Mar 3, 2017

BREAKING | World Wide #Pedogate Update | NO: The Norwegian police are sounding the alarm after customs recent months seized 21 sex dolls that resemble children - in Denmark, they are still legal | Right now, the police, in a major European action video, sends out warnings to Internet sites where shared child pornography exists called "" | Unique Police2Peer initiative combats child sexual exploitation and abuse online | Forensic experts say they have found a mass grave with small children by a former Catholic orphanage in Ireland - 800 death certificates of children who died at the orphanage, while it was in use from 1925 to 1961 | Pedogate Is Worldwide, Sessions Priming To Indict, Trump Is On Board, Israel, Vatican, Britain, Asia Involved | ES: Child Trafficking by the Catholic Church in Spain — 300,000 Babies Stolen from Their Parents and Sold for Adoption (BBC Documentary) | DK: Former scout leader convicted of possession of child pornography

It's dolls like this that have been seized in Norway Photo: Customs Service, Norway

Do you have a sexual interest in children?

This page is a collection of links to available online and offline help for those that have a sexual interest in children. The list is compiled and updated by the police in various countries, but this is not a law enforcement site. The links provided here are for help and prevention purposes only, providing those that want help with their situation – somewhere to start in their own country and language. These links are provided “as is” and the quality of the services may vary. Some countries lack low-level help and information sites for persons that have a sexual interest in children or such resources have not yet been identified in your country. The list will be updated as we are made aware of such resources. The links are collected as a part of the joint police initiative Police2Peer – aiming to limit the distribution of child sexual abuse material in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. No information from this page will ever become part of any criminal investigation.

Wolf Spirit & Alex Collier | Andromedan Contactee *LIVE* Webinar | No. 28 | Friday March 3, 2017! | Note: Technical difficulties with this weeks webinar Webinarjam failed | (Excerpts fra Alex LIVE Webinar: The bad guys are NOT done, only when there found in the box og left the planet.. Cabal are using cashless society to get control over humanity, even if some european countries are pushing back.. A.I. groups, Reptilians, Elohim, Nefilim, Anunnaki sees humans on earth, as an asset.. Nine months ago, our 'controllers' deployed alien DNA into medicine and vaccines for a long term damage to humans - a prison to humanity (transhumanism futuristic alterations of cells and DNA).. So, human scientists has developed and deploying 'products' for trapping humanity into programmable zombies to own you (soul trap).. However, some humans and resistance groups are aware of these dark agendas and start pushing back.. Next month's huge energetic emotions will raise among humanity (3D angy, reckless, density). If your not evolving, you will be removed from the planet, same goes for the bad guys (controllers).. First contacts to earth will not be friendly, as mentioned before.. Alex has been asked to pass along a question-- Why did hollow earth community never helped humanity on earth surface now and for thousand of years ago?.. The light and dark is literary at war and more and more starships comes into our solar system.. Last week Alex talked about 'holding the light', Alex is explaning it in more details, to avoid misinterpretations.. Be prepared and hold the light.. When the EVENT comes, we're get a new reality of the speed of light.. Hold the light, bless both your enemies and friends -- More light you create, more light comes back, that's how the universe works.. Mother earth beginning to adjust into 4D and 5D but also need our blessings.. Taking care of yourselves and family is first priority.. When humanity finally graduate, truth about alien genetic code in human DNA and leaving 3d into 4D etc., the rest of the benevolent aliens in the rest of the universe/multiverse will evolve also to what extent humanity has going through on earth. The ramifications will be stunning -- Q&A -- many other exciting stuff from Alex -- [LISTEN TO MORE] )

