January 03, 2020

🤪 ~ Dr. Phil's $5 Million Mansion Is Not What You'd Expect: Go Inside the Bizarre Home ~ | Blogger: [👨‍⚕️Dr. Phil aKa Dr. Mad Max Mad House Beetlejuice Tim Burtoninspired🏘️] ... I'm so glad that I have not been treated under Dr. Phil's (mad) consultations.. He has a fierce reputation... Dr. Phil peddles lies, manipulates guests for TV fame... Phil McGraw, or Dr. Phil, has committed various acts of deception throughout his career as a popular talk show host, such as setting up guests for public ridicule, promoting con artists and endorsing false advertisements for weight loss supplements... And now he sells his satanic cult inspired house... In psychological therapy, the goal is for the patient to become their own therapist. The problem is, even the best psychologists are more (brain) fucked up (sorry my french) than their own patients... |

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🇺🇳 ~ UN Peacekeepers Fathered Hundreds of Babies With Girls in Haiti as Young as Eleven ~ | Blogger: "In common law jurisdictions, statutory rape is nonforcible sexual activity in which one of the individuals is below the age of consent (the age required to legally consent to the behavior ~ wikipedia" ... My wish is that the ITNJ Commissioners will look into this case of atrocity conducted by United Nations (UN) peacekeepers. Unfortunately, worse case scenario, the UN and present court system is protecting, these soldiers.. |

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United Nations (UN) peacekeepers charged with protecting disaster-struck Haiti have fathered hundreds of babies with local women and girls before leaving them behind in poverty, according to a new study.

Girls as young as 11 were allegedly sexually abused and impregnated by peacekeepers and left “in misery” to raise their children alone.

A paper published by the University of Birmingham’s Sabine Lee and Queen’s University’s Susan Bartels describes the experience of those people living under the protection of a UN Stabilisation Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH).

The studies were based on conversations with over 2,500 Haitians who shared the experiences of women and girls in the communities that hosted peace operations. Of the 2,500 talked to, about ten percent revealed stories about peacekeeper-fathered children.(READ MORE)

🔴 ~ Robert David Steele : WWIII? Trump, Israel, CIA and Iran Assassination ~ | Blogger: [🤜Waaauv! This (Short) Videocast Should Be Marked As "Critical Importance" For World Leaders & Humanity To Watch🤛] ... {i know what you're thinking - Robert David Steele, is a liar and a crisis actor in the destroyed Room. Guess again} .. He's former Marine, CIA case officer, former (CIA spy) as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), US co-founder of the US Marine Corps intelligence activity, Chief Counsel (ITNJ Commissioners) of The Judicial Commission Of Inquiry Into Human Trafficking And Child Sex Abuse, aaandd, is a man on a MISSION (and much more)...🌪️ (Disturbance in the Force:) I KNOW NOW what really overtook me completely this morning after my (spiritual numbness, sadness and grievance)... It was as I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened, sensing the destruction of Alderaan (Obi-Wan Kenobi)... AND WHO WAS THE BAD GUY (AGAIN) THAT BETRAYED TRUMP (AND THE REST OF US) - Benjamin Netanyahu - A match made in Hell : Israel and the Military Industrial Complex, with his zionist Mossad & CIA henchmen🥺... Sorry, no more tears (Enough Is Enough)... In my capacity as Spiritual Special Rapporteur, we MUST stop this madness from CIA (trickery and deception) and warmongering (drums of war) world leaders trying to start WWIII... It's our duty... Please listen to Robert David Steele or / and read his letter to POTUS... As Robert David Steele says : "I PRAY FOR PEACE"... |

I, Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer, former CIA spy, co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA) and top non-fiction reviewer in the USA denounce the unconstitutional and illegal assassination of General Qassem Soleimani. In an article published around the world, he provides seven analytic conclusions and a copy of his letter submitted to the White House very early this morning.

Robert Steele: WORLD WAR III? Has President Donald Trump Lost His Mind? May God Give Us a Moment to Reflect for Peace. UPDATE 1: Videos

