November 16, 2017

Avisen | 16. Nov 2017 | Sexkrænkelse til julefrokost i kommune: Chefen fyret | .. Ifølge Nordjyske kørte en julefrokost i Brønderslev så meget af sporet, at to medarbejdere er blevet fyret .. | Blogger: Ufatteligt, at folk ikke snart vågner op til dåd, at den ikke går længere, især i det offentlige system, hvor alt bliver overvåget grundet #MeToo kampagnen.. |

To medarbejdere i Brønderslev kommune er blevet afskediget efter en julefrokost. Det skriver Nordjyske. Foto: Shutterstorck

News with Views | Nov 16, 2017 | What’s In Our Schools Will Shock You | .. 'Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.' – Vladimir Lenin... It is no surprise why students favor socialism. THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE TAUGHT.. While everyone focuses on college, let’s focus on the real problem, K-12. Every coup d’etat has roots in school. The progressive / communist / globalists / socialist (POGS) agenda calls for rewriting history. The children must be indoctrinated. The children must be coerced. The children must be trained to give up individual choice. They must think the same, get the same grades and have the same future outcome. One problem… if everyone is the same, what makes individuals different? The only identifier left is visual. RACE becomes the tool of choice. Children trained in social justice (which is Anti-American) become racist adults, dividing people into groups demanding results from those groups. Racism MUST BE LEARNED. Racism is trained in school through psychological manipulation using technology. There are 400 data points that are monitored, re-monitored, analyzed, re-analyzed, reconfigured constantly making inferences to nudge and then monitor reactions. We see this happing now as males are being coached to take classes to remove those horrid masculine traits. I can just imagine what horrible actions these men will be responsible for in the future as they lose their self esteem and have to ‘prove’ their existence in some manner .. |


Wakeup-world | Nov 17, 2017 | Now Just FIVE Men Own Almost as Much Wealth as Half the World’s Population | .. Why Do We Let Unqualified Rich People Tell Us How To Live? Especially Bill Gates!. Warren Buffett: Demanding To Be Taxed at a Higher Rate (As Long As His Own Company Doesn’t Have To Pay). Jeff Bezos: $50 Billion in Less Than Two Years, and Fighting Taxes All the Way. Mark Zuckerberg (6th Richest in World, 4th Richest in America). The False Promise of Philanthropy .. |

Last year it was 8 men, then down to 6, and now it’s around 5.
The super-rich are absconding with our wealth, and the plague of inequality continues to grow. An analysis of 2016 data found that the poorest five deciles of the world population own about $410 billion in total wealth. As of June 2017, the world’s richest five men owned over $400 billion in wealth. Thus, on average, each man owns nearly as much as 750 million people.

Alt-market | Nov 15, 2017 | Saudi Coup Signals War And The New World Order Reset |

For years now, I have been warning about the relationship of interdependency between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia and how this relationship, if ended, would mean disaster for the petrodollar system and by extension the dollar's world reserve status. In my recent articles 'Lies And Distractions Surrounding The Diminishing Petrodollar' and 'The Economic End Game Continues,'I point out that the death of the dollar as the premier petrocurrency is actually a primary goal for establishment globalists. Why? Because in an effort to achieve what they sometimes call the "global economic reset," or the "new world order," a more publicly accepted centralized global economy and monetary framework is paramount. And, this means the eventual implementation of a single world currency and a single global economic and political authority above and beyond the dollar system.

But, it is not enough to simply initiate such socially and fiscally painful changes in a vacuum. The banking powers are not interested in taking any blame for the suffering that would be dealt to the masses during the inevitable upheaval (or blame for the suffering that has already been caused). Therefore, a believable narrative must be crafted. A narrative in which political intrigue and geopolitical crisis make the "new world order" a NECESSITY; one that the general public would accept or even demand as a solution to existing instability and disaster.

That is to say, the globalists must fashion a propaganda story to be used in the future, in which "selfish" nation-states abused their sovereignty and created conditions for calamity, and the only solution was to end that sovereignty and place all power into the hands of a select few "wise and benevolent men" for the greater good of the world.