bibliotecapleyades: Alex Collier claims to be a 'contactee' with a race of Nordic looking humans from the constellation of Andromeda. He has had a number of contact experiences since his childhood and this developed over the years as he was given more and more information by his Andromedan contacts. I have analyzed Alex Collier's information, had phone interviews with him, and also interverviewed him over a four day period in September 2005. I have witnessed some physical evidence he has provided to support his testimony. I have also spoken with a direct witness verifying various aspects of Alex's contact experiences. Alex has also revealed that he was the recipient of threats from shadow government agencies and abruptly chose to stop disseminating his information in 2000. Furthermore, Alex has give face to face interviews with veteran UFO researcher Paola Harris who has had the opportunity to examine the evidence supporting his testimony and concludes he is credible. My conclusion from my investigation so far of Alex is that he is very credible and very likely a genuine contactee with a 'friendly' extraterrestrial race. I therefore recommend taking the information he has to reveal very seriously. All those interested in galactic diplomacy and understanding a variety of extraterrestrial races interacting with humanity, will find Alex's work to be very helpful.

Jay PeeAlex CollierJames Harkin
Alex Collier Andromedan Contactee *LIVE* Webinar - March 3, 2017! 11:00 am Pacific/20.00 CET Time
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Alex Collier's TWENTY-EIGHT Webinar *LIVE* - March 3, 2017!

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Mike Quinsey | Channeled Message | A Message from my Higher Self | March 3, 2017 CET

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
© 2017 treeofthegoldenlight

Be aware that it is the joint consciousness of the people that is bringing about changes, that will lift you up out of the chaos and uncertainty that has existed for a long, long time. They have awakened to the power that they possess and no longer bow to the dictates of those they now recognise as the dark Ones.

For far too long Humanity has accepted the rule of those who have only followed their own agenda, that is Service to Self. Now that people are awakening to their power to plan their own future, they are invoking changes that will result in their success.

There are many souls of Light on Earth that are waiting for their opportunity to come to the forefront and lead the way. Together with the prompting and help from those in the higher realms they will ensure that events unfold that will show the way forward. The timing depends very much upon other changes that are in the process of taking place, the main one being the announcement of the new Republic which is already in place. It will be the commencement of many desirable changes that will eventually lead to the announcement of NESARA. This will signal the move to a new way of governance and a peaceful existence.

So whatever way you look at the happenings on Earth at the present time, know that the cleansing is necessary if you are to gain your freedom. There will be casualties along the way but many will be those that need such an experience to continue their evolution. Be assured that such occurrences are a necessary part of some soul’s lives, and know that nothing of importance happens by chance and that all is carefully planned.

NESARANEWS | Dick Cheney Poisoned Hundreds Of US Troops In Iraq. Now They’re Dying, And The Media Is Silent | Blogger: Med vidoer og nyhedsbreve, har Mads Palsvig blandt andet slået på tromme for, at Danmark har været en af flere aktive aktøre og medvirkende, grundet vi har tæppebombet Libyen mod Gaddafi med uranium depleted bullets.. Som han siger, ".. Hvorfor skulle Gaddafis Man Made River ødelægges og bombes med Uranium depleted bullets, så den er forurenet i mindst 20.000 år? Du ved nok ikke, hvad en Man Made River er, men det er en flod af vand, der er menneskeskabt og som i dette tilfælde førte vand gratis til de to fattige lande syd for Libyen: Niger og Chad..(..)." |

HOW? Depleted Uranium weapons furnished by the U.S.A. corporation crime syndicate posing as the 'government' of this nation

February 25, 2017
Source: Justin Gardner

The legacy of death and misery from the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan continues today, and, once again, Dick Cheney plays a central role. A new book by Joseph Hickman, a former U.S. Marine and Army sergeant, titled The Burn Pits: The Poisoning of America’s Soldiers, details how soldiers and local civilian populations were exposed to constant streams of toxic smoke from the burning of waste.

