Mar 15, 2017

Take Back Your Power Newsletter | March 15, 2017 | New 'smart' meter fire vid is going viral | In addition to Brian Thiesen, the video features Kevin Zeller, who was shocked to find out his utility was saying he's responsible for $5,000 in damages caused by his 'smart' meter catching fire | Watch & share the video here » |

Just tonight, Collective Evolution released a new video on the 'smart' meter fire situation, and it's going viral.

In addition to Brian Thiesen, the video features Kevin Zeller, who was shocked to find out his utility was saying he's responsible for $5,000 in damages caused by his 'smart' meter catching fire. Their defective tech just about burns down Kevin's house, and he's forced to pay!

And as we know, Kevin isn't alone...

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Right now, thousands per hour are hearing about 'smart' meters for the first time.

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Humans Are Free | 14 Mar 2017 | The Cochno Stone: A Massive, 5,000-Year-Old Cosmic Map |

The 5,000-year-old ‘Cochno Stone’ contains around 90 intricate spirals and intentions that according to some authors, represent an ancient cosmic map.

Discovered in 1887, the mystery stone remained buried for decades in order to protect it from vandalism.

One of the most fascinating archaeological mystery is the discovery of the so-called Cochno stone.

Discovered in 1887 by the Rev. James Harvey, the ancient stone measures 13 meters by 7.9, and features around 90 intricate carvings — considered as one of the finest sets of petroglyphs in Scotland — which according to many researchers represent a cosmic map, detailing planets and stars.  
Ludovic Mann (second from left) analyzed the symbols with an assistant in the 1930’s

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Fairex Barter System On Wolf Spirit Radio | March 12, 2017 | Win Keech discusses the Fariex Barter system | Blogger: A barter system is an old method of exchange. This system has been used for centuries and long before money was invented. People exchanged services and goods for other services and goods in return. Today, bartering has made a comeback using techniques that are more sophisticated to aid in trading; for instance, the Internet. Barter, is something India would kill for, since cashless economy has been partly implemented... Denmark and Scandinavia is forcing cashless society, but driving forces like financial darwinism and the dawn of the Digital Banking Superstore is more likely to happen here.. Extinction can occur in a variety of ways: failure to evolve in a changing climate, environment or ecosystem; an unintended consequence of human progress; or due to a one-off cataclysmic event. With ecosystem-disrupting regulation such as PSD2 hitting the banking industry, new customer demands changing the climate, technology delivering ever-accelerating progress, and the seismic impact of new entrants hitting the industry, no wonder banks have been labelled as dinosaurs – ripe for extinction – in this survival of the fittest. But then the realisation dawned; banks still had the customers, were adept at handling regulation and had significant experience and financial clout. All they need to do is evolve quickly enough in order to survive and even prosper. Around late 2015, the conversation around PSD2, FinTechs, banks, Open APIs, Smart Data and instant payments had begun to reach a consensus that collaboration, co-creation and connected solutions could be the future of finance. When the Greenwich report, The Future of Banking: 2025 – Rise of Digital Banking Superstores, dropped midway through 2016, not only was this viewpoint consolidated but the descriptor “digital banking superstore” entered common parlance. The idea of digital banking superstores posits that collaboration is inevitable between banks, external providers and thirds parties. Customer demands and expectations will dictate which new services are developed and integrated into the final, user-facing solution. Banks retain their place in the food chain by becoming increasingly like tech and IT companies and by turning their platforms into agile plug-and-play hubs that deliver the optimum, smart solutions in a one-stop-shop for customers.. |

Published on Mar 12, 2017
2017-03-12 Ever Beyond - Win Keech: FairEx Barter, 
Babylonian System, Maldek Origin

Clarksville Online | by Preston Dyches -- NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory | March 14, 2017 | NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft detects Heat under Ice of Saturn’s Moon Enceladus |

Pasadena, CA – A new study in the journal Nature Astronomy reports that the south polar region of Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus is warmer than expected just a few feet below its icy surface. This suggests that Enceladus’ ocean of liquid water might be only a couple of miles beneath this region — closer to the surface than previously thought.

The excess heat is especially pronounced over three fractures that are not unlike the “tiger stripes” — prominent, actively venting fractures that slice across the pole — except that they don’t appear to be active at the moment.

This enhanced-color Cassini view of southern latitudes on Enceladus features the bluish “tiger stripe” fractures that rip across the south polar region. (NASA) Seemingly dormant fractures lying above the moon’s warm, underground sea point to the dynamic character of Enceladus’ geology, suggesting the moon might have experienced several episodes of activity, in different places on its surface.

The finding agrees with the results of a 2016 study by a team independent of the Cassini mission that estimated the thickness of Enceladus’ icy crust. The studies indicate an average depth for the ice shell of 11 to 14 miles (18 to 22 kilometers), with a thickness of less than 3 miles (5 kilometers) at the south pole.

