Jan 1, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (Did the CIA invent the term ‘Conspiracy Theory’?) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟When You Believe All The Propaganda ~ AwakenWithJP🌟] ... |

🥈📈👛 ~ (100% value rise) Silver lining of the crisis: White metal outshines gold amid best decade for precious metals (RT) ~ | PS: [👉Cashless society & Silver Trigger Activation👈] -- This has nothing to do with Cobra, SilverDoctors, Collin Plume, Central banks or Greg Hunter on USAWatchdog etc. etc. Buuut... I was (SoTW) once IT-banker for more than 20 years or so, and one thing that i've learned working for danish GoLDMaN SLaCKS, Wall Street bankers is, that when they panic over negative rates and raise their fees over 50% in the last 10 years on all loans, with a hell-bent try to corner the market with government funded blockchain-based technology (fintech), that means trouble... They have rigged the price of gold, silver, foreign exchange, interest rates but it's soon over for them... People are laughing at me on verdensalt, when i tell them, to buy VAT-free silver coins / mint from the nearest guaranteed (mining) place at your disposal. Most people still have this notion, that GOLD is the new orange, but buy it, if you can afford it. Nooo, SILVER is the new black, and affordable, just think about it. Silver trigger activation or not, the Silver will rise at a sudden explosive rate, and your NOT gonna be overnight millionaires buying bitcoin (som did make it) or through this unsound guru Dinar-Iraq-IQD-Dong feber, either... RIGHT NOW, my silver coins has risen 100%... 1 ounce silver coin went for €15, 1 year ago, you cannot buy 1 ounce silver coin in EU in 2021 for under €30... Some predicts the silver rush in the near future to go as high as €100 per ounce... |



✨ ~💓 (Zoom is owned by CCP, CV-19 do not exist, fake moonlanding & SS driver shot JFK) Zoom is Chinese entity, Corona Virus not isolated, Defence Bill vetoed, Wisconsin votes illegitimate, Nashville Attack, Great Conjunction Update, Traitors being exposed (3D to 5D Consciousness) 💕 ~ | Blogger: I think, Nyla Nguyen was a online personal trainer, fitness model/competitor, and an entrepreneur and you could call her a 'spiritual teacher'. Nyla hosts her own Youtube channel '3D to 5D Consciousness' as a way spread the light and raise the collective awareness of the planet.. |

Zoom video conferencing has connections with China. It’s not safe to use the video conferencing platform. New York is fighting back against Andrew Cuomo lockdown restrictions and is winning. CV scam virus has not been isolated, more evidence being shown this is a massive fraud committed against humanity. Trump vetoed National Defence bill. There is hope in Wisconsin as judge over turned 200,000 illegimate votes for Biden. Nashville attack has to do with Deep State attacking the internet infrastructure providing internet services for the White Hats. I’m giving updates on the great conjunction update. I’m also exposing traitors that are close to the POTUS.

