Jan 9, 2021

⚠️📢👂 ~ ('Hey Nancy - prison time coming soon!') Nicholas Veniamin, Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes (Simon Parkes and Co.) ~ | Blogger: [👉CGI's Space_Commando: "First time in history, a United States President, walked in front, of Her Majesty The Queen. Trump himself meet the Queen to make agreement or deal for her, to leave a legacy. She is now onboard Trump's team.. The WAR has already been WON! 1: Take down the Medici family and Vatican Bank. 2: Washington DC and The Federal Reserve into the US Treasury, preparing for Gold Standard. 3: Emptying Buckingham Palace and City of London, taking back the financial system.. Charlie and me are Non-Corruptible" ~ SP & CW👈] ... Sooo it really seems SP & CW are the two-headed snake - complete each other's sentences... They agree on absolute everything... Lots a lots of Gold Nuggets in this video and secrets, they were not supposed, to talk about... PS: Lin Wood & Ashli Babbit's video on brighteon has been removed on GG's platform (on Google Blogger), regarding proof of the possible False Flag operation at Congress attack and the woman that as "killed" - click at the link below... |

Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo's, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can't be identified. Simon is an elected local politician in Britain and was elected to office AFTER he went public. Simon's biological mother worked for the British Security Service, often called MI5 between 1965 -1979. However while she was managed by British Intelligence she was in fact working "jointly" for the National Security Agency (NSA) of America. Her job was to type out documents that related to crashed ufo craft that had come down all over the Earth's surface and had then been retrieved by American special forces/recovery teams... 


That Hurt A Lot...


Action In The Next Few Hours...

Action to start in US in next few hours as part of taking back the Truth.

Meanwhile pictures are circulating from Hunter Biden’s Laptop which I will not copy because they are disgusting - This man needs to face justice.


Nicholas Veniamin, Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes

Nicholas Veniamin http://nickv.uk/ Dr Charlie Ward https://drcharlieward.com/ Simon Parkes https://www.simonparkes.org/


🙏 ~ 💝 (This is the time 2 split an atom) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟THE PURE SOURCE LIGHT WILL REVEAL THE DARKNESS AND RELEASE HUMANITY! ~ SoTW🌟] ... {The calm before the storm} ... Not only between Jan 6 to Jan 20, we will be stunned of what is going to take place in front of our eyes... In the year 2021 - as it is now - the light will reveal lies and deception in a round that will shock people who have not made their own preparations for what lies ahead through their own research.... If HU-manity are going to 'survive' breaking free from the 3-D matrix of illusion, it-is-NOW... Not in our many reincarnations before this time period of now, not in the next lifetime or other mirror dimensions... This is IT!.. This is the LAST MAN STANDING, the straw that broke the camel's back.. There's nooo going back now... We're in the middle of a SPIRITUAL WAR against the Darkest enemies our Living GAIA and her Earthlings has EVER, encountered and it's not only what you 'cannot' see, feel and taste from a non-living multimutated virus microscopic piece of genetic material surrounded by a coat made of proteins... It's also the WAR against disclosure of Secret U.S. Space Programs, in the skies who controls the most advanced weaponry for centuries pointing down on Earth... The 5G Elon Musk Grid 2.0 is here and now, but the most advanced healing apparatus and secret sealed 6000 patents to save everything and everybody, has not being revealed yet ...It's also our extraterrestrial 'controllers' who has literally placed us in a PRISON PLANET for millenniums... PLEASE do not be fearful for COVID19 or anything else that happens right now on Earth. Look to the skies and space, there's the REAL battle... SPEAK to your beloved memory cells, STAY inside your HEART-chakra-center and you will be fine!... Self-Compassion is important... |


🙏 ~ 💝 (Vi æælsker jer!) Dagens Spirituelle Motivationscitater eller Livets Sandheder (SoTW DK) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Vi ønsker Kirsten Birgit som Stats'minister'!... Når Magnus LØGNICKE ku' blive Danmarks mest magtfulde Usundhedsminister, så ka' 'Kisser', Dronningen af dansk journalistik med Martin Rossen-ballonen på Kongens Nytorv, også... Hende, der mobbede socialdemokraterne samt Thulesen DAHL og blev fyret... |