I believe the next phase of the global economic reset will begin in part with the breaking of petrodollar dominance. An important element of my analysis on the strategic shift away from the petrodollar has been the symbiosis between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has been the single most important key to the dollar remaining as the petrocurrency from the very beginning.

The very first oil exploration and extraction deal in Saudi Arabia was sought by the vast international oil cartels of Royal Dutch Shell, Near East Development Company, Anglo-Persian, etc., but eventually fell into the hands of none other than the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company. The dark history of Standard Oil aside, this meant that Saudi business would be handled primarily by American interests. And the Western thirst for oil, especially after World War I, would etch our relationship with the reigning monarchy in stone.

A founding member of OPEC, Saudi Arabia was one of the few primary oil-producing nations that maintained an oil pipeline that expedited processing and bypassed the Suez Canal. (The pipeline was shut down, however, in 1983). This allowed Standard Oil and the United States to tiptoe around the internal instability of Egypt, which had experienced ongoing conflict which finally culminated in the civil war of 1952.

Must-See | Victurus Libertas VL | Nov 15, 2017 | Ex CIA- Robert David Steele - Trump Counter Coup In Play, Deep State, Pedophiles, Satanist Are Toast | Blogger: Before you turn this down as Russian-Trump-Trolls propaganda wackos who like chasing you around, this skyrocketing video, IS THE MOST IMPORTANT, to understand right now, before Killer-Trump goes berserk and takes out all the satanic zionists. RDS is not our saviour, but he's sure as hell know something about TheDeepState.. This most enlightening interview is worth listening every minute of it! Former CIA clandestine services case officer Robert David Steele provides in-depth unique information about the true inner workings of the CIA, about what Donald Trump needs to do to restructure it (in 90 days), to survive his term and make the changes he desires. Forget about #MeToo (only top of the iceberg), Satanic ritual, blood drinking, rape, torture and murder (Satanic Pedophilia Network). It lies at the heart of the international child trafficking ring and the New World Order. It’s a tough and bitter pill to swallow, but we have to face the cold hard truth. There's a lot of goodness in the world, please remember that, but as an example of charges that can bring down the NWO (As i have said many times before). If you take the danish submariner, Peter Madsen aka Rocket-Madsen and add a hundredfold charges of ignoble, inhuman and terrifying rape and murdering of (""babies and children"") with no birth certificates, you would 'begin' to imagine how cruel and big this #WorldPedoGate is, about... |

For more information on #GoogleGestapo see below published article:
Steele, Robert, “How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics: #GoogleGestapo – Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy,” American Herald Tribune, November 7, 2017.

To support Robert's good work onate to

The Secret Garden | Nov 7, 2017 | Mira from the Pleiadian High Council | Channeled through Valerie Donner |

Mira, the Pleiadian High Council(example)
Det Plejadiske Råd blev dannet ca. 200.000 år efter den første store galaktiske krig. Eftervirkningerne af galaktiske krig i Lyra-systemet spredte den Lyranske civilisation af humanoids ud til hele galaksen. Historisk set, har denne begivenhed været den mest dramatiske og desperate tid for menneskeheden til dato. Mange af de Lyranske flygtninge fandt deres vej til Pleiadies stjerne klynge, som indeholder over 1000 stjerner og spænder 8 lysår. Det Plejadiske Råd giver Spiritual, Taktisk samt regeringsvejledning til Plejaderne. Rådet består af 12 medlemmer pr division med 12 afdelinger i alt med 144 valgte højst rankede rådsmedlemmer. Rådet udfører mange forskellige opgaver, fører tilsyn med de Plejadiske forbindelser til resten af galaksen. Det Plejadiske Råd er en betydningsfuld medlem af 'Galaktiske Føderation af Worlds' og har en enorm indflydelse på de beslutninger, der træffes for den galaktiske helhed.

