Oct 8, 2017

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Schumann Resonance Today 8/10/2017 We will try to keep you updated about the changes of Resonance with this page Schumann Resonance . The great variations that no one can explain precisely but that give us a clear sign that the planet is changing. The Earth is ringing ever higher, just like us! Source

RS Base Frequency 7.83 Hz. Today's Peaks:
  • From 2:30 to 5:30 UTC 4 peaks over 40 Hz
  • From 5:40 to 7:20 UTC Almost Over 40 Hz
  • From 8; 00 to 10; 50 UTC several peaks over 40 Hz
  • From 10:50 to 11:50 always above 40Hz
The card is based on Tomsk time - Russia - UTC +7

The ancient Rishis Indians called 7.83 Hz the frequency of OM. It is also the natural rhythm of Mother Earth, the Schuman Risonanze named after Schumann's professor who was involved in the early months of the German Space Spatial Program and was then paperclipped into the United States. Schumann Resonance frequencies are fairly stable and are predominantly defined for the physical dimensions of the ionospheric cavity. The amplitude of Schumann resonances does not change and is larger when ionospheric plasma is excited. The excitation of ionospheric plasma occurs due to solar, temporal activity, the use of Plasma Scalar Weapons and HAARP, and lately even when the Forces of Light compensate for plasma anomaly.

All News Pipeline | Oct 8, 2017 | Has Huge Wave Anomaly From Antarctica To US East Coast 'Weaponized' Hurricane Nate? Bizarre Abnormalities Show Geoengineering Of The Weather Leaving 'Freeze Fry Extremes' | .. With hurricane Nate now pummeling the Louisiana area and parts of the Gulf Coast and poised to race up parts of the East coast just the latest monster to strike already hurricane-battered America, we take a look within this story at more signs we're witnessing weather modification and weather warfare playing out before our eyes. We also see a brand new video showing a huge 'wave anomaly' on the US Navy's MIMIC website which stretches from Antarctica to the US East coast, interacting with Nate as seen in the image above .. |

READ MORE:  http://allnewspipeline.com/Wave_Anomaly_From_Antarctica_To_US_East_Coast.php

Activist Post | Oct 7, 2017 | 10 Characteristics Of False Flags | .. In this video, Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media breaks down the 10 common characteristics of false flags to help better understand why the official story of Vegas shooting is suspect at best .. | Blogger: Had myself a very entertaining (not drunk) conversion with one of my female friends yesterday, about Peter Madsen aka Rocket-Madsen. Minutes into conversation, i could see the craziness in her eyes - Head Shaking! - he's a bloody moron, she thought.. I totally understand where it comes from.. I'm not God, no wise prophet, no messiah, no truth tree. But, i do encourage myself everyday, to be a fearless thinking lightworker. To run a fearless campaign, grow truth-seeking balls of fire (sorry my french).. Is it true that you can't bullshit a bullshitter? If so, why? Seeing through your fake persona? Simple really. If someone is really a serious bullshitter, they know how to spot the bullshit because they're usually the one spewing it. So how come, only 1 percent in the world's population, has been awakening from their cryosleep, rebooting the psychotronic firewalls against public truth, and starting to act on their own heart desires, belief system and intuitions - how to listen to your heart, even if your mind disagrees? How do we get rid of mind-blocking, middle age fears? Must we really trust, per se, the lower levels of the minions executing their job in the central administration (governmental body), police authorities and alike - YES - of course. Do we need to start questioning the Narratives of corruption, mass media, the higher level of authorities, "the powers that be", the power elites, religion and power and the multinational corporation, who runs the WORLD - YES.. It's Not a Matter of 'If,' It's a Matter of 'When' - the system breaks down and YOU with them, because you're blocking the truth... |

By Melissa Dykes

In this video, Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media breaks down the 10 common characteristics of false flags to help better understand why the official story of Vegas shooting is suspect at best.

Aaron & Melissa Dykes are the founders of TruthstreamMedia.com, Subscribe to them on YouTube, like on Facebook, follow on Twitter, support on Patreon.

Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here.


