Jun 12, 2023

👁️⃤𓂀🥰🤳 (Det Som Ingen Forstår som Mette Begår) Mette-Mord og Frimureriets 33. grader af selvforståelse: 'Ekstremist', 'bandit', 'umoralsk', 'vulgær' og 'svindler', blev Silvio Berlusconi kaldt og er nu død og borte, men Manashee-Mette, består... Partyløven, Boris-The-Clown, Johnson, trækker sig som landets statsoverhoved og parlamentsmedlem, men Mink-Mette består... Skotlands (male) 'Nippy Sweetie' afhøres om svindel i 10 timer, men Makrel-Mette, består... Israels premierminister BIBI tiltalt for korruption, bestikkelse og svindel, men Madame-Mette, består... Nazi “Wunderwuzzi,” Kurz Østrigs kansler, går af efter skandalesag om korruption, men Militær-Mette, består... Tårevædet New Zealandsk (male) 'Aunty Cindy' takker af og ødelagt sit land under Corona-bedraget, men Mirakuløse-Mette, består... Den pakistanske Imran Khans fejlagtigt forsøg på at arrestation, mens den tidligere malaysiske PM Najib Razak, forbliver fængslet, efter korruption i multimilliard-dollar 1MDB-ordningen, men Misse Møhge Mette, består... Cristina Fernández de Kirchner i Argentina, blev dømt for bedrageri, men Matrix-Mette, består... Franske Nicolas Sarkozy, dømt i to separate sager i 2021 og idømt fængsel, men Mistænkte-Mette, består... USA's tidligere præsident Donald Trump står over for 37 anklagepunkter i en sag om håndteringen af fortrolige dokumenter, men Mette Forræderiksen, består... Skal jeg blive ved? ~ 12. Juni 2023 ~ |

"Jens Otto Krag, Anker Jørgensen og Orla Møller, alle frimurer. Fleste frimurer er fra rød blok, især S, men blå blok, også. Knud var den eneste dansker, som vidste, Jens, Anker og Orla, gik til frimurermøder. Orla advarede Knud at de var "farlige" og sagde; 'hvis ikke jeg var frimurer, havde jeg aldrig fået min post, som minister."  

Knud Jacobsen R.I.P. på videoen... (og fra andre videoer)


Den første ikke-frimurer der blev lukket ind var Dronning Margrethe i 1993...

~ Frimurerne i Danmark og Norge De hemmelige ritualene 1

"Kongehuset, styrer Den Danske Frimurerorden og frimurerne styrer alle ministerier og styrelser" 

~ Knud Jacobsen

Statsministerens mand laver Anker-serie - Filmmagasinet Ekko (ekkofilm.dk)

Arbejdermuseet sætter fokus på Anker Jørgensen, men glemmer at stille helt centralt spørgsmål (berlingske.dk)
Historien, han ikke talte om: Da Anker Jørgensen var koldblodig frihedskæmper | BT Danmark - www.bt.dk
Mette Frederiksens forkærlighed for Anker Jørgensen bliver dyr for Danmark - Liberal Alliance

Poul Schlüters legendariske sætning: - Der er IKKE fejet noget ind under gulvtæppet!
Anders Fogh Rasmussen - »Der er ikke noget at komme efter«
Lars Løkke Rasmussen - jamen jeg har ikke yderligere kommentarer.




⚠️🛸💔 (A MUST READ!) Majestic 12 And The Secret Government By William Cooper ~ June 12, 2023 (Free Guy; looong read in raw format, but as Steve Quayle said on his website and message board; "this is the most concise overview of the US gov't cover up of alien presence on Earth ever penned-ultimately cost him his life!") ~ |


By William Cooper

Before Majestic 12

During the years following World War II the Government of the United States was confronted with a series of events which were to change beyond prediction its future and with it the future of humanity. These events were so incredible that they defied belief. A stunned President Truman and his top military Commanders found themselves virtually impotent after having just won the most devastating and costly war in history. The United States had developed, used, and was the only nation on earth in possession of the Atomic Bomb which alone had the potential to destroy any enemy, and even the Earth itself. At that time the United States had the best economy, the most advanced technology, the highest standard of living, exerted the most influence, and fielded the largest and most powerful military forces in history.

We can only imagine the confusion and concern when the informed elite of the United States Government discovered that an alien spacecraft piloted by insect like beings from a totally incomprehensible culture had crashed in the desert of New Mexico.

Between January 1947 and December 1952 at least 16 crashed or downed alien craft, 65 alien bodies, and 1 live alien were recovered. An additional alien craft had exploded and nothing was recovered from that incident. Of these incidents, 13 occurred within the borders of the United States not including the craft which disintegrated in the air. Of these 13, 1 was in Arizona, 11 were in New Mexico, and 1 was in Nevada. Three occured in foreign countries. Of those 1 was in Norway, and the last 2 were in Mexico. Sightings of UFO's were so numerous that serious investigation and debunking of each report became impossible utilizing the existing intelligence assets.

