Mar 6, 2024

👹‍đŸ’Œ⭐đŸ—œ ('Stand with America or fall with NWO.') The Real Reason They Want You to Hate Donald Trump ~ Mar 6, 2024 ~ |

March 6, 2024 by Suzanne Maresca

This gem was just posted on X, but it was made around the time of the last presidential election. Notoriously corrupt, that election was. This gentleman explains quite clearly why certain factions, groups and powerful individuals wanted Trump to be a “temporary phenomenon.”

Maybe when this was made 3 years ago, the bad guys still thought they could turn the United States, and then the entire world, into their personal drone factory. I don’t think they hold any such illusions at this point. They underestimated our awesomeness.

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đŸ€ĄđŸ‘‘đŸ’© (Royal Regent Rulers) Gossip Genoveva Casanova is back - refuse to give interview on her 'loverboy'... ~ Mar 6, 2024 ~ |

SoTW - Blev smuglet vĂŠk

DDFO-Daisy AKA Queen Margrethe will abdication cause a ripple effect?...

Editor's Note: Kate Middleton will NOT appear at royal ceremony in June of 2024 (never to return or as a clone?)... The 'deamon' King Charles 'insisted' Camilla 'Rottweiler' went on holiday as Queen 'needs a break'... The Japanese princess Yuriko hospitalized with a blood clot in the brain... Why keep King Harald V alive and on the throne with a pacemaker and respirator why he's dying and in isolation in Norway?... | 

SoTW - King Charles holds pre-budget meeting

Claim : Mel Gibson Said Elites Will Die To Make Way For Antichrist
SoTW - Prince Andrew faces fresh court bombshell

🏘️đŸ””đŸ‘·‍♂️ (TBJ says 30% of DEW's are still in Dark Hats control) Beyond Ravens with JANINE - MAR 5 ~ Mar 6, 2024 ~ |

Editor's Norte: Jannie also talks abt Reptile-Rihanna, Suckerberg and Ivanka (white hat comm) and Gates-from-Hell among bevy of stars at Indian billionaire heir’s pre-wedding bash. And lastly, fakery prince Haz that had laughing gas and ate chicken while M3gan was giving birth to Archie (not their child).

Remember the Maui theory abt "blue objects" being saved from wildfires? Now, videos are coming out from Chileans showing us, they're painting their roofs blue after 2024 wildfires, that were the deadliest on record. Needless to say, there aren't too many houses in Oklahoma City with blue tiled roofs or in Texas. On top of that (not literally) Beijing Biden has confirmed “houses burned in Texas unless they had the right roof on it” — connecting back to the ‘Blue Roof Theory’... |