Jun 13, 2019

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🛢️RT | ~ Iran says it rescued 44 sailors after 2 tankers were ‘reportedly attacked’ in Gulf of Oman ~ | Blogger: [💵BIG Dirty Petro Dollars Behind War: US-MIC - The Military-Industrial Complex. They Need Wars In Order To Survive💰] ... More than 50 years after President Eisenhower's warning, Americans and NATO-allies find themselves in perpetual war... India to launch first simulated Space Warfare exercise -- and US warns India against buying Russian anti-air systems, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is gearing up for a trip to New Delhi, where he will try to sell American 5G tech, LNG gas, and arms to Narendra Modi’s government. Then Pentagon has warned Turkey of sanctions over russian missile system, avoiding to buy F-35, in which Poland are forced too... China ratchets up anti-US rhetoric with old war films and travel alerts... |


⚥ Aluna Ash- 9D | ~ DIVINE MASCULINE 😭😢RUNNING FROM THE DARK ~ | .. This reading is the Divine Masculine Collective energy for June 2019 .. |

🐬Michael432Hz | ~ 💗 Dream of the Dolphin (Meditation Remix) 💕 ~ | Blogger: During my first stay in the US, as a exchange student, ran into some folks from Germany, together with new friends and my danish friends Jesper, we did a trip to Cape Cod dolphin & whale watching.. What was amazing... Later on, i actually completed my PADI Open Water Certification at the Keys, but never swimmed with a dolphin, but sharks, barracudas, sea urchin and attacking morays... My dream has been and will always be, to swim with dolphins in open water and i almost went to Hawaii on a retreat this year, but incredible expensive, it is.. 💡 PS: Who are the Dolphins, Really? Dolphins are master healers and keepers of the light upon Planet Earth. They are highly evolved omni-dimensional beings who live in the Oneness. Their role is similar to that of the angelic kingdom. They are here to watch over us, to help us and support us, and to guide us on our remembrance to radiant wholeness. Their Love for humanity is profound. They live in the Now. Like Angels, the Dolphins' influence transcends time, space and physicality. It is not necessary to be in their physical presence to be healed by them and to receive their many gifts. Now, more than ever before, humanity as a whole is ready and willing to receive the profound gifts the dolphins have to share. For us, the dolphins are our friends, our family, our healing partners and our teachers. They make us laugh. They make us cry. They love us no matter what. The Dolphins provide the unconditional Love and safety we needed to do our healing, so that our profound Love for ourselves…for this planet…for humanity…for all of life…can rise to the surface and be expressed without fear.... (awakening-healing)... 👁️‍🗨️❤️🐬. |

🥰Jason Silva: Shots of Awe | ~ 💗 WHAT YOU CHOOSE, YOU BECOME.... SO CHOOSE WISELY! 💕 ~ | .. We are the sum of our experiences... as McKenna wrote "You become what you behold...." So our creative and linguistic choices govern our fate! I design therefore I become.... enjoy! .. |

👎EWG | ~ New Round of EWG Tests Finds More Children’s Cereals Tainted With Monsanto’s Cancer-Causing Weedkiller ~ | .. Tests Come as Bayer-Monsanto Fined More Than $2B in Roundup Cancer Cases .. | Blogger: ☠️We need to stand up and explain to the 'Genetically Modified Politicians', giant food- and major biotech and chemical companies, either, MonSatan or Nazi Bayer, with friends like Novozymes and 'controllers' like Codex Alimentarius, are (not) welcome into our homes, kids get sick or die by poisoning our food, water, the earth... |


🧘‍♂️wakeup-world | ~ 💗 Are You “Spiritual But Not Religious?” 💕 ~ |

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

When I talk to some people about spirituality, they commonly respond with, “Oh, but I’m not religious,” to which I respond, “Yeah, me neither.” Then they look a bit puzzled. The way I see it, every religion is some human being’s interpretation of spiritual principles, and while there’s a lot of overlap in the teachings of all religions that probably points to some spiritual truth, I find myself resisting any dogma that says that one way is “The Way” and everything else is hogwash.

Ages ago, I wrote about my “Grab Bag Religion”. Some critique such an approach to spirituality, arguing that those who consider themselves “spiritual but not religious” lack the discipline that comes from focus on one religious pathway. Others say that the California-style “It’s all good” approach to spirituality fails to offer clear morals and strict values. This may be a valid criticism. Certainly spiritual practice can deepen one’s spiritual journey, and living a life of integrity tends to accompany spiritual commitment.

I certainly respect those who have found a religious discipline that feels aligned with their truth, but after investigating many religious paths, none felt truly authentic to my soul.

