Nov 6, 2019

🙏 ~ 💓 Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (Verdensalt) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [Imagine that we did live in a world where people wanted to live in harmony with the natural laws and therefore all people on the planet were treated with love, dignity and respect]... |

💸 ~ The Deutsche Bank Death Watch Has Taken A Very Interesting Turn (TEC) ~ | Blogger: IF the crazy banksters and dirty politicians has any luck to impeach a US president, it will affects your dividends and the stock market and of course vulnerable housing downturn, when the next recession happens... The world's debt rose by $3 trillion in the first quarter of 2019 - an almost unprecedented borrowing binge that brought total global debt to $246.5 trillion. However, there's another runaway derivatives time bomb you might not know about that's for 1,200 trillion dollar derivative market, big banks manipulate interest rates, currency markets, commodity markets… PS: IF, Deutsche Bank's reported $73 trillion derivatives book would explode and EU keeps printing trillions of paper Euros and U.S., Petro Dollars, with lowering or create negative interest rates that forms deflationary periods, as a desperate plan to save the economy, well, you figure it out... |

.. if Deutsche Bank goes down, it will be even more catastrophic for the global financial system than the collapse of Lehman Brothers was in 2008 ..

.. If you add the losses for the second and third quarter of 2019 together, you get a grand total of nearly 4 billion euros.  How in the world is it possible to lose that much money in just 6 months?  If all they had their employees doing was flushing dollar bills down the toilet for 6 months, it still shouldn’t be possible to lose that kind of money ..


😧 ~ Dansk kvinde sad fængslet i otte måneder uden grund. Norske myndigheder tolkede EU-regler forkert (Berlingske) ~ | Blogger: [🧐What the heck? A Danish woman was jailed for eight months for no reason in Norway and at least 2,400, have been accused of social fraud😧] ... (NAV) Norwegian authorities misinterpreted EU rules and the scandal, led to scores of Norwegians being wrongly convicted of welfare fraud. Norwegian courts have for years handed down long prison sentences on the wrong basis. At least 2,400 have been accused of social fraud on the basis of misinterpreted EU rules. The responsible minister apologizes to the victims and promises to correct any mistakes made... Just as he took over his new high-ranking post as Norway’s state prosecutor, Jørn Sigurd Maurud had to declare a conflict of interest. He won’t be able to have anything to do with the legal aftermath of Norway’s biggest welfare and judicial scandal ever, since he lives with the Labour Party politician who was in charge of Norway’s state welfare agency NAV when the trouble arguably began... ☝️ PS: If i were among those 2,400 people, i've would suing the government for negligence and millions, in compensation, however historically, under the doctrine of "sovereign immunity," you were not permitted to sue the king. Sovereign immunity has carried over to modern times in the form of a general rule that you cannot sue the government -- unless the government says you can. Parliamentary immunity (inviolability) cannot be lifted... |

NAV scandal spoils prosecutor’s debut

💉 ~ Shocking Discovery: Hundreds of Cancer Genes Are Deliberately Engineered into the MMR Vaccine to Promote Cancer for Generations to Come (Videos+OOM2+HAR) ~ |

A shocking new gene sequencing investigation has found that MMR vaccines are deliberately engineered to cause cancer as a repeat business model for Big Pharma, which manufactures vaccines and cancer treatment drugs for profit.

MMR vaccines were found to contain the complete gene sequence of a specific human (aborted) baby whose genes were modified to express cancer. In all, over 500 genes were altered to heighten the expression of cancer .

The CDC openly admits that these aborted human fetal cells are known ingredients in vaccines. The altered genes are found in ingredients called “MRC-5” or “WI-38,” both of which are openly acknowledged by the CDC as ingredients in vaccines. (See the CDC’s excipient table document here – PDF ).

The same aborted human fetal genes, modified to promote cancer, are also found in chicken pox vaccines. See the proof of WI-38 and MRC-5 ingredients in the Varivax vaccine via the FDA’s official website at this link .

The MMR vaccine from Glaxo Smith Kline also contains modified, aborted human fetal cells. See the GSK MMR insert sheet here .