“Finding temperatures near these three inactive fractures that are unexpectedly higher than those outside them adds to the intrigue of Enceladus,” said Cassini Project Scientist Linda Spilker at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. “What is the warm underground ocean really like and could life have evolved there? These questions remain to be answered by future missions to this ocean world.”

More information about this study is available from ESA, the European Space Agency, at:


World Wide #Pedogate News | RT | 14 Mar, 2017 | 14yo sex slave who was ‘forced to sleep with 1,000 men’ sues motel | House of Fraser takes down ‘erotic’ ad that ‘sexualizes children’ | A "Pedogate Coin" from the US Mint! | America's Greatest Child Sex Scandal: Boys Town in Lincoln, Nebraska |

A teenage girl in Philadelphia is suing a motel for more than $50,000 for knowingly facilitating sex trafficking, after she was allegedly forced to have sex with more than 1,000 men as a 14 year old.

The Roosevelt Inn in northeast Philadelphia, described by prosecutors as the “local epicenter of human trafficking,” is the target of the lawsuit, which alleges the motel allowed the pimping of the young girl.

“This child was forced into sex slavery, paid to do things with men double, triple, quadruple her age,” Nadeem Bezar, a lawyer at the Kline & Specter law firm bringing the suit, said.
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Activistpost | By Mac Slavo | March 11, 2017 | The A.I. Economy, An Open Secret: “Why The Market Never Crashes” | ... Today’s financial ‘ecosystem’ is a set up for unfair advantage to those playing a game controlled by high frequency trading (run by automated computer algorithms) and secret ‘dark pool’ investors, as Ramsay sees it... the market is rigged against retail investors, has questioned the tactics involved in using algorithms to buy and sell shares in fractions of a second.. Financial trading expert and critic Max Keiser called the entire system a hologram, capable of masking deflation and inflation through the feedback loop of these computer algorithms, programmed behind the scenes to manipulate for human interests... |

How are they keep this dying patient, the economy, together?

Perhaps we are long past the point of an organic, “real” economy. Instead, autotrading and artificial intelligence appears to be auto-investing into the stock market and other parts of the economy in order to keep it afloat.

Meanwhile, the individual will be increasingly barred from using cash, and forced onto a digital, tracking system.

Matthew McKinley of Texas Shrugged Books explains why he thinks that the system hasn’t crashed yet in spite of overwhelming systemic problems, and plenty of room for crisis.

Basically, everything is rigged, and we are at the mercy of a more organized, data-loving computer.

via Texas Shrugged Books:
I am sick of the talking heads who all swore up and down that 2016 would be the year of collapse, and of course, it didn’t happen. All of these talking heads are so arrogant, they can never admit they were wrong. Saying “I was wrong” allows one to stop running down the wrong path, reassess, and find the right track. In my opinion some form of A.I. and supercomputer is injecting the system with “printed” money so nothing really fails. I am not just talking about banks. I think, at this point, “regular industry” of a certain size is also getting these magic funds. This is almost the only way to explain how nothing has really failed since 2009. This magic show will go on for as long as the rest of the world still covets our fake monopoly money painted green. So, if no group of countries begin using real money or any other way of rejecting the dollar by bartering locally for example, this system will go on that long. It could be another decade I just don’t know at this point, but it cannot go on forever. A system based on lies, manipulation, and fakery can’t go on forever.
So, is a supercomputer running the economy? Is that the big secret as to why things stay afloat – ultimately making the system more and more dominated by technology.

CETA-SCAM | Avisen | Af Lærke Øland Frederiksen | Tirsdag 14 mar. 2017 | Kontroversiel aftale på vej gennem Folketinget: Kan koste lønmodtagere 10.000 kr. hvert år | Et stort flertal i Folketinget er fortalere for den frihandelsaftalen med Canada, som bliver førstebehandlet i Folketinget tirsdag |

Giver frihandelsaftalen med Canada flere eller færre arbejdspladser i Europa? Flere siger Peter Hummelgaard (S). 200.000 færre siger ny analyse. Foto: Scanpix og Steen Brogaard
Mellem 316 og 1.331 euro.

Så meget vil den gennemsnitlige danske lønmodtager gå glip af hvert år, hvis frihandelsaftalen mellem Canada og EU bliver ført ud i livet. Det svarer til mellem 2.000 og 10.000 kroner.

Det viser en ny analyse foretaget af økonom i FN's afdeling for økonomi og sociale forhold, Pierre Kohler. Den konklusion går stik imod tidligere analyser, som viser, at frihandelsaftalen kaldet CETA vil føre til økonomisk vækst, højere løn og flere arbejdspladser i Europa.

"I tidligere analyser antages det, at alle vinder på frihandlen. Men vores analyse viser, at nogle tjener på det, og det er virksomhederne, mens lønmodtagerne taber," skriver Pierre Kohler til

Det skyldes blandt andet, at virksomheder forventes at sænke lønniveauet på grund af øget konkurrence.

I analysen bruger han den model, som FN normalt bruger til at analysere økonomiske konsekvenser af politiske tiltag.