Alien-Earth Presence

An alien craft was found on February 13, 1948 on a mesa near Aztec, New Mexico. Another craft was located on March 25, 1948 in Hart Canyon near Aztec, New Mexico. It was 100 feet in diameter. A total of 17 alien bodies were recovered from those two craft. Of even greater significance was the discovery of a large number of human body parts stored within both of these vehicles. A demon had reared its ugly head and paranoia quickly took hold of everyone then "in the know." The secret lid immediately became an Above Top Secret lid and was screwed down tight. The security blanket was even tighter than that imposed upon the Manhattan Project. In the coming years these events were to become the most closely guarded secrets in the history of the world.

🔭🌌💥 (Satellite Cell Phones, Nibiru’s Moon Swirls, Disaster Creep) The ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 872 ~ June 12, 2023 ~ |


Senate Role

We reported last week in this Newsletter that the US Senate had been given Satellite Cell Phones prior to the Memorial Day weekend. The media reported this selective cell phone distribution, but would only say it was in anticipation of a ‘disruptive event”. Per the Zetas, this was part of the process to reinstate President Trump. There were rumors of Senators being taken to bunkers. But as of the Friday before Memorial Day, all seemed calm, albeit the Senate seems quite empty on Friday May 26.

No, 50 Politicians weren’t Taken to a Bunker
May 26, 2023

The video posted May 25 said the U.S. military is under orders to enforce martial law by Memorial Day weekend, and an emergency broadcast system was to be activated. We found no news reports and no statements from the government that support this claim. Conspiracy theories were spun out of a simple security measure.

ZetaTalk Insight 5/22/2023: The special satellite phones issued to US Senators had a specific reason. The rumored Memorial Day bunker vacation for the US Senators and their families is related. Reinstating President Trump has been endlessly delayed due to fears among the Junta that civil war will break out. Now the Junta feels more confident and plans to proceed. The Senate is the arm of Congress that swears in a President. The Junta plans to escort Senators to the bunkers where a vote is to be taken, arresting them if need be. 

In that only the Senate was issued these special Satellite Cell Phones, it was clear some issue was pending wherein the Senate had purview. The Senate has responsibility for swearing in a new President and also for impeachment of a current President. Biden would have to be removed, officially, by the Senate before Trump could be reinstated. Since VP Harris was on the ticket with Biden, illegally sworn in on January 21, 2021, she would also have to be removed. Thus a return of President Trump would also mean a return of VP Pence and a return to a Republican majority.  The Zetas clarified.

Impeachment in the United States
First, the House investigates through an impeachment inquiry. Second, the House of Representatives must pass, by a simple majority of those present and voting, articles of impeachment, which constitute the formal allegation or allegations. Third, the Senate tries the accused.
Offices Eligible for Impeachment - Constitution Annotated

How can a president be legally removed from office?
Article II, Section 4: The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.
Inauguration of the President of the United States
Inaugural events include the swearing-in ceremony, the inaugural address, and the pass in review.

ZetaTalk Update 6/1/2023: Were it not for the fact that the media reported that Satellite Phones had been distributed to the Senators, the public would have been unaware of a pending Senate role. The issue was supposed to be off the radar. The Senate has been meeting remotely for some time due to the Pandemic. Thus those who planned to be at home were given Satellite Phones. Those who planned to be traveling canceled their plans but were taken to bunkers to ensure they didn’t bolt and escape.

The Senate must be presented with the SCOTUS findings and debate next steps, per the Constitution. The Brunson material was included in the Scotus findings, as was material from the many other appeals submitted to SCOTUS.  Denying these appeals was due to the fact that SCOTUS had already ruled, but making this public was to be delayed until the Junta was ready. The Junta feared civil war, and due to many other issues they were dealing with, requested SCOTUS delay their findings.

The Senate must remove Biden as President before Trump can be reinstated. Per the Constitution, this must be for cause – treason or high crimes or bribery. Any or all apply. The fact that Biden at present is a Double will be ignored as the fact that the Biden entity is a fraud can be seen from the many mask slipup videos available. VP Harris goes out with Biden as they both were on the Democrat Ticket, which automatically reinstates VP Pence. With this special Senate meeting, reinstating President Trump can occur without hesitation when the Junta is ready.

The Zetas predicted this outcome a couple years ago. It looks like another case of Zetas Right Again! Meanwhile there are signs that President Trump is to be reinstated with YouTube allowing the subject of a 2020 election fraud to be a topic of discussion. Frequent examples of the Biden and Harris Doubles having mask slipping problems are also out and about on the Internet.


🕉️🌌🌟 ('Educated guess = Event to happen during 2025.') Cobra Situation Update ~ Jun 12, 2023 ~ |

Free Guy: To put it simply; I do not trust entirely on every intel drop and the esoterically teaching from the so-called spiritual organization C.O.B.R.A. R.M. and their leader, a Pleiadian contactee. Because, my H-S told me, that, the Pleiadian who is a 'supervisor' to leader of COBRA, is not to be trusted. But that doesn't mean that I should totally reject it, just taking in, what resonate with my inner belief system and leave the reset behind... | 

Who's Cobra: Founder of the blog http://2012portal.blogspot.com; This blog is the official communicator of resistance from the Resistance.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Situation Update

The Light forces have made a breakthrough on the etheric plane. They were able to destroy the Chimera / Lords of Karma dark network on the etheric plane with all their technologies, with most of the etheirc Chimera / Lords of Karma entities captured and taken to the Galactic Central sun, and a very few of the Chimera escaping to the physical plane into cloned bodies through the DARPA pit. Thus now the only location under dark control is the physical plane on the surface of this planet.

