December 10, 2017

OOM2 \\ ThirdPhaseOfMoon | Dec 10, 2017 | HOLD ON! Alien INVASION False Flag!? HUGE Area 51 UFO Operations Exposed! |

Alien INVASION False Flag!? HUGE UFO Operations Exposed! Dr. Steven Greer 12/10/17 GET READY Something BIG Is Happening! Subscribe Thirdphaseofmoon UFO Youtube Channel Thirdphaseofmoon Shares Your Incredible UFO Videos To the World! Upload your UFO Video To Youtube, Then Copy Paste The Link To My Email! Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! We are not Alone! | Dec 8, 2017 | Disney Music Executive Charged with Child Sex Abuse (EXCLUSIVE) |

Jon Heely, the director of music publishing at Disney, has been charged with three felony counts of child sexual abuse.

Heely, 58, of Santa Clarita, is accused of sexually abusing two underage girls approximately a decade ago. He allegedly victimized the first girl when she was 15. According to the charges, he began abusing the second when she was about 11 years old and continued until she was 15.

In a statement, a Disney spokesman said the company suspended Heely late on Friday, after being informed of the charges.

“Immediately upon learning of this situation tonight, he has been suspended without pay until the matter is resolved by the courts,” the spokesman said.

Heely was arrested on Nov. 16 by deputies from the Santa Clarita station of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. Booking records indicate he was later released on $150,000 bail.

On Wednesday, prosecutors charged him with three counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a child. Heely pleaded not guilty at his arraignment at the San Fernando courthouse on Thursday. He is due back in court on Jan. 10. If convicted, he faces up to nine years and three months in prison.

Heely’s attorney, Robert Helfend, denied the charges.

“He vehemently denies these allegations and we will be fighting until the end to clear his name,” Helfend said. “It’s a shame, that’s all I’ve got to say.”

Heely has been with Disney since 1981, and oversees licensing of the vast catalog of music from Disney films. He also produced a series of Disney concerts around the world, such as “Fantasia Live in Concert,” that feature orchestral performances and film clips.

Heely could not be reached for comment. His Twitter bio reads, “Disney Concerts and living to glorify God in all things.”

RT - Russia Today | Dec 10, 2017 | The Truth is out there! A mystery worthy of the X-Files faces US residents (VIDEOS, POLL) |

The Truth is out there! A mystery worthy of the X-Files faces US residents (VIDEOS, POLL)
A mysterious pattern of lights, accompanied by a rather ominous hum, was spotted across large swathes of the United States Saturday night. Plane spotters and stargazers alike were baffled and local residents scared from Illinois to as far as Utah.

Local media across the US began receiving reports and video footage of what appeared to be, and sounded like, aircraft flying in formation. However, the sheer size of the visible phenomenon fuelled wild speculation online.

Theories ranged from military planes, presumed to be C-17s or C-130s, flying in formation, to UFOs and even suggestions that Santa’s elves were doing some preliminary reconnaissance before the big night on December 24.

A Message from my Higher Self | Dec 8, 2017 | Channelled through Mike Quinsey

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
© 2017 treeofthegoldenlight

A year that always promised to be one of much activity has not been disappointing, and the uncertainty of worldwide politics is still in a state of change.

Behind those that are coming, are the slow but certain moves towards establishing Governments that not only truly represent the people’s interests but put them first. So more changes are to come and will show a distinct move towards open and honest representation.

Governments were intended to be of the people, and for the people, and in the not too distant future it will be so. Obviously those beholden by the old ways cling onto power at all costs, their attempts to avoid change will be to no avail. In the present New Age there is no place for the old ways, and those who will lead the way are ready to take up positions that will enable great progress, leading to a fair society where all are treated equally and given the same opportunities to progress.

Many will see these changes in their lifetimes, and certainly witness the first moves that indicate the beginning of them leading to a new society based on the love of all people. All are equal in the eyes of the Creator and loved regardless of whatever level they are at, as all happens for their experience and evolution of the soul. Remember that all souls are experiencing according to their needs, and should not be judged on the basis of their present incarnation. Even those that indulge in the negative side of life are learning important lessons, and should be helped to overcome their lack of spirituality. Such knowledge comes to all at an appropriate time when they are ready for it, and can then apply it to their everyday living.

At present because you are now well into the New Age, unlimited opportunities exist for rapid development. Those who can keep an open mind without any pre-conceptions that are based on previous teachings will be able to accept the latest ones that can be largely intuitive. Never lose sight of the fact that the old teachings were for a different era, and having served their purpose it is time to move on to a greater understanding.

