Dec 21, 2018

Space Observing System | Dec 21-22 2018 | ~ Schumann Resonance Update! ~ | Blogger: [〰️Reminder December Solstice Meditation on Friday, December 21st at 10:23 PM UTC〰️] .. Clearly, the cosmic changes appearing right now on our beloved planet Earth, and the quasi standing electromagnetic waves, apparently mirroring the situation. Massive activity started at 1 am UTC, and it is still spiking, as we speak ..

Space Observing System

Verdensalt | 💓 ~ Daily Inspirational Quotes ~ 💕 |

🔴 Secureteam10 | ~ BREAKING: What Happened Above Gatwick Airport? ~ | Blogger: [🛸50 Sightings. 3 Days. Military Charlie Foxtrot. Ghost Devices or Drones?? UFO's? No. No. No. It is Islamic State with their Micro Drones Killer Arms Robots - Autonomous ... or Russia!😜] .. RT: Islamic State threatens US & EU cities with drone attacks in chilling new poster after Gatwick chaos... |

Islamic State poster circulating online
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Awakening Our Truth | ~ Saul: Be in Joy! ~ | .. Channeled by John Smallman .. |

Saul is an ascended Master just like Jesus, Buddah, Mary and many many more. BTW you are all on your ways to becoming ascended masters so stand up and celebrate your greatness.

Channeled by John Smallman
© 2018 johnsmallman

Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday December 18th

Humanity is on the verge of a breakthrough in its awakening process! Yes, on the mainstream news everything seems politically chaotic wherever you look, but that is as a result of the vast increase in loving energies flooding the planet to help you take a massive leap forward on your spiritual evolutionary path. The conflicts, made known in the news, are occurring because the underlying fear and anger that is causing them needs to be released not only at the personal level, but also at the planetary level. For eons divisive and damaging beliefs and belief systems have caused enormous rifts between people, leading to the extremely painful severance of relationships at either a personal or an international level, and frequently resulting in violent and vicious conflicts. Their arising now demonstrates very clearly indeed to all of you the essential need for enormous change in the ways in which you choose to relate to one another.

Prepare to be AMAZED! It is a leap that was planned as soon as the apparent separation occurred, with the timing set to coincide with humanity’s choice to become aware that the only way to resolve issues from the smallest to the largest was with Love. This has happened – although many people still remain asleep, unaware – and the tipping point has been reached so that Love and meaningful dialogue will increasingly replace acrimonious disagreement as people meet to resolve issues that are in danger of leading to conflict or further planetary damage.

This is the moment when many creative opportunities to look at major world issues in a totally new light will arise. Those who can offer meaningful guidance that will lead to solutions that will be for the benefit of all will appear and lead the necessary discussions in a harmonious, respectful, and cooperative fashion. You may most certainly expect the unexpected in 2019. Wondrous events will occur that will delight and uplift you, as you come to realize that humanity’s route Home is studded with events which will spark much new spiritual awareness, events that will affect everyone on the planet, encouraging all to let go of any sense of personal unworthiness, and to fully engage creatively with whatever their hearts desire.

Matrix World Disclosure | ~ Project Blue Book: Unidentified Flying Objects – UFO (Part One) ~ |

Project Blue Book | Unidentified Flying Objects – UFO (Part One) Video Credit:
If you ever wondered if the show, “Project Blue Book”, premiering on the 8th of January 2019 is a work of fiction, let us quickly assure you that it is not. In fact, what this show is based on is a true story of a government project that was carefully swept under the project. The project, as you might
well know, is the Project Blue Book.

What you may think you know about this project might not be completely true. However, we shall now try to delve into what really happened with this investigation, what its mission is, and why it had to be aborted and kept classified for a long time.

To go back to the beginning, we have to head as far back as 1947. This was just as the cold w was starting. There was suspicion in the air, and there were many reasons for this... READ MORE>>

Aluna Ash | ~ 12/21 Portal & Solstice 12/22 Full Moon In Cancer ~ |

Aluna Ash FB

12/21 is Winter Solstice & the galactic portal connect to the 2012 collective awakening. Today's galactic tone is 5- representing change guided through synchronicity (Divine order) in order to empower. We are still in the 6th Rhythmic Lizard Moon, where there is darkness and we begin to look for the light and stability. The Sun begins to awaken through this cycle due to the Sun reaching it's darkest point. 12/21 is a 3rd Eye Chakra day. Headaches can be present due to stimulation.

