July 31, 2017

Verdensalt.dk | July 30, 2017 | Short Update | Blogger: Writing from a Hotel in Arizona. Finally got a keyboard to my IPad. Bad and unsecure Hotel internet connection. MUFON Symposium Las Vegas 2017 was awesome ✌ Inspiring and motivating speakers with tremendous courage, spilling their guts about non sanctioned TPTB secrecy. Many of the speakers were very old senior veterans backed by VIP among the audience and tons of evidence. Not everything their claim could be backed up and the truth, so help me God. But at least i was open minded and reached out what resonated with me. Many nationalities present, but no danes (so it seem).. Area 51 Tour to gate 700/back door to Groom Lake with 2 EG@G heavily armed contractors right on our tail... By chance, i were sitting next to a guy (at the conference) who worked for JT3 LLC/Janet Airlines - very hush-hush.. Our famous german tourguide (worlds most knowledeable on Area 51) towards the security gate of Area 51, told us about the worlds most advanced next generation technology to listen to all we said from miles away, face recognition, road sensors on the unmarked path towards the back door, not to mention when we got there. OMG! There had been incidents with a UK film crew who put one foot on the wrong site of the fence.. Next stop Sedona where i´ve meet with a Native American Rahelio Mystery Tour, who showed me all the spiritual vortexes, sweat lodge with many japanese people and so much more. He also mentioned some weird stuff going on with the secret US military Sedona base.. Every city i went to, always hiking or biking mountains. For a redneck like me with no mountains in Denmark, best thing to do. Driving in to Phoenix, listen to XM´s 80s on 8, Charlize Theron were acting DJ, went through all 80s soundtrack from the movie (Atomic Blonde) - Best nostalic 80s James Bond movie ever.. A very important movie is (Valerian and the city of a thousand planets). It contains lot of what SSP is about in real life and has very significant spiritual value.. The movie (Wonder Woman) is all about feminine energy balance out the masculine dominance (warmongering, egocentric, greedy presence). This shift close to August Solar / Lunar Eclipses and the new galactic cycle is very important.. Have you seen the black spots / cancer warnings of illness on the left side of their faces on MaCain, Bush, Kerry and other American politicans? Acc. To GoldFish report its all warnings.. Well, almost impossible to write anything in these conditions... Stay tuned!... |