Jul 11, 2019

😮 ~ (BREAKING) Historic precedent 10,046 'earthquakes centered in Ridgecrest / China Lake area as of 10;01 mountain time: What is the number where it all gives way, meaning huge quake-any guesses? (SteveQuayle) ~ | Blogger: [🕯️"New Daily Emergency Meditation Focus: California earthquakes" ~ WLMM📿] ... {Victory of the Light!⭐} ... |


New Daily Emergency Meditation Focus: California earthquakes

On July 4th, Searles Valley in the Southern California was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 6.4.

Then after 34 hours, another large quake of 7.1 magnitude hit the same area again on Saturday, July 6th. This is the strongest recorded earthquake the region has seen in 20 years.

👼 ~ 💓 Letting the Past Disappear (Lee Harris Update) 💕 ~ |

As you enter the fifth dimension, you will find that your relationship with the past will lessen and start to disappear. Some of you are already noticing this.

There are certain areas of your life and certain aspects of your consciousness that do not feel heavy or held by your past, even if some areas still do. If that rings true for you, if you are experiencing a lightness and somewhat of a disconnection from certain parts of your past, certain times, certain places and people, this is you entering into fifth dimensional reality - a reality where you no longer need to keep track of what happened.

You are built on what happened. You have become who you are today because of what happened. But you are no longer needing to assess, keep score or grade based on any of that.

- From Meditation for the Magnetic Soul MP3

💛 ~ Trump Fed pick wants to revive the gold standard. Here's what that means (CBS News) ~ | Blogger: [🔑Return of The Golden Age & Spiritual Paradigm shift Changing the Course of Humanity🌟] ... Let us meditate now upon all the good this wealth can create. Rather than using wealth to control, dominate, separate, enslave and subjugate populations through Service to Self, what a joy it would be to create peace, well-being, harmony and prosperity on a global level, thus raising the vibration of the entire globe and all of humanity and all living beings... 🧘I call upon the Highest Aspect of my I AM Presence to send a Heart-felt Clarion Call to Source and the Pleroma/Galactic Central Sun! As part of the Collective of the 144,000 Starseeds on Liberation-Earth Mission I command and decree action to be taken to speed up the Phase Transition Event and trigger it as soon as possible. As a Starseed on Earth, I now decree from my Heart-Center my readiness to graduate to a Higher Dimension of LOVE, JOY, PEACE and ABUNDANCE, ON THE MOST POSITIVE TIMELINE FOR ALL BEINGS IN THE MULTIVERSE. I ask for this transition to happen as swiftly and peacefully as possible, freeing ALL beings and Shifting us unto the Golden Age of the new Atlantis I ask to manifest a world with Abundance of FREEDOM, JOY, FOOD, WATER, HEALTH, WEALTH OF ALL KINDS For EVERYONE... So BE it, and so it IS, I AM! 🙏 |

As President Donald Trump named his picks to fill two influential seats on the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors, the price of gold surged. That may be because one of the them, Judy Shelton, is a believer in the return to the gold standard, a money policy abandoned by the U.S. in 1971

✈️ ~ Flyvevåbnets sværvægter sætter kurs mod Rømø (jp) ~ | .. (ENG) Hercules military drill on danish remote island, Rømø .. | Blogger: [✌️Prep for Danish Desert Storm version 2 in Iran or Syria?💣] ... {The US wants soldiers from, among others, Denmark to replace American soldiers in northeastern Syria, acc. to a danish newspaper. It will put Denmark in a squeeze between Turkey and the United States, but the Social Democrats' defense spokesman is positive of the idea" ~ politiken.dk}... NO THANK YOU! Flest danskerne er imod at hente børn hjem fra Syrien--Most Danes are against bringing children home from Syria (verdensalt told you so😔)... |