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Mr. President,
You have been schlonged by DoD and CIA and the US Army Class of 1986. The assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani within Iraqi territory is right up there with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that was used as a casus belli for WWI.
If you actually gave this order, you need to consider the possibility that everyone that advised you to do so is an agent of influence for Zionist Israel, and fire them.
Right now you need to be thinking about damage control. You are NOT in control of the US Government (as JFK was told by Schlesinger when he was angry over the missiles not being pulled from Turkey as he had ordered).  Rule 1 in Washington according to Mort Halperin in Bureaucratic Politics and Foreign Policy is “Lie to the President if you can get away with it.”
Mike Flynn has a better grip on this stuff than your current team. I earnestly urge you to determine if this was a CIA drone or a DoD drone, and then very publicly fire both the Secretary of Defense and the Director of the CIA, transfer the CIA drones to DoD and terminate their use as assassination devices (most of their [alleged] successes are lies, you are being lied to).
I pray this message reaches you but have no faith that it will. I am doing my duty.  To stop war with Iran, you need to fire Esper and Haspel and put Pompeo on a path out the door. PNG’ing the Israeli Ambassador would not hurt at all.
The West Point 1986 class is schlonging you.  At the same time I believe that Gina Haspel is covering up for John Brennan and not cooperating fully in providing the available records on Brennan’s “green phone” calls to and from the UK with MI-6 and GCHQ.  Combine those with an NSA print-out of every unmasking as Bill Binney and I have recommended to the AG, and you have it all.
I am praying for you. Anyone who supported this insane strike and assassination is an enemy of the USA.
Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele

🎟️ ~ Illuminati Card Game Predictions Every Event Our Future and Past 500 HD Cards ~ | Blogger: [😮Tales of Strange Coincidences. Illuminati Cards Don't Lie?] ... Thx to my holistic doctor for sharing this... But of course, we are not allowed to "conspire" on any happenings - one of the reasons, i've lost friends here at SoTW, but gained some new ones... We are not allowed in the public domain to say the word (conspiracy), because it always (trigger) a fearful association to something, we would (never) consider to the the actual (truth)... Let's take Ari Behn's death, Danish-born writer who accused actor Kevin Spacey of misconduct. There are many, many (royalists) or (monarchists) who will say that the death of Ari Behn was because he was depressed and had suicidal thoughts. It could be of course, but for everyone not keeping track, this is the 3rd Kevin Spacey accuser to suddenly and mysteriously die in 2019. Ari died the same day as George Michael in 2016, December 25 (was also found dead on Christmas Day). And i don't believe in (coincidences), not in this insane global elite's pedophile empire...And Crown Princess Victoria, who is expected to ascend the throne one day, will not attend the funeral, because her daughter broke her leg, but many, many Royals and top politicians is to attend Ari Behn’s funeral, one of them, the False Flag monster NATO's Operation Gladio, Chief Jens Stoltenberg... We live in desperately conspiratorial times so it’s not all that surprising that Behn’s death is being covered in such a way. Post-Epstein, it’s easy for even the most reasonable individual to want to get out the twine and start making connections on their paper-covered walls. But i'm sorry - this is the way the cookie crumbles - such is life... |

Predictions from the Cult Classic, Steve Jackson, I-NWO Games

Predictions from the Illuminati Cards. Haven’t discussed these in a while. Here are some new predictions regarding the cards.

The latest edition of the game released in November 2018 is actually the 4th edition of the game. The 3rd edition was released in the late 1990s to early 2000s and was heavily redacted. The 2nd edition (most common type in internet images) with the black background versions which had more description (and in several cases different titles) were released between 1989 and 1995.
The 1st edition was a very basic card that more resembled chance and community chest Monopoly cards were released in 1983… This game has been around for a very long time…

Illuminati is a standalone card game made by Steve Jackson Games, inspired by the 1975 book, The Illuminatus! Trilogy, by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. The game has ominous secret societies competing with each other to control the world through various means, including legal, illegal, and even mystical.Wikipedia

⚖️ ~ Belgium halts extradition of Catalan separatist Puigdemont to Spain ~ | Blogger: Reject that evil exist and love what is good; turn your courts into true halls of justice... |

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A judge in Belgium suspended an arrest warrant against Carles Puigdemont and another pro-independence politician. The Catalan separatist leader is wanted in Spain on charges of rebellion and sedition.

