Nov 16, 2019

👸 ~ 💗 Shaman Durek on His Romance with Princess Märtha Louise: ‘She Was My Queen and I Was a Pharaoh’ (people) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👸Ragnarok, Chaos and Insanity - Once you go Black you'll never go Back😱] ... {O-M-G! Mrs. Märtha Louise - You-go-girl} ... Durek Verrett, the son of a Norwegian-Indian woman and a father from Haiti. "spiritual guide and gifted healer" and a "sixth-generation bisexual shaman lover"... Verdensalt truly think this is awesome, REALLY! Bisexual shaman lover - they seem to like eachother, which is important... Have not seen anything like it... But the medical–industrial complex and establishment, wil go abeshit (Pardon my French)... The couple has been on tour together, where they took the audience "on a journey in the mysteries of life". Just think about the disaster consequences it would be, if The Monarchy of Denmark (the world's oldest monarchy), Danish overseas colonies and pre Dano-Norwegian colonies, would have a similar situation, that Mary, dropping her “Princess” title, for a shaman, who can cure cancer... Or for that matter, The British Monarchy, with the Reptilian DNA ruler, Elizabeth II, the most powerful dark alien in the universe... NO WAY! But in Norway, YES, properly because they have NOK 10.000 billions in their money bin... YOU KNOW: He who holds the key to the finances or oil, rules the world and apparently, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, has another Golden Age key, to a parallel spiritual dimension. Go figure!... |

Shaman Durek and Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

"If I skip down the street, she skips with me," Durek says of his royal girlfriend. "What kind of princess does that?"


📉 ~ Financial Reset (COBRA) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Latest from Cobra and the Resistance Movement✊] ... {Victory of the Light!} ... Please use your own spiritual discernment... |

Who's Cobra: Founder of the blog; This blog is the official communicator of resistance from the Resistance.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Financial Reset

Our Silver Trigger activation has reached about 80% of the critical mass. Although we have not reached our goal, our achievement was significant, as it will still ease the planetary path towards the financial Reset.

Tens of thousands of Lightworkers were buying silver and this will become the seed for the manifestation of their future abundance, as I will describe in one of the coming blog posts in detail.

In early morning hours in Europe, shortly after midnight on November 11th, a certain “family” has bought over 100 tonnes of silver for immediate delivery, on Sydney exchange. This has skyrocketed the silver price, as it can be seen on the following screenshot from Kitco website, one of the main referral sites for the price of silver:

Silver price rose almost 40% in matter of minutes, before it was artificially suppressed about one hour later.

The strange bump in silver price was erased from Kitco website about 12 hours later and the silver price curve smoothed out:

The “family” has communicated that they will equally share all that silver among all those who have participated in the Silver Trigger, at the time of the Financial Reset and the Event. I can neither confirm or disprove those claims.

Since we have not reached the critical mass, the Light Forces can still not intervene directly in the financial system in the ways we have hoped, but one immediate effect of our activation is a massive release of intel about the coming financial crash in mainstream media on November 11th:

The Black Nobility families and the Jesuits have been encouraging the debt bubble to expand and are carefully steering the global economy towards a systemic crash. They are doing this to consolidate their power and to introduce a global and centralized digital financial system that will have total control over people's finances:

👼 ~ 💗 Wonderful Things, Evolution and Revolution (Era of Light Report) 💕 ~ |

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj! The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

The changes that are to unfold on the world stage in the coming days and weeks, will shock even those who think they are in the know.

There are wonderful things that have all ready manifested in the spiritual realms. And now the time has arrived for these things to become reality here on Earth.

What about you? You can now spread your wings. Claim your freedom and divinity.

That is all for today. From heart to heart, I am KejRaj!

