Jun 17, 2016

Galactic Council of Light, Third Wave Moving Beyond the 3rd Dimension (Important info on the quicking taken place and the upcoming solstice and full moon. Let go of ego and how to hold you vision and create a new. Only honor what's resonate with you. Q: Orlando shooting, president race, multiple dimensions)

Published on Jun 16, 2016
Galactic Council of Light, Third Wave Moving Beyond the 3rd Dimension
by Jenny Schiltz
June 14, 2016

Scott Lemriel - Real Hope For Planet Earth (Meet-up with Scott at Mt. Shasta Conference Interplanetary Cultural Exchange Love and Healing 2015. Very welcoming and warm person, he introduced me to the blessing word Hu ( hw) - is the power of the offworld spoken word HU(mans) which is a pray to fix the world and comes with a protection. HU is the first original word not revealed in the bible, can only connect to the benevolent sources

Scott Lemriel:
Hidden Truth Revealing Epic Adventure Books, Feature Film Projects, And Related Music.

Robert Scott Lemriel part 1, International UFO conference Bergen, Norway 2014


BREAKING: Mainstream Media Finally Admits Mass Banker ‘Suicides’ Were Likely a Vast Criminal Conspiracy - June 17, 2016 CET

Source: The Free Thought Project | by Jay Syrmopoulos

New York, NY – In 2015 there was a popular “conspiracy theory” floating around the internet after a rash of mysterious “suicides” by high profile banking professions. What once looked like wild speculation is now beginning to resemble a vast criminal conspiracy connected to the Libor, interest-rigging scandal.

Over forty international bankers allegedly killed themselves over a two-year period in the wake of a major international scandal that implicated financial firms across the globe. However, three of these seemingly unrelated suicides seem to share common threads related to their connections to Deutsche Bank. These three banker suicides, in New York, London, and Siena, Italy, took place within 17 months of each other in 2013/14 in what investigators labeled as a series of unrelated suicides.
“In each case, the victim had a connection to a burgeoning global banking scandal, leaving more questions than answers as to the circumstances surrounding their deaths,” according to the New York Post. “But all three men worked for, or did business with, Deutsche Bank.”
Financial regulators in both Europe and the U.S. in 2013 began a probe that would ultimately become known as the Libor scandal, in which London bankers conspired to rig the London Interbank Offered Rate, which determines the interest banks charged on mortgages, personal and auto loans. The scandal rocked the financial world and cost a consortium of international banks, including Deutsche Bank, about $20 billion in fines.

David Rossi, a 51-year-old communications director at the world’s oldest bank, Italian Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which was on the brink of collapse due to heavy losses in the derivatives market in the 2008 financial crisis, fell to his death on March 6, 2013. At the time of his death, Monte Paschi was being investigated for its handling of billions in these risky derivative bets involving Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch.

According to a report in the NY Post:
A devastating security video shows Rossi landing on the pavement on his back, facing the building — an odd position more likely to occur when a body is pushed from a window.

The footage shows the three-story fall didn’t kill Rossi instantly. For almost 20 minutes, the banker lay on the dimly lit cobblestones, occasionally moving an arm and leg.

As he lay dying, two murky figures appear. Two men appear and one walks over to gaze at the banker. He offers no aid or comfort and doesn’t call for help before turning around and calmly walking out of the alley.

About an hour later, a co-worker discovered Rossi’s body. The arms were bruised and he sustained a