The Full Moon in Cancer 12/22 at 0 degrees is powerful. The Sun opposite at 0 degrees joining Saturn, Pluto and Ketu in Capricorn. 0 degrees is coming full circle- reaching zero point. Karmic fated events: beginnings & endings. This moon is connected to everything unseen: the unconscious, private feelings, private thoughts, the ether, your Soul, Soul contracts, DNA activations, dissolving of the ego, telepathy through the thymus gland and Heart Chakra, the Crown Chakra, the veil between realms & dimensions, the astral plane, the merge between the Soul & physical body, synchronicity...

There will emotions and thoughts that surface from deep within the unconscious and Soul at this time. Endings in karmic & Soul contracts.

Everything is expanded due to Rahu in the same sign as this Full Moon- in Cancer, which represents the Soul's gateway in to the physical. All Soul's incarnate through the constellation of Cancer. It is the Soul integration within the body prior to the development of the personality/ego.

This Full Moon is opposite Ketu in Capricorn which represents the Soul's gateway out, walking your path after facing the difficult lessons of Saturn. This brings fated events, liberation from restrictions & healing connected to lineage, bloodline, Soul genetics, past life experiences, karma, etc...

This is all prep for the eclipses coming Jan. 2019.

🔴 WLMM | ~ Reminder of December Solstice Meditation, Full Moon Meditations and Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing ~ | .. December Solstice Meditation on Friday, December 21st at 10:23 PM UTC .. | Blogger: [🌟🌟🌟Cracking the Matrix -- An incredibly important Winter Solstice day🌟🌟🌟] ... Lets re-unite all Sisterhood Of the Rose groups, Cobra's support groups, helping the Light Forces and benevolent Alliance groups, to BREAK the black magic spell. THIS is a team effort, there's no EXCUSES. Educating people and spreading the word is a critical element to make sure, that the MISSION will SUCCEED. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event and Full Disclosure closer to us ... HOWEVER, you also need to be aware, that the Winter Solstice celebrations pertains to Sun Worshiping for the 3 day gap from the 21st and 25th of December or 3 days after. The number 3 is the foundational number for the occult. The occult calendar is comprised of four periods of 13 weeks relating to the sun solstices and Equinox: Winter Solstice Period extends 13 weeks — Minor sabbath December 21 — Yule December 21-22 — Winter Solstice/Yule. One of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Nights December 25th — Holy Roman Christmas February 1 and 2 — Candlemas and Imbolg, a.k.a. Groundhog’s Day. One of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Nights February 14 — Valentine’s Day... Victory of The Light! Victory of The Goddess!. Victory of The Faith! ... |

Here is the link to the guided audio for December Solstice Meditation, which is now available in 14 languages.


What is happening with us dear Light Warriors?

Edge of Wonder | ~ Who's Behind Free Energy Disclosure? David Wilcock Exclusive Interview On EOW [Part 3/3] ~ |