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Change In Politics

The waiting game for some indication of moves towards positive changes is soon to be over, and will come after major political changes in the U.S. These will be unavoidable and take place in full view and be the first steps to political freedom. » Source

Ashtar: Evolution Through Revolution

I am Ashtar. I have given you a small sample of what you can expect (Note: this message followed a guided meditation led by Ashtar), first within your next Advance, but then beyond this. And when that Solar Flash, the Event, the Changeover.. » Source

Jupiter and the Galactic Center

From November 19-24th, Jupiter aligns with the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy, which is believed to sit at approximately 27 degrees of Sagittarius. The heart of our galaxy is also home to a supermassive black hole weighing about 4 million times.. » Source

Archangel Michael: You Pledged To Come To Earth To Free Your Mother

It is I, Archangel Michael. I greet you this day. I come to speak directly to you in this now moment of time. Feel My Presence and know always that you are never alone. We are family and it is My honor to guide and protect each soul who sends forth a call from their heart flame to Mine. » Source

The Latest False News on the Trump Impeachment

As the media are all out to get Trump, there is no way to get any valid information about the so-called impeachment. But you don’t have to pay too much attention to notice that the Democrats and the presstitutes are constantly changing the focus. » Source

Thoth: Dream Your Life

🌪️ ~ 2020 to be an Economic and Social Upheaval: Disastrous Crop Failure in America – Europe Loses 1000 Farms a Day – Millions of Pigs slaughtered in Asia (StrangeSounds) ~ | Blogger: [🛐FYI - StrangeSounds is like many Survivalist and Prepper sites, VERY, end-of-time-pessimistic-religious in nature and SoTW don't by into it, but a lot of extreme weather around the world, we cannot deny that🙅‍♂️] ... If you thought the Polar Vortex was bad, wait til you get hit by the Siberian Express! Rare cold weather phenomenon brings the coldest temperatures in 100 years to South... In Asia, pork prices this year have almost doubled after a quarter of the pig population has been slaughtered due to swine fever ... Unseasonal snow and floods in Algeria, Africa ... Australia fire catastrophe puts more lives at risk – Sydney faces catastrophic fire danger for first time ... Sea foam apocalypse in Sanchez Magallanes, Mexico ... Mysterious yellow snow and birds falling from the sky in Russia ... |

While Europe is losing 1000 small farms a day while officials are using the word ‘disaster’ to describe the widespread crop failures all across America.


👾 ~ THIS IS IT! THIS is What They're HIDING!! [Pt. 1] -- Justen Faull (SGTreport) ~ | Blogger: [Oh waaaauv!😲] ... religious or not, great interview... PS: "Fourth Watch Films is a Christian production company that produces informative end-times documentary films, edifying and educating audiences through the lends of the supernatural biblical world view. Higher Entities: The Lost Tapes releases on September 16, 2019. Check out the intriguing trailer below!" ~ |

Higher Entities: The Lost Tapes from Fourth Watch Films on Vimeo.

👼 ~ 💕 Controlling Your Inner World (Messages from Ann & the Angels) 💕 ~ | Newsletter - Excerpts only | Blogger: Oh yes... So, so true and wise words... |

Photo by Ann Albers in Phoenix, AZ
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

When you find yourselves wondering about how to change your outer world, go inward. When you don't know what to do, focus on who to be. When life isn't going your way, go inside and find your own way.

Dear ones, attempting to control your outer world is often futile. Inside of yourself, however, you can tap into the energy that creates universe. You can attune your inner being to any feeling or situation you like, thereby attuning yourself to the outer circumstances that will mirror your inner worlds.

If you are having difficulty with a relationship, don't try to change the other person. Instead, go within and imagine a loving relationship with them, or feeling peaceful about this person. From that place of loving calm you will either affect their behavior or your own reaction to it.

If you are feeling lack but don't know how to earn more, go within and give thanks for all the abundance in your life until you feel your own wealth. In that space, ideas will flow, people will respond to you differently, and money will come in miraculous ways.