The Secret Garden facebook page 

PFC | Nov 15, 2017 | Shocking new study proves that the vaccine industry is just an extension of the abortion industry | Blogger: ER DU CHOKERET?? I andre nyheder, hvor vi skal FRYGTE vores liv.. Penicillin og antibiotika der ikke længere fungere. (TV2 NYS) Antibiotika-resistens kan blive større trussel end kræft. Lægevidenskaben skal finde nye former for antibiotika, ellers kan 10 millioner mennesker dø årligt på grund af resistens. Landbruget er synderen (det kan vi takke den danske stat for - sprøjtemidler, pesticider og Monsanto's glyphosat/Roundup)... Ny flåt fundet i Sverige Danmark - kan være livsfarlig for husdyr ( Så overlad dog dine sunde fornuft til andre end det medicinal-industrielle kompleks og lyt med her -- Alternativet til penicillin/antibiotikaer (eksempler): 🙆 KOLLOID SØLV 🙌 MSM (METHYLSULFONYLMETHAN) PULVER 🙋 MATAS TVEKULSURT NATRON.. Så glem alt om hverdags vaccination, almen håndkøbsmedicin (kemi, lavfrekvente energier og giftstoffer). Læren om syre/basebalancen, PPM, giftighedsgraden, tungmetaller. Toksikologi, indebærer læren om selve giftstofferne og deres virkningsmekanismer samt om hvilke forgiftningssymptomer de kan forårsage i levende organismer... |

The mainstream media is actively trying to bury the findings of a new study that sheds a not-so-positive light on influenza vaccines. Published in the peer-reviewed journal Vaccine, the shocking paper reveals that pregnant women who receive seasonal flu shots year after year are more than four times more likely to have spontaneous miscarriages compared to women who don’t get jabbed.

Funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this groundbreaking research rejects the official government narrative that all vaccines are completely safe and effective, which is probably why some of the gatekeepers of “science” are already starting to question its implications. Vaccine‘s editor-in-chief, Dr. Gregory Poland, for instance, recently stated contradictorily that while the paper raises important questions about vaccine safety that shouldn’t be ignored, he also doesn’t believe that flu shots are in any way responsible for causing miscarriages.

“Not at all,” Dr. Poland emphatically stated when asked whether or not flu shots are risky business for pregnant women.

How Dr. Poland can make such a claim when the study was conducted using rigorous scientific methods that many consider to be the “gold standard” is a bit disingenuous, especially when considering the fact that if the opposite had been discovered – that pregnant women can get flu shot after flu shot with no risk of complications – such findings would have been immediately declared by every major health agency and news station to be gospel truth.

Further, it was two CDC researchers, not “anti-vaxxers,” who noticed what ABC Newsdescribed as “a big difference” between women who had miscarried within 28 days of getting a flu shot, as well as who had received a flu shot the year prior. Among such woman, 17 of the 485 evaluated had miscarriages compared to only four of 485 women from an unvaccinated comparison group.

TV2 NYS | 15. Nov 2017 | Mens banderne på Nørrebro tager fokus, raser endnu en voldsom konflikt i landet | .. Politiet har konfiskeret økser, pistoler og slagvåben i en konflikt, hvor medlemmer af Bandidos og Satudarah er trukket i skudsikre veste .. | Blogger: Og hvad betyder det? At julien's indbrudstyve og lavrangerede prioteter hos politiet, bliver et sandt mecca for kriminelle hos private borgere. Ifølge Tænketanken Kraka er indbrud "reelt blevet en straffri forbrydelse". Nu hvor Polen trækker Deres arbejdskraft hjem fra Danmark, så findes problemet ikke længere, her (Polakker, er faktisk gode mennesker). Politiet slår hårdt ned på sigøjnere, romaer, tiggere, arbejdsløse og alle udlændinge, så hvem skal man være bange for? Banderne, naturligvis, hvorfor?? Inger Støjberg i uroplaget bydel: Bandemedlemmer løber rundt og spiller hårde – »men i det øjeblik de sidder på anklagebænken, så piber og græder de«. Politiet har kun 3 fokusområder. 1. Det zionistiske projekt, om at beskytte de jødiske banker og jødiske samfund i DK (synagoger). 2. Takle bandekonflikten, som Politiet ikke magter. 3. Politiets indsats på grænsekontrol.. Så hvis banderne bliver presset hen i et hjørne, mister deres bosteder, rockerborge, deres indtægter fra narkotika og smidt i fængsel, så sender de deres underdogs og supporters til at rydde folks hybel-boliger og stå for grove hjemmerøverier. Bare fordi #Stoejberggate puster sig op som en spærreballon, stopper skyderier, biljagter og voldelige overfald på åben gade, overhoved ikke... |