USA vil have danske soldater til Syrien og sætter regeringen i et stort dilemma

⚰️ ~ Blev erklæret død ved en fejl og krævede 70.000 i erstatning - får 445 kroner (TV2 FNYS NEWS) ~ | Blogger: [Er Danmark en retsstat? Skal patienter kunne beholde penge, de får i erstatning? Hvorfor er der ikke muligheder for at sagsøge 'retsstaten' og erstatninger er så 'latterlige små'?] ... (ENG) Last year at least seven people were declared dead by mistake in connection with hospitalization, alone in South Jutland. A patient, who has spend countless money and time was declared dead by mistake, and then claimed DKK 70,000 in compensation - receives only 445 kroner. The effort to "resuscitate" herself digitally, was a living nightmare, and many has this problem, after being declared falsely DEAD and there's no HELP... |


👂 ~ AND...It's Getting Deeper: -- Alex Acosta Said He Was Told Jeffrey Epstein 'Belonged to Intelligence' And 'To Leave It Alone' (RumorMill News) ~ |

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Tuesday, 9-Jul-2019 23:19:15 

Report: Alex Acosta Said He Was Told Jeffrey Epstein 'Belonged to Intelligence' And 'To Leave It Alone'
Chris Menahan
Jul. 09, 2019

Best-selling author Vicky Ward reported Tuesday that Alexander Acosta told the Trump transition team when asked about his handling of Jeffrey Epstein's case that "I was told Epstein 'belonged to intelligence' and to leave it alone."

From Vicky Ward, The Daily Beast, "Jeffrey Epstein's Sick Story Played Out for Years in Plain Sight":

Epstein's name, I was told, had been raised by the Trump transition team when Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. attorney in Miami who'd infamously cut Epstein a non-prosecution plea deal back in 2007, was being interviewed for the job of labor secretary. The plea deal put a hard stop to a separate federal investigation of alleged sex crimes with minors and trafficking.

🍿 ~ Revolver (2005) EXPLAINED : Guy Ritchie's "Revolver" & Our Ego ~ | Blogger: [⚠️SPOILER ALERT : This Film is about the Individual Self defeating the False Ego🤳] ... Excerpts UNCUT RAW (right or wrong) from freddysopenmind: "We are all born lacking self awareness. That usually doesn't begin until around 18 months or so. At that point we start becoming more conscious of ourselves and surroundings. We can react to specific events and catalog them away for future use by our brains. And that is also what begins to happen on a larger and larger scale as we age. We begin to develop a personality and trains of thought based on what we experience and learn. We start to build up a protective self, the ego. As we age, we nurture it and protect it. We believe we are protecting ourselves and in a physical sense perhaps we are. But mentally, we are simply doing what the voice in our heads tells us to do. We develop automatic reactions and thoughts. Our ego, or false self, is that voice in your head that says "I hope you hit a telephone pole." when someone cuts you off in traffic. It's that voice who returns any type of negativity with negativity. It's what we do. If we feel attacked or wronged, we believe we must react to defend ourselves. But why? Is responding to a negative with a negative helping us mature as human beings? Will doing so lead to a happier self? Are negative responses leading to positive feelings and situations later down the road? In my life, I've found the answer those questions to be no."... |

🍵 ~ 💓 Research Shows Drinking Matcha Tea Reduces Anxiety (Natural Blaze) 💕 ~ |

Many different countries have a tea culture, and Japanese Matcha tea is growing in popularity around the world. In Japan, Matcha has a long history of being used for various medicinal purposes. It has been suspected to have various beneficial effectsto health, but relatively little scientific evidence supported that claim.

Now, a group of Japanese researchers from Kumamoto University has shown that anxious behavior in mice is reduced after consuming Matcha powder or Matcha extract. Its calming effects appear to be due to mechanisms that activate dopamine D1 receptors and serotonin 5-HT1A receptors, both of which are closely related to anxious behavior.

Matcha is the finely ground powder of new leaves from shade-grown (90% shade) Camellia sinensis green tea bushes. The tea (and food flavoring) is enjoyed around the world. In Japan, historical medicinal uses for Matcha included helping people relax, preventing obesity, and treatment of skin conditions.