🔴 Destroying The Illusion is live now | Dec 10, 2017 - 6 min ago | by Jordan Sather | More Q/Storm Coverage/Weird Aircraft (or UFO?)/More Booms/Antarctica Anomaly |

Jordan Sather (born 1990) in Bremerton, WA, is committed to empowering individuals through sharing knowledge of self and the cosmos. He is passionate about health, and coaches clients who want to become stronger individuals. He also writes for alternative blogs and news sites about new discoveries in regards to science, history, and geopolitics.

VT - Today | Dec 8, 2017 | Zionism, is White Nationalism is Bolshevism, the real “Right” | .. Editor’s note: With Trump now officially a Zionist puppet, here to push America into another phony war, it is time to reflect on the scum that backed him. Those of us who predict events with some record of success know Trump and his Bolshie masters are planning a huge false flag attack on America to push for a new war. We begin.. Bolshevism is the real religion behind Zionism. Bolshevism promotes mass human slavery at the hands of a select ruling class. To achieve its ends, Bolshies work hand in hand with Wall Street, the City of London, the Rothschilds, the Vatican and their agents, the CIA, RAW, MI6, Mossad and others, to keep mankind in decline .. |

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Bolshevism is the real religion behind Zionism. Bolshevism promotes mass human slavery at the hands of a select ruling class. To achieve its ends, Bolshies work hand in hand with Wall Street, the City of London, the Rothschilds, the Vatican and their agents, the CIA, RAW, MI6, Mossad and others, to keep mankind in decline.

The press is just one of their many tools. Governments are simply another. Their greatest tool of all is “dumb folks.”

Even as a small child, growing up in Detroit, it was easy to see. Those who know history or who take responsibility for their own lives, credit trade unions for things like decent public schools, fire departments, clean water and air, a minimum wage and nearly every other positive act government is involved in.

Those who oppose unions, generally the ignorant and the “outdoor toilet” folks, never paid into Social Security in the first place, field hands often don’t, and had no reason to want to protect it from the thieving GOP.
The mob used to work with their partners, the plant owners, supplying scabs or strike breakers, often American Legionaires. The VFW fought alongside the Unions. This is forgotten history, how the American Legion, known then as the “Black Legion” was considered a part of the resurgent KKK.
They called themselves Nazi’s but were everything but. Like the ‘Stormers” of today, the mama’s boy ass kissers, the Legion of that day worked for Wall Street and the big banks, doing what they could to kick the “little guy” in the ass. This is real history, not the kind you read in the books fed to you by, you guessed it, the Bolshies who run America.

Benjamin Fulford On A Special Note | Dec 9, 2017 | ~ Letter to the Editor ~ |

Hvem er så denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, Den Internationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage på Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmæssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en række bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sælgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre på internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet på internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

By Benjamin Fulford

Dec 9, 2017 

Hi Benjamin,
In your latest report, it sounds like the Chinese are promoting a Rothschild agenda when they talk about Justin Trudeau heading up a unified “North America”. Do you see it as such? I thought the RV and Global Collateral accounts were supposed to prevent a collapse of the U.S. (and Western) economies from happening?

The West (with a few exceptions like Canada and Germany) has been getting stuff shipped to them from the East without paying for it for over 40 years. At some point the US is going to have to go cold turkey and withdraw from its addiction to cheap Chinese nick nacks. It is an event that is likely to cause political chaos in the US. The US system is so dysfunctional that it probably needs outside help to clean up the mess. The most qualified and acceptable people to oversee the inevitable bankruptcy of the US are the Canadians. This, however, refers to Canadian people and Canadian institutions, not Trudeau the individual. That is what I am hearing anyway. | Dec 9, 2017 | UFO over NORTH KOREA? Hunters in frenzy after spotting ‘ALIEN CRAFT’ over rogue state | .. CONSPIRACY theorists have been sent into a frenzy after what appeared to be a UFO was spotted flying over the rogue nation of North Korea .. |

Eagle-eyed viewers who have been watching a live-feed from the International Space Station (ISS) claim to have spotted UFOs flying over North Korea.

A video from conspiracy YouTube channel UFOmania shows a bright object zooming above the land in North Korea.

On the video, what appears to be a white object can be seen shooting across the country.

The video says: “This unidentified object entered the upper layers of the atmosphere over North Korea.