BREAKING | | Nov 14, 2017 | Fisker claims solid-state battery ‘breakthrough’ for electric cars with ‘500 miles range and 1 min charging’ | .. Here’s what they claim (via GreenCarCongress): “Fisker’s solid-state batteries will feature three-dimensional electrodes with 2.5 times the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. Fisker claims that this technology will enable ranges of more than 500 miles on a single charge and charging times as low as one minute—faster than filling up a gas tank.”.. | Blogger: Just wait until 'free energy' will be released and ALL HIS DON'T MATTER -- Many, many times curious, ingenious minds, working with/inventors of free energy devices as hydrogen powered cars, free energy electric water power generator turbine, cold fusion, superconductivity' and magnetic motors etc. have a tendency to disappear, from earth.. It's called 'Free energy suppression'. This can be active-as by a competing company that does not want the invention marketed: destroying lab and prototype and threatening to kill the inventor if he attempts to market the device again.'. Passive suppression can involve a rich competitor, such as a major oil company that buys up the inventor's patent with no intention of bringing the product to market until demand for oil greatly exceeds supply and gas prices soar.. Yet, the possibility of developing over-unity energy technology continues to attract and hold the attention of some clever, nonconformist inventors who admire geniuses like Nikola Tesla, John Keely, T. Henry Moray' and others.. Just saying.. Could Mr. Trump pull the strings to release the 6000 US patents of suppressed technologies (including Free Energy Devices, Antigravity, and Sonic Healing Machines), that's another matter, entirely.. ".. Wikipedia -- Free energy suppression (or new energy suppression) is a conspiracy theory that technologically viable, pollution-free, no-cost energy sources are being suppressed by government, corporations, or advocacy groups. Devices allegedly suppressed include perpetual motion machines, cold fusion generators, torus-based generators, reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology and other generally unproven, low-cost energy sources.."... |

When Henrik Fisker relaunched its electric car startup last year, he announced that their first car will be powered by a new graphene-based hybrid supercapacitor technology, but he later announced that they put those plans on the backburner and instead will use more traditional li-ion batteries.

Now the company is announcing a “breakthrough” in solid-state batteries to power their next-generation electric cars and they are filing for patents to protect their IP.

Get ready for some crazy claims here.

Solid-state batteries are thought to be a lot safer than common li-ion cells and could have more potential for higher energy density, but they also have limitations, like temperature ranges, electrode current density, and we have yet to see a company capable of producing it in large-scale and at an attractive price point competitive with li-ion.

Now Fisker announced that they are patenting a new solid-state electrode structure that would enable a viable battery with some unbelievable specs.

Here’s what they claim (via GreenCarCongress):
“Fisker’s solid-state batteries will feature three-dimensional electrodes with 2.5 times the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. Fisker claims that this technology will enable ranges of more than 500 miles on a single charge and charging times as low as one minute—faster than filling up a gas tank.”
Here’s a representation of the three-dimensional electrodes:

BB | 16. Nov 2017 | Dokumentkaos mulig årsag til frifindelse i Roskilde Bank-sag | .. Vidneudsagn under retssagen mod Roskilde Banks ledelse sætter spørgsmålstegn ved, om Finansiel Stabilitet passede godt nok på bankens papirer efter konkursen. Rod i dokumenterne kan være årsag til, at oprydningsselskabet ikke kunne opgøre tabet på uforsvarligt udlån, hvorefter bankledelsen gik fri, påpeger advokat .. | Blogger: "too big to fail" 😱😱😱 Føj for en indre svinehund. Føj for h***ede, siger jeg bare - og undskyld min bramfri ekspertise. Jeg tror på ”karma”- loven. Jeg tror på, at det vi gør mod andre - det vender tilbage med dobbelt styrke. At alle vores ord og vores handlinger vendes mod os selv.. Statens forlængede arm, Finansiel Stabilitet (Satans skraldespand), er jo pilråddent.. ”Rothchild-imperalisterne og dens europæiske allierede” - retsstaten og de trofaste embedsværkets-politihunde i tjenesten, kvæler alt demokratisk styring og retfærdighed. Ligesom med de danske mediehuse, og deres journalist-bordeller, har retsstaten, lagt sin klamme hånd i form af tyk røg af beskyttede på bankerne, som baber på fars vandpibe. Hvorfor går Roskilde Bank fri? (Tidligere Roskilde Bank-kunde tabte over 700.000 kr.: »Min retsfølelse er dybt krænket«). Hvorfor har Danske Bank ikke fået en milliardbøde, ligesom resten af WallStreet Bankerne i udlandet, for hvidvaskning af værste skuffe??. For tredje gang på fem år konstaterer det svenske finanstilsyn at Nordea har store problemer med at bekæmpe hvidvask og udleder bøder (små, men bøder, trods alt). Jyske Bank i Gibraltar taber mio-sag om hvidvaskning. Hvad med alle de forlig, igangværende sager og afsluttet uden sigtelse -- Amagerbanken, Capinordic Bank, Ebh Bank mange sager, Løkken Sparekasse, Andelskassen JAK i Slagelse.. DER ER IKKE ÉN ENESTE BANKMAND SOM SIDDER I VARETÆGT ELLER FÆNGSEL I DAG.. I Danmark, har Khazarian Mafia (Rothschild og amerikanske kapitalfonde) enormt meget magt. I Danmark, må vi ikke stille spørgsmålstegn om inhabilitet; politimyndigheden, dommere, nævninge, domsmænd, sagkyndige retsmedlemmer, justitssekretærer, fuldmægtige ved domstolene og retsvidner.. Det var Roskilde Bank, der startede hele Svindelmøllen - den økonomiske krise i Danmark i 2008 udgjorde begyndelsen på den værste økonomiske krise herhjemme i flere årtier. Den udsprang af den globale finanskrise 2007-2009 og den globale recesssion, der fulgte i kølvandet på den. Den medførte flere bankkrak, konkurser, faldende boligpriser, stigende ledighed, underskud på den offentlige saldo og en generel økonomisk afmatning. Først i 2015 nåede aktiviteten i Danmark (når der ses bort fra udvindingen af fossile brændsler i Nordsøen) op på samme niveau, som før krisen begyndte i 2008. Mens den internationale finanskrise, der opstod som følge af problemer på det amerikanske marked for subprime-lån, begyndte i 2007.. |

(ARKIV) Tidligere direktør i Roskilde Bank Niels Valentin Hansen forlader retten på Fremtidsvej i Sønderborg den 11. april 2016. Østre Landsret finder ikke, at den tidligere ledelse og revision i Roskilde Bank er ansvarlige for de tab, banken led, da den kollapsede under finanskrisen..


Tidligere bankdirektør Niels Valentin Hansen som flere andre fra Roskilde Banks tidligere ledelse overført formuen til sin ægtefælle. Dermed bliver pengene ikke del af en eventuel erstatning på en milliard kroner.

Blogger: Roskilde Bank-boss: Jeg har ikke gjort noget forkert .... Valentin laver ny konefinte..tidligere direktør i Roskilde Bank, Niels Valentin Hansen har købt et nyt rækkehus i Vimmelev uden for Roskilde, mens skødet, står i hans kones navn, som eneejer af det 121 kvm store rækkehus....Tidligere næstformand har også overdraget sin formue til sin kone..Interne papirer giver indtryk af et morads og mangelfuld kontrol - "byggelån benyttes til betaling af terminer, ejendomsskatter, revisorregninger, restskatter, biler, hundens, konens og elskerindens underhold og en lang række andre forhold, som er byggeriet aldeles uvedkommende"... Rygterne går også på den tidligere direktør i Roskilde Bank, Niels Valentin Hansens kone (Hanne) har været indlagt på psykiatrisk afdeling grundet stress, mens Niels Valentin Hansen ikke kan går uden tilråbt og det der er værre i Roskilde bymidte..Der er en del mennesker som også har mistet hele deres formue .... yderligere får fire bestyrelsesmedlemmer i Roskilde Bankfri procesSå uanset hvad det ender med i denne civilretssag, er der ingen som kan sættes i fængsel, straffes eller kommer af med nogen penge....Er det fair?

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