Nov 9, 2022

💝 (“You're fired” Go home to Mommy or Get the Heck out of Here! Yeah baby Yeah!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW; Sorry, I got carried away! Forget for a moment abt midterms and focus on what WH's are doing behind the scene! Hurricane Nicole coming in on the day of election, the blood moon, possibly making land fall near Mar-A-Lago. Prophetic sign? The Storm? Sir Evelyn de Rothschild who dies is YUUUGE after death of Queen-Lizzie. Next in line? Pedo-Pope + Joe-the-Moe and Queen-Daisy to Abdicate?) ~ Nov 9, 2022 ~ |

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Nicole nears hurricane strength as it churns toward Florida (
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British financier and philanthropist Sir Evelyn de Rothschild dies 'peacefully at home' aged 91 | Daily Mail Online

Greta Thunberg says she's ready to hand over megaphone (

Facebook owner company Meta fires 11,000 workers | The Independent

Elon Musk Fires 50% Twitter, and Why I Like It | Level Up Coding (
Twitter Job Cut: Elon Musk Fires More Than 90% of India Staff - Bloomberg

Prins Joachim: Vi flytter fra Frankrig | BILLED-BLADET (
Danish palace removes prince and princess titles from Queen’s grandchildren (

Jeppe Kofod er ude af Folketinget | SE og HØR (
jeppe kofod had sex 15 girl - Google Search

Crypto bloodbath: Over 200k traders lose $840 million as Bitcoin falls to $30,000 - Nairametrics

⚠️🗽👀 (Simon's recap: 7 options - pick opt 5. This had to happen. Prov. final piece of evid. for WhiteHats. US Elec. rigged-4-yrs) November 9th US Midterms Update... ~ Nov 9, 2022 ~ |


🗳️❌👊 ~ (Judy; 'In 2015 Jacob Rothschild accused Putin of being a traitor to the New World Order. Let that sink in.') DC: Restored Republic via a GCR (SoTW; Outside this report - Blood moon Blood Bath or The Red Wave died down to a Red Ripple?? What's next = REVOLUTION??? LIVE - 46 DEM "51 for majority" GOP 47 = Re-he-he-heally? Not MASSIVE win to REP? Kari Lake vows to be media’s ‘worst fricking nightmare’.. The Demo-Rat Fetterman wins Pennsylvania. A man with Brain Damage who lived off mommy and daddy until he was 50 - Think abt that. My USA bestest buddie Jay will turn in his grave if fraud is once again allowed in the mid-term elec. and DNC Tower of Babel w/ Joe-the-Moe will not resign or suddenly die after falling down from stage during the 'shitshow') ~ Nov 9, 2022 ~ |

BLOOD MOON BLOODBATH... Democrats Steal Midterms, Communism Comes Home to America... Crime, Inflation, Record Gas Prices, War, Open Borders and Corruption WIN BIG ('

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of November 9, 2022

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Restored Republic via a GCR... by Tim Haagensen

🎗️😵‍💫 (Just bec. MSM is not talk. abt it doesn't mean ppl are not dying after being vaxxed) REMEMBER THIS - THESE GROUPS WERE EXEMPTED FROM GETTING COVID SHOTS IN 2020. NEVER FORGET THIS ~ Nov 9, 2022 ~ |


"It was a planned genocide. It was mass murder. They murdered our friends, family and loved ones and they didn't care. They did it for money. No amnesty. Never ever forget what they have done to the children. Your children. Your grandchildren. " ~ Jeff Rinse + Jim Crenshaw