Aug 21, 2019

πŸ‘Ό ~ πŸ’— 3 Tips to Connect to Your Body Deva for More Body Wisdom (Stacy Vajta) πŸ’• ~ | .. The way that I see the body deva is this: it’s the consciousness or spirit of the physical form we hold. This energy, or consciousness, is indeed connected to our spirit; but our body deva has a clear vibrational frequency all its own. It informs the physical at all levels, and runs the body’s mechanics .. |


The concept of the body deva isn’t really all that familiar. People ask me all the time what it’s about when I invite that energy into their session work. But once a connection is made to this energetic intelligence, which forms and informs us, a deep wisdom can be accessed for healing.

I was introduced to the term “body deva” many years ago by a sound healer named Aleya Doa, along with the Nature Intelligence teachings of Machaelle Wright. And, by calling in my own body deva in my healing work, I began a rich — and complex — relationship with a new level of consciousness I had not yet experienced. And over the years in my work with others, I’m finding that more and more people can now access this with an astounding opportunity for insight.

The way that I see the body deva is this: it’s the consciousness or spirit of the physical form we hold. This energy, or consciousness, is indeed connected to our spirit; but our body deva has a clear vibrational frequency all its own. It informs the physical at all levels, and runs the body’s mechanics.

The devic realm is what supports bringing consciousness into form. And the body is the “denser” vibrational representation of the devic consciousness of the human form.

The body deva knows the mechanics of the body. It knows how to heal. And, as a partner with you, it can open the door to a whole new level of collaboration for healing.

As we raise our own vibration, we recognize that we are ready for this new level of awareness and partnership. When we bring the body deva into the energetic conversations we hold — no matter what the topic is — we find a level of information available to us that can profoundly alter our spiritual and physical awareness.

Our body devas are as unique in vibration as our own divine line; yet our spirit — or essence — and our body deva are related in the most intricate of ways.

Very often there’s a split or chasm between what we know as our spirit and/or our core energy and that of the body deva, which needs to be reconciled to fully embody what we are bringing into our experience here on earth. When viewed as a unique vibration in and of itself, we can begin to work with our body deva and recognize where it is not in resonance with the other energies we hold.

So how can you access your body deva?

The trick with this level of energy work is to work with vibration itself. It’s not about where you feel blocks or what you think is going on that is creating a problem. Play around with this! Look for the quality, tone, feeling or intuitive understanding of the vibration you meet up with, as if these clues could point you toward something akin to a “personality” of the vibration itself….

1. Once fully grounded let, invite in your body deva.

And then, experience into yourself, in a more conscious way, what you notice as this energy engages with you.

What do you feel? What do you sense in your own body? What do you notice with your energy?

I often will pull this energy in in-front of me, knowing it is connected within me in and around my spine and deep into my biology. But it can help to put the vibration out in front of me so I can observe and witness it more clearly. And then I simply spend time observing and opening up to that vibration before doing any work with it.

2. Get curious of this energy as a vibration.

This work is all about looking at a level of consciousness. So experience into this as a vibration, not as some cue as to what is missing or blocked in your own energy.

Sometimes it can help to even imagine this vibration has a voice or an image that can help you discern its qualities. As you observe your body deva energy and its level of consciousness, let your own awareness begin to clarify what you are experiencing in that particular moment.

Is this energy open and expanded? Is there tension in this energy? Can you discern a particular quality or tone in this energy/consciousness?

Here’s a trick I often use: if this was a person and you were looking behind the curtain into how they worked, what might you understand about them? Same goes for the vibration.

What “aha’s” might come to you about your body deva at an energetic level that translates into your own experience?

3. Begin to experiment with this energy.

You can engage with your body deva by asking it to interact with other energies. This is getting somewhat advanced in energy work, but give it a go!

What if you could, one the one hand, keep an awareness of your body deva and what that experience is like while alsoholding a clear experience of your own energy running through your core?

How do those two get along? Can you let them simply meet and say hello? Can you let them start to mingle and soften and unwind where necessary?

As I mentioned, there often is an initial tension between these two levels of consciousness – they’ve been split apart for eons. Yet, a truly wonderful level of healing can come by allowing these two vibrational forces come together to unwind and begin to partner. Just let your own energetic intelligence do the work as you observe.

This is, of course, big work. And if you need some help, or are working through some bigger challenges let me know. That’s what I do. I’m happy to set up a consultation with you to see if what I do is a fit for the support you might be looking for.

But in the meantime, say hello to your body deva. And please do leave a comment below letting me know how it goes! ♥

About Stacy Vajta – The Everyday Lightworker

Stacy Vajta is a Master Energy Healer and Intuitive with over 25 years of experience helping Indigos and other energy-aware folks identify and transform energetic patterns that keep them feeling stuck. She works with people all over the globe via phone and Skype.
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