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🗣️👸✍️ ~ (Gud bevare jer allesammen) Intet nyt under solen og overraskende med Dronning Margrethes nytårstale med halve historier, hele løgne og små sandheder og kreative luftkasteller og vindfrikadeller (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Årets 2020 faktachecker: Samtlige partier fra Blå blok er endt som 'småt brændbart'. Landsmoder Mette Jung-un, er blevet den mest populære i DK-historien, selvom hun har kørt de små selvstændiges og serviceerhverv økonomier i sænk, afkobling af folkestyret med ny epedimilov og med frivillig tvang overfor et skræmt Hr og Fru Danmark, brugt global retshåndhævelse og 'politik med samtykke', for at fremme ubrugelig PCR-test, farlige nanotech vacciner og uendelige løgne om 'livsfarlige mutationer'🤛] ... De sædvanlige danske journalistiske mediemoguler og kendisser, tolker på, hvad nu Dronning Margrethe sagde og hvad hun mente, som altid - og takkede i sin nytårstale alle dem, der har stået forrest i kampen mod coronavirus og udtrykte sympati for alle dem, der har lidt store tab i det forgangne år... Meeeen jeg er ked af at ødelægge glansbilledet og illusionen - H.M. Dronning Margrethe 2. - er en kransekagefigur... Taleskrivere, embedsmand og forfattere fra Statsministeriet, har kreeret Dronningens tale, der tjener lige under 1 mio. kr. om året, hver, samt Statsministerens nytårstaler, siden 1940 og alle andres toppolitikers hovedtaler... DET ER FAKTA og kan ikke gradbøjes... Heldigvis tør Camilla går i rette med folkedomstolen, som sosu-hjælper, samt vaccinenægter... Samtidigt står alles landsmoder Mette, gudhjælpemig og siger, at alle danskere SKAL vaccineres, det hele afhænger af alle danskere tager imod uden betænkning, men, hun skal ikke selv vaccineres, fordi hun ikke er i risikogruppen - HOLD NU K*FT ALTSÅ... Ikke nok med det, selv om regeringen sammen med støttepartierne har slået fast, at 'en styrket indsats mod skattely og skattespekulation' er en kerneopgave, poster Socialdemokratiet millioner af kroner i det skattesky Facebook, som styres med jernnæve af partisoldaten, Helle Thorning, som også er CEO i skattelyselskaber... Under radaren, scorer Grevinde Alexandra nyt job som bestyrelsesmedlem i det danske medicinalfirma Unumed, Goldman Sachs, køber over 900 boliger i Danmark i milliardhandel og EU og Kina godkender GIGANTISKE investeringsaftaler... KAN DU IKKE SE DET?... Blå, grøn, gul og rød. Alle mennesker indeholder alle fire farver, og uanset hvad man stemmer på, er alle danske partier, ens (farvede) og penge, korruption og løgne, findes i den grad, i dansk politik... |

☝️🔮🎱 ~ (Mark these days 6th & January 21st 2021) WATCH: OAN's Christina Bobb reports on President Trump's ROAD TO VICTORY in days ahead! (OAN) ~ | Blogger: Do not celebrate because January 6th 2021 is SoTW's birthday😉, "Epiphany, or Three Kings' Day" - the manifestation of Christ - but because, a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization is fast approaching...I do trust my higher self and the revelations giving to me, but we're living in a dynamic world where change is constant!... Nobody can predict or change the future, not even our future self and past selves, living close together in a mirrored universe, as a seamless identity, because we are still separated from God / Source and cannot grasp the idea, we have lived for thousands of years with undisclosed knowledge, but forgot all about it or simple, mindwiped and erased by implants and alike... The 'Earthly human race', comes from 'Higher Powered', pure source light as goddess creators and Human DNA 'was designed by aliens'... However, our Dark Alliance, has made sure, to change all that... We know for sure now, that 'time travellers' exist, star portals, jump rooms to Mars, remote viewing, men in black, freemasonry masonic witchcraft and triangle powers and they will try to change the outcome of our present and future timelines, whenever, they can... 😮Okay, enough of that, I got carried away... ⚓To stay grounded, below are some excerpts from people (Mike Adams, Charlie Ward etc.) in this present 3-D matrix timeline, trying to give us hints of what's coming... 🕳️PS: Don't get depressed listen to Catherine Austin Fitts video on "Mr. Global" or Joni Patry predictions of a coming anger, violent war, but it's soooo important to understand, what plans "they" have for HU-manity and how "people" will fight back! This is it Folks! We are fighting for our future timelines, RIGHT NOW! (A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit)... |

Mike Adams - Naturalnews

Something huge will be unveiled on Jan. 6th
It's going to be a game-changer. Trump's team is set to unveil something huge on January 6th that they believe will change the outcome of the votes of Congress as they decide which slate of electors to accept.

With Lin Wood now confirming that Jeffrey Epstein is alive, and with Trump quietly signing a one-year extension of a powerful executive order on human trafficking, something massive is going to be unveiled in the next week, it seems, that could change the course of history.


Simon Parkes: 

6th Is Fast Approaching... (Newspaper Reports 'How Election Was Stolen')

While I realise the newspaper was published a while back - It is resurfacing and being used by the Trump Team to pressure MSM to follow up and run with the developing story.

I understand that a few breakthroughs are just days away - And they need to - Because the 6th is fast approaching...


Hal Turner Radio Show

48 minute video: Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown