Jun 26, 2024

👁️⃤𓂀🚨🛐✡️ (Action plan against anti-Semitism) Jødemafiaen {og ikke Jydemafiaen} samt den amerikanske pro-israelske lobbyisme har været på overarbejde i Dannevang. Miriam-Mette uden EU-toppost? Ønsker hun ryger ud på røv og albuer for det hun har gjort mod folket ~ 26. Juni 2024 ~ |

SoTW - Body language: Hands clasped in front - Hand-clasping: The myth - Masonic Handshake Revealed

'Man forsøger at stoppe folket - at gå fra spirituel dvale til årvågenhed. Den spirituel opvågning, er en naturlig evolutionær proces. Kvantespring i personlig udvikling på sjæleplan.' ~ SoTW 

Editors Note: Pudsigt, at Rusland bandlyser Berlingske og Information? En verden fyldt med Zionister og Rothschildi Ashkenaziske jøder? Nu stemmer samtlige 179 folkevalgte og (frimurer)partier for at straffe alle "godtfolk" med ny antisemitisme-lov og 12 nye initiativer. Kan du huske da Nye Borgerlige ekskluderede kandidater efter »antisemitisme, holocaust-benægtelse og racisme«?. Husk på Kongehuset styrer frimurerne via Committee of 300. Frimurerne bestemmer over statens styrelser og ministerier (iflg. Knud Jacobsen fra rettepaavrangen) og de folkevalgte er kludedukker (puppets) og bestemmer ikke over befolkningen. P.S: Beklager min mange stavefejl - hedeslag... | 

🕉️🌠💗 (The Portal) Situation Update (June 17, 2024) ~ June 26, 2024 ~ |

SoTW (picture is from Cobra's blogpost)

Editor's Note: Like Simon Parkes, some truth some "lies" (or ego-driven messages). Same goes for the pleiadian spokesman of the resistance "spiritual leader" of CO-BRA (Compression Breakthrough) who makes millions on conferences. I was a risen star in the “upper echelon” through my romanian girlfriend. And, leaving, COBRA, meant I lost my "friends" - including my girlfriend (she has wise up later on like core group has also left Cobra). Admittedly I was once pretty invested in it, even participating in worldwide conferences, secret and special missions, some online communities dedicated to the blog and it's idea of planetary liberation. However I got deep enough in the rabbit hole that something about all of it just didn't feel right at all, and I just couldn't shake it. Some of it might be true, but many people feel trapped, that it's a psyop to keep people in a state of learned helplessness, relying on an external savior ("light forces") to solve their problems instead of taking responsibility for themselves. Enough said. As always, please use  your own spiritual discernment... |
Who's Cobra: Founder of the blog http://2012portal.blogspot.com; This blog is the official communicator of resistance from the Resistance.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Situation Update

The Light Forces are in the final stages of removing the dark Atlantean network. This network consisted of three concentric rings, the outer one made of bases in the Kuiper belt, the middle one of bases in the asteroid belt, and the inner one as a network of underwater bases throughout the planet.

After 26,000 years of existence, this dark network is finally about to be defeated. The outer ring is gone, the middle ring is gone, and from the inner ring only the main stronghold remains. After that is gone also, the Source and the Light forces will begin a very risky, complex and challenging process of disentangling the surface population from the Lurker:


When the inner ring of the dark Atlantean network collapsed a few weeks ago, the Aldebarans immediately created their own positive network of underwater bases and also a few surface outposts in complete alignment with their plan of supporting the Event which was formulated in 2023:



The Pleiadian fleet has returned to this Solar system and will participate in the Event operations in various ways that can not be discussed yet.

Aldebaras, Pleiadians and the Resistance formed a strong alliance that will work as a team in the Event operations.

After many months, the Pleiadians have contacted Russian military again, with the purpose of ending the war in Ukraine.

🌎📢👂 ('60/40 Trump will return Nov or Juli/Sept') Simon Parkes Update (For the Connecting Consciousness Cult Members Only) ~ June 26, 2024 ~ |

Can ONE man SHOW Know-It-All? 1000% not true ~ SoTW

Editor's Note: Taxidriver, Whitby Councillor Simon Parkes who lost his virginity to an Alien aged 5? As always with 3 signed NDA's Simon is on repeat and sounds like a broken record. Asking for money now to support his 100K large "Spiritual Organization". I AM truly sorry on SoTW, if anybody gets offended. My Higher Self told me that Simon has become ego-driven one-man machine. NOT that there's anything wrong with Simon. I have proof he's disconnected himself to Dr. Charlie Ward (voice-mail from Charlie). My H-S tells my only to trust what Simon brings to the table of truth with 30%. With my deepest respect for what CC stands for and my "old" friends in this organisation. What CC coordinators has been 'promised' to get pay for their work - that has NOT happened yet sinde 2017 (except one physical ZIM-token). What Simon & Becky Parkes has promised CC members of millions (billions) from private and govt sources for Humanitarian project (not happened yet).. |