Premiere December 14th. 2018

Who is the solar power engineer genius behind the free energy generator and batteries that could be brought to your home in the near future? David Wilcock explains all on our part 3/3 in this exclusive interview where we dive deep into David’s prediction for 2019 and the future of #FreeEnergy, how the Deep State has infiltrated every aspect of our arts and culture, ancient structures on Mars, and why the cabal are afraid of people growing their innate spiritual nature. So hold on tight as we present you with this part 3 of 3 series episode with David Wilcock on Edge of Wonder. Part 1: California WILDFIRE: David Wilcock Exposes the Scorching TRUTH, Exclusive Interview Part2: The Whole TRUTH by David Wilcock, Exclusive Interview [Part 2/3] Check out David's articles at: David Wilcock's official Youtube: \\ | 21. Dec 2018 | ~ A-kasse lovede 50.000 kroner og fik møde med Lars Løkke ~ | Blogger: [🤑The corruption of money, greed and power within a society. LøkkeFonden is public corruption and bribery🍺] ... Et dårlig år for privat-Lars -- Ambassadør arbejder OGSÅ for LøkkeFonden -- Akademikernes A-kasse Michael Valentin med Bergur Løkke Rasmussen fik lovning på 50.000 kroner og fik møde med Lars Løkke. Det var også året 2018, da den erhvervs- drivende fond Lauritzen Fonden, donerede millionbeløb til Løkkefonden med et stort ønske om at få massiv pressedækning og de fik det. ’Kære Lars, giv mig muligheden for at snakke med dig. Afsæt et par timer og hør på mig’, skrev John-Anker Hametner Larsen.. Ny sag: V-borgmester købte ydelser hos Løkkefonden - statsministeren kvitterede... 🔦 PS: Poul Schlüters legendariske sætning: - Der er IKKE fejet noget ind under gulvtæppet! Anders Fogh Rasmussen - »Der er ikke noget at komme efter« Lars Løkke Rasmussen - jamen jeg har ikke yderligere kommentarer ... |


Løkke i ny dobbeltrolle:Erhvervsfond gav millionbeløb - statsministeren opfyldte dens ønske

🔴 LIVE RT | ~ ‘Organ traders, terrorists & looters’: Evidence against Syrian White Helmets presented at UN ~ | .. “The White Helmets deserve to be on the United Nations’ designated terrorist list,” Nebenzia said .. | Blogger: 🤐🤐🤐 -- You CAN handle the truth -- 🎩 British Intelligence Agency behind White Helmets’ Lies in Syria (VT Today) 👷... Begin to explore why the danish Oscar nominated film 'Last Men in Aleppo' has been picked among hundreds of movies - protecting the lamestream narrative (like CNN), blaming it all on Assad and Russia?? White Helmets has been funded with millions of dollars by UK, US and DENMARK (UN/WHO/NATO/ and other Cabalish organisations) ... Why the documentary 'White Helmets' and all western censored mainstream news who reports on Syria and White Helmets are all pure propaganda.. Check the latest UN peace council reports that shows the White Helmets are totally fake and a complete FRAUD!... "The ‘White Helmets’ are not a rescue group but an extension of jihadist militants, and should be designated a terrorist organization, Russia’s envoy to the UN argued at the presentation of evidence into the group’s wrongdoing." (RT Dec 21, 2018) |

As you get closer to the TRUTH, you get exhausted and the Ego will NOT let go!!!... 

Because life itself in our 3D Matrix of illusion, begins to fall apart. You begin to questioning everything that surrounds you, what we been taught in school, news media, parents, government and politicians, religion beliefs. Next thing - rollercoaster emotions - angry, fearful, disappointed, confused, exhausted.. Determine to understand. Fear holding You back? Break free from the chains of fear and begin to explore... 

Begin to explore why the danish Oscar nominated film 'Last Men in Aleppo' has been picked among hundreds of movies - protecting the lamestream narrative (like CNN), blaming it all on Assad and Russia?? White Helmets has been funded with millions of dollars by UK, US and DENMARK (UN/WHO/NATO/ and other Cabalish organisations) ... 

Why the documentary 'White Helmets' and all western censored mainstream news who reports on Syria and White Helmets are all pure propaganda.. 

Check the latest UN peace council reports that shows the White Helmets are totally fake and a complete FRAUD!... 

TV2 NEWS: 'Last Men In Aleppo', made by the Danish producer Søren Steen Jespersen, can perform an Oscar for 'Best Documentary Film'.. 

USNEWS: 'The Latest: 'Last Men' filmmaker reflects on Oscar nomination, a 1st for war-torn Syria.'.. From the Newspaper 

'Syria's heroes or jihadists? The danish government donates 20 million kroner to The White Helmets in Syria. Danish party Red–Green Alliance is also on the list of funders. But they should make a fact-check of the White Helmet, both peace and conflict researcher Jan Øberg and Syrian expect, Hanne Nabintu Herland seems to believe'...