Aug 21, 2019

👶 ~ (DK) Lars Seier forstår Trumps afbud: »Vores politikere opfører sig som en flok provinsielle klaphatte« ( ~ | (ENG) The Danish businessman, billion- aire & biggest contributor to danish party, Liberal Alliance (LA), Lars Christensen, understand Trump's cancellation: "Our politicians behave like a bunch of provincial flap hats" ... | Blogger: [😁What a Ride. Let The Blame Game begin. This Charade Is Formed By Our Cabal To Convince The Public That We Need Another President in USA🎢] ... It's gonna be the Most funny storyline, years ahead... Well, verdensalt has no fear inside my spiritual truth seeking heart, so I can say without remorse, i do (really) agree 100% with Lars Seier analysis. And that's not all, the (overpaid controlled) royal house experts says, "it's a directly disrespectful to Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. The only legitimate reason for canceling a state visit is illness", so they claim. Danish police (who created false flags) are out furious saying, "that planning the presidential visit has cost the police great resources", and the list goes on and on (and on)... Kristian Mouritzen backed political correspondent for Berlingske Media and I Quote "- It shows that if you do not dance 100 percent by Donald Trump pipe, you can take a running jump. And I can promise you that in Berlin and in Paris - with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron - it will be here studied quite intensely", he said to TV2 News media... (Macron - an undercover agent of the Rothschilds, a henchman of big business & Merkel is Hitler's daughter. One of Dr. Karl Clauberg’s experiments) ... PS: The Trump cancellation, will spin crazier than anything else in the smallest lego golf putt-putt country of the world of Rothschilds... The Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, will hold a so-called "doorstep" - i.e. a press meeting - at 15 CET of today, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs... |


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