The researchers, therefore, sought to determine its various beneficial effects.

🔴 BREAKING ~ US Customs just seized a ship owned by JPMorgan after authorities found $1 billion worth of drugs on it ~ | .. The ship is owned by client assets in a maritime strategy offered by JPMorgan Asset Management, according to a person familiar with the matter. It is operated by the Switzerland-based MSC .. | Blogger: [🤝FRIENDS or FOE to Other Cabal Wall Street Rothschild Banks?🤨] ... The Danish Danske Bank (money laundering scandal's €200 billion of suspicious transactions that flowed from Russian and Azerbaijani) or Deutsche Banks Dead Man Walking Downturn!?... We properly never know, since Danske Bank has (sealed) the corrupted customers log, with help from smartass lawyers and heartless assistance from The Danish FSA.. All the same, Danske Bank loses 11,000 danish banking customers and earnings has gone down 3bn, lately...|

  • Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia have seized a container ship operated by the Mediterranean Shipping Co. and owned by JPMorgan Asset Management.
  • That came weeks after authorities found more than $1 billion worth of cocaine on the vessel in what was one of the largest drug busts in American history.
  • At least half a dozen crew members have been arrested, according to Homeland Security Investigations, and the investigation is ongoing.

🛰️ ~ Top Secret X-37B Space Plane Caught On Camera Orbiting Earth (ZeroHedge) ~ | .. Skywatcher Ralf Vandebergh of the Netherlands recently snapped an impressive photo of the US Air Force’s most secretive space plane orbiting Earth .. | Blogger: [📰IN OTHER NEWS: Emirati military satellite, (UAE spy satellite) crashes into Atlantic after ‘major anomaly’ with Arianespace Vega rocket🚀] ... |

The Boeing X-37, also known as the Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV), is a reusable robotic space plane, was conducting a top-secret mission in low Earth orbit when Vandenbergh recorded the image.
“When I tried to observe it again [in] mid-June, it didn’t meet the predicted time and path,” Vandebergh explained.
“It turned out to have maneuvered to another orbit. Thanks to the amateur satellite observers’ network, it was rapidly found in orbit again, and I was able to take some images on June 30 and July 2.”
The X-37B resembles a smaller version of NASA’s retired Space Shuttle orbiter.
“It is a small object, even at only 300 kilometers [186 miles] altitude, so don’t expect the detail level of ground-based images of the real space shuttle,” Vandebergh said.

Vandebergh said the newly captured images exceeded his wildest expectations.

🤫 ~ Trump Just LOST His Legal Appeal In Twitter Case, Ruling Backfires On Ocasio-Cortez (Timcast) ~ | Blogger: [😶NSA's Google Gestapo, CIA' Operation Mockingbird & George Orwell's Totalitarian Regime🤐] ... (DK) Neeeej, Verdensalt er ikke politisk motiveret af nogen art... Verdensalt.dk er et uafhængigt og upartisk alternativ netmedie... Det som bliver det fundamentale for læseren, er at tænke klart, altså at være i stand til at nulstille hjernen og tænke klart på få minutter, uforstyrret af ens eget (ego) ekkokammer, minus kognitive problemer og Stockholmsyndromets psykiske tilstand, så vi ikke bliver omvendt af stærke geopolitiske, teknologiske og den 'fjerde statsmagt' (når vi skal karakterisere mediernes rolle). Tendenser i samtiden, er endnu ikke modnet for den altover- skyggende spirituel udvikling i samfund, nationers sjæl og personlighed, når det sker, kan disse nemlig mere eller mindre efterforskes af ethvert dertil moralsk egnet, upartisk og frigjort menneske... (ENG) Nooo, The Salt Of The World, are not politically motivated whatsoever ... Verdensalt.dk is an independent and impartial alternative network media with no fundings... What's vital and fundamental to the reader is to think clearly, be able to reset your brain and think clear in minutes, undisturbed by one's own (ego) echo chamber, minus cognitive problems and the mental state from Stockholm syndrome, so we will not be reversed by strong geopolitical, technological and & "Fourth Estate" (when we need to characterize the role of the MSM media). Trends at the time, has not yet matured for the all-important spiritual development in the (worldly) communities, nations soul and personality, but when it happens, it can, more or less, be investigated by any morally fit, impartial and liberated person... “There is no coincidence. Only the illusion of coincidence.”― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta, Vol. III of X... |

