Sep 11, 2019

🥥 ~ 💗 They Found Entrances to Inner Earth & Agartha (Universe Inside You + GAIA TV) 💕 ~ | Blogger: You can watch this docu about Inner Earth and not be hard-pressed to find link to or believing, Gaia TV (U.S.), is supporting a cabal worshipping “Luciferian Agenda", and the whole craziness about David Wilcock has resigned from Gaia TV or not... |

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AGARTHA - INNER EARTH ENTRANCE - This is the First Movie ever to be seen of the Polar entrance & the powerful Aurora Borealis like energy field that is occurring at the entrance. This is literally looking into the 5th Dimension from the Russian MIR space station. A truly Celestial vision more beautiful than we could have ever imagined, simply breathtaking.( Both POLES are -No Flight Zones- so this extraordinary document has been made accessible by a courageous russian Whistle Blower) - READ MORE

🌪️ ~ Tornado, Electric Earth, Climate Uncertainty (S0 News Sep.11.2019) ~ | Blogger: SRA - A powerful activity occurred from 8 UTC with two peaks above 40 Hz the strongest of which to 43 Hz at 9 UTC... |

🌎 ~ 💗 The End of Quarantine Status (SURFACOM) 💕 ~ | Blogger: This site is Cobra (and the Resistance Movement), friendly... To the readers on verdensalt, please always use your own spiritual discernment... |

The time to present a better overview of the Plan for Planetary Liberation being carried by The Jupiter Command, by The Ashtar Command and by all other Galactic Commands arrived. This project is being carried by the Galactic Confederation of Light for thousands of years, demanded a lot of coordination between different groups and races and took many lifetimes of our incarnated members. Everything is being coordinated from a higher perspective, even when it appears that each member is working alone or without any "apparent" support.

A lot of information was already presented by different sources and narratives and is natural that more than one narrative is correct since each narrative is being presented by a different group, race, command or even by beings which reside in different dimensions.

Please understand that the narrative that is being presented here is one particular point of view of our incarnated members of the SURFACOM - Surface Command. We ask you to use your own discernment to evaluate the information being presented here, since we believe that each BEING or SOUL is able to validate each piece of information independently. We suggest you to always use your inner discernment, your inner compass that is your HEART, your strong connection between your brain/mind and your heart/consciousness. You have everything that you need within you. Always trust in your "gut feeling" and use your own discernment to navigate through the times that are ahead of us.

The war to end all wars is in its final stages, the long-awaited "PEACE ON EARTH" is very close to becoming a reality. The Light has already Won, even when it appears that the opposite is happening. The dark ones were always proud to be extremely intelligent and coordinated, but they lack the connection to the Primary Source so they can't understand what LOVE is all about. They are being defeated because the Light Forces already learned how to disarm all their exotic bombs and apparatus. The dark ones are just nothing without their exotic technology. Remember that is always darkest before the dawn. We are in the final stages of the master plan to clean this Universe from all darkness. A bright future is already anxiously awaiting for us.

The Beginning of Duality and The Galactic Wars


9️⃣ 1️⃣1️⃣ ~ 9/11 Special Edition: The Public Demands The Truth (🐠 The GoldFish Report) ~ | No. 387 | Blogger: [💕 "First Responders Urge Congress to Reopen 9/11 Investigation at News Conference to Be Held on September 11th" 💕 ~ PR Newswire] ... |

On The GoldFish Report No. 387, Louisa and Jim present a review of the facts that contradict the official account of what happened on that fateful day. These are not conspiracy theories, but conspiracy fact that we present and you decide using your own discernment. What ever the case, the public deserves to know the truth, however difficult and shocking it may be.

🧿 ~ Global Mass Ascension with Wave-X Bombards the Earth and Frequency Shift (Verdensalt Archive) ~ | Blogger: [🙇I (verdensalt) has my own understanding about ascension and how things are working in our spiritual worldview, but trust your own inner belief-system🧘] ... {The conflict between good and evil} ... For many decades, but intensified since 2012 when the new Maya Calendar kickstarted, Cosmic Electrical Currents has hit Earth. The local Sun (Portal) in the Milky Wave is connected to the Galactic Central Suns and finally Cosmic Central Sun, the Center of the All-Pervading Presence of the Great "I AM" Source / God, Builder Race (The Central Civilisation)... (Earth Humans) nearest feeding Central Sun is Alcyone, from the Pleiadian System.. The Manasic Photon Belt, and our Central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian System are raising Earth's Vibration and Global Mass Ascension, Pure Light of Wave-X, bombards the Earth and Frequency Shift. It's about the activating process, our hidden treasures in Junk DNA and bringing our dormant Cell Memory to life. The New Template of Self, DNA, timelines, completion dynamics, resolution of old self, resolution of Higher Realm activity, and the dimensional bridge of Christ consciousness embodiment. Unfortunately, the most important healing Tachyon Energy Particles, that cures us completely from all our illness, cannot reach Earth, stopped by Serpent Archons Control Grid or The Veil, the CIA/NSA/USAF's Chemtrailing (Solar Radiation Management), the Lilly Wave and Psychotronic Warfare states and use of Direct Energy Weapons.. After Yaldabaoth, Lord of the Archons, has been dissolved, The Veil (The Matrix - computer on the dark side of the moon and artificially made Saturn rings) is taken down and NESARA (GESARA) will eliminate TPTB ("the powers that be"), the BIG EVENT happens, the Pleiadian's (are a Highly Evolved Humanoid race, our closest Allies and Galactic Family), will provide earthly humans with Tachyon Technologies beyond our wildest dreams... [READ MORE] ... |

