September 29, 2018

ufosightingshotspot | Sep 29, 2018 | ~ “Hidden In Plain Sight” Denver’s International Airport New Ad Campaign ~ | .. Denver International Airport has displayed a new advertising campaign revolving around both their new construction site and the conspiracy theories that have hovered around the idea that there is more happening at this airport than meets the eye .. |

On Sept 4th 2018, Denver International Airport (DIA) tweeted something that is either a genius marketing ploy or a ‘hidden in plain sight’ scenario.

DIA is known for its creepy murals and a demonic blue horse statue which stands at the front of the airport as well as a statue of Anubis.

SPACE | Sep 29, 2018 | ~ Super Typhoon Trami Looks Tremendous from Space in These Amazing Astronaut Photos ~ | .. As Super Typhoon Trami migrates northwest across the Pacific Ocean toward Japan and Taiwan, astronauts on the International Space Station got quite the view of the intense storm. European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst shared several pictures of the typhoon earlier yesterday (Sept. 27), which to him looked like water flushing down a drain. "As if somebody pulled the planet's gigantic plug. Staring down the eye of yet another fierce storm," Gerst wrote on Twitter, along with the pictures. "Category 5 Super Typhoon Trami is unstoppable and heading for Japan and Taiwan. Be safe down there! #Typhoon Trami" .. | Blogger: [⚠️We Love Mass Meditation - Emergency Meditation Update. ↠ Indonesia earthquake ↠ Extraterrestrial captives held by Chimera- and Archon- controlled Negative Military ↠ Hurricane Rosa.Victory of the Light!⚠️] ... OMG! 😨 Brace for Impact... Still don't believe in HAARP, EISCAT, Ionospheric Heaters, radar Rings, Anomaly, Owning weather, Weather Warfare, GEOENGINEERING, Chemtrails etc. etc...?... A rare storm, dubbed a "Medicane" because of its hurricane-like features and impact on the Mediterranean, is set to impact Greece and Turkey... |

Super Typhoon Trami looks "as if somebody pulled the planet's gigantic plug," according to European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst, who posted this image to Twitter Sept. 25.Credit: A. Gerst/ESA/NASA


Emergency Meditation Update

Here is an update on the following topics for Emergency Meditation
- Indonesia earthquake
- Extraterrestrial captives held by Chimera- and Archon- controlled Negative Military
- Hurricane Rosa

Indonesia earthquake

Indonesia was struck by a major 7.5 magnitude earthquake today, which triggered a tsunami hours after a series of tremors brought down houses on the island of Sulawesi.

Waves of up to two metres (6.5ft) smashed into the city of Palu after the major quake struck offshore on Friday, collapsing buildings and washing a ship ashore.

Authorities issued a tsunami warning following the powerful 7.5 magnitude quake but lifted the alert before the waves hit.

Indonesian disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroh said the tsunami swept away homes and entire families are reported missing.

The powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck just off the island of Sulawesi (Image: EXPRESS) Source:

The quake hit just after 10 AM UTC (6pm local time) as dusk fell.

Communications were down and the airport closed, hampering rescue efforts and making it impossible to assess the damage to life and property, officials said. | Archive | Spirit Science | May 25, 2018 | ~ Secrets of the Pineal Gland ~ | Blogger: [🍬Afkalkning af ens Pinealkirtlen, hvordan vi forbedre vores vej til Ascension, åbning af pinealkirtlen - Koglekirtlen🍸] .. ØV! den unge teenager Erin Janu's video er VÆK! 😥 (censureret) ... Nok en af de bedste øjenåbnere på nettet! 💡 ... (ejet af amerikanske DuPont:) - De Danske Sukkerfabrikker og Danisco - Den milliard store hvide mands sukker industri, som blokerer for åbningen af Koglekirtlen og gør os dødsyge ... |

Ancient traditions knew of the pineal and enshrouded its mysteries in their lore. knew that the pineal plays a role in our spiritual development and communication with spiritual beings. But with an increasingly toxic world, many people do not know of the innate gifts inherent to an open pineal. 
Hey everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, not to worry - behind the scenes we’ve been working really hard to get to the place where we can create and share a never-ending stream of videos! We even moved into an actual office, and with a small animation team, we’re ready to start cranking out videos! We’re hoping to publish the next Spirit Science episode next monday, and they should continue to roll out from there!  We’re also especially excited to be working with Gaia to help share some rather meaningful content. They’ve offered to share a couple of exclusive videos with us to help get the energy rolling, and we were so blown away by their library of content, that it’s such an honour to be able to share it with you today! Thank you Gaia, you guys are amazing!! 
To you, our humble audience - thank you for all of your patience and love over the years. We’re so happy to get this motion rolling once again! 
It is the dawn of a golden age! See you soon!  With tremendous love, Patchman, Jordan & the team at Spirit Studios