The infamous Kellog, Brown, and Root (KBR), which was a part of Dick Cheney’s corporate empire under Halliburton, operated about 250 burn pits which contributed to the $40 billion that Halliburton made during the Iraq occupation. “Every type of waste imaginable” was burned, including “tires, lithium batteries, asbestos insulation, pesticide containers, Styrofoam, metals, paints, plastic, medical waste and even human corpses.”
(MORE IMPORTANT is what is NOT mentioned - the DEPLETED URANIUM provided by U.S.A. weapons. Soldiers were NOT advised as to the lethal ramifications of their handling the casings without proper attire while loading canons for shipments, for firing and while burning. The U.S.A. crime syndicate did not consider advisement of the dangers nor providing proper protection for the soldiers was worth spending their enormous profits on.)

This reprehensible practice proves yet again that nothing is sacred when it comes to the military machine.

Just as the U.S. laid waste to Vietnam’s human health and jungle environment with Agent Orange, it wrecked human health and environmental quality in Iraq. That country will suffer from this toxicity for decades, as evidenced by sharp increases in birth defects and cancer and leukemia rates. (Our military and their families are also sorely affected.)

Likewise, U.S. veterans and their families are bearing the brunt of this travesty.

The Burn Pits: The Poisoning of America’s Soldiers begins with the story of a healthy young soldier sent to Iraq who was constantly exposed to smoke from burn pits. When he returned home with respiratory problems, the Veterans Administration (VA) denied him care, and he later developed brain cancer and died.

We Are Change | Luke Rudkowski interviews Canadian investigative journalist Dan Dicks of | LIVE from Anarchapulco Conference in Mexico | The End Of Free Speech In Canada Is Here... |

Published on Mar 2, 2017
In this video, Luke Rudkowski interviews Canadian investigative journalist Dan Dicks of about the encroaching government measures against free speech in Canada. We go over two very controversial laws and the impact of the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the overall Canadian society.

The White House | Press release | President Trump's Weekly Address |

It’s been just 6 weeks since President Donald J. Trump took office and our country is already moving in the right direction.

This week President Trump delivered an exciting speech at the PCU Gerald R. Ford where he laid out plans to bolster military spending and strengthen our national security.

To find out more, please follow President Donald J. Trump and The White House on Facebook and watch President Trump's weekly address at 11 a.m EST TOMORROW.

Thank you for your continued support.

Before It's News | VIDEO | Native Creature of Antarctica Kills Scientists | Russian Scientists in Antarctica battle Organism 46b, Antarctic Creature, Lake Vostok Octopus | Thursday, March 2, 2017 | Blogger: As our friendly pleiadians has told us many times, hidden continent under the ice cap of Antarctica really exist, as of many other places around the world including Scandinavia, where ancient underground cities, remain unsolved to this day.. |

Published on Mar 2, 2017
Organism 46b hunts by first paralyzing its prey with venom. The strange creature seizes and dismembers prey using a powerful beak, breaking the food source into pieces.

The ancients believed in monsters of the deep, serpents hiding under the waves, threatening to capsize the heavy crawling ships of men. Today there is no ocean or lake that has not been probed, and found wanting for sea monsters. Except for the freshwater lakes buried beneath the ice of Antarctica.

There is a hidden continent under the ice cap of Antarctica. Ground penetrating radar established the existence of hundreds of lakes on this continent. Because of pressure exerted by the ice, these lakes are not frozen. They are liquid, containing fresh water that has been isolated for at least 15 million years....(..)... [read more]

The Corbett Report | #NewWorldNextWeek | Americans Are Ditching Their TVs in Record Numbers. Here's What They're Watching... | Story #1: Mexican Drug King Worked for CIA, Says His Son | Story #2: Minimum Wage Massacre As Wendy's Unleashes 1,000 Robots To Counter Higher Labor Costs | Story #3: Americans Have Fewer TVs On Average Than They Did In 2009 |

Published on Mar 2, 2017
Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week

