Dec 16, 2019

🌠 ~ 💓 Changeover, Events, New Truths (Era of Light Report 12/14/2019:) 💕~ | Blogger: [✊Hey!. You at SoTW - you're 'Conspiracy Theorist' or 'Survivor Conspirorists' . No Sir! - i'm a 'Reality Conspirorists'👊] ... {SoTW wish is to find THE way to A Truth, my own (inner) Truth! 17.000 thousands blog posts and still counting. SoTW only wish is to make some REAL changes to the (inner) hungry and awakened SOUL. We have the Archetype of Truth and then we have the Archetype of Fiction or illusion, it's your (inner) choice, what to follow. We're all here to RAISE our vibration, and activate our energy centers - yes? But, please by any means, use the gizmo, and change the channel, if you can't handle, A Truth. Namaste🙏} ... Thx to EoL, 💙(a spiritual website out of hundreds supporting Cobra) for once again, liberating us all with amazing and beautiful inspirational spiritual insights and links to a great number of well known, wise prophets... It's amazing how an uplifting quote or inspirational story can completely change our day and letting our unaware subconscious mind, become, conscious lighter. However, SoTW is not a downer or buzzkiller, but the Dark Alliance may or may not be on the hands of the Earth Alliance, is neither metaphysical dead, has a very physical presence, still extremely powerful, holding the (free) will of others and refuse to lay down their arms.. We're not out of the woods yet.. Just saying... |

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

The dominoes are falling, and the effects are already being felt worldwide.

The economy is on a downward spiral. Banks are losing trillions everyday.

Major companies around the world are minimizing their work crew, including the banks.

The devaluation of all fiat currencies is going deeper into the ground. The crash is imminent. But we must look at this as a good thing. From the ashes of the old, the new shall rise.

This economic collapse will be short lived, as the new QFS system will go into effect within days.

The EU is no more. Each country will return to its own currency.

New trade laws between nations will go into affect within hours notice of the changeover.

It is all about equality. Working towards for the greater good of all. We are not to leave anyone without a roof over their head, and food on their tables.

The time is ripe for the changeover. And this is just ONE of the realities that we may experience during the changeover. It is not definite.

I do not mean to disappoint you beautiful soul. But the truth is no matter what type of a system we may be put on, if MONEY is in use, we would still be operating in 3D shadows of reality.

The monetary system is a creation of the Draconians/Reptilians. It is used to enslave the masses. And as a long as a civilization is dependent on it, true evolution and world balance are impossible.

So, can the plan on the GCR change? Yes. There is now another timeline that is being looked at. A more probable one, more stable and sufficient.

We will continue this on the next report.

All the light to you! From heart to heart, I am KejRaj!

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: ET Presence

As we rapidly approach the New Year the pressure is building up on the authorities to officially announce the presence of ET’s on Earth who have bases underground. They have been in existence for many years and their spacecraft have been regularly seen in your skies. » Source

Who Spied on Julian Assange?

The Julian Assange drama drags on. Though he continues to sit in a top security British prison awaiting developments in his expected extradition to the United States, the Spanish High Court has been given permission to interview him. » Source

Mother God: The Impact of “The Event”

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. Your Father and I have a message for you this morning. After consultation with Gaia and Mother Earth, your Father and I have decided to move onto the next step which is being called the “Event” by our light workers. » Source

Sin Taxes & Other Orwellian Methods of Compliance That Feed the Government’s Greed

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. » Source

The Collective: Influx of Energies

📌 ~ David Wilcock Update via Fulford's Blog ~ |

Who is David Wilcock: David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, film director and researcher of ancient civilizations, awareness science, and new paradigms of substance and energy. His Hollywood movie "CONVERGENCE" reveals evidence that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness that affects our minds in fascinating ways. Another new release is "Above Majestic" is a shocking and provocative look at what it would take to hide a multi-trillion-dollar Secret Space Program (a clandestine group of elite military and corporate figureheads charged with reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology also known as “Majestic 12”) from the public and the implications this would have for humanity... Divine Cosmos is the official Internet site, containing thousands of free pages of scientific and spiritual information about spiritual growth, ascension and the development of consciousness. David always comment on what Benjamin Fulford publishes because much makes sense.