🔴🐼🏴‍☠️ ~ (Enjoying the show?) All eyes on CHINA's assets: Senior citizen Nancy Pelosi's laptop, DOMINION, Antifa FF ops, MSM outlets, Italy, stealth war SSP, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, Alibaba Founder Jack Ma and the Good guy saving America? - Lin Wood ~ (SoTW) | Blogger: [🤜RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA --- Nooooope!. Get ready folks to China cyberspace and cyber warfare, tech & Internet crackdown🤛] ... {🤔There are only 12 days to go to Inauguration. It makes no sense that the Democrats are preparing to Impeach Trump. It makes no sense that Pelosi tried to get Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment} ... China is de facto GAIA's #1 enemy... I know, i know, people do not believe me, also my friends tells me i'm crazy... You be the judge of that.. This is the TIME you need to pay attention... 🏴‍☠️Google Gestapo suspends 'free speech' app Parler where Trump and users float unfounded 'Conspiracy Theories' about 'Chinese or Aliens'... 🏴‍☠️So what, exactly, happened to Jack Ma? House arrest, killed by CCP, gone in hiding?... 🏴‍☠️Chinese Virologist Claims China Created And Deliberately Unleashed Coronavirus... 🏴‍☠️Twitter & FB permanently banning Donald Trump & (@TeamTrump) - check out shareholder Vanguard!... 🏴‍☠️Mozilla says ‘deplatforming’ Trump isn't enough! - check out Mitchell Baker, Chair who has received a BA in Chinese studies... 🏴‍☠️China invited teams of virus experts from the W.H.O., but why the charade? China owns W.H.O. and therefore part of the CV-19[84] Plan[Demic] WEF GR Agenda... 🏴‍☠️China also owns all major MSM outlet enterprises, has infiltrated US Democrats DNC, amassing “Tens-of-Thousands” of troops in Canada to start a WAR and stolen Star Trek - Star Wars advanced tech from U.S. Secret Space programs!... 🏴‍☠️Last few days, commie ruled government Denmark, (17 out of 20 ministers from DSU - 100 year old DKP - Danish Communist Party (DKP) is under a complete LOCKDOWN, bigger than March 2020, and several European countries placed new restrictions on travel, but Denmark, has gone BERSERK and is now under (China-mode) RED banning all travel to the World & introduced COVID-19 vaccine passport and testpas etc.... 👉SoTW has been following types like; Mike Adams, Steve Quayle, Hal Turner Radioshow, The Common Sense Show, allnewspipeline, american intelligence media, beforeitsnews.com, etc. etc. for a looong time - sometimes it's insane stuff they put out; end-of-the-world, "gung ho", itchy-trigger-finger prepper and survivalists energy... THIS time they're right about CHINA... |

Trump has not conceded, he is fighting from a secure location and sending signals
Mike Adams

We have lots of new intel on the situation today. Trump is in a secure location, protected by loyal military units, and is fighting to expose the deep state traitors. This is why Pelosi is going insane trying to remove Trump from office by force, as quickly as possible. She knows what he's about to do.

Most patriots have thrown in the towel and incorrectly assumed that Trump conceded. He did not. He merely wanted to create the illusion that he conceded in order to delay the threat of dirty bombs against America.

In today's Situation Update, I reveal the latest intel on what Trump is actually doing in his fight to save the republic. It's now a race against time between Pelosi and the globalists vs. Trump and the patriots. We don't know the final outcome, but we're not out of the fight yet.

See the highlights and full podcast here.


🗣️👍⚕️ ~ Foredrag baseret på bogen Kroppens celler husker alt (SoTW Arkiv) 💕~ | Blogger: [☠️Sundhedsstyrelsens pressechef har engang kaldt Martin, for »en af landets farligste mænd«. Det er ikke længere, Christian Gytkjær, den målfarlige foldbolds-angriber i jokerrollen, som E.B. kalder, »Danmarks farligste«⚡] ... {OFFECIELT : Martin Hejlesen er instruktør inden for konflikt- håndtering, METAsundhed, Emotionel Friheds Teknik (EFT) & Tankefeltsterapi (TFT), og forfatter til bogen "Kroppens Celler Husker Alt – Lyt til dem, og gør dig selv rask."} ... Foredraget blev lanceret på Roskildevej i København, den 9. okt 2019... Til dem, som ikke er bekendt med den (nu frygtede og gudsbespottelse) alternative kræftbehandler, Martin Hejlesen, der også er beskyldt i Berlingske (blandt mange beskyldninger) med en forarget storebror, som er stået frem og anklagede Martin HJ, at misbrugte sin døde bror... Så, vil verdensalt betegne ham, som en forsigtig, sindig jyde, som blot har et budskab og (spirituelle) hjerte 💓 på rette sted, om at hjælpe andre mennesker, udfra en (velkendt) alternativ behandlingsform. Hertil har mange trolde, PRO-vaxxer, PRO-safety, både privat- og offentlige instanser indenfor lægevidenskabens klare lys, miskrediterede Martin, i sådanne en grad, at uanset hvad man syntes om hans professionalisme som foredragsholder og alternative behandler, tager (verdensalt) personligt, hatten af for hans ENORME og STANDHAFTIGE indsats, mod den KORRUPTE og MASSIVE PRO-medicinalindustriens lobbyvirksomhed, Sundhedsstyrelsen og alle Deres 'henchmen' - MEDIERNE... [LÆS VIDERE] .. |


Blogger: (Fortsat)... 

DET VAR også en måske noget diffus opstart på foredraget, siden en flok journalister havde forskanset sig ½ time inden, showet, blev skudt i gang. Mener Martin sagde noget om, at (propaganda) DR via "Kontant", havde pludseligt dukket op, og ville have (EVIDENS)...