🤯 ~ Særligt sensitive mennesker - Frygt er glæde i forklædning ( Verdensalt Arkivskab) | 5-10 minutters læsetid | Blogger: ... Tager man sine 5D spirituelle briller på; 'nutidens' børn, vælger “højfrekvente” forældre, spirituelt åbne eller kærligheds-mennesker. Hvis det modsatte viser sig, har de underskrevet en guddommelig pagt om, at ruske op i forældrenes grundvold og er per definition, sensitive 'Krystal-, Engle- eller Indigobørn' 🤗 Deres bevidstheds- og energiniveau er meget højere end deres forældres 🤔 De ønsker IKKE at tøjles med gammeldags og konsekvent opdragelse 🙄 Med andre ord, nutidens børn er ikke som os andre, de er anderledes, de har mange gange langt større basisviden, intuitive tænkende og stærkere end du tror. De er ikke tynget, som deres forældre, med livslange traumer, frygt og fornægtelse, hvad enten vi vil erkende det eller ej 😥 .. Disse børn, som er sensitive, nogle, med højt sensitiv personlighed, skal lyttes til, accepteres, og gives, ubetinget kærlighed 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ..Tro ikke et sekund på, at nutidens børn er lægevidenskabens diagnosticering af ADHD, DAMP eller OCD.. Der er INTET i vejen med disse børn.. Vores eksperter på området, mener at 'HSP' er et personlighedstræk, som er nedarvet (siger de).. Det er muligt, men forstår man sig lidt på spiritualitet, holistisk menneskesyn, metafysisk årsagsforhold, åndsvidenskab eller esoterisk filosofi, kan man sige, vi er alle sammen skabt af rent lys, ubetinget kærlighed med en indbygget sjælefred, hvor børnenes engle-energifelt, ikke er ødelagt af traumatiske oplevelser, fobier, chok, begrænset kærlighed og sjælesorg. Det kommer helt automatisk når børn, bliver mødt med os, forældre, de 5 autoriteter, forældre, lægen, skolelæreren, præsten og samfundets levevilkår. Eller som 'Niham' (skytsengel eller åndelige hjælper) ville have sagt det; "de voksnes adopterede tankemæssige mønstre, der forhindrer os i at lytte til hjertets åbenhed".. Jo mere sensitiv du er, jo mere skal du arbejde intensiv med dig selv, resten af dit liv, indtil, en højere forståelse, er skabt. Bærer du på for mange byrder, uden selvransagelse, skaber du et eksplosiv indre, som begrænser din selvudvikling. Det går ud over dine omgivelser og dine børn.. Det er mit bud (verdensalt), søg selv viden...🙏😇 |

Udgivet første gang den 25. Juni 2014 af Verdensalt

Er du et meget følsomt menneske?

  • Reflektere du over ting mere end alle andre?
  • Bekymre du dig over, hvordan andre mennesker føler?
  • Foretrækker du roligere, mindre kaotiske omgivelser?
  • Har du en ivrig fantasi og livagtige drømme?
  • Er tid alene hver dag så vigtigt for dig - som mad og vand er ?
  • Er du "for genert" eller "for følsom" ifølge andre?
  • Er du ofte meget følsom, anspændt, nærtagende, utryg?

Hvis dit svar er ja, kan du være et særligt sensitiv menneske (HSP - Highly Sensitive Person)

Er det en velsignelse eller forbandelse?

Jeg har hentet inspiration fra egne oplevelser fra familielivet som ligger mig på sinde at have forståelse for hvordan man omgås sensitive mennesker, samt fra Lise August som er autoriseret psykolog - specialist i klinisk psykologi. Hun har i samarbejde med Jette Harthimmer , clairvoyant og spirituel rådgiver, udgivet en fantastisk podcast omkring særligt sensitive mennesker. Test dig selv

Hvad er "særligt sensitive mennesker"?