David Wilcock

-- Comment by dwilcock on December 17, 2019 @2:45 AM -- #430799

Great to see this, and it would be nice if Ben had included a link to the free movie I just released about this two days ago, since I do give him full credit in the film:

News is moving really fast on this issue and the video already is slightly outdated after this news with the retired general mirroring the same intel I released in the video about how fast these ships travel… that’s the reality we’re about to head into. No one will be able to keep up with the speed of this disclosure! Very exciting.

~ David

🔴 ~ Benjamin Fulford Snippet: FISA, BREXIT & Future 2020 Planning Agency (PFC) ~ | Blogger: Hmm... First time in 2 years a report is late. I wish that Benjamin and the team are okay!?... While we are all waiting for the new report - latest ‘Prepare for Change’ interview with Benjamin Fulford - from Dec 12... |

In this recording dated the 12th December 2019, we catch up briefly with Benjamin Fulford. We discuss the up and coming planning and development body that is being finalized, with a big meeting planned between all groups coming in the New Year. Benjamin shares his thoughts on FISA & Impeachment. We discuss Poland repatriating its gold from the UK and China’s financial troubles with major banks. To cap off we also discuss that Brexit should be able to move forward now that the UK is electing a new parliament & government.
For a list of our past interviews with Benjamin, please go here: Keep on seeking the truth, rally your friends and family and expose as much corruption as you can… every little bit helps add pressure on the powers that are no more.

📶 ~ 5G and AI Everywhere: 2030 Will Be a New World | Jeff Brown | Ep 60 | The Glenn Beck Podcast ~ | Blogger: [😠God damn bull crap story coming from the lying mobile industry, b-scientists and politicians (sorry my french)] ... SoTW - i JUST knew it - something that Trump wouldn't know anything about -- Jeff B., one of the best expects in the field, is telling the world in this podcast, that Chinese Huawei 5G wireless technology, is LOADED with US made (critical) semicond- uctors and the major vendors of physical equipment (transmitters, antennas, IT equipment to make it operate) for 5G networks is (Huawei), Nokia and Ericsson, are infiltrated with US made stuff, as well... On top of the fact, that U.S. made semiconductors, are in all these (3 - H, N, E) companies and therefore LEADING of 5G-network equipment, network companies such as Cisco and Juniper etc., provides the internet routing equipment to enable to (run) the 5G networks, around the world. This means, that Chinese telecommunication firm Huawei is NOT a security risk after NATO said it needed secure next-generation 5G technology. It's a LIE - if U.S. already has critical seminodoncors inside every single global 5G-networks, routing & IT equipment, then SoTW was right about The danish / foreign owned telecompany, TDC A/S or TDC Group, who has promised, to completely remove Huawei, out of the telecommunications company's mobile network - it's simple not possible - everything is integrated with everything and everybody, it's a unstoppable force... |

11.23.19 | Technology is advancing faster than ever, and it’s not slowing down. This decade was the era of smart phones, streaming, and the internet of things. But with 5G and AI on the rise, high-tech executive Jeff Brown believes 2030 will be a new world. Brown is an early-stage tech investor and analyst who’s seen the modern technological revolution firsthand. He describes quantum computing as a moon landing and 5G as game-changing. He predicts a near future full of artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, wireless surgeries, genetic healing, cryptocurrencies, and more! But with equal advances in encryption hacking and the AI tracking abilities of Google, Facebook, and even China, we must control our own data!

👨‍🚀 ~ Recently Retired USAF General Makes Eyebrow-Raising Claims About Advanced Space Technology (ZeroHedge) ~ |

Authored by Brett Tingley via,

Recently retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Steven L. Kwast gave a lecture last month that seems to further signal that the next major battlefield will be outer space. While military leadership rattling the space sabers is nothing new, Kwast’s lecture included comments that heavily hint at the possibility that the United States military and its industry partners may have already developed next-generation technologies that have the potential to drastically change the aerospace field, and human civilization, forever. Is this mere posturing or could we actually be on the verge of making science fiction a reality?


