Oct 23, 2015

SaLuSa from Sirius (Galactic Federation of Light ) via Mike Quinsey. Oct 23, 2015 CET (The Illuminati have had their powers curtailed, and as you are probably aware can no longer use their nuclear weapons..... You are destined to ascend and nothing will be allowed to stop it taking place. Matters on Earth may seem to be in a turmoil, but with so much happening we are not surprised....SPECTRE have recently joined us to add support in your defence in our Solar System..You have to remember that our technologies are far beyond your present capabilities... Reliable sources like David Wilcock we can use with confidence, and he is an absolute mine of information)

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey 
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Time moves ever faster and for you there never seems to be enough to do the tasks you have set yourselves. Yet you do manage and achieve so much in your work for the Light. There are so many of you spread across the world doing your bit to bring the Light to Earth. Your success is such that the Light is now so powerful that it cannot be stopped from bringing even more souls into it.

At times you have been disappointed at the time it is taking to cleanse the planet of the negativity that has built up over eons of time. Yet it has given more souls the opportunity to find the Light for themselves. However, a time has come when the New Age must be manifested, and with that in mind action has been taken to speed things up.

Trollhättan school-killer not ‘Jihadist’, but a white Swede with Nazi sympathies. Immigrant victims - Oct 23, 2015

Anton Lundin Pettersson has been identified in various main Swedish media as the perpetrator of the killings at Kronan School in Trollhättan, near Gothenburg. A school characterized by a main composition of immigrant children. The published reports have also described the ideological background or Nazi and far-right political preferences professed by the killer, including his open support to initiatives by the conservative right-wing party Social Democrats. However, these information have not been released by the The Swedish state-owned TV, Svt, in their large reporting on the case during the day [last summary viewed, Rapport news 19.30, 22 Oct, available online until 29 October 2015]. Svt says that “the information about the man is scarce” and the only information released by Svt about the killer was a man in the age range 20-30 years old, and that he was from Trollhättan”. This has given opportunity to international outlets and social-media actors to speculate on whether the killer would have been a “Jihadist”, or simply ignoring to publish the information already widely known in Sweden (22.00, 22-10-2015). That has been the case of Fox News. I therefore publish translations into English of the sources I have used in my twitter

Aftonbladet, largest selling Swedish paper, 22 October:

BREAKING: Putin Just Warned Global War Is Increasingly More Likely: Here's Why - Oct 23, 2015

"The deterrent of nuclear weapons has started to lose its value, and some have even got the illusion that a real victory of one of the sides can be achieved in a global conflict, without irreversible consequences for the winner itself – if there is a winner at all."


Evidence of Humanity’s Shift of Consciousness by Patricia Cota-Robles - Oct 23, 2015 CET ( Included: The 17 Global Goals Set by the UN in 2015 to End Extreme Poverty by 2030)

Now that everyone has had a few weeks to assimilate and evaluate through their own personal experience the most powerful influx of Light the World has ever known, I would like to share with you some information from On High that may enhance your understanding of what has actually taken place. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth said that the Portal of Light that was opened during the amazing Eclipse Series in September 2015, and the Collective Cup of Consciousness that was formed by Humanity through the synchronicity of myriad outer-world events that coincided with the Eclipses, an unprecedented Global shift of consciousness was cocreated in the Realms of Cause by the I AM Presences of Humanity en masse.

This shift into a higher consciousness will manifest through every man, woman, and child in ways that are specifically aligned with his or her individual Divine Plan. But for the first time ever, the Immaculate Concept of the Templates for the New Earth that were associated with this shift of consciousness were INSTANTLY ANCHORED IN THE WORLD OF EFFECTS, which is the physical plane of Earth.

These Divine Templates reverberate with the profound Truth that HUMANITY IS ONE WITH ALL LIFE. They also pulsate with the reality that DIVINE LOVE and REVERENCE FOR ALL LIFE are foundations for every facet of Life abiding on the 5th-Dimensional New Earth, onto which we are all Ascending. The Company of Heaven want to assure us that now that we have transcended the grip of our human egos, the ability to tangibly manifest these Templates in our individual life experiences is going to be easier than ever before.