Personlighedstræk som er nedarvet -  11 gener forbundet til personlighedstrækket, dvs. allerede når et barn bliver undfanget, er man på godt og ondt mere modtagelig og kan blive påvirket af moderens stress og humørsvingninger. Samme gælder påvirkninger fra lyde, kulde & varme, lys.

🔴 ~ Mistænkt for drab i Sverige: Fundet død i sin celle ( ~ | Blogger: [🕵️‍♂️Dette, er en meget, MEGET mærkelig sag🔍]... Vi ved, at politiet og retten har kendt Kundby-pigen, skyldig i planlægning af terror. Det er en kendsgerning... Men, nu viser det sig, at ét af ofrene i sagen om dobbeltdrab fra Ruds Vedby og Kundby er identisk med en søster til politikeren Morten Messerschmidt, det erfarer, Ekstra Bladet fra flere sider.. Spørgsmålet er, om den unge mand, der var mistænkt for at have dræbt en ung kvinde i Sverige, og nu fundet død i sin celle i arretshuset i Odense, har noget at gøre med (det formodet) drabet af Line Messerschmidt, og hvis ja, blev han slået ihjel, fordi han havde, farlig viden og politisk motiveret???... Ved godt det er vanvittig langt ude og konspiratorisk, men det er IKKE, første gang, at fanger i Danmark, pludseligt dør i sin fængselscelle. Man dør ikke bare af sygdom i politiets varetægt - det gjorde Jeffrey Epstein, heller ikke (tro mig)... Jeg personligt, stoler ikke en millimeter på politiets top, stole på dem på gulvet, som udfører alt arbejdet, men ikke. Stjernegangen på Rigspolitiets ledelse (der hvor Bettina Jensen, hendes veninder og DR, svindlede for millioner)... ahhh... Gid vi havde Kirsten Birgit, efterhånden er der INGEN, som tør, hvor andre, tuder... HVIS du kender til dokumentaren, Stay Behind - Min farfars hemmelige krig, så ved du, at CIA og den danske regering, har været DYBT involveret i false flag begivenheder, siden anden verdenskrig, sluttede... Alt sammen sker, mens KorruptPrivatLars tørrer krokedilletårer væk under Venstres' landsmøde og den kontroversielle Messer-shit blev hvirvlet ind i en skandale om brug af offentlige EU-fondsmidler i 2017. Meld- og Feld-sagen kastede ham ud i et stormvejr og kostede ham posten som DF's gruppeformand i parlamentet i Bruxelles... Og ih og åh, hvor er det bare synd for Britta Nielsen og hendes snotdumme, undskyld udtrykket, døtre. I dag har vi det socialistiske/kommunistiske samfund og regering, hvor det blot, handler om FØLELSER og MANIPULATØRER... |

En 27-årig mand, der fredag aften blev anholdt for et drab i Sverige, er fundet død i en celle i arresthuset i Odense, oplyser politiet lørdag formiddag.