GETTYUFO over NORTH KOREA? Hunters in frenzy after spotting ‘ALIEN CRAFT’ over rogue state

“The object was captured with a camera installed on the International Space Station.”

The video adds that some believe it is a UFO of alien origin, while others claim it could be a military craft.

Some people were convinced of the video’s authenticity.

YOUTUBEThe white UFO | Dec 10, 2017 | Cody Snodgres: CIA did 1995 OKLA City bombing to destroy 400,000 Agent-Orange medical legal liability files, plus Evidence of Bill/Hillary Clinton’s CIA drug smuggling |

WATCH ON OmniverseTV


WEBINAR – Cody Snodgres & Ole Dammegard: CIA masterminded 1995 OKLA City bombing to destroy (1) 400,000 Vietnam Agent Orange medical-legal liability files, and (2) evidence files implicating Bill & Hillary Clinton in CIA-Drug Arkansas smuggling

“I was offered $1Million by blackops to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah Bldg in Oklahoma City [April 19, 1995]. I refused & became a COINTELPRO Fugitive”, Cody Sodgres, a First-person Whistleblower comes out publicly!

Cody Snodgres: CIA did 1995 OKLA City bombing to destroy 400,000 Agent-Orange files & Bill/Hillary Clinton-CIA drug files from Alfred Webre on Vimeo.

PFC \\ | Dec 9, 2017 | Vaccine Maker Admits: ‘Our Vaccine Makes People Sick’ |

Sale of mosquito-borne disease vaccine suddenly halted; ‘Hundreds of thousands of young lives at risk’

(AFP) The sale and distribution of Sanofi’s dengue vaccine has been suspended, Philippine authorities said Tuesday, after the French pharmaceutical giant last week warned it could worsen symptoms for people who had not previously been infected.

Vaccine pulled from the market to ‘protect the general public’

Regulators on Friday froze the country’s world first public immunization program that has seen more than 733,000 schoolchildren receive the Dengvaxia vaccine.

Authorities have now ordered a blanket suspension for private use as well.

“Whether (the vaccine) is used in the public health program or used by a private practitioner, it is the same product that was licensed.

Everyone is covered by the FDA advisory,” health undersecretary Gerardo Bayugo told AFP.

‘Hundreds of thousands of young lives at risk’

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a regulatory agency under the health department, said in a public advisory on Monday it had pulled the vaccine from the market to “protect the general public”.

“The (FDA) immediately directed Sanofi to suspend the sale/distribution/marketing of Dengvaxia and cause the withdrawal of Dengvaxia in the market pending compliance with the directives of the FDA,” the advisory said.

Sanofi’s announcement has caused major fears in the Philippines — where the mosquito-borne disease is extremely prevalent — particularly for parents of children immunized in the public program.

More than 1,000 people in the Philippines died from dengue last year, out of more than 211,000 suspected cases, according to the government.

Nyhedsbrev fra JFK21 - JordenFrihedKundskab | ~ JFK Nyhedsbrev (uddrag) ~ | 8. Dec 2017 | .. Dette nyhedsbrev er en del af partiet JFK - Jorden Frihed Kundskab's politiske arbejde. Vi mener alle gode mennesker er JFK'ere inderst inde. Hvorfor? Fordi vi alle ønsker: 1 Love der er gode for JORDEN 2 Giver os alle mere FRIHED uden at skade andre mennesker, dyr og natur. 3 Er baseret på facts, KUNDSKAB og visdom. Personer der lider af sindslidelserne Cognitiv Dissonans eller Stockholm Syndrom, som ikke ønsker at blive kureret, kan unsubscribe nederst i nyhedsbrevet. Naturligvis efter at have checket alle facts i nyhedsbrevet...(Ironi kan forekomme) .. | Blogger: Kan fornemme, at JFK21 er lidt uvenner med Gode Penge (Folkebevægelsen Mod Gæld), men det skal jeg ikke blande mig i. Partiet Alternativet (og Gode Penge er ihvertfald gode venner) - de har nu endegyldigt taget ideen til sig om at fratage bankerne deres privilegium - at kunne skabe penge gennem udlån - ved i stedet at forslå et 'fuld reservekrav' på indlån for bankerne... |

Mads Palsvig har handlet med Valuta, Global Macro Trading (Statsobligationer),Optioner, Derivater, Futures globalt i verden over. Top Banker i USA, Kapitalist, Zionist i 49 år, Pro tilhænger af USA og Israel, arbejdet for banker i USA, London og Hong Kong, mødte Ben Bernanke (Chairman FED 2006-2014) indtil han blev blacklistet, da han begyndte at stille spørgsmål til systemet'... Whistleblower Mads Palsvig - Investment banker taler ud om pengesystemet... - 1200 journalister / politikere / medieansvarlige var inviteret, tre gange via e-mail, ingen dukkede op, ingen mediedækning før og efter Mads Palsvig første LIVE optræden i Kedelhallen, Frederiksberg jan 2016 .. Største chok for danskere er Nationalbanken er på private hænder - og drives som en kartelvirksomhed.