An FDA researcher has previously warned the agency that viruses used in vaccines may cause “activation” of cancer genes which are also inserted into vaccines. Via

✈️🏭 ~ Rutefly flyver zigzag igennem Europa - og det koster dyrt (TV2 FNYS NEWS) ~ | Blogger: Oh Wooow! Did the TV 2 station, a government-owned subscription television station in Denmark, just sent out a (unknowingly) chemtrail picture, talking about that Airlines, use fuel to fly detours to take account of national aviation services???... |

Rutefly flyver zigzag igennem Europa - og det koster dyrt

🌝 ~ 1979 US Government Document Released by Wikileaks Reveals a “Secret US Base on the Moon” (HAF+CETV) ~ | Blogger: What's interesting about this story for me atleast, is, Russia' involvement... But, the ones who truly believe, that a Secret Space Program (SSP) exist and it's actually not only from US, many other nations are involved, including Russia... 🥺WHAT IF -- There' a group that is out there in our solar system, right now, which is colonizing space. And this group is run by people on Earth. This group has already done what seems impossible, like in movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Portal travel, faster than light travel, is all possible and a well-established reality, that has been kept hidden. What i'm talking about here is a secret space program (SSP) that has been kept hidden from the public. But a program that was paid for by the public... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... PS: According to livescience; "Astronomers Just Found the First Evidence That 'Mini Black Holes' Exist". If that is true, what have SSP being doing for 70 years plus? "Solar Warden" - 70 years of cover-up, no way, they are going to put that on the display for the public to see. Why have Donald Trump ordered Space Force to be established as part of Air Force? We ALL know, that there's already an effective Space Program (MIC-SSP). So Trump is trying to legalize, USAF, could show what they (already) have a Space Force or Space Fleet, no other country has dared, talking about....

.. A US government document that was released by WikiLeaks reveals the US had a base on the moon that the Soviets allegedly destroyed ..


😲 ~ ABC News anchor admits coordinated cover-up of Jeffrey Epstein rapes by mainstream media; news outlets complicit in repeated child rape crimes (NN) ~ | Blogger: [A MUST-SEE VIDEO] ... {Leaked tape, 3 years ago news anchor had the whole story on tape from a whistleblower, after 12 years in hiding, this piece has never been aired on ABC, somebody killed the story, who and why? Threatened by Buckingham Palace in million different ways, ABC bosses, Alan Dershowitz and many others, pressured this story, to never come out} ... ONCE again the elites are 100% protected, but now and then leaked info will show up, it always does... 🤔PS: Why do verdensalt always post so much stuff, coming from America? Because a very, very darkening deep state of human and 4th dimensional entities of operators, are controlling the whole darn planet from here and when the (real) TRUTH comes out, 24/7 on a live feed, after the media, as the fourth branch of government, has been completely compromised and overturned, by White Hats and other benevolent entities, nothing and i mean NOTHING, will EVER be the same, again... 😇The truth is out there, don't hate it or stay in the drama, just know, it's there for you're awakening process of experience, in order to evolve... 😵Truth only hurts in the start; rollercoaster emotions, angry, fearful, disappointed, confused, exhausted. Determine to understand. Fear holding You back? Break free from the chains of fear and begin to explore... 💤How can we awake, if we don't know we're sleeping or constantly being forced to stay in a fantasy dream world? Are we all like "Dom" Cobb, still in a dream at the end of Inception?... 🤟WHAT about you, YES YOU, stick your neck out of the bushes and STOP attacking us, who only want the TRUTH to come out... Like David Icke says: Follow you incredible powerful Heart (not your Head)...💜 |

Mainstream media admits horrific cover-up: Epstein, Clinton and more
Mike Adams
The mainstream media isn't just lying to you every day, they are complicit in covering up the truth about systematic child rape by powerful people like Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein and even Prince Andrew, allegedly.
Today a bombshell video has surfaced of ABC News anchor Amy Robach admitting right on camera that she had the story with witnesses, victims stepping forward, powerful testimony, and it was all covered up by the news network. (Which is run by the deep state, of course.)
Never trust the mainstream media. They would rather see children raped by elitists than report the truth about the Clintons.

👤 ~ WhistleBlower/Ciaramella?(Updated) - IPOT Presents - 11.4.19 ~ | Blogger: PS: Guess what ECETI & James Gilliland had embedded as a commentary note in their newsletter, and i Quote "OMG Looks Like Treason, A Conspiracy To Remove A Duly Elected President Has Become A Reality"... |