🏳️‍⚧️ ~ Feminist: Kønnet er medfødt ( ~ | .. »Man kan ikke skifte sit køn ved hjælp af operationer og hormoner, for kønnet er medfødt,« siger lesbisk og feministisk debattør.. | Blogger: [👯🏿‍♀️The #MeToo & Transgender shockwave: Offended Retrospectively - Feminism has become obsessed with the cult victimhood, like Climate Messiah Greta Thunberg has, for the Fake Climate Crisis 👯🏿‍♂️] ... HVIS du følte, at Disneys "Frozen" ikke havde nok klima og toksisk maskulinitets-propaganda til at fodre dit barn med, vil du ELSKE dens nye opfølger. Det skinnende nye våben i Disneys helt opvågne kulturkrig, Frozen 2, der kommer ud senere i denne måned, lærer dit lille barn, at være en bedre MAND og tilskynde dig til, at købe den elektriske bil. Vil det skabe en god tegneserie? (skriver Den første FROZEN, udkom for seks år siden, og den blev mødt med næsten universel ros og anerkendelse. Ja, nogle mente, at den havde en subversiv feministisk og muligvis endda pro-LHBT-dagsorden. Ideen om, at Elsa's farlige kræfter undertrykkes i hemmelighed, mindede forfærdeligt om X-Men-filmene, en tegneserie-franchise omfattet af stort set enhver mindretalsgruppe, der føler sig udskudt på en eller anden måde. Men bortset fra nogle hvisken her og der, nød næsten alle, DEN originale Frozen. Det var for seks år siden. Før Trump, Brexit og #MeToo skete.. (..) Handlingen med Frozen 2, er udelukkende et stykke propaganda for klimaændringer. Telegraph udtrykte det bedst, da de skrev, at forældre skulle forberede sig på iørefaldende melodier og ”blive bebrejdet for ødelæggelsen af ​​planeten.” Handlingen handler om, hvordan dronning Elsa og prinsesse Anna's forfædre var kolonimonstre, der ikke gav miljøet hensyn. Disney mener, at dette vil appellere til alle de små Greta Thunbergere, der løber rundt, DERUDE... (uddrag) ... |

Der sker noget interessant i feministiske kredse i disse tider.

ALSO READ:  If you felt Disney’s Frozen didn’t have enough climate & toxic masculinity propaganda for your kid, you’ll LOVE its new sequel

Efter man gennem mange årtier har fornægtet biologi og insisteret på at køn er en social konstruktion, vender flere nu på en tallerken og siger i stedet at kønnet er medfødt.

Ideen om kønnet som social konstruktion - et produkt af opdragelse og samfundets forventinger - viser sig altså at være et taktisk valg som var brugbart så længe man kunne angribe mænd og kernefamilien og kvinder som valgte traditionelle kønsroller frem for feministernes karriererytteri.

Men da det viste sig at ideen om køn som en social konstruktion også kunne blive et problem for feministerne selv, så var positionen lige pludselig ikke længere så attraktiv og man hoppede på den anden vogn.

Eller nogle gør i hvert fald.

Så det har åbenbart aldrig udelukkende handlet om hvad der var sandt eller falsk, men derimod hvad der var politisk effektivt. Ideen om kønnet som social konstruktion var en effektiv måde at nedbryde grænser på og de "strukturer" man ikke brød sig om.

Men ak. Ideen om kønnet som en social konstruktion nedbryder åbenbart nu de forkerte grænser. Nu er ideen blevet et problem for feministerne selv. Ikke mindst de lesbiske.

Berlingske har i den forbindelse et interessant interview med en kvinde som tidligere mente at kønnet var en social konstruktion, men nu mener at det er medfødt.

👼 ~ 💓 Matthew’s Message 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉Factors in ending all dark activities; divine plan on target; sending light to dark ones, judgment; plant-based diet, GMO foods; speculations, predictions; today in context of history👈] ... |

Kanaliseret af Suzy Ward 
© 2019 www.matthewbooks

Blogger's note: It's so exciting how Matthew's messages resonates with me and many others. Catch the moment of truth and level of explanation easing to expand our understanding in our low density or world of 3D matrix of illusion. Similar to our Galactic channeled Sheldan Nidle messages and deceased Montague Keen.

October 15, 2019

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin with a matter of interest to a number of other readers, too: “If there is indeed to be a golden age, how can that be with the misused wealth and power that still is holding millions in a rigidity or bondage that seems so complicated? What are we as awakening ones to do toward any freedom within our lifetime; say— the next 20 years??”

Dear ones, you have been helping to manifest progress every step of the way. All you need to do is continue BEing who you are—the personification of love and light—and radiating your essence!

We know it is difficult for you to see the extraordinary strides you have helped Earth’s peoples make because hot spots around the world always are on media’s center stage. The combination of what is made known to the public—upheavals, hardships and suffering—and what is unknown—the extent of misused wealth and power and bringing an end to all of that—is not complicated because the goal is clear. It is that a few significant considerations are involved.