{why do you think 5G network is here and now? Because it stops or pauses humanity, to evolve to next level in our Consciousness evolution and Ascension process}

(..)... Until then, earthly humans will still be affected by these photonic influence from our Galactic Central Sun. These Wave-X bombards of Pure Light Consciousness pass thru the membranes of time into the Biological Container, recoding DNA with advanced intelligence.

Keep in mind, when Pure Light entering The Human Biosphere, it forces out all our memories of traumatic experiences hidden deep in the brain and etheric body of memory from the reincarnations.

This is a period of rupture, a time where false ties due to Negative Karma are broken. These human conditional 'core issues' has to be dealt with, transmuted and eliminated.

Clearly the old vibrations have to be released or raised to a higher level if they are to remain. Consciously or unknowingly everyone receives these massive tidal waves of energy. Those who are aware can more easily handle this new situation, the unconscious are in a very agitated situation that sometimes leads to blows and and extreme reactions.

Perhaps you now realize that's one of the reasons why people are acting violent, crazy and upset about common states of mind. There's no secret place to hide anymore...

First show of force hits our Starchildren and especially teenagers. Like a super-absorbent nanosheet, children are most affected to the life of living on Earth. Children don't need to raise their spiritually, their already open-minded and fully awake. Their brain download is open to receive, already activated when they choose to descend down to Earth.

When you then unconsciously stuff them with food toxins, vaccinations and stress into your children, keeping them from evolving, they get sad, depressed and suicidal. Adults in the other hand, has for centuries blocked all emotions and has forgotten how to treat themselves and other with unconditional love, still thrives on negative 'adopted thought patterns' that prevent them from listening to the openness of the heart.

☠️ ~ Medical bombshell: Lead exposure kills 412,000 Americans a year… here’s how exposure happens (NN) ~ | Blogger: [🤢Blyforgitning eller Tungmetal- forgiftning🤒] ... {såkaldte "giftige” metaller, kunne f.eks. Aluminium, Arsen og Titanium / Titan. Nogle tungmetaller er "meget giftige" og har ingen nyttefunktion i kroppen. Kviksølv, Cadmium, Bly, Tin. Andre tungmetaller er essentielle, hvilket vil sige, at vi har brug for dem i små mængder i føden. Som eksempler kan nævnes Kobber, Jern, Mangan og Zink}... Tungmetaller findes mange steder i vores omgivelser i f.eks. fødevarer, medicin og miljø... NOGLE mener, at et tilskud af mælkesyrebakterier, Molkosan, Brottrunk eller Vita Biosa, som regulerer tarmfloraen i hele tarmen, hjælper, andre, det ingen virkning har på blyforgiftning... Lægehåndbogens beskrivelse af blyforgiftning, hjælper, heller ikke, andet end en forsigtigt henvisning til "Kelerende medicin"... foreslår, indtagelse af - antioxidanter, - svovlholdig mad / kosttilskud, samt - sunde fedtstoffer. Og brug af sauna / svedebade... Andre igen, som snakker om EDTA-behandling, der i USA har været anvendt mod blyforgiftning siden begyndelsen af 1950’erne... Mange artikler peger på Succimer, også kaldet DMSA, bruges af læger, som arbejder med komplementær medicin, til afgiftning af autistiske børn for kviksølv og andre tungmetaller, men her er der mange faldgruber... er gået nede om og hjem... Spørger min danske holistiske naturlæge... Verdensalt vil selv sige, naturligt MSM - der står for methyl-sulfonyl-metan. Det er et naturligt næringsstof, et organisk svovlstof, der findes i den almindelige kost til mennesker og stort set alle andre pattedyr... Andre ting kunne være kolliod sølv, de meget kyniske ville sige, at Sølv, i enhver form er et bioakkumulerende giftigt tungmetal, som kviksølv, bly og arsen og ved for meget brug, kan tilstanden blive, en blå krop (argyria eller argyrosis)... Har nu taget det i mange år og vor naboer, svenskerne, i mere end 30 år... 🧂 PS: Lille historie fra min naturlæge : ".. I Rom, for ca. 2000 år siden, blev vandet ledt ud i byen med terrakottarør (rør af rødt brændt ler) og blyrør. Visse steder blev der også brugt sten og trærør. Ved brug af blyrør, førte vand fra bjergene til byen og ind i folks huse, dog blev de syge af det, så nogle kloge hoveder fandt ud af, at 3-4 sorte peberkorn om dagen, kunne fjerne blyet, og romerne, blev raske igen. Romerne lærte brugen af krydderier fra Grækenland, og med Romerrigets udbredelse øgedes dette kendskab. Kostbare indiske krydderier, især peber, kom via Ægypten til Rom. Derved opstod krydderi-ruten til Kina – Indien i stor stil.. ".. |