Afkalkning af ens Pinealkirtlen, hvordan vi forbedre vores vej til Ascension, åbning af pinealkirtlen - Koglekirtlen (15. Aug 2014)

Blev overrasket over denne korte Youtube video, sat sammen af en teenager ved navn,  Erin Janu, og hendes viden om Pinealkirten, generelle livssyn om spiritualitet. Fysiologiske funktion af pinealkirtlen har været ukendt indtil den seneste tid; Melatonin – vores indre ur. Vi har i vores pinealkirtel på undersiden af hjernen et ”livsur” eller et ”tredie øje”, der gennem sin døgnrytme programmerer både sexual- og immunfunktionerne, bl.a. gennem brisselen (thymus). Der foregår en neuro-immun-modulering og overordnet styring af hormonerne, der ændrer sig cyklisk gennem døgnet. 

Jeg forestiller mig, vi alle kan åbne Pinealkirtlen via vores tredje-øje, 
tunnellen mellem det fysiske og den spirituelle verden. Det tredje øje styrer de forskellige biorytmer af kroppen. Hvis vi er de-aktiveret, overgår vores system til en Zombie tilstand. Den trance af sløvhed, frygt, angst, depression, sygdomme, manipulation, uvidenhed og livet i vores 3D - basal set. Hvis den er aktiveret, når det tredje øje åbner, kan det føles som et tryk ved bunden af ​​hjernen. Vores bevidsthed og sanseoplevelse kan drastisk forandre sig til det bedre, hvis vi arbejder gennem meditation, yoga og andre ting. Rigtigt mange mener, det er hele grundlaget for at højne vores frekvens, vibrationer og bevidsthed mod Ascension og 5D. Min egen åbning, ihvertfald starten på denne process, var under Kriya Yoga for mit tredje-øje. Pinealkirtlen er først nået mit bevidsthedsniveau indenfor de sidste par år. 

Herunder Youtube videoen af Erin Janu, en Quick-guide til udrensning eller afkalkning kan forbedre vores modtagelse via Pinealkirtlen gennem vores vaner, højne vores frekvens, hvordan vi spiser og lever. Det er ingen hemmelighed hvor farligt fluor i tandpasta er, som også findes i specialfremstillet madvarer for ens krop og koncentrationen af tungmetaller såsom kviksølv. (Kviksølv som også findes i dine plomber i tænderne)

Now seen more than 1,5 million Youtube viewers | Archive | Jason A World News | Jul 14, 2018 | ~ America: Something is Very Wrong! ~ | Blogger: [👱‍♀️LUCY - Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) talks about using more than 10% of the brain. Pseudoscience alert. Pierre Del Rio: What happens when she reaches 100%? 🧠] ... (37.2 Trillion: Galaxies or Human Cells or Brain Cells? ) ... - let me answer that for you Mr. Professor Norman: ONE thing for sure, if humans were able to use their junk-DNA, activated the Pineal gland and detoxified our body, mind and soul, we would NEVER allow the pharmaceutical mafia, to give us low-frequency medicine, prozac and metal nanoparticle contaminated vaccines.. We would NOT allow, our 'rulers' access to our private life, dictate our lifestyle and poison our food. Said NO, to AI, robotics, and automation. We would set us free from dictatorship and political power-lust. Greed, power, prestige and money, would no longer exist as traditional values, has exploited through thousands of years. Set us free for forced reincarnation on prison planet Earth and NOT allow FEAR to control us, at ALL TIMES... |

jason a world news 2018 mental health awareness

DR | 29. Sep 2018 | ~ Tæt på sandheden med Jonatan Spang ~ | .. Sidste chance for at grine af ugen der er gået, inden du bliver ramt af den næste. Comedyshow hvor ugens nyheder og tidsaktuelle tendenser tages under kærlig, men bestemt behandling af Jonatan Spang .. | Blogger: Startskuddet til sæson 3 er DEN BEDSTE, indtil videre... Ufatteligt at DR tillader, Jonatan Spang, at formidle disse budskaber, som rammer magteliten, lige i solar plexus. Men tror DF har trådt over DR's Maria Rørbye Rønn, der nu tager revanche... Danske Bank får såååå mange tæsk, jeg ikke har set før og det er sgu også på tide... Check lige praktikanten Camilla ud, som spørger ind til svindlen på pressemødet og de efterfølgende LYVER FOR ÅBEN SKÆRM og de efterfølgende svabere af SANDHEDER, udført at Jonatan. Det er mig ubegribeligt, at danskerne, ikke siger STOP... |