Removing the last vestiges of control from everyone who has sorely abused their free will to achieve and use their power is one factor. Many of those individuals are in positions of authority in governments, banking, the media and film industry, international corporations, royal houses, the Christian church body, energy and medical and agricultural fields. If all of them were removed in one fell swoop, the result would be widespread disorganization and confusion; therefore, timing is an element so that experienced people with spiritual and moral integrity are ready to step into the most vital positions.

⚠️ ~ 5G ~ (Simon Parkes) ~ | Blogger: ☝️This is for CC Member only, but SoTW assumes, and takes a leap of faith, to share this short message from SP, since WARNINGS, has gone viral from a official youtuber, Steele and community council whistleblower, that has exposed this (new) 5G weapon system deployed out among communities in UK infrastructure, as a light, that is fixed to a lamp post. It's in fact, a scanner & delivery (weapon) system with 450 high-voltage capacitors, that is absolutely UNNECESSARY to feed the LED-lights, as SoTW, understands it. Mark Steele is waiting for a senior investigator officer from Northumbria Police, after testing this illegal equipment; an unregulated, untested (weaponry) as he calls is out, approved by local council, to be deployed as street lighting... In Denmark, our government are now talking in direct terms of saving millions from Smart city Copenhagen and so-called intelligent traffic light or Smart traffic lights.... We know for a fact, that Smart cities, IoT and (Smart LED street lights) 5G connection equals city as a platform... |

Simon Parkes: 

'Many of us are concerned and aware of 5G and what it’s set up and installation means to the world and all that live here. This video has been brought to our attention from one of our co-ordinators in North East of England Ian McHale. The YouTube channel is called “Anthony Steele” The video is titled 5G LED Weapon System…. Mark Steele has been given a light that is fixed to a lamp post. The video shows him taking the light apart and describing the parts inside the light and what they do. We encourage you to watch.'

Connecting Consciousness

💚🤫~ Founder's Statement: Regarding Censorship Efforts to De-Platform GreenMedInfo & Other Health Sites (GreenMedInfo) ~ | ~ MIT Scholar & Professor Discusses Epstein, Vaccines, Corruption & Solutions w/ Dr Shiva (1of2) ~ |

EXCLUSIVE RELEASE: Google's Secret Natural Health Censorship Campaign with Sayer Ji, Zach Vorhies (Google Whisleblower), and Maryam Heinen 

The three sit down for an in depth discussion on the censorship of natural health and wellness content by Google.


MIT Scholar & Professor Discusses Epstein, Vaccines, Corruption & Solutions w/ Dr Shiva (1of2)

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai joins the program to discuss the corruption & decay in the United States. He shares his thoughts on how we got to this point and what we need to do to change our circumstance. Dr. Shiva does not hold back and openly criticizes his alma mater, MIT, and the open corruption they brazenly displayed taking funds from a convicted pedophile Epstein. He has 4 degrees from MIT, started 7 companies, and is credited for creating email. His next goal is to become the United States Senator for the state of Massachusetts. You see more of his work on his website @ http:/// 

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, the Inventor of Email™ and polymath, holds four degrees from MIT, is a world-renowned systems scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. He is a Fulbright Scholar, Lemelson-MIT Awards Finalist, India’s First Outstanding Scientist and Technologist of Indian Origin, Westinghouse Science Talent Honors Award recipient, and a nominee for the U.S. National Medal of Technology and Innovation.