🥶🔁🥵 ~ Snow Is so Deep in Iceland Right Now That Farmers Have to Dig Out Horses Buried Under it (Video) ~ | ~ Bushfire backfire: Australian firefighters warn of ‘mega blaze’ as country faces another heatwave ~ |

🎖️ ~ Hærens knytnæve i aktion ( Forsvaret) ~ | Blogger: [💪Nato's Verdenshær og False Flag Operation Gladio. Danmark, Har Ingen Fjender i 2019🏴‍☠️] ... PS: Jeg promovere (ikke) denne video, som i overhoved, vil bare vise jer, hvordan Danmark og hæren, skamroser Deres egen 4.000 mand store NATO's reaktionsstyrke eller Nato's elitekorps (NATO Response Force - NRF). NRF er en multinational styrke med komponenter fra alle tre værn på ca. 25.000 mand...Verdensalt er pacifist, modstander af (al) krig og vold, men derfor har jeg haft kontakt via en gammel officer-ven til specialtropperne, og min søster, har stort set ikke haft andet en professionelle soldater, lejesoldater som kærester som har slået børn, kvinder og fjender, ihjel 😔 og jeg selv, været pluto-pilot som hærfolk, ville kalde os - rekrut som soldat i Militærpolitiet under FLyvestation Værløse. Har set og mærket på tæt hold under militære øvelser med de (vanvittige britiske og amerikanske) udenlandske enheder agere under stress og tilfangeskab, som var det rigtigt krig, set VIP's ud og ind af flyvestationen, under hemmelige flag... NATO er den vigtigste støtte til den globale hovedstads predationer og skal modsættes af alle, der søger fred og social retfærdighed. Og selvfølgelig er alt, hvad denne kriminelle psykopat Stoltenberg siger, en stor løgn... NATOs hemmelige hære er - Operation GLADIO - terrorisme i Vesteuropa- kort sagt. Og, NATO Response Force (NRF) er en del styrke som kan sættes ind, hvis vores korrupte politiker og elite, gud nåde om det skete, ville få alle verdens borgere, på nakken. NRF er vejen til en verdenshær, men du får ALDRIG nogen til at snakke om det, især ikke blandt, professionelle soldater... |

👼 ~ 💗 You’re invite to Soul Shine Solstice Celebration 2019 (Meg Benedicte) 💕 ~ | .. This free event is an online gathering of people from around the world as we celebrate the Solstice, together as OneHeart in union with our Beloved Gaia .. |

December 20, 21, 22

An Online Event Marathon to Celebrate Solstice 2019

Activations for an Empowered 2020

4 hours each day beginning at 11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET / 6pm GMT


This free event is an online gathering of people from around the world as we celebrate the Solstice, together as OneHeart in union with our Beloved Gaia.

This online event marathon offers dozens of “Activations & Meditations” for raising your vibration and consciousness, and we invite YOU and your friends and loved ones to join us in this special marathon broadcast.

This is the 7th Birthday of New Earth, and the 9th year after the 11-11-11 Activation of our Crystalline Essence/DNA. As we complete this 9 year cycle that began on 11-11-11, we stand on the precipice of a New Decade that is a 4 year (2+0+2+0=4) representing a strong New Foundation of Integrity, Unity, Love & Oneness.

The New Earth Terrace is firmly in place as more hearts awaken and open even more to the Love and Light of the Universe, All That is, Mother/Father God. From the perspective of Higher Consciousness, many on the path are creating anew, bringing in New Systems, Ideas, Creations, Solutions that are in alignment with Love in harmony with Gaia.

👼 ~ 💓 RAND NEW VIDEO! The Beauty of Remembrance (Matt Kahn) 💕 ~ |

Dear Beautiful,

May this moment be dedicated to embracing love in whatever way we’ve been blessed to receive it.

Whether cherishing the heart of a beloved, honoring those who have positively contributed to our evolution, offering compassionate support to those who feel left out, abandoned or cast away, or even embracing a personal truth that only needs to resonate within our own hearts, in order to be right for us, may this moment be a chance to turn toward love more profoundly than ever before.