Politiken | 8. Oktober 2017 | Det mystiske hydraulikrør er et af de centrale spørgsmål i Skandinaviens største mordgåde siden Anden Verdenskrig | In English: 👉World's Unsolved Mysteries of 'Scandinavian Star' Death Ship👈 The mysterious broken hydraulic pipe is one of the main key components in Scandinavia's largest murder mystery riddles, since World War II.. Per-Gunnar Lundin is VERY upset. Both at the Norwegian Police and the Norwegian commission, appointed by The Storting (the Norwegian Parliament). He believes that the interrogations of him have been misused and misinterpreted in the case of the unexplained murder mystery riddle of the ship 'Scandinavian Star' in 1990. The commission's inquiries of Per-Gunnar Lundin's states that, there was ""no tampering"" on the ship after the first two fires. But rather were misquoted in the Norwegian Police and the Norwegian commission's reports, so Per-Gunnar Lundin, claims. Everyone agrees - including the authorities - that the first two fires were determined to be arson. The battle is about the mysterious powerful ""third fire"" over 12 hours after the first fires... | Blogger: I've been covering this story before and it stinks to high heavens!! The ship was set on fire by an arsonist in April 1990, killing 159 people.. The police arrested a truck driver and made him a scapegoat and thus a arsonist, but he was just innocent ... Many players have lied and deserted the truth ... Norwegian police sabotaged their own technical investigation according to the Danish Maritime Authority's former inspector, Flemming Thue Jensen. He ""insists"" that he knows who was behind - the 2 guilty arsonists who started the main fire and the hydraulic fire, but REFUSE to name the guilty and no longer trust the Norwegian police... |

Det brudte hydraulikrør var monteret i loftet over den gang, hvor den tredje brand brød ud. Dette billede af det brudte rør er taget et stykke tid efter brandene. Striden handler om, hvorvidt bruddet skyldes bevidst sabotage. Foto: Foto: Dantest (arkiv)

Mysteriet om dødsskibet

Per-Gunnar Lundin er vred. Både på det norske politi og Stortingets kommission. Han mener, at afhøringerne af ham er blevet misbrugt i sagen om den uopklarede mordbrand på skibet ’Scandinavian Star’ i 1990, så de fremstår som bevis for, at der ikke skete sabotage på skibet efter de to første påsatte brande. Men han er fejlciteret, siger han.

Det har gjort Per-Gunnar Lundin vred. Filmen i hans hoved stemmer ikke overens med politiets og kommissionens gengivelse af hans oplevelser, siger han. Derfor har han nu valgt at stå offentligt frem og komme med sin version.

I dag er det mystiske hydraulikrør et af de centrale spørgsmål i Skandinaviens største mordgåde siden Anden Verdenskrig. Alle er enige om – også myndighederne – at de to første brande var påsatte. Striden handler om den mystiske kraftige tredje brand over 12 timer efter de første brande.

Diskussionen er, om denne oliebrand var en genopblussen af hovedbranden som følge af et kraftigt opvarmet skibsskrog. Eller om det var en ny påsat brand som følge af en bevidst sabotage af et hydraulikrør, hvor især diseselolie nærede branden. Det sidste scenarie har både den private norske ekspertgruppe ’Stiftelsen’ og den danske hovedundersøger af branden, skibsinspektør Flemming
Thue Jensen, fremført som forklaring.....[LÆS VIDERE]


KÆMPE HISTORISK SHITSTORM: Norsk Politi har et kæmpe forklaringsproblem. Var de under pres fra Nordiske politikere og skibsejere? Nordens største kriminalgåde er opklaret - Besætning tændte Scandinavian Star-brand... kommentar på nettet "Skandale, at danske politikere ikke har villet undersøge færgekatastrofen" - Datter til omkommet på Scandinavian Star: "Vores system er råddent"...

Update: 9. August 2016 -Uanset politiets konklusion: Tidligere skibsinspektør klar med nye oplysninger om Scandinavian Star.....

Norsk stiftelse om Scandinavian Star-rapport: »Norge har ingen grund til at kalde sig en retsstat«

Når politiet frikender mandskabet på Scandinavian Star er det en dækoperation, lyder det.

Udgivet første gang 21. Februar 2016 af Verdensalt


Norsk politi saboterede egen teknisk efterforskning iflg. Søfartsstyrelsens forhenværende skibsinspektør Flemming Thue Jensen....Han "kender" de 2 skyldige der startede hovedbranden og hydralik-branden, men NÆGTER at sætte navn på de skyldige og har ikke tillid mere til det Norske politi.......