MrMBB333 \\ Jason A World News | Sep 29, 2018 | ~ 🔴 Giant storm to DWARF N Atlantic! - 1200 Miles WIDE ~ | .. EUROPE IS GOING TO BE INUNDATED, BRITAIN IS AT THE LEADING EDGE .. |

The Economic Collapse | Sep 29, 2018 | ~ The Stock Market Just Crashed In Italy, And Argentina Has Panic-Raised Interest Rates To 65 Percent ~ | Blogger: Turkey's currency has plunged and China & US trade war, going to hurt the world.... |

In the 9th largest economy in the world, the financial markets are crashing, and in the 21st largest economy in the world the central bank just raised interest rates to 65 percent to support a currency that is completely imploding. While the mainstream media in the United States continues to be obsessed with all things Kavanaugh, an international financial crisis threatens to spiral out of control. Stock prices are falling and currencies are collapsing all over the planet, but because the U.S. has been largely unaffected so far the mainstream media is mostly choosing to ignore what is happening. But the truth is that this is serious. The financial crisis in Italy threatens to literally tear the EU apart, and South America has become an economic horror show. The situation in Brazil continues to get worse, the central bank of Argentina has just raised interest rates to 65 percent, and in Venezuela starving people are literally eating cats and dogs in order to survive. How bad do things have to get before people will start paying attention?

On Friday, Italian stocks had their worst day in more than two years, and it was the big financial stocks that were on the cutting edge of the carnage

B.T. Nyheder | 29. Sep 2018 | ~ Politiet jagter en eller flere personer - broer lukket, færger indstillet, tog holder stille ~ | Blogger: [False Flags: Template for Terror 🎅🏿Santa Obummer Is Coming to Town. Get Ready for a Shakedown😨] ... (Denmark- Sleeping Beauty - is filled with con artists, money launderers, cheaters or hamsters with street gangs fighting, but police want to save us!?. From what!? The boogeyman!???) ... LET ME JUST POINT THIS OUT. NEVER, EVER in Denmark's history, has a overwhelming police force (SWAT), military and Danish Security and Intelligence Service been on a HIGHER national security alert when Barack Obama arrived and then SUDDENLY, closes Zealand, with hundreds and thousands of people, being affected, by this incident!!! Just like Gotham City in Batman movies... Danes seems to be soooooo naive, submissive and shows self-destructive behavior and will let everything go, in the name of national security. That's good, NOT to fall into the angerpit and fearfulness. Please do not fall into the matrix trap... NOTHING is what it seems... Have the police Incident Commanders / rescuers / special command center (KSN), told you any viable news - NOOO!!... Were they after Obummer!? Just wondering when people will wake up and smell the coffee, made on cow poop🙄... 💡PS: ... It's funny that the Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, head of government in the Kingdom of Denmark (with Margrethe II of Denmark) has 'suddenly' turned down ex-president Barack Obama, visit to SDU in Kolding September 28, at a closed event. And of course the danish PM's special advisers has told him to stand down, cause they KNOW, what's going to happen. In the meanwhile, people still living in the suppressed 3D Matrix of Illusion, has no clue and perhaps do not care... |

Caroline Oceana Ryan Newsletter - Excerpts only | Sep 29, 2018 | ~ A Message to Lightworkers ~ | .. The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective .. |

Greetings, Beautiful Being!

Yesterday someone reminded me of that old Chinese saying (which they not too accurately called a blessing!), "May you live in interesting times."

We laughed over that, because Wow -- these times are definitely interesting.

It has been hard for some (myself included) to hear the descriptions of painful experiences being voiced by sexual abuse survivors now, as they come forward demanding justice.

It can trigger our own emotions regarding what we ourselves have had to face over the years, even as we stand in solidarity with those coming forward.

Several people asked if the Collective would address this issue -- the events in the news, and the triggering so many have been experiencing -- and so that's what this week's Message is about.

I find it far more inspiring and comforting than anything else, and I hope you will too.

Please do not fall into the matrix trap of believing this Message to be a "political statement" that favors one group or political party or another.

It is far bigger than that. It is about our Ascension, and remembering Who we really are.

Sending Divine Light and Love to you, and to all bravely speaking out now,

A Message to Lightworkers -
September 28, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again.

Our writer has asked us to address the issue of sexual assault as it is being discussed now on television and all other forms of media.

For many, this is a time of revolution—a time of freedom from the shame, low self-worth, sadness, and feelings of loss they have experienced since being attacked, or abused in an ongoing way.

We do not speak of this awakening of women’s (and some men’s) voices in an attempt to create further division between individuals, within families, or within social groups, such as some are using it to create.

That is not what this moment is about.

When we see the #MeToo movement and the bravery of those who identify as survivors (not victims), we see a reflection of the growing presence of the Divine Feminine upon the Earth.

