February 15, 2018

Bill Smith | Feb 15, 2018 | QAnon 2/13/18 - Barack Obama's Presidential Portrait - How to Deflower a Nation |

Qanon Update: Obama's portrait was painted by Chinese Women, and a 'KILL WHITEY' racist painter took credit. Kehinde Wiley is a joke, a farce, and a liar. But he's gay and black so I guess he gets a pass. Barack Obama CHOSE this guy to do the artwork. Unbelievable. https://qcodefag.github.io/ It's almost like BO is trying to piss you off. Think children. Think slaves. Think sheep.

BT | 15. Feb 2018 | Enormt Bitcoin-svindelnummer trækker tråde til Danmark ("Optioment" - Austrian Bitcoin Scam: 10,000 Victims Lose 12,000 BTC - $115 Million) | .. Et stort mistænkt pyramidespil baseret på Bitcoins udløser politianmeldelser i Østrig og mistænkte i Danmark .. |

READ MORE: https://www.bt.dk/erhverv/enormt-bitcoin-svindelnummer-traekker-traade-til-danmark

Astro Updates | February Solar Eclipse (2018) | by Tod Drescher, Astrologer |

Link to Astrological Glossary 👉


Hello friends

We are still within the two week intense eclipse period until the  
Solar Eclipse occurs on Feb.15. Eclipses seem to bring unpredictable  
changes to our schedule. They help us eliminate something so that the  
new light can come forth. So plant news seeds and adjust to the new  
flow. This happened 19 years ago in 1999, 1980, 1961,...since all  
eclipses repeat every 19 years.

All the planets are moving forward in the sky for all of February  
until March 9 when Jupiter retrogrades.
There is no Full Moon in February. And there were two in January and  
will be two in March. This happened in 1999 and will again in 2037.  
Note the 19 year rhythm once again.

The humanitarianism of the World Olympics is a great way for the  
global Aquarius energy to be released around the planet. Power to the  

Peace on Earth

Sun+Moon conjunct Mercury
Thur. Feb. 15  3:05pm CST

More revolutionary, inventive positive Aquarius energy will be  
released. The media used as a tool should be very active helping us  
leverage transparency & truth around Spaceship Earth. Listen to your  
inner voice to determine if you need to make any shifts to bring in  
more self love. Take time to nourish yourself and look after your own  
health and well being because it is really going to be favored under  
this energy. Open your arms and your mind a little wider, and use the  
magical February Solar Eclipse to bring more love, joy, and  
self-awareness into your world. Mercury conjunction to Sun + Moon  
highlights health and medicine as well as positive thinking and  
speaking. Juno is involved also so our "love mates" come into our  
focus. Good time to being writing that book you always wanted to write.
Happy birthday Galileo Galilei! Feb. 15, 1564

Aljazeera | Feb 14, 2018 | Israeli police recommend indictment of Netanyahu | .. Israeli police have recommended indicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for bribery, fraud and breach of trust after months of investigation into two corruption cases .. | Blogger: In the meanwhile, S. Africa’s Zuma submits letter of resignation to parliament, while hunting down his business associates .. Also, many are asking if George Soros was an SS Officer or Nazi Collaborator During World War II? ... |


Educated in Law \\ PFC | Feb 14, 2018 | Banks don’t take deposits. Banks don’t lend money |

It’s a miracle!! Richard Werner, an economist and professor, explains how banks really work. They don’t take deposits and they don’t lend money.
summary and full transcript appears below the video! I typed it out because it’s so important. (Hat tip to @notporc for providing the new video.)
— Begin Transcript —
Banks are being thought of intermediaries, but this not really what’s happening. Banks are creators of the money supply.
I produced the first empirical studies to prove that [banks create money out of thin air].
Banks are thought of as deposit-taking institutions that lend money. The legal reality is banks don’t take deposits and banks don’t lend money.
So what is a deposit? A deposit is not actually a deposit. It’s not a bailment. And it’s not held in custody.
At law, the word deposit is meaningless. The law courts and various judgements have made it very clear if you give your money to a bank even though it’s called a deposit, this money is simply a loan to the bank. So there is no such thing as deposit. It’s a loan at a bank.

Foxs News Alert | Feb 14, 2018 | HIGH SCHOOL BLOODBATH | .. At least 17 killed in Florida massacre; suspect ID'd as expelled student wearing gas mask .. | Blogger: (Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions of FF Ops) ... OUR THOUGHTS and prayers go out tonight to all the victims and their families 😔👼 . Got the newsflash at The International UFO Congress in Arizona ... That said, heard 2 hours of Fox News report from the car satellite radio and then at FOX TV-channel ... One thing that hit me, when the Fox reporter asked Pam Bondi (Florida Attorney General), if it was in any way feasible or possible to escalate the military presence at High Schools and public places - the answer from Pam was - YES! Pam also sayed that Mr. Trump agrees (with the acquiescence) and Pam were in close contact to a friend with a bullet in her leg, after the Las Vegas shooting, while everyone in silence accept the grand narratives and no way of checking whether its all a hoax or for real. NOBODY wants to have the military or UN peacekeepers to be deployed on the streets of every city in US or EU. NOBODY wants to fact check Sandy Hook Shooting (hoax). The lawmakers calling for gun control in the wake of Florida shooting (again). All we think about is blood for blood ("An eye for an eye"), justice, revenge and anger. We simply forget about Valentines day and break into fearmode & let us dumbing down. Please remember, that Valentine's Day marks the celebration of one of the most beautiful bond which is bond of love and NOTHING and NOBODY can take that away from us (We The People)... |