Whether holding a vision of an awakening humanity, or visualizing the partnerships, blessings, and joys we wish to call into our reality, may this moment be a chance to join together as One Eternal Truth to invite the vibration of love into our beautiful planet. Not everything may look as perfect as we may hope for it to be and not everyone is meant to play the exact role we wish they’d portray.

And yet, this moment remains an opportunity to either embrace the love already residing within our hearts or to cultivate greater love by honoring however we feel with greater authenticity and interest.

Loving what arises is not a matter of attempting to always enjoy and love the circumstances appearing around us, but taking the time to honor however we authentically feel and the courageous decisions we may be inspired to make as a result of the situations in view.

Please enjoy every moment of this blessed holiday season as we anchor compassionate love for family, co-workers, friends, strangers, loved ones, our planet...and ourselves!

Many blessings of love to all,

👑 ~ Søren Espersen om faldende opbakning til Dronningen: 'Det kommer ALDRIG til at ske' (B.T.) ~ | Blogger: 💌Kære, Søren Espersen!. Jeg ved du er MEGET populær blandt de non-spirituelle udviklingshæmmede blinde og svagtseende danskere, men du ved ikke om Dronningen abdicere eller ej, det regnskab står du ikke for, selvom du regnes for en markant Israel-sympatisør i Folketinget og evt. Mossad-agent, sammen med Ditte Okman (eller hvad du nu er for fandens karl som deltids-transvestit og edderspændt rasende)... Der er kun én som bestemmer og det er Dronningen selv, og Kongehuset er da fløjtende ligeglad med, hvad danskere mener og tænker. Desuden har vor elskede Dronning af Kongeriget Danmark, vist en teendens, da hun i 2017 blev interviewet af den belgiske tv-kanal RTL, efter prinsgemalens død, samt Kronprinsesse Mary blev rigsforstander og Kronprinsen overtog flere og flere officielle pligter, protektionen efter Prins Henrik. Men, den næste som bestemmer er Dronning Elizabeth II - dronning af Det Forenede Kongerige og Nordirland samt de øvrige medlemmer af Commonwealth, der er den danske Dronnings chef og ikke den magtfulde danske del af den Israelske Zionist - frimurerisk - jesuit-dagsordenen... Dronning Elizabeth II er desuden øverste guvernør af den engelske kirke (CofE), leder af det internationale frimureri, leder af Order of the Garter, leder af illuminati udvalget (Committee of 300O), ejer 1/6 af verdens jordmasser, forbundet med de fleste forbrydelser og svig i verden. For ikke at glemme, hun også har ejerskab af SSP (de top hemmelige rumprogrammer) ifølge David Wilcock... Pak du bare sammen igen, Søren Espersen, med dit kones tøj og raserianfald... |


💣 ~ NO ONE IS SAFE: Bombshell findings of the Horowitz report prove the FBI is run by treasonous crooks who answer to no one (NN) ~ | Blogger: [🗯️Trump : ‘Where’s my apology, Jim?’🙇🏻] ... {'chickens have come home to roost'}... On top of that, we have Rudy Giuliani, (Former Mayor of New York City), drops bombshells revealing HUGE money laundering operation involving Bidens, Burisma - records show prosecutor investigating Burisma was poisoned (Victor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor general)... PS: And of course it's hard to take the wheel & see through the smokescreen of lies in Washington D.C., but Trump is the deep state's No. 1 enemy - and that's the way the cookie crumbles... "For the past three years, we’ve been reporting the undeniable truth of how the FBI is America’s No. 1 most prolific terrorist organization, planning and running terror plots against the American people as a way to justify its own existence in the so-called “war on terror.” ~ NN... | |

Mike AdamsBombshells in the Horowitz report are revealing the outrageous criminality and fraud of the FBI.

This is the same rogue, deep state agency that tried to criminalize a vaccine truth activist to silence her warnings about vaccine dangers.

The FBI has been caught red handed, committing treason, FISA warrant fraud and running fake news media schemes that are obediently repeated by the complicit media to smear people who have done nothing wrong.

It's time to expose the corruption and criminality of the FBI itself.

See the biggest bombshells in my article today.