At its heart, this is not a female vs. male nor even a survivor vs. predator movement.

In the bigger sense, it is an expression of the recognition in women and girls of their inner Divinity, their sacred individualism, the strength and wisdom of their voices, and the need for their equal participation in all matters of life in this new era of the Sat Yuga.

It is also an sign of the end of the old male power structure, and the presumption on the part of males in nearly every culture that their presence, ideas, and opinions matter more that than of others—and that their word carries far more weight than that of women or young people.

It has been particularly hard for white males, born into various levels of the eons-old patriarchal power structure, to develop certain aspects of their personal and soul growth—their Divinity—under a system that says, “Whatever you do is all right. Do as you please, and protect your brothers as they do as they please, by shoring up the system that ensures your immunity from being questioned, or made to answer for your actions.”

Certainly, this has not been the case in every instance.

Some males have been made to face justice and to answer for the crimes and other injustices they have waged against others, including situation in which they abused their power or influence in the home, workplace, or government.

But in this era into which you have emerged, the prevailing (and fast-increasing) energies of higher Light on the planet have created an environment in which exploitation, injustices, and inequalities of all kinds will no longer be tolerated by the masses as “status quo.”

It is disturbing to many to see the old order crumbling.

And yet, know that each of you in her or his own way has come here to contribute not merely to the end of the old era, but to the establishing and anchoring of the new one.

We see that many are feeling triggered by the descriptions of assault, and environments of intimidation and harassment, from those coming forward to speak publicly of their experiences, to stop predators from continuing their crimes.

This can be a difficult moment for many, as they relive their own painful situations.

Healing from any form of sexual abuse can take time in your world, as the subconscious contains so many layers of thought and feeling, and the etheric body, invaded by the presence of the perpetrator, retains those energies until they are washed clean from the survivor’s energy field by way of energy clearings.

Nearly every female in your world has, in one Earth life or another, carried the heavy weight of having been abused, and for many, it has occurred to varying degrees in multiple Earth lives.

Thankfully, there are energy clearing audio recordings and videos available online (some them offered for free), and energy practitioners who work with abuse survivors, so that the survivor does not have to continue to carry the weight of their experience or the perpetrator’s energies.
Please know that you are never alone in your journey.

Your Spirit team of guides, Angels, and higher self are with you at every moment, ready to download you with healing, wisdom, compassion, and guidance.

This issue is rising again for you now, because it is demanding to be healed more fully . . .


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

GAOG | Sep 29, 2018 | ~ Tsunami Hits Indonesia’s Palu after Strong Earthquake ~ | .. A 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Sulawesi Sept. 28, 2018, followed by a tsunami. Five deaths reported so far; not known whether they were tsunami-related .. | Blogger: to 200,000 dying each year from polluted water .. | Blogger: All prayers go out to Indonesia. Also the world's affected populace in regards to water pollution, earthquakes, extreme weather, drought, and fresh water shortages etc... 🕯️😔💞... In memorial of Dr. Masaru Emoto - Water, Consciousness & Intent. Love and Appreciation - "Water we are sorry, Water please forgive us, Water we thank you, Water we love you"... |

Tsunami hits Indonesia’s Palu after strong earthquake, Sept. 28, 2018

A strong tsunami triggered by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake has hit a coastal Indonesian city, officials say.

Waves of up to 2m (6.6ft) high swept through Palu on Sulawesi island, not long after authorities had lifted a tsunami warning.

Video on social media shows people screaming and fleeing in panic and a mosque amongst the buildings damaged.

Officials have reported five deaths – but it is not clear if those were as a result of the tsunami.

Last month, a series of earthquakes struck the Indonesian island of Lombok, killing hundreds of people – the biggest on 5 August killed more than 460.

The earthquake hit just off central Sulawesi at a depth of 10km (6.2 miles) just before 18:00 (11:00 GMT), the US Geological Survey said.

A tsunami warning was issued, but lifted within the hour.

The dramatic video footage of the tsunami hitting Palu shows the high waves sweeping away several buildings and then the large tilted mosque in the town, about 80km from the quake’s epicentre.

The Positive Side of 2012 | Sep 29, 2018 | ~ Something Just Happened SEPT 24th (Major Event News !!) ~ | .. BREAKING NEWS! The answer is YES. Sept 24th 2018 = CHECKMATE!! The Cabal has no more options left. The A-Team and GALACTICS are excited! Dancing! Come share that excitement with us here. Included is the Andrew Bartzis The Alchemical Equity, Union and Communion Consciousness Strike Revocation .. | Blogger: As always, use your own spiritual discernment to read on my blog... |

Disclosure News Italy | Sep 29, 2018 | ~ QAnon Update September 28 Red October ~ |