Who Controls the Money Controls the World

Glimrende gennemgang af Pengeskabelsen og, hvem der bedrager hele verden gennem privat ejerskab af den.
JFK er det eneste parti i Danmark, der vil nationalisere Pengeskabelsen og sikre at den kommer hele befolkningen til gode.

Mærkesag nummer 1 "SÆT PENGENE FRI" = Folkeejet Nationalbank
Økonomisk politik
1.Staten udsteder landets penge gældfrit og uden renter. (DKK 80 Mia pr år stigning i pengemængden).
i. (Se forslaget på Island: ’Monetary Reform: A Better Monetary System for Iceland’…/Sky…/monetary-reform.pdf.
b. Alle borgere får en konto og en aktie direkte i en Folkeejet Nationalbank. Således kan alle indskudsordninger, statsgaranti og statsstøtte til privatejede banker ophøre. Ved fremtidige bankkriser kan banker således gå konkurs som alle andre virksomheder uden at vælte hele samfundsøkonomien.
c. Ens nuværende privatejede bank kan man give fuldmagt til at have adgangs til ens Nationalbank konto, således at alt i praksis bliver som nu med PBS og internetbank.
d.Statens indtjening ved at udstede landets penge (DKK 80 Mia) fordeles ligeligt til befolkningen i form af borgerdividende.
i. 2% af BNP (DKK 2.000Mia 2015) skabt som vækst plus 2% skabt som inflation. (2% af 2000 Mia = 40 Mia)
ii.I alt ca. DKK 1.200 pr måned per dansker. Børn og voksne.
e. Penge skabt som gæld af bankerne (ca DKK 1.045 Mia) omlægges til Statslige penge over 12 år (DKK 87 Mia pr år i 12 år) og udbetales som borgerdividende direkte til borgernes konto i den Folkeejede Nationalbank.
i. I alt ca. DKK 1.300 pr måned per dansker. Børn og voksne. (I 12 år indtil alle de bank producerede penge som gæld med rente er konverteret til Statslige rentefrie penge uden gæld). DETTE ER NØDVENDIGT FOR AT HOLDE PENGEMÆNGDEN U F O R A N D R E T !
f. Finanstilsynet gøres uafhængigt af økonomiske interesser og må ikke høre under og ej heller finansieres af banksektoren. Desuden vedtages at et flertal i Finanstilsynet kommer fra sektorer udenfor banksektoren.
"Pengeskabelsen skal komme alle ligeligt til gode". Vi har beregnet det konservativt til kr 2.500 per borger per måned, skattefrit.
Ideen er baseret på Frossti Sigurjonsson rapport på Island. Men også Ellen Hodgson Brown, Michael Hudson, Steve Kean, S. A. Zarlenga og så Andrew Jackson og Ben Dyson, som er kilderne til Frossti Sigurjonssons rapport. Og naturligvis Irvin fischer fra 1930’erne, som i nogle årtier fik begrænset bankernes indflydelse, selvom de ikke gjorde fuldstændig, hvad han foreslog.
Man kunne se på at give flygtninge, der vender hjem borgerdividende i en årrække, som kompensation og erstatning for de ulovlige krige Danmark har deltaget i, og samtidig for at sikre en værdig hjemvenden for de der måtte ønske, at tage tilbage og deltage i genopbygningen af de lande, et enigt Folketing besluttede at destruere. En genopbygning som JFK21 – Jorden Frihed Kundskab mener, at vi bør deltage i som erstatning for de ulovlige handlinger i form af angrebs – og plyndringskrige, som et enigt Folketing valgte at sende vores bombefly og soldater afsted og deltage i. Til trods for et klart flertal i befolkningen IMOD disse uhyrlige morderiske destruktive menneskefornedrende krige.
Her en video af et foredrag om Pengeskabelsen:
1. del Mads Palsvig København 28 oktober 2016
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Støt JFK21 - Jorden Frihed Kundskab
MobilePay 30 30 37 40
SWIPP 30 30 37 40
AL-Bank 5301 026 3080
Merkur 8401 129 8811
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1. del Mads Palsvig København 28 oktober 2016

Danske Bank scorer selvmål

Ser ud til der også er  * "White Hats" i Danmark?
Nu er selveste Berlingske Tidende også så småt begyndt, at fortælle om pengeskabelsesbedraget.