At en grundig analyse lavet af en anerkendt forsker viser, at CETA vil få så store konsekvenser for lønmodtagerne, burde vække eftertanke i fagbevægelsen og Socialdemokratiet, som er fortalere for frihandelsaftalen. Det mener Enhedslistens EU-ordfører Søren Søndergaard.

Fyens: Udlændinge: Støjberg fejrer 50 stramninger med lagkage | Berlingske: Danskerne rykker til højre: To ud af tre vil begrænse muslimsk indvandring | Langt flere vil i dag begrænse muslimsk indvandring, forbyde tørklæder og forlange, at indvandrere omfavner danske værdier end for to år siden. Man kan stadig vinde valg på en stram indvandrerpolitik, siger valgforsker | Blogger: Sådan!!!. Regeringen har nået deres målsætning.. At splitte Danmark i to lige store dele. Dem som hader og dem som ikke gør. Mennesker hader ikke og bliver racister via naturens orden. Der er ingen per definition, som foragter muslimer eller det multietnisk samfund. Vi er simpelhen opflasket via politiske ideologier, interesseorganisationer, som vigtige politiske aktører, der med propaganda for milliarder, skaber falske terrorvideoer og falske terroranslag, verden over. Asylansøgere, immigranter og flygtninge flygter fra krige, der fører til, at millioner af mennesker søger andetsteds, til bedre vilkår og beskyttelse, væk fra personlig forfølgelse, tortur, voldtægt, drab, slaveri, kaos, ødelæggelse, frygt og usikkerhed. Hvordan kan vi danskere som spolerede, forkælede, rige curlingforældre, tillade os, at mene noget om fremmede, når vi aldrig har været i Deres sko? Det handler ikke blot om forholdet mellem islam og Vesten som et af vor tids mest afgørende spørgsmål, det handler om vores globale 'deep state' ønsker splittelse, had og fremmedfjendskhed. Skabe den negative spiral i mennesker, så magtelien kan fortsætte, at bevare tronen som krigsførende nationer, en militariserede politistat og efterretningsvæsen, som har uhæmmet magt, til at slå ned på alt og alle, som er uønsket. Hvor er vores medmenneskelighed, fællesskabsfølelse, mangfoldighed, empati og forståelse? Vi mennesker er flokdyr, og når vi ikke er en del af en flok, bliver vi ensomme. Halvdelen af befolkningen er stadigvæk hulemænd i habitter, som blindt stoler og læner os op af hvad vores 'ledere' fortæller os er sandt og retfærdigt. Vores kognitiv dissonans kan slet ikke klare det mentale ubehag som vi presses til at indtage, med indbyrdes modstridende holdninger, inde i os selv. Den anden halvdel, er dog begyndt at vågne op til det bedrag, og ved godt, at vi sagens kan håndtere fremmede i vores land og de ikke æder op vores velfærd og ødelægger de religiøse trosbekendelser. Den halvdel, ved godt, at vi ikke længere, slavisk, skal følge flokken af psykopatiske ledere og politikere. Der er ikke noget forskel på jøder, kristne, muslimer, arabere, de 10 religiøse konflikter, som er i konstant krig. Religiøse forskelle har været kilde til mange konflikter i verdenshistorien og det bliver det ved med at være, indtil vi har indset, at 'religion', er det største SCAM som er manipuleret med, i millioner af år. Troen på og tilbedelse af en overmenneskelig kontrollerende magt, især en personlig Gud eller Guder, kendetegner stadigvæk religionen, mens historiebøgerne lyver. Mange danskere syntes at være mere interesseret i økonomi og tabt velfærd, når vi snakker om de fremmede, der indtager Danmark, med storm. Vidste du, at de offentlige finanser, stadigvæk er hemmeligholdte, men vi har mere end 1000 milliarder kr., at gøre godt med? Tror du på at Danmark, går statsbankerot ligesom i 1813 hvor en ny pengereform blev indført? Regeringen leger kat og mus med os, konstant. De ønsker, vi skal hade fremmede og at vi ingen penge har til vores veldfærd, som, forringes hver dag. Bliv nu lidt klogere og sæt dig ind i den virkelige verden, undersøgt selv sagen.. Tingene er ikke altid som de ser ud... |
I dag fik jeg vedtaget stramning nummer 50 på udlændingeområdet. Det skal fejres!
Se listen over stramninger her:
Annette Vahlgreen er 66 år og helt med på, at Danmark er et multietnisk samfund, og globaliseringen ser hun heller ikke det store problem i. Men vi skal bevare det danske, mener hun. I sommer sprang hun fra Dansk Folkeparti til Nye Borgerlige, hvorfor hun nu er løsgænger i byrådet i Vesthimmerlands Kommune.

»Jeg forstår slet ikke den der muslimske indvandring. Hvad vil de her? Vi spiser svin, vi holder hund, og vi er kristne. Alle de der ting, som mange muslimer er imod,« siger hun......

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