As is always the case, whenever there is a tremendous influx of Divine Light everything that conflicts with that Light is pushed to the surface to be transmuted and healed. This surfacing negativity is always reported in the media, so from outer appearances it looks like everything is getting worse. However, nothing could be further from the Truth. The problem is that we can easily see the things that conflict with Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life being pushed to the surface to be transmuted and healed, but what we cannot see as easily is the incredible Light that is pushing those things to the surface.

The Company of Heaven has asked me to share with you the inner and outer world Activities of Light that took place during the Eclipse Series in September 2015, so that you will clearly perceive the bigger picture and the tangible evidence of Humanity’s shift of consciousness. The various Activities of Light that I mention in this article occurred synchronisticly during the two week period embraced by the Solar Eclipse on September 13th and the Lunar Eclipse on September 28th. Humanity’s unified consciousness and these heartfelt events brought this unprecedented facet of the unfolding Divine Plan to a glorious fruition.

The Moon Is All Wrong - Everything You Know Is Wrong - By Design - Oct 23, 2015 CET

Published on Jun 28, 2015
The time is now for all concerned people to step up and question nearly everything we have ever been told about where we live and our place in the universe, if there is such a thing. The moon, sun, space and even the Earth have been intentional misdescribed to deprive the average human being of reality. The very foundations of our lives are, in fact, lies.

... Intriguing video from Ccrow777, on Moon anomalies...

Urgent action needed to stop CISA!!!! - Oct 23, 2015 CET

Bad news......

Despite the fact that nearly every major tech company and security expert has come out against it, Congress is still rushing toward a vote on CISA, and the numbers are not looking good. The House Intelligence chief is claiming that CISA will pass “overwhelmingly,” despite the massive public outcry.

It pains me to say this, but CISA is going to become law unless we go all out right now and every single person getting this does everything in their power to stop it and their phones ring off the hook.

There’s just hours left to have an impact: click here to tell your lawmakers to vote NO on CISA right now.

If you’re still catching up, CISA is the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation in the Internet’s history. It sets the precedent for what the Internet is used for into the future. It would effectively give the government full access to all of our information to use as they wish, end privacy policies, and make all of us more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

CISA would allow spy agencies like the NSA to collect even more of your personal data and then share it with dozens of other government agencies, all the way down to local police, authorizing them to use it for an absurdly wide range of purposes that have nothing to do with “cybersecurity,” including investigating "fake" id's.

Worse, it will literally do nothing to stop the types of high profile cyber attacks that Congress is using to justify it. So we get less privacy AND less security, while giant companies like Target, Experian, and Sony will get legal immunity that lets them on the hook when they fail to protect our data.

There’s still a chance. We’ve won against these types of odds before. But everyone getting this needs to take action TODAY. Click here to speak out, we’ve made it easy to email, tweet, and call to stop CISA.

Drug company reveals $1 pill after Turing jacks prices 5,000% - Oct 23, 2015 CET (BIG Pharma's seven cardinal sins; Luxuria, Gula, Avaritia, Hubris... )

The company that hiked the price of its AIDS and cancer drug by 5,000 percent is facing something that could be even more damaging than public backlash: a competitor with an alternative drug that costs only $1 per pill.

The new drug by Imprimis Pharmaceuticals has been dubbed an alternative to Daraprim, which is currently produced by Turing Pharmaceuticals and recently saw its price hiked to $750 per pill – a 5,000 percent increase from its original price of $13.50. The company has faced severe backlash over the move.

“Today, some drug prices are simply out of control and we believe we may be able to help control costs by offering compounded alternatives to several sole source legacy generic drugs,” Imprimis CEO Mark Baum said referring to Turing’s price spike in a statement announcing the new drug.

According to Imprimis, the new drug is a compounded and customizable combination of the active ingredient in Daraprim, called pyrimethamine, and leucovorin, which helps “reverse negative effects on bone marrow caused by” the first ingredient. The drug may not be perfect for every patient using Daraprim, but the company said it could be a good fit for those needing a solution not available on the commercial market.

Most notable is the price, since Imprimis’ drug can be purchased for $99 per 100-pill bottle, or at a per-pill cost of under $1.

Read more: https://www.rt.com/usa/319445-drug-company-reveals-dollar-pill/