Vi har sendt nyhedsbreve i 18 måneder til 2000 journalister. Inklusive Berlingeren, så det glæder undertegnede at nu er presset blevet for stort.
Nu er der hul igennem og nu sprænger dæmningen.
HUSK! :Der er kun JFK, der vil nationalisere Pengeskabelsen og sikre den kommer hele befolkningen til gode.
Hvis du gerne vil have en Borgerdividende, som vi konservativt har beregnet til kr 2.500,- per person per måned, skattefrit, så send en VÆLGER-ERKLÆRING til
og HUSK at aktivere linket du modtager en uge senere med NEMID.
Mads Palsvig, formand


* "White Hats":  I USA taler man om de gode kræfter i administrationen, CIA, NSA, FBI, NYPD, US Military osv som "White Hats". Og så er de onde kræfter i "deep state" betegnet som "black hats".

NI News | 10. Dec 2017 | Erdogan kalder Israel en børnedræbende terroriststat | .. Israel er en terroriststat, raser præsident Erdogan efter USA's anerkendelse af Jerusalem som hovedstad .. | Blogger: Jeg er ikke tilhænger af Israel og det enorme uligevægtige magtforhold som de har i Danmark og mange andre strategiske steder, verden over. Man fristes til at sige, Gud hvor har han ret. Erdogan er måske en hustyran af yderst spekulativ karakterer, men går jeg ned til min frisørpusher, så er der ingen tvivl. Han er lige så elsket af sit folk, som Putin er af sit og begge, besidder særdeles magtfulde positioner i verdens underworld. Uanset hvor meget, vi vestlinge elsker at hade, på forgodtbefindende, så skal man jo altid være påpasselig med dømme noget eller nogle, uden at sætte sig dybt ind i det lands kultur, region, historie og handlinger. For ikke at snakke om den strategiske placering i herskerhierarkiet.. Vi har lige hørt, at Journalister og demonstranter reagerer på tåregasbomber, der blev affyret af israelske tropper under sammenstød, da palæstinenserne kalder et "raseri" i nærheden af den jødiske bosætning af Beit El, nær Vestbredens by Ramallah (ifølge RT). Og det bliver meget værre. Mistet lidt tro på at Trump kan håndtere Israel, han virker ganske bange for dem, måske med god grund?. I virkeligheden kan vi bare sidde og smalltalke, vi aner ikke hvad der sker af hemmelige politiske rævekager, bag scenen... |

Af: /ritzau/AFP

Tyrkiets præsident langer i en tale hårdt ud efter Israel. Han lover at gøre alt for at bekæmpe en anerkendelse af Jerusalem som Israels hovedstad.

- Palæstina er et uskyldigt offer. Hvad Israel angår, så er det en terroriststat, siger Recep Tayyip Erdogan i en tale i byen Sivas.

USA's beslutning om at anerkende Jerusalem som Israels hovedstad, hvilket præsident Donald Trump meddelte 6. december, har afstedkommet reaktioner - nogle af dem voldsomme - over hele verden.

Meldingen har ført til sammenstød både i de palæstinensiske områder i Gazastriben og på Vestbredden.

Søndag har der desuden været omfattende uroligheder i Libanon og Indonesien, hvor tusinder af mennesker har protesteret ved USA's ambassade.

- Vi vil ikke overlade Jerusalem i hænderne på en stat, som dræber børn, siger Erdogan i sin tale i den tyrkiske by.

Med meldingen om at anerkende Jerusalem som hovedstad fulgte en ventet beslutning om, at USA vil flytte sin ambassade til den hellige by, hvis østlige del er besat og annekteret af Israel, hvilket FN's Sikkerhedsråd har fordømt.

Tyrkiet vil tage "alle midler i brug" for at bekæmpe USA's anerkendelse af Jerusalem som israelsk hovedstad, slår den tyrkiske præsident fast.

Mindst fire palæstinensere er blevet dræbt i sammenstød og israelske luftangreb mod Gazastriben siden udmeldingen onsdag fra Trump i Det Hvide Hus.