Feb 23, 2016

The X-Files My Struggle II (OMG - I Just Got Goosebumps!!! Cabal of the Hidden Hand, Alien DNA in every American citizen, military-industrial complex & spartan virus breaks out, depopulating the earth with science that has been in use since the 1950s, TR-3B is a secret government spacecraft "SSP")


OECD redefines foreign aid to include some military spending (Det gælder også for Danmark. Dvs. vores siddende regering kan skubbe noget af den fattigdoms-orienterede bistand over som eksempelvis militære udgifter eller støtte til virksomheder. Det ville være det samme som at eje en lukket Gevinstopsparing eller Børneopsparing og bruge pengene til at købe forbrugsgoder, når det passede os....)

Justine Greening, the UK’s international development secretary, welcomed the change but some charities were dismayed. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA
The definition of foreign aid has been changed to include some military spending, in a move that charities fear will lead to less cash being spent on directly alleviating poverty.
The change in wording was agreed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) after the UK and other countries lobbied to be allowed to use overseas aid budgets to support the military and security forces in fragile countries, as long as this still promotes development goals.
The move paves the way for Britain to spend more of its £12bn aid budget in countries that have suffered conflict, while still hitting its target of spending 0.7% of its national income on helping poorer countries.
Justine Greening, the international development secretary, said: “It is firmly in Britain’s national interest to fight disease and conflict and promote global stability, which is why the UK government has been at the forefront of work to modernise the international rules which govern how overseas aid is spent.

PENGEMASKINE: Staten tjener kassen på at låne ud til studerende (Hvad værre er - Ifølge Jason A "webcaster" og flere nyhedsmedier i USA, har flere amerikanske studerende oplevet, inden for de sidste par uger, at blive anholdt af US Marshal eller politiets aktionsstyrke, hvis man skylder penge til det føderale system mht. studielån)

Af Lærke Øland Frederiksen | @LaerkeOeland
Ivan Mynster
Mandag den 22. februar 2016, 05:00
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Læs også: Flere studerende har svært ved at betale SU-lån tilbage for fem år siden havde 5000 studerende problemer med at betale deres SU-lån tilbage, efter de var færdige med deres uddannelse. I dag er tallet 8000.

SU-lån er blevet en indbringende forretning for staten, der siden 2011 har tjent 1,5 milliard kroner i renter. Alligevel tager flere og flere SU-lån, og antallet af dem, der ikke kan betale deres lån tilbage, eksploderer. De studerende vil have en lavere rente, men regeringen afviser.

SU-lånet var tænkt som en hjælpende hånd til de studerende, men i stedet er det blevet en overskudsforretning for staten. Alene i år budgetterer staten med 474 millioner kroner i overskud, og dermed har statskassen tjent 1,5 milliarder kroner på de studerendes lån siden 2011.

Selvom staten låner pengene meget billigt i Nationalbanken, betaler de studerende stadig fire procent i rente, mens de er under uddannelse. Men det kan ikke være rigtigt, at SU-lånet skal være en overskudsforretning for staten, mener de studerende.
Det er jo ikke rimeligt, at de studerende skal betale ågerrente. Det forsøger vi at nedlægge forbud imod ved andre lån.Jonas Dahl, gruppeformand, SF

Læs videre: http://www.ugebreveta4.dk/staten-tjener-kassen-paa-at-laane-ud-til-studerende_20390.aspx

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6 critical graphics showing who owns all the major brands in the world

by Jeffrey Phillips | Feb 22, 2016

It’s no secret that many of the companies in the world are owned by just a handful of mega-corporations. This information fittingly makes people worried. Though being such a large company is not inherently evil, the power that often comes with it exceeds that which any one entity should have.

Check out these exceptional infographics to see how so few corporations own so many companies.
First up, food manufacturers. Just 10 corporations own well over 100 companies.

And now, banks. What was roughly 40 banks 25 years ago, is now just an astounding 4…

Even airlines have gone from 10 to just 4.

There are not too many variations of cars anymore either…

Sure, there are plenty of struggling micro-breweries out there. But, most of the beer you drink is owned by one of these 9:

And lastly, good old American television, with all its variety of programming, is at the whim of just 7 companies.

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LARGE NUMBER OF BANK ACCOUNTS SEIZED RE 1MDB-GOLDMAN SACHS LAUNDERING SCANDAL (Slowly but surely, Khazarian stooges are being taken down everywhere)

Slowly but surely, Khazarian stooges are being taken down everywhere.

Since three days ago, Goldman Sachs Asia Chairman, Tim Leissner, has taken a “personal leave” obviously to escape from the recent money laundering and bribery scandals involving with no less than Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak, involving Saudi royal money.

It turns out that the unexplainable disappearance of some portion of the $681 million of Saudi royal family “donation” to Razak are scattered through various bank accounts throughout Asia.

This is huge because now we can see a possible correlation of this scandal to the two Malaysian airliners’ disappearance in the Indian Ocean and false flag shot down inside Ukrainian airspace.

A few minutes ago, Bloomberg reports,
“Singapore has seized “a large number” of bank accounts in connection with possible money-laundering in the country, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Commercial Affairs Department said in a joint e-mailed statement in response to queries on 1Malaysia Development Bhd.
“In connection with these investigations, we have sought and are continuing to seek information from several financial institutions, are interviewing various individuals, and have seized a large number of bank accounts,” the agencies said on Monday. They added Singapore has been “actively investigating” possible money-laundering and other offenses since mid-2015.