May 21, 2023

🙏 ~ 💝 (I wanna Dance with Somebody) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ May 21, 2023 (SoTW; Actually, I do wanna Feel the Heat with somebody, but long story short;...) ~ |


Editor's Note: ... I've never ever go back to slavic and east european woman who only wanna get buttfucked by billionaire-bad-boys with narcissistic disorder - both egocentric and egotistical. Sorry, there is no other way to say this! What a crazy world I'll have been living. What happens in the Dark. Will come into the Light. If you want to be spooked out by more unsolved mysteries, and lose friends, at the same time, try to dig up the truth abt how, Bobbi Kristina Brown and her mother Whitney Houston, passed the same way by drowning. It breaks my heart, that so many celebrities, young and old, has been sacrificed to produce negative loosh energy out of HUmanity's emotions. Or torture and death by Nazi Doctors and extraction of organs, like the Adrenal gland for the amusement to the Adrenochrome-elite-industry AKA illuminati. Michael Jackson was also 'murdered by Illuminati-clan who framed him for abuse. It's a wild theory, at least. Others seem to think, they have all been saved by White Hats to come out at a later stage to expose, the industry... | 

🙃🔄🥴 (SoTW Sunday Sundry) ☝️ First of all Battlefield Ukraine Bakhmut has Fallen which is a extremely important to RU and HU for 'denazification' Ukraine and eliminating Cabal's stronghold. Z = Victory. V = power of truth. Putin thanks troops for ‘taking Bakhmut’ as Zelensky says ‘nothing left’ in city ~ May 21, 2023 ~ |

Zelenskyj to hold a 'peace conference' - Rumors about Copenhagen as a destination... WHAAAT??? Why not  - we held The Bilderberg Conference at the Marriott Hotel in 2014... Danish PM as next Nato-“Swagger-in-Chief” and her LadyBoss, Queen DDFO-Daisy, VIP member of C300... you can't go wrong...

Editors Note; ✌️ AI God, Simulation, Archons, the Harvesting of Souls and Dehumanization is unfortunately picking up speed by the Cabal of Globalists; 49th G7 summit mis-leaders, 69th Bilderberg meeting AKA The Cult of Baal and 3rd Qatar Economic Forum (QEF), Powered by Bloomberg. Some say, they manage to steal 30-ton shipment of explosive chemicals. G7 leaders also vow to support Ukraine for "as long as it takes" and with the F-16 coalition that begins to take shape Q3 or Q4 2023. P.S.: By that time, the war is over... 🕒 The Cabal and Medical Mafia sadly got away by killing Dr. Rashid Buttar (or by WH's Epstein didn't kill himself). Media named him crazy things like 'antivax crank and crazy conspirator' that lied on CNN and real physician reacted. He was one of the big names in the truther community. Truthers (like Dr. Airyana Love) claims he was poisoned with DARPA's hydrogel nanotech containing Sentinel (snake venom) R.I.P Dr. Buttar ... 🍀 Earth Alliance, White Hats, Trump team and Off-worlders, has showing force after 10 ASEAN countries ditch the U.S. pretrodollar. The BRICS countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, has grown bigger and bigger with more countries to support the dollar eliminations. Furthermore, Colonel Douglas MacGregor, told Redacted w Clayton Morris; 'June of 2023, St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, will be held with 81 nations to get out from the U.S. financial system and U.S. Holdings.' ...✋ Many are now saying the secret Sealed Indictment of the Biden crime family has been Unsealed and ready to go public ... |
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G7 leaders vow to support Ukraine for "as long as it takes" | CNN
Hal Turner Radio Show - UPDATED 03:05 AM (Sunday) EDT -- It's Official: Russia Has Liberated Bakhmut from Ukrainian NAZIS

👼 ~ 💕 ('You become lovers of life.') Messages from Ann & the Angels • We love those who love life ~ May 21, 2023 ~ |


Hi All,

Today the angels talk about how the people we admire most love life, and if we love life, we'll find deep, meaningful, and loving interactions. I'll share several examples and tips to help you enter that flow of unexpected and beautiful connections!

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels
Messages from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You love your lovers of life! You love those who are true to themselves and in love with their own spirit. You adore your puppies, kitties, and innocent children who run up to show you their latest art. You love your authentic influencers who walk the talk and share from the heart. You love people who love what they're sharing. You love people who love their own jokes even if you don't love their jokes! 

When you are a lover of life—a person who often focuses on what they love about life—you can't help but attract others who do the same.

These relationships give you great joy whether they last for a lifetime or only a few seconds in line at the store. These connections feel deep and wonderful, even without an apparent reason. These are the connections in which you meet in love, share love, and experience love.

🔞🛑🥺 (#2MillionFor2Million Child Sex Trafficking) "God's Children are NOT for Sale: "Sound of Freedom" Finally Released!" ~ May 21, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: this trailer is really hard to watch. You might wanna listen to Mark Attwood's "We See You." poem. Benjamin Fulford in his latest report said; "There are now 413,220 Grand Jury Sealed Indictments, with California & Texas in the lead. The average number of sealed indictments before Trump & 2016 is 1,500 cases per YEAR. Since each sealed indictment can contain multiple individuals, it looks like the one million or so Satanists in the US have been identified and will soon be sent to internment camps for re-education or punishment."... | 

JUST IN: Deutsche Bank Ordered To Pay $75M To Epstein Victims (