September 21, 2014

Meddelelser fra Lysarbejdere, Galatiske venner og Opstegne Mestre - 21. September 2014

For at forstå sammenhængen, og føler du dig inspireret, læs alle artiklerne igennem, i stedet for min lemfældige opsummering og uddrag. Der er simpelthen ikke tid til, at oversætte i det enorme tempo som vi får meddelelser fra alle vores Opstegne mestre, vores skaber og den galaktiske familie inden den store begivenhed finder sted.
The One, som jeg går ud fra er selve Skaberen, forklarer os bl.a. omkring den indviklede forbindelse man forsøger at nå via ens krop, sind, sjæl og ånd, hvordan kreationen af vores menneskelige legeme opstod og hvorfor vi er en del af Universet og Multiverset. Den store masterplan, Luficer Projektet samt Invasionen fra Omarrhan. Bekæmpelsen af Mørket betyder ikke at det tredimensionelle begreb forsvinder, men betyder at alle overbevises, at kærlighed er den altoverskyggende sandhed. Det store 
foton bælte hjælper os godt på vej mod højne vores energier og en masse, masse mere, virkelig spændende læsning. Derefter er det vores ugentlige budskaber fra Hilarion, og til sidst en video besked fra Arcturians.

PS: Indsætter et link til det allerede udgivet budskab fra St. Germain den 19. September, fordi han i den grad optravler alle nutidens konspirationer som berører os dybt og snart viser sit sande ansigt. 9/11(WTC 7), Al Qaida, Osama Bin Laden ( Tim Osman, CIA), Missilet som ramte Pentagon, 6 års efterforskning af det store netværks kompleks af den militære / corporate / farmaceutiske industri / landbruget, NESERA og hvordan vi alle "burde" takle det. 

Én kærlighed

Kanaliseret af Kathryn E. May 20-09-2014 (Blogradio version her)
© 2014 WhoNeedsLight
This is One.  On this historic day, approaching the September, 2014 equinox on Planet Earth, I am going to give you a written message to follow up on the personal talk we had on Wednesday, Sept. 17 on BlogTalkRadio.*  You have now heard my spoken words through this channel, and today, a message you can copy and keep on your bedside table to remind you that I am always with you.

My heart is brimming over with Love for all of you, my precious children of Planet Earth.  I will tell you how I see you so that you can learn to see yourselves as I do.  When I look at you, which I take great pleasure in doing, I see you in a way that you might call multi-layered.  Of course I see your bodies, your physical systems moving and pumping, as you are used to seeing with your X-rays and MRI machines, but I see it all, in real time, as you call it.  I know you inside out, you might say.  This is of interest to me because I was the One who supervised your creation and your evolution into the bodies you now inhabit.

But your bodies are not what interests me most.  It is the intricate connection you are working to achieve between body, mind, soul and spirit that I wish to help you with today.  Let me explain.  In the category of body, I include your brain, the handy computer where you store your fund of knowledge.  Your mind is not in your brain, but is  your personal connection to the great wisdom of the Universe, including the Akashic Record which is the stored knowledge of all the soul paths of all who have ever incarnated on Earth. 

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Fred i denne verden er alle ét Bevidsthed ad gangen

Kanaliseret af Marlene Swetlishoff 21-09-2014
© 2014 The Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,
Those who are able to move beyond the current distractions come together in focus for a world of peace. This energy is being magnified and multiplied by the higher dimensions, for as given before, wherever two or more are gathered there also is the Christ consciousness. The forces of light and love take great delight in joining with the individuals who take part in a worldwide focus to bring in the highest outcome for the Earth and all of humanity. By the efforts of these combined forces of light, many positive and benevolent changes take place in the world. It is a sacred and holy work that is performed with love and reverence by those who heed the call. Lighted souls the world over turn within to offer their deepest and most heartfelt desires to the Creator of All That Is in faith and trust and a deeper understanding that they are each a divine spark of the divine manifesting upon the Earth.
They turn then to contemplate the beauty of the world around them and celebrate the wonders of nature, the incredible sunrise and sunset, the myriads of tiny creatures that surround them, each unique and incredible in their exquisite detail. They drink in the colors of the flowers and notice how each petal seems to radiate light from within. They connect to the trees and listen to their timeless messages of fellowship, nurturance and support. They begin to realize that life thrives on their planet and it is all connected to All That Is and that they also are a innate part of it. They sense that each moment they spend contemplating and admiring the wonders of the world they live on is an endorsement and an acknowledgment of gratitude for the abundance that was created for their enjoyment. It is in this way, they realize, that the universe responds by bringing them more of that which fills their hearts with joy.
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Kanaliseret af Suzanne Lie 20-09-2014
© 2014 suzanneliephd
                                                                                        Remembering Unity
                                                                                          An Arcturian Blessing  

We, the Arcturians wish to bless our grounded ones who have volunteered to take a body to assist Earth in Her great NOW of planetary ascension.

We primarily wish to tell each and every ONE of you, that YOU have a very special purpose that you have volunteered to fulfill in this NOW of Gaia’s ascension. We apologize for our “confusing” referrals to “time.” We find it extremely limiting to speak in the linear and sequential language of the third dimension.

In our true language, Light Language, the flow of ideas move in circles of light, which are revealed to the listener as pictures, emotions, ideas and sensations. To us, language is similar to a soft breeze that gently caresses our Lightbody. When we feel this caress, we experience it as if it were a word, as telephone ring, a call from another.

Since we all resonate within the ONE, we need not look outside of us into a “different” location, as our grounded ones must do. Instead, we focus inside of our being to “take the call,” or “give our answer.”  Of course, since we do not resonate to a time/space reality, the “inner” call and our answer occur simultaneously. 

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