The few remaining dark entities on the etheric plane are disorganized, in flight, and are no longer part of the dark network. Since Lords of Karma etheric control network is gone, human beings are no longer forced to incarnate, and now they incarnate mainly based on their conscious or subconscious impulses. The etheric plane still looks like after a war zone, spiritual guides are not present, and random anomaly clouds still contain dark entities that have not been cleared yet. Human beings who die may or may not go through the etheric plane unharmed after their death process into a relatively lighter astral plane, depending on their level of awareness and their emotional state.

Physical biochips are in the process of being cleared, and that will still take some time. To reduce the power those biochips have on the human thinking process, the Light forces are recommending this technique:

🌎💚📰 (30K for én CV-19 'dødsprøjte-vaksine' iflg. kilde fra May Day. Læge Stig Gerdes takker af hjulpet mange syge mennesker) Nyhedsbrev (NB) Biodynamisk nyt i 11 pkt.. ~ 12. Juni 2023 ~ |

Free Guy: P.S.: Har slet ikke tid at blogge i dag skal på standen ved Tisvilde Hegn - Liseleje og cykle og løbe og ligge (nøgen) og solbade. Det, som er fremhævet med gult, er hvad jeg på SoTW syntes, er spændende og kan berette dugfriske nyheder fra Ole Gerstrøm og Alex Collier. Det var også Stig Gerdes som sagde og jeg citerer; 📑"Jeg tror, det er selvfølgelig ikke noget jeg ved, at HPV-vaccinen er en forløber til COVID"📑). Samme dag som jeg modtog NB fra Biodynamiske og Lars Mikkelsen, jeg snakkede med på én af de mange stande på Krop-Sind-Ånd Messerne, år tilbage, fik jeg et NB fra Ole Gerstrøm, hvis reference også er herunder, som jeg var sammen med privat, i et fint selskab i går, Søndag ved Arresø. Her kunne Ole berette om nogle downloads han har modtaget og hans nærdødsoplevelse, hvor man ser et hvidt lys som drager én med Engles hjælpere og bliver præsenteret for et (council)... (Man siger, at Buddhister tror på en cyklus af død og genfødsel kaldet samsara)... Men ikke nok med det, siger Ole, ud over det hvide lys, er der også en anden verden, man kan vende sig imod o.s.v. o.s.v.... Det er svært at forklare, men jeg tror, mere eller mindre præcist, jeg forstår, hvad Ole mener, eftersom, det går i fint tråd med hvad Alex Collier lige har fortalt, som jeg mødte i Mt. Shasta i USA i 2015, at vi ikke længere har en Sjælsbinding som jeg på SoTW kalder for Soul Trap (som Lord Archons introducerede). Vi er nu helt frie, til at træffe det valg, vi ønsker os. Om det også gælder vores Sjælskontrakt, ved jeg ikke, men, lidt á la, om vil ønsker, at vende tilbage til Moder Jord efter reinkarnation, eller vi ønsker os, at leve sammen med vores sjælefamilie og venner i det univers eller dimension, vi kom fra (uanset om man kom fra Femte, Sjette, Syvende... dimension). Hvis, man altså ikke har karma-eller-trauma udredning og lærdom, man skal igennem (skal ikke gøre mig klog på)... |



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1 Nyt fra Foreningen for Biodynamisk Jordbrug

Aurion arrangerer markvandring på Eliseminde den 18. juni  

Eliseminde ved Haderslev er en af Aurion leverandører af biodynamisk korn.

Den 18. juni bliver der mulighed for at besøge gården og høre Andreas Barsøe og

Nikolaj Dalsgaard fortælle om deres korndyrkning og kvæg. Der bliver markvandring og let frokost.

Begrænset deltagerantal - plads efter først-til-mølle. Se mere på www.biodynamisk.dk 

Ny bog om biodynamisk fødevarekvalitet   Mange kender Jens-Otto Andersen.

Han nu skrevet en meget informativ bog om med titlen 'En guide til biodynamisk

fødevarekvalitet'. Se www.biodynamisk.dk

Sommermøde på Fyn den 25. juni   Foreningen for Biodynamisk Jordbrug holder

hver sommer et møde på en biodynamisk gård, og i år er det på Bakkedalen ved Fåborg.

Birgit Madsen og Per Uglebjerg fortæller om produktionen og de mange aktiviteter på

gården, og Jens-Otto Andersen fortæller om biodynamisk fødevarekvalitet med udgangs-

punkt i sin nye bog om emnet. Se mere på www.biodynamisk.dk

Passer biodynamisk dyrkning til mig og min bedrift?  Det kan man få svar på ved et

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Se mere på www.biodynamisk.dk  

Med venlig hilsen og ønsket om en dejlig sommer  - og passende med regn meget snart.