🔴 ~ HUMANOIDS: JAIME MAUSSAN AND DARCE WEIR (Project Camelot) ~ | Blogger: [😨"THIS story is in my view, one to the MOST important ones on this planet, right now. History planet Earth and Alien visitation (with AI implants), is much BIGGER than Roswell, and will change the WORLD" ~ Kerry Cassidy"😮] ... Not to be so dramatic like Project Camelot, since it's old news, but lots of info and articles has for some time been released by many journalists like Mexican journalist, Jaime Maussan and other researchers, about the three-fingered ‘alien mummy’ (2015) dug up in Peru has lead to claims, the remains are 'not human' etc. etc... If you only want to listen in to what this is about, first 10-15 minutes could be enough... Rest of the interview take us around the world, especially in south america and the incredible sightings and Darce Weir's with Jaime Maussan documentary 'Beyond the Spectrum' and much more... |

SOUND CORRECTED. We discuss the documentary regarding the various aliens seen and filmed in Mexico and South America and reported by Jaime Maussan. The documentary is made by Darce Weir, Jaime Maussan and Beyond the Spectrum.

SPECIAL NOTE: This interview contains a very important update by Jaime Maussan on the Nazca aliens and how there are efforts by government and academics to bury the story from the public and how demonstrations are happening in Nazca because the people want the truth to be shown.

🛸 ~ We Can't Believe What We Just Got On Video! They Came Back! 2019-2020 (Thirdphaseofmoon) ~ | Blogger: [💡I Want to Believe says Fox Mulder, but most people DON'T🎈] ... Ahhh you might say - it's just all deepfake, democratizing us like Hollywood has done for 50 years with CGI technology. Or you might say, these sightings might involve Soviet spy planes or bombers probing, weather balloon launches, blimps, squid fishing, chinese lantern or simple, airplanes or military exercises (nobody is talking about "USO's" which also might be re-engineered from an extraterrestrial aircraft or underwater US facilities)... ☄️ PS: Weeell, SoTW truly believe? Why? Always had a gut feeling they exist in form as "UFO's", "UAP's" or "USOs", and i've seen thousands of videos on YouTube, a few sightings in Denmark and other countries, and latest, besides UFO sightings with James Gilliland, for baffling and unforgettable UFO sightings, try "Sedona Ufo And Vortex Tours". Went there recently, and we saw at least 30-40 objects, in 1 hour time, that was NOT planes, satellites and weatherballoons. Our guide, had a satellite tracker and the equipment to make us, believers... |

🚩 ~ (Q Anon/News) : Follow the Family (Prayingmedic) ~ | Blogger: [👓SoTW: “Project Looking Glass” : Time Lensing Technology Used to Look into the Past and Future & Weapons of Mass Distraction😮] ...📺 Trump Impeachment Inquiry. Russophobia. Clinton Foundation Corruption. 44th 2019 (possible FF) Mass School Shooting Santa Clarita, CA. Shooting at School Football Game In Pleasantville, NJ. Millions of people on Mass mediation. Public unrest against their governments in France, Berlin, Spain, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia. Q Drop, POTUS Tweet, Q Drop - Enjoy the Show🍿... 🛡️SoTW (verdensalt) is bond by a Light Warriors knighty oath: Protect the weak and uphold the good. This code states that knights must defend the weak and the innocent, must protect women and children, must fight fairly and honorably, and obey their lieges. I will hold this energy of protecting the sacred feminine, as well. So be it, and so it is!... ⛨... 🎗️SoTW is here to remind you, that the first order of business is always to calm your mental / emotional state, to assure you that you are not alone, to remind you that you have journeyed through other challenging moments in this life, reincarnations and other realms and to move your entire vibration into a state of peacefulness... You deserve (unconditional) LOVE, to THRIVE and show your COURAGE... I hereby present you with a Purple Heart for the Spiritual Warriors of Peace💜... 🛐 Collectively, we ask Source to speed up any operations for activation of the "EVENT" moment of the "Compression Breakthrough" and LIBERATION OF PLANET EARTH by the Light Forces and to assist in removing all negative energies, entities, exotic weaponry, and dark beings from all planes of existence, thus ending the planetary occupation of Earth by dark forces forever!.. So be it, and so it is...🙏|

QMAP - 'The Armor of God'