Though Buddhism most closely resonates with me and though I’m attracted to the yogic tradition, I still say that Jesus is my favorite. And yet, I don’t consider myself a Buddhist or a committed yogini or a Christian. I tend to resonate with the Buddhist teachings of non-dualism, especially the way Adyashanti teaches, but I’m also attracted to the Divine Feminine goddess worship of the yogic tradition, especially the way Sera Beak expresses it. I also love the Sufi mystic poets like Rumi and Hafiz. Yet, no deity speaks to my heart more than Jesus, who strikes me as perhaps the most loving being to have ever walked the earth in human form

If you mix all those together, you get a flavor of the cocktail of my spiritual inklings. But yours might taste quite different, and I think that’s perfectly okay.

Defining “Spiritual But Not Religious”

🏃‍♂️SH | ~ Kronprinsen skred fra Royal Run ~ | .. Frederiks ryg har over længere tid voldt ham problemer, og derfor skulle kronprinsen nøjedes med at uddele medaljer i Aarhus, men det gad kronprinsen alligevel ikke, da han skred før tid .. | Blogger: [🤴HVAD er der NU i vejen med sensitive H.K.H. Kronprins Frederik, med kælenavnet Pingo!?🤔] ... {HUSK: man må IKKE kritisere 'Dronningen' og Monarkiet} ... Kronprins Frederik er kendt for jetsetter-livet, hurtige biler, erhvervseliten fedter for de kongelige, og Frederik blåstempler magteliten ved, at tage på forretningsrejser i hele verden, for ikke at forglemme, den uforståelige omgang sort snak, men han er snart kommende Konge af Dannevang og ELSKET af folket, selvom han har MANGE skeletter i skabet... Metafysiske årsagsforhold (følelsesmæssige årsager til fysiske skavanker) til problemer med lungerne / luftvejene er bl.a. smerte, sorg, angst, krise, tab o.s.v. o.s.v. -- Hvorfor er Kronprins Frederik opereret for en diskusprolaps på Rigshospitalet sidste år og nu må melde pas, til Royal Run!? Sandsynlig årsag: 'Føler sig ikke selv, støttet, af livet. Ubeslutsom'. Overtagelse af Kongetronen, gør ham stresset? Manglende tilgivelse af papa, efter alle de (tæsk) han fik? Lade i stikken af H.K.H. Prins Joachim, der svindler og forsvinder, på jomfrurejse til Frankrig?... 👉NYT TANKEMØNSTER: 'Livet støtter alle mine tanker; derfor elsker og værdsætter jeg mig selv og alt er godt' 💙... |


💚Biodynamisk Forbrugersammenslutning | ~ 💗 Biodynamiske produkter er ikke alene økologiske – de er også dyrket efter mere holistiske principper og med særlige, styrkende midler 💕 ~ |

🕵️CDN | ~ Italy, UK’s MI-6 aid the Durham probe of Brennan, Mifsud’s Trump Spygate ~ | .. WASHINGTON, DC: As US Attorney John Durham launches a widespread probe into the origins of the Russia Hoax, foreign intelligence agencies implicated in the scandal are cooperating with the investigation. The government of Italy has fired the heads of two Intel agencies over the Brennan-Mifsud spying allegations .. |


Scope Of Durham’s Investigation Broad, Trump 24/7/365, Message Received - Episode 1890b

The US is getting ready to hold an extradition hearing for Assange. Jordan exposes the Dean hearing and puts it all out there. We have now learned that John Durham's investigation is march broader than originally thought, Durham is investigating the following, false statements, classified leaks, falsified FISA affidavits & illegal domestic spying by the C_A. New developments in regards to NK, Kim Jong Un half brother was a C_A informant. Iran release prisoner to Lebanon. Trump sends message, there are now coincidences.

👮U.S. Department of Justice | ~ Nearly 1,700 Suspected Child Sex Predators Arrested During Operation “Broken Heart” ~ | .. Over the span of just two months, our ICAC task forces investigated more than 18,000 complaints of internet-related abuse and helped arrest 1,700 alleged abusers. I would like to thank our Office of Justice Programs, all of the task force members, and especially the state and local partners who helped us achieve these important results. We are committed to bringing the defendants in these cases to justice and protecting every American child." .. |

The Department of Justice today announced the arrest of almost 1,700 suspected online child sex offenders during a two-month, nationwide operation conducted by Internet Crimes Against Children task forces. The task forces identified 308 offenders who either produced child pornography or committed child sexual abuse, and 357 children who suffered recent, ongoing or historical sexual abuse or were exploited in the production of child pornography.

The 61 ICAC task forces, located in all 50 states and comprised of more than 4,500 federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies, led the coordinated operation known as “Broken Heart” during the months of April and May 2019. During the course of the operation, the task forces investigated more than 18,500 complaints of technology-facilitated crimes targeting children and delivered more than 2,150 presentations on internet safety to over 201,000 youth and adults.