SvD Näringsliv | Otte af våbenindustriens mest bemærkelsesværdige projekter | Fra flagermus-bomben og hunde-bomben til verdens første Stealth-fly og en af de mærkeligste ubåde nogensinde bygget. Under Anden Verdenskrig krig udviklede industrien nogle af de mest unikke, dyre, spektakulære og sære våben, verden har set. Her er nogle eksempler | Blogger: Tænk ud af boksen, og forestil dig hvor langt det amerikanske og russiske militær (US DARPA, Lockheed Martin, SAIC, RAND corp og Secret Space Programmer m.fl.) har udviklet sig på 70 år. Både Rusland, men især USA, stjæl alt hvad de kunne opdrive af Nazi teknikere og nødvendige knowhow i efterkrigstiden, for at opruste og ekspandere egenudviklede programmer til deres nutidige form af en 'Star Trek' lignende univers af teknologisk overlegenhed, som overgår den vildeste fantasi.. The Secret Space Program (SSP) er og bliver Cabal's største hemmelighed. Opdelt i mange fraktioner, hvor mange lande er involveret.. Søg selv viden..)

Krigsindustrins åtta märkligaste projekt 

Från fladdermus-bomben och hund-bomben till världens första stealth-flygplan och en av de märkligaste ubåtarna som någonsin byggts. Under andra världskriget utvecklade krigsindustrin några av de mest säregna, dyra, spektakulära och konstiga vapen som världen har skådat. Här är några exempel.
Foto: Bundesarkiv

8) HO 229 – Världens första "stealth"-flygplan

En miniatyr av Horten HO 229. Foto: Toeknee25/Wikimedia Commo
Våren 1944 var läget för Nazityskland i det närmaste desperat. Röda armén hade initiativet på östfronten och de västliga allierade avancerade norrut genom Italien. Utöver ryktet om en nära förestående invasion av Frankrike plågades dessutom tyska städer av allt mer intensiva bombräder. Det tredje rikets forskare var under stor press att ta fram Wunderwaffen – undervapen – som skulle vända krigslyckan och ge tyskarna välbehövligt andrum.

Ett av dessa undervapen var ME 262 – världens första massproducerade jetplan. Planet var kapacitetsmässigt överlägset allierade jaktplan.

Men det fanns ett tyskt flygplan som var ännu mer banbrytande än ME 262. Detta var Horten HO 229 – ett bombplan som var utvecklat för att undvika fiendens radar.

Planet drevs av två jetmotorer och var utformat för att för att oupptäckt smyga sig förbi britternas berömda Early Warning System. Vissa har kallat HO 229 för världens första stealth-plan, på grund av att den låga profilen gav en betydligt mindre radar-signatur än något annat flygplan under andra världskriget.
Göring, vars omdömde var sargat av ett allvarligt opiummissbruk, drömde om att 1 500 plan kunde tillverkas i början av år 1945.
Det är oklart när HO 229 genomförde sin första flygning, de flesta källor säger mars 1944 medan andra hävdar att provflygningen genomfördes i maj samma år. Ur en källkritisk synpunkt försvåras det hela av att projektet klassades som ”Kriegsentscheidend”, ett svåröversatt ord som betyder ungefär ”avgörande för krigets utgång”. Projekt med den stämpeln utvecklades i största hemlighet.

Det var först när kriget höll på att förloras som Luftwaffe-basen Hermann Göring fick upp ögonen för designen. Göring, vars omdömde var sargat av ett allvarligt opiummissbruk, drömde om att 1 500 plan kunde tillverkas i början av år 1945.

YouTube | Everyday Wisdom | Message From The Pleiadians | Listen! They got bad news (2017 new) | Blogger: Highly recommended.. To quote Alex Collier; Pleiadians -- The human species called the Pleiadians evolved from Lyra. The Pleiadians are our far distant first cousins and ancestral forefathers of some of our races. It has been said that the Pleiadians as we know them were Lyrans who migrated from Lyra in large space stations or arks exploring young star systems seeking the potential for stable longevity...)

Published on Jan 12, 2017
By Barbara Marciniak