👯‍♀️ ~ Per Brændgaard frifundet for voldtægt 'Retfærdigheden er sket fyldest' (B.T.) ~ | Arkiv | Blogger: [🤦‍♂️Dramatrekanten: Er du offer, krænker eller redder? Søren Pind blev engang anklaget for at have gloet sultent på en kvinde på trods af, at han var blind på det pågældende øje...🤣] ...{Per glemte sin samtykkeerklæring og blev et lavere kasteobject, men blev reddet af stjerneadvokaten, Mette Grith Stage, den urørlige i højkastesamfundets øjne} ... Her skal vi tilbage til 'Offerbevidstheden'. For, at blive det modsatte af et offer, en krænker, giver du også din magt væk. Det er kun, når du justerer med din indre sandhed, din indre kraft og hellige visdom, du skaber det, som du ønsker at se, føle og få erfaring med at bruge dit stærke sind, følelser og energi, vil du tage ansvar og se de ændringer, du ønsker at se på Jorden... 💋Det er ikke længere korrekt etikette for mænd, at gå på opdagelse og spotte kvinder eller insinuere, om et kys, nøgenyoga eller erotisk massage.. Gud forbyde...☿️I takt med at feminismen har fået overtaget den ideologiske styring af samfundet er det opstået et kastesystem. Her, i det feministiske rum, er manden en lavere rangerende race, altså, indtil andet er bevist eller en samtyggeerklæring er underskrevet. Derfor er hans eventuelle blik på kvinden også en form for overgreb i sig selv...Uha, da-da..😉De lavere kaster må ikke se på de højere kaster. Det har feministerne udviklet en hel teori omkring som de kalder the male gaze. Altså, det hanlige blik. Ja, som vi alle ved, er kvinder i en højere livsform end mænd, og mænd bør slå øjnene ned ved møde med disse pragteksemplarer af den menneskelige art.. Spørgsmålet om mangfoldighed ændrer sig i disse år til et intolerant krav om etisk mangfoldighed for alle. Er vilkår og rammer givet på forhånd, eller skal de dannes og formes af den enkelte selv igennem livet? Selvom vi lever under et 'Empire'-familiens patriark, er kvinderne i flertal, og mandekulturen hersker stadig, ja, dog fremelskes den feminisme bevægelse (stemmeret til pussy power og #metoo), selv Barbie's nye feministiske dukker forstyrrer alle og kvinder, udnytter situationen, maximalt.🧿Helt uden at tænke på vi alle, er forprogrammeret - mænd har sin seksuelle energi åben, men lukket i sit hjertechakra - kvinder, lukket til for neden, men heeel åben i sin følelsesmæssige hjerte... 🤔Måske skal vi så småt begynde at dyrke vores indre sandhed, egokammer og krænkerkultur, for at forstå den spirituelle, logiske sammenhængskraft??... |


Per Brændgaard er dømt for at have voldtaget en 29-årig kvinde. Foto: Søren Bidstrup

LYRICS: 9/11

Remember that famous day
When Lucifer fell from heaven
When America started to sway
Traumatized from 9/11

Remember that newsful day
When the lies filled 7-Eleven
With the truth simply getting away
Journalies from 9/11

Stop being fooled
They are really so cruel
But what can we do?
Start the revolution you!

Remember two planes that day
Made a trio crash down from heaven
The physics were getting grey
The corruption on 911

Remember the terror that day
Starting wars 24/7
The guilty still getting away
The zionists did 9/11

Stop being fooled
They are really so cruel
But what can we do?
Start the revolution you!