Oct 6, 2022

💝 (Boycott Qatar 2022, Kabbalah Govts, Ruthless Warmonger Globalists like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburgs) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SOTW; AS YOU MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW-THE WORLD IN EFFECT RUNS ON FINANCE, FOOD & FUEL. THINK ABOUT THAT) ~ 6. October 2022 ~ |

BREAKING! President Trump Could Be Reinstated Immediately By This Supreme Court Decision! (bitchute.com)

💝 (Er frihedssøgende mediecelebrities og kendisser optiske illusioner aka 'kontrolleret opposition'?) Dagens Spirituelle Motivationscitater eller Livets Sandheder (SOTW; GLEM DET, DU HAR LÆRT FØR. SPIRITUEL OPVÅGNING SOM AT DØ OG BLIVE FØDT IGEN) ~ 6. Oktober 2022 ~ |


🐸 ('DARKWINTER22'. Depop., nuclear fallout & Vax. CIA/DS Nord Stream 2, XI & Putin) Mr. Ed: INTEL - Q White Hats - RED OCTOBER - COMMUNICATION SHUTDOWN (SOTW; SUPRISE. QANON MOVEMENT IS NOT ONLY USA- IT'S A WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON) ~ 6. October 2022 ~ |


Pope Francis traveled to Asia and tried to have a meeting with President XI, but was denied and turned away.

This last attempt was by the Rothschild and Rockefeller family (Obama/DS) in a mad effort to stop XI from military operations to take down the CCP regime.

Also asking XI to open up the BRICS Monetary Reserve to the Vatican banks.

But XI did not make any attempt to meet the Pope.

Within hours the Rothschilds ordered their next move to arrest XI and begin the coup and activate MSM on the arrest of XI.

Fortunately their plans had fallen a part for the moment.

As reported XI was in safe protection after the meeting with Putin.

Several CCP commanders (loyal to XI) arrested several of the military commanders who helped in the coup and stopped the full coup from escalation for now.

💧 ('Russia, Russia, Russia. The Hunt For Red October Was Dropped') Goodbye McDonalds | "Russian" Sub Goes Missing | 45 Comms Highlighting W. / HW / Clinton / Obama (SOTW; LISTEN TO 50 MINUTE MARKER FORWARD. PHILG HAS PROOF INSOLVENCY OF CABAL-DISNEY-MCD RUNNED WORLD'S LARGEST FAST-FOOD RESTAURANT CHAIN + FINANCIAL CRASH ETC.) ~ 6. October 2022 ~ |

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More decodes and intel from QNewsPatriot. He draws many illuminating items from recent drops, from various sources.

Note from Beverly: “Listen to the end to hear about McDonald’s going bankrupt & why!!!”

“SGAnon discusses recent comms from the commander in chief calling attention to previous administrations, as well as the insolvency of McDonalds corporation (in opinion only) and the Russian sub that “disappeared” from dock… WWG1WGA”



☢️ (Let's get down to brass tacks...) Why the fear-porn, Paul, CC-Simon & Doomsday Preppers? Russian nuclear sub gone missing & Putin to use tactical nukes hiding out in a bunker like Hitler? Re-he-he-heally? Who's your boss-man? TheWhiteHats, TheGreyHats or TheBlackHats? Charlie Ward, Head of the Global Redemption Committee, DinarChronicles rumors or Dark Alliance? Would Earth Alliance issue a dire warning and this kind of storyline? Bring it down a notch (🤦‍♂️SOTW; SRY FOLKS- SOMETIMES IT GETS TO ME! THE FEARMONGERING. I ONCE SERVED THE DANISH MILITARY. I GET IT. 'SPECIAL & SECRET OPERATIONS'. BUT ENOUGH ALREADY. ET-FRIENDS / UFOS DISARMED N.WEAPONS AFTER NUCLEAR AGE [1940s]) ~ 6. October 2022 ~ |

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