Oct 30, 2022

🧛🏻‍♀️🍬👻 (The Illuminati Occult Holidays & Sabbats) Halloween - Human Sacrifice in October aka Samhain venerated by witches and the Church of Satan. Let that "sink" in. You're talking to a 20+ yrs truth-veteran on verdensalt.dk and one thing's for certain - I can spot bullshit from a blimp in a fog storm. It's no coincidence, "events" takes place before or on the day of “Illuminati” pagan holiday known as Halloween and its symbols, sacrifices, souls and visitation of spirits - that's the Fact Jack. Remember-December 2016 & Berlin Christmas market attack? 2017 Las Vegas shooting? It happened in October - Route 91 Harvest music festival. I was in Vegas 2 weeks prior on "holiday" on same Hotel. What about 2018 Strasbourg attack? 2019 Jallianwala Bagh Massacre India! 2020 Nice stabbing? 2021 Damascus bus bombing? All of mentioned events happened during October and some, between 29-31 of - guess what - month of October ~ 30. Oct 2022 ~ |

Fatally-Fakery-Field's shopping mall. 'Soul-Seoul' Crowd-Crush! Another stampede at Fally Ipupa concert kills 11 in DRC’s capital! P. Pelosi HAMMER Time! British navy did the N. Stream 2 'terrorist attack'! R.I.P. Dead Kennedys D.H. Peligro! Clinton's death announced! AND MORE...  

Ambulancemangel ved Field's: Dødeligt såret blev kørt på hospitalet i politibil | BT Krimi - www.bt.dk
Ambulance shortage at Field's: Fatally wounded was taken to hospital in police car | BT Krimi - www.bt.dk (www-bt-dk.translate.goog)
BT reveals: Million-dollar super-ambulances failed during shooting in Field's | BT Society - www.bt.dk (www-bt-dk.translate.goog)

south korea - Google Search
R.I.P. Dead Kennedys drummer D.H. Peligro (avclub.com)
DEBUNKED: This absolutely devastates the narrative on Pelosi attacker DePape the media are CLINGING to – Nwo Report
Police Audio of Paul Pelosi’s Welfare Check Reveal David Was A “Friend” – enVolve (en-volve.com)

Everybody wants to hop on the BRICS Express (thecradle.co)

British navy involved in Nord Stream 2 'terrorist attack' – Russia — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
West covers up UK intelligence agencies’ involvement in Nord Stream terror attacks - MFA - Russia - TASS