🔥 ~ INTENTION EXPERIMENT & PRAYERS FOR AUSTRALIA TODAY! ~ | Blogger: [📿Another Prayer Of Importance Goes Out To Australia And The Bushfires🙏] ... {😔Spiritual warfare & burnout : Death, pain, emptiness, spiritual numbness, madness. Who started this insane game? Why do we continue to play when everyone loses? How can we stop the AI plus ET (artificial intelligence plus extraterrestrial intelligence), Deep State, Banksters, World Leaders, Intelligence Apparatus and Military Doctrinated “narcissistic supply', by ruthlessly exploiting others❓}... I felt incredible sad and exhausted after many, many eclipses & their energetic influence on us all. This morning in particular, I said to myself (ENOUGH). I'm not gonna write on my blog anymore - because - how can we STOP this madness of a world. After my confirmations, declare and decrees and letting go, i saw Ted Mahr's call to prayer, how we can help, donate and assist, and i felt (a little bit) better... I have meet Ted Mahr a few times - at Rob Potters conference in Mt. Shasta in 2015 and a few times after, latest, at The Conscious Life Expo 2018... Yeah, Ted Mahr is a little bit goofy, but has a good heart for humanity and this is from a recent post in a public FB group called (Galactic Federation of Light), which i'm a member of and he says; 📑 "Particle beam weapons are being used in Australia like they were used in Paradise and in Malibu California in November 2018 to kill as many people and animals as possible. Approximately 480 millions have been killed. But we can stop these harmful fires with our prayers and good intentions. We all are powerful spiritual beings who are stronger than the dark forces trying to destroy this beautiful planet."📑... ⚠️PS: Please remember we have 2 MAJOR mass meditations coming up... 1️⃣ -- Cobra and the Resistance Movement's "AGE OF AQUARIUS ACTIVATION MEDITATION JANUARY 11TH/12TH 2020" ... 2️⃣ -- Marlene Swetlishoff and her team of Rainbow Scribe Family's "FIRE THE GRID, JANUARY 13, 2020 AT 11:11 GMT WORLDWIDE"... I'm sure the site "We Love Mass Meditation" also has some of importance... |

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Ted Mahr is an author, channel and psychic, with over 23 years experience communicating with the other side of the veil. He hosts his own metaphysical radio show called Out of this World—www.OutofThisWorld1150.com. Ted also hosts television productions which can be watched on public channel 22 in the Seattle WA area.


Hello Friends!

On Friday, January 3rd from 3 pm to 3:30 pm Pacific Time, I will be doing prayers and an intention experiment to stop all the fires and to bring rain to all of Australia. 

In July 25th, 2014, I did a joint intention experiment with Dr. Masaru Emoto where we did prayers and sent love and light to the Israelis and the Palestinians to have a 12 hour cease fire to exchange food and medical supplies. Within a few hours after our intention experiment, the Israeli's and the Palestinians spontaneously agreed to a 12 hour cease fire to exhange food and medical supplies for the wounded, so our intention experiment worked! So we will doing this again to help the people and animals of Australia this Friday! Joining me on the show will be Angela Light, a shamamic healer with experience from Peru who will be doing ceremonies to bring rain to Australia. During the Lemurian and Atlantean ages of Earth, the “soul practitioners of first Mu and then Atlantis engaged in mass-mediation sessions involving hundreds, thousands, and occasionally millions of participants. The psychic power generated from these single-minded assemblies went beyond anything experienced before or since. Levitation of otherwise immovable objects, psychokinesis, communal telepathy, remote viewing, metaphysical healing, the shifting of space and time, prophecy, interspecies communication, interdimensional travel ...” were all possible with mass mediation (see: Frank Joseph, Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age, Bear and Co. c.2015. p.152). So this Friday, I will be asking everyone to do prayers to stop the fires and to bring rain to all of Australia.

💣 ~ Iran's Top Military Commander, Qasem Suleimani, Assassinated In US Airstrike ~ | Blogger: [📿PRAYER FOR AN END TO VIOLENCE, WAR AND DEATH🙏] ... {Ike's Warning Of Military Expansion, 60 Years} ... Terrorist or not, President Dwight D. Eisenhower and General Wesley Clark (wars were planned 7 countries in 5 years in Middle East, including Lebanon, Syria, and Iran), did warn us... The pre-dawn raid that killed Qassem Solaimi Commander of IRGC killed in Baghdad and Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and 6 others, could be compared to eliminating, Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States... |

Just remember, the Iranians never won a war, but never lost a negotiation!

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.. This is the spark that could set the whole region on fire, given Suleimani is Iran's most important, visible and powerful military leader ..  

Update 3: The Pentagon has confirmed that Soleimani was killed at the direction of President Trump in what it termed a "defensive action" as per the following statement:



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The 750 extra troops have arrived in Iraq.
Having been ordered there by the Pentagon in response to what is understood to be an Iranian orchestrated attack on the US embassy in Iraq.

When the Supreme Leader of Iran tweeted that the ‘US can’t do a thing to stop us’ some of us thought ‘oh no!’ Because the best way to make Uncle Sam angry is to say stuff like that.

I think it highly likely that something will happen soon to prove that the US can do something....

After all President Trump can’t tell rally after rally 'America is respected like never before' and let Iran get away with that challenge.

In fact never mind the President - It’s the Pentagon that will produce a working plan.