"The sexual abuse of children is repugnant, and it victimizes the most innocent and vulnerable of all," Attorney General William P. Barr said. "We must bring the full force of the law against sexual predators, and with the help of our Internet Crimes Against Children program, we will. Over the span of just two months, our ICAC task forces investigated more than 18,000 complaints of internet-related abuse and helped arrest 1,700 alleged abusers. I would like to thank our Office of Justice Programs, all of the task force members, and especially the state and local partners who helped us achieve these important results. We are committed to bringing the defendants in these cases to justice and protecting every American child."

🌕Science Alert | ~ Astronomers Detect a Huge, Unexplained Mass Under a Giant Crater on The Moon ~ | Blogger: [☝️Coming out of the Shadow : FINALLY Lame Stream Media (LSM) has Posted about a Unique Discovery in our Universe❓] ... Of course NASA authorities carte blanche or rubber stamped the "news", before it went out to the public... Yet another soft disclosure to calm us down when the EVENT will happen and nobody are able blame N.A.S.A./CIA 70 years of coverup on UFO, SSP, teleportation and inhabited planets elsewhere in the multiple universes or multiverse... ⚠️PS: Some years ago I (verdensalt) meet an american woman, whose father, ranked as the Master Sergeant on the Patrick Air Force Base Eastern Test Area, later through the control tower. He is now retired but had top clearance, launching virtually all missions of the Apollo program, which included both manned and unmanned space missions flown by NASA between 1961 and 1975 (unfortunately, the Master Sergeant is NOT talking and very sick, as we speak) ... |

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/University of Arizona)

🗺️Thirdphaseofmoon | ~ What Scientist Found Beneath Antarctic Can't Be Explained! 2019-2020 ~ | Blogger: [🌐INNER EARTH CIVILIZATIONS🥥] .. Did Adm. Richard E. Byrd find Tropic Climate, Mammoths, Flying Saucer, Coal, Oil, Uranium and minerals near Hollow Earth and even entered a new world inside earth core? - You be the judge!! ... This is perhaps a collection of an outstanding proof of the existence of the Agartha kingdom of Innner Earth. The Agartha Kingdom is a 5th dimensional inner paradise of the divine goddess Gaia, our beloved mother Earth. They are the descendants of Lumeria and those of Atlantis who had remained faithful to the Light. They had to find shelter in the womb of Gaia and created a paradise for themselves in Inner Earth when our paradise planet was perturbed by dark invaders 550,000 thousand years ago .. More info - search on Verdensalt.dk...'Inner Earth', Hollow Earth', 'Agartha'... |

AGARTHA - INNER EARTH ENTRANCE - This is the First Movie ever to be seen of the Polar entrance & the powerful Aurora Borealis like energy field that is occurring at the entrance. This is literally looking into the 5th Dimension from the Russian MIR space station. A truly Celestial vision more beautiful than we could have ever imagined, simply breathtaking.( Both POLES are -No Flight Zones- so this extraordinary document has been made accessible by a courageous russian Whistle Blower) - READ MORE

⚖️B.T. FNYS NEWS | ~ Forvaltningsekspert: Sag om barnebrude kan ende i Rigsretten ~ | Blogger: [📜"Barnebrudssagen" Forfra. #Støjberggaten som Nægtede at Dø!🎲] ... (verdensalt) Inger Støjbergs ageren i en sag om ulovlig adskillelse af unge asylpar er nu blevet en del af regeringsforhandlingerne og Hans Engell siger, det kan gå hen og blive alvorligt. Hun er og har altid været LIVSFARLIG for danmark, nu hvor DF ikke længere kan frede Støjberg trods nye asylpar-dokumenter og konstante LØGNE, syntes det er på tide, hun kommer ind og brumme, som første danske minister. Men, men men... Der er jo laaaangt igen og alle politikerne har parlamentarisk immunitet og hele blå blok vil kæmpe til sidste mand. Et folketingsmedlem kan ikke uden videre stilles for retten i en straffesag eller fængsles. Folketinget skal først give tilladelse til, at der kan føres straffesag mod medlemmet, ved en særlig afstemning og Støjberg kan nå at lægge fælder for kommende afhøringer af embedsmændene osv. osv... |


🛦Common Dreams | ~ New Report Exposes Pentagon's Massive Contributions to Climate Crisis Post-9/11 ~ | .. Failing to curb the U.S. military's fossil fuel use, Costs of War Project co-director warns, "will help guarantee the nightmare scenarios" forecast by scientists .. | Blogger: [🥇The Pentagon is the “single largest producer" of greenhouse gases in the world, acc. to a new report🏭] ... |

A Luke Air Force Base F-35 Lightning II stands by to take off April 15, 2015, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. (Photo: U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Thomas Spangler)