🛡️ The Latest From ECETI & James Gilliland ECETI.ORG |

James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, and Contact Has Begun, He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience

The Latest from ECETI and James Gilliland 

James Gilliland As You Wish Talk Radio Sat, 12-14-19 8pm PST

👼 ~ 💓 A Message from my Higher Self (TreeOfTheGoldenLight) 💕 ~ | .. As we rapidly approach the New Year the pressure is building up on the authorities to officially announce the presence of ET’s on Earth who have bases underground .. |

Channeled by Mike Quinsey

13th December 2019. Mike Quinsey.

As we rapidly approach the New Year the pressure is building up on the authorities to officially announce the presence of ET’s on Earth who have bases underground. They have been in existence for many years and their spacecraft have been regularly seen in your skies. First Contact was made in the late 1940’s, when by agreement ET’s were allowed to have an undisturbed underground presence on Earth. There have been so many sightings over the years and many, many contacts been made with us. It can no longer be claimed that the ET presence is kept secret so as not to frighten or upset the people, as the whole subject has been aired so many times that most people are prepared to accept that ET’s present no danger to them. In fact they try to keep out of the public view although that is not entirely possible. It can be confusing, as your own military forces have long had their own craft that are not easily distinguishable from any others. However, the triangular craft are more likely to be your own and are regularly seen in your sky.

Making an official announcement has been considered many times but put off for various reasons, but it is clear that it is overdue and Humanity should be allowed to know what is taking place at this present time. Whilst you have benefitted over the years from the technical advances that have been made, there are nevertheless many more that would quickly propel you into the New Age, such as free energy that would do away with fossil fuels. The electric car is catching on very quickly and part of urgently needed changes to help eliminate the problem of pollution that has grown to dangerous proportions. There are moves in the right direction but much more is needed if the problem is to be seriously tackled. The Galactic Forces have the technology to help you, but first you must yourselves show the right approach and dedication to removing the problem. The people have awakened to what is needed but in most instances adequate official support has been lacking. Some may ask why not give us help now but are unaware just how much is done already without publicity. Be assured that without help from your ET friends you would already have run into much more serious problems.

You may ask why if we have compassion and love for you why we do not help more now, but you must first show serious attention to dealing with the problems that could otherwise lead to unprecedented loss of life. We believe that you will respond sufficiently to the dangers that threaten you but time is short and the sooner you apply yourselves to the needs of the people the quicker the problems will be taken under control. We realise that matters have suddenly speeded up but they have been threatening you for quite some time. You could by now have set up adequate resources to tackle the upcoming problems, and nothing short of a world-wide agreement will be sufficient to stop the inevitable from taking place. You certainly have the backing of the people who clearly understand the urgency of the situation. We cannot help more but feel that if war threatened your planet you would soon mobilize yourselves to deal with it, and such a response is really required now.

✨ ~ Biblical Events are Happening Worldwide! ((Jason A World News) ~ | Blogger: [👉Video covers : Mystery global mass death of birds - Mass fish kill in eastern Victoria - Ocean Crisis - Mysterious lights hover over Mesa, AZ - Mysterious holes discovered on Pacific Ocean floor - Deadly eruption hits New Zealand volcano👈] -- I've been enjoying his channel, like so many others - it's a little bit end-of-time-pessimistic-religious in nature, but he is offering up some good and current footage from US news outlets and unexplained events around the world... |

👽 ~ "They Can't Hide It Anymore" (unseen footage) ~ | Blogger: [🤏Was a Tiny Mummy in the Atacama a Humanoid Alien?🤔] ... |

"People Don't Have to Know About Their Technology" ►Special thanks to DR. STEVEN GREER Support his mission below: Yt - IG - FB - Twitter - ►We highly recommend to watch his Netflix Documentary "UNACKNOWLEDGED"

🚆 ~ Greta Thunberg gets into Twitter spat with 'overcrowded' German railway service Deutsche Bahn after she tweeted photo of herself sitting on a carriage floor (but doesn't how she was moved to a First Class seat!) ~ | Blogger: [💺UPS! Liar Liar Seat On Fire🔥] ... |