👼 ~ 💗 What to Expect from the Opening of the 999 Portal on September 9th, 2019 (Spiritualify Network) 💕 ~ |
On Monday, September 9th, 2019 a great energy of Crystal Light will be activated with the opening of the Multidimensional 999 Portal.

It is an important day as it will be flooded with energy that helps to close cycles. 

Based on the article by Spiritualify:

📱 ~ 10,000+ cases under review in Denmark after phone data glitch used to convict the innocent (RT) ~ | Blogger: [#1️⃣Of Most Embarrassing Mistakes In Danish History!?😳] ..."Some 32 prisoners – some of whom had already been convicted and sentenced – were released after an external audit launched late last month revealed gaping flaws in the geolocation system used as evidence in their cases. Danish courts have declared a two-month moratorium on the use of cellphone data as evidence following the discovery that it is not nearly as reliable as previously thought, and over 10,700 cases since 2012 are being reviewed."... |

© Pixabay / markusspiske
Dozens of prisoners have been released and over 10,700 criminal cases are under review after Danish police realized the software they use to pinpoint the location of cellphone users is riddled with inaccuracies.


9️⃣ 1️⃣1️⃣ ~ (In Memoriam:) 10 Disturbing Raw Videos From 9/11 (listverse) ~ | Blogger: [⚔️OPERATION GLADIO : COUNTER-TERRORISM🛡️] ... {EU's priority areas are; maritime security, cyber security, counter terrorism, CSDP and peacekeeping operations, hybrid threats, conflict prevention and the proliferation of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons} ... Denmark has apparently celebrated their False Flag contributions of fear and warmongering apparatus by letting us known, that the eight explosions, alone in Copenhagen of 2019, is a new weapon by street gangs and foreign criminals... Yesterday we had a 13-year-old shot at a daycare center, Aarhus Airport has been evacuated after suspicious package, the city district of Vollsmose and police arrested 7 people after shootings, since EU's many socalled 'vehicle-ramming attacks', classified as jihadist terrorism by Europol, Cars, to be banned on Amalienborg Palace Square over terror fears, by recommendations from the national intelligence agency PET... Last but not least, MSM media is claiming, that Jihadists has joined a secret network, that gave the danish state a million losses and forget to mention about many other (white) VIP high-class social elite, who's involved in EU's biggest VAT scam in history. Noooo, now the focus is ONLY about how the financing of terrorism involves the Islamic terror arm, al-Qaeda and what have you .. E.g. "for a number of years, two militant Islamists have been deeply involved in a unpreced- ented network with a total of 14 Danish businessmen in connection with a number of bankrupt companies that have resulted in a loss of more than DKK 800 million. DKK in unpaid VAT and tax for the Danish Treasury" so claim by media... |

On August 31, 2010, it was announced that the International Center for 9/11 Studies had secured the release of hundreds of hours of video that shows the events of September 11, 2001. The videos were held by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and obtained by way of the Freedom of Information Act. The new footage was released in a file named the NIST Cumulus Video folder and includes shocking material.

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 were one of the most videotaped events in history. The majority of the footage comes from lower Manhattan in New York City. There was so much video captured that the Internet Archive has enough coverage to virtually replay the day. The material is extremely graphic, violent, and heart-wrenching. It shows the pain experienced in New York and the complete destruction of three high-rise structures.

For those of you who were not old enough to understand 9/11 in 2001, you can now get a sense of the day by examining the footage. This article is going to examine ten raw clips captured on 9/11, all from New York City. The videos are not edited and contain bad language, so discretion is advised.

👽 ~ “Storm Area 51” creator hosts event in Las Vegas instead of Rachel, Nevada (RJ) ~ | Blogger: [“Storm Area 51” Event Got Canceled For Being A “Possible Humanitarian Disaster”] ... 🏴 Alienstock Festival sep 19-22 (Rachel, NV) = (canceled) ... 🏁 Storm Area 51 Basecamp Sept 20-21 (Hiko, NV) = (Tickets starting at $47) ... 🏳️ PeaceStock 51 Sept 20 (Crystal, NV) = (Tickets starting at $51) ... 🏳️‍🌈 Area 51 Celebration Sept 19 = FREE ... |