Udsendte fra danske justitsministerium mistænkte sabotage men politiet lyttede ikke. 26 år efter ulykken udtaler skibsinspektøren sig offentligt om skyldspørgsmålet fra en privat undersøgelse i 2010... Iflg. LIVE pressemødet, OSLO 21-2-2016  - Påsatte personalet branden,  maskinchefen var en central kilde af løgnen, nogen havde slettede dele af skibets logbog, skibets topledelse forsøgte at skjule ting, brandstifter saboterede skibet ved at blokere med en klods/kile til central branddør, samt absurde politi forklaringer - de ligefrem saboterede egen efterforskning, politiafhøringer forsvandt, advokaten handlet groft uagtsomt. Skibet var i svensk farvand og ikke international farvand som var en løgn. Politiets pågreb en lastbilchauffør og gjorde ham til syndebuk og dermed brandstifter, men han var blot uskyldig...Mange aktører har løjet og fortiet sandheden...

UpdatePind slår fast: Ingen ny dansk undersøgelse af Scandinavian Star

UpdateMens Enhedslisten og Dansk Folkeparti kræver en ny dansk undersøgelse, vil Venstres retsordfører, Preben Bang Henriksen, have Flemming Thue Jensen afhørt af politiet ved et indenretligt forhør foran en dommer, så han udtaler sig under strafansvar.

UpdateNorsk politi vil ikke kommentere skibsinspektørs anklager

Ups! Jeg-fortryder.dk

Om natten 7. april 1990 brød passagerskibet Scandinavian Star i brand midt i Skagerrak.
Skibet var på vej fra Oslo til Frederikshavn, hvor størstedelen af passagerne skulle på påskeferie.
Branden kostede 159 personer livet. Lørdag aften valgte daværende søfartsinspektør og hovedundersøger af ulykken, Flemming Thue Jensen, at stå frem og fortælle, hvem han tror er skyld i mordbranden.
Klokken 12 fortæller han om sin private efterforskning på et pressemøde fra Oslo. Se det live her.

Enke til Scandinavian Star-mistænkt: - Hvorfor står han først frem nu - LIVE, OSLO Pressemøde

Efter 26 år peger forhenværende skibsinspektør på andre gerningsmænd, men hvorfor først nu, spørger enke efter mistænkt

A Message from my Higher Self | Oct 8, 2017 | Channelled through Mike Quinsey |

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
© 2017 treeofthegoldenlight

Nothing can stop the progress to the ultimate goal of Ascension. The Illuminati have been severely weakened by losing vast amounts of wealth that are necessary to keep their plans afloat. They also find that they no longer have the degree of command to keep their military objectives going. They see their command and authority weakening and cannot continue to maintain their previous level of domination. As the arrests continue they are losing control of events that threaten their demise, and they realise that they can no longer be certain of achieving their plan to take control over the world. Even in Space they are not the force they used to be, and are also confronted by ET’s who align with peaceful forces of Earth. The battle rages on but there can only be one winner, and that is the Forces of Light.

As the vibrations continue to lift up there is an awakening and purification occurring, and your DNA is gradually operating at a higher conscious level. In the course of time everything will change for the better and it will include your politics. Time capsules already exist that will trigger them when the right circumstances exist. They will be gradual and everything will be affected for the betterment of the Human Race.

Much is at the ready to come into being and has been well prepared for quite some time. The coming years will be those that will go down in history, as the most important you will have experienced in this new cycle. Many times you have failed and previous ones have never reached this stage before, and you are to be congratulated for having moved past 2012 into the New Age entirely due to your own achievements in having moved firmly into the Light. But for your success, the old cycle would not have continued as it has done so.

David Seaman Update | Oct 7, 2017 | The Young Turks PIZZAGATE Ties Revealed 😡 | Blogger: The Young Turks (TYT) is an American news and commentary program on YouTube, which also serves as the flagship program of the TYT Network (funded by “Pizza Gate-Clintons child sex trafficking ring”) .. David Seaman claims that Jeffrey Katzenberg is a close friend with his buddy-buddy John David Podesta, which again is part of Hillary Clinton & alleged 'Lolita' child pedophile sex slave Island ring scandals (Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express'), among many other nasty things... |