan da ikke andet konstatere, at københavnerne er meget glade for status quo. Det være sig den manglende beskæftigelse, som flere røde og lyserøde integrations- og beskæftigelsesborgmestre ikke har løst i alle de år, de har siddet på posten. Hovedstaden fører stadig på procenterne, hvad angår folk på kontanthjælp. Ej heller er integrationsproblemerne løst. Især de voksende parallelsamfund, hvor bandernes faderfigurer nu forhandler på bedste mellemøstlig vis med hinanden, så de små bandepusser lærer, hvem der bestemmer. Politiet eller politikerne bestemmer ihvertfald ikke over nogle i parallelsamfundene. Det lykkedes så heller ikke at mindske parallelsamfundene, eftersom de er vokset støt og roligt. Det synes borgerne i København åbenbart er rigtig godt, eftersom de nu stemmer for status quo .. |

Rådhuset. Foto: Henrik Jessen / CC BY-SA 3.0
LÆS VIDERE: | Nov 23, 2017 | Foreign professors being reported to police for passing on knowledge | Blogger: THIS IS A VERY BIZARRE STORY!!!.. The Sneakers - Too Many Secrets.. (PS: On a personal note, i think that the professor knows too much, too many secrets, about the global banking system is rigged - US Financial Executive or Legislative Bodies like - I.M.F., FED, U.S.T, C.T., B.I.S., WORLD BANK, U.N., M M.O.U.S.E., tax havens - and how it's all interconnected, channel through the uber-wealthy elite, through political governmental body, hence, she's being escorted out the country and destroyed by the Rothschild and danish state of Denmark - similar to what the FBI do in US to their citizens)... "..🕳️🕳️🕳️ She's actually considering taking her own son by the hand and fleeing from DENMARK🕳️🕳️🕳️..".".. Billions in tax havens: "If people knew how crazy the system is, there would be a revolution.." .".. (The notorious, courageous and rebellious Women), the US professor Brooke Harrington at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), ""loses"" the right to apply or being granted a permanent residence permit in Denmark the next 15 years, if she receives a fine for holding a memorandum in the Danish Parliament, the tax authority SKAT and the Danish business authority Erhvervsstyrelsen to share her expertise on tax havens. According to Danish law, non-EU citizens are not permitted to pass on their knowledge outside their own university, in accordance with their residence permits, according to".".. (theatlantic) Inside the Secretive World of Tax-Avoidance Experts. A sociologist realized that if she were ever going to understand global inequality she would have to become one of the people who helps create it. So she trained to become a wealth manager to the ultra-rich... "". -- Brooke: It is said that the one who lives hidden, lives in paradise. In London, a company has the slogan: "I want to be invisible.". It is estimated that wealth managers each year help to evade the world treasury bills for $ 200 billion in lost tax revenue. The secrets can deal with substance abuse, homosexuality, mistresses and children out of wedlock. "The wealth manager must know it all. Everything. Not only about the client, but also about the entire client's family. So it's very soap-operative, (It's all rigged) "she says.. I would say that about a quarter of the world expressed the view that tax is theft. And that they are doing the moral right by protecting their clients from the big badly confiscating welfare states, according to Brooke .."... Blogger: Did she reveal the truth about the Nationalbanken do not print money?? Danmarks Nationalbank only produces banknotes and coins (5% of the money supply). The rest, the so-called digital accounts (95% of the money supply), which we have on our Dankort and as bank deposits are produced by the banks without any form of restriction or state control... Did she disclose about the secretly 140 danish VIP names, whose companies are linked to 'Paradise Papers'??. Did she portrait Henrik Sass Larsen, and other Danish Politicians, swearing falsely information to Parliament (Folketinget), about the Privilege of Money!?? (their involvement in the economic plundering of the Danish people)... Did she tell them, the world's economic elite employs a creative crowd of wealth managers who, in the shadow of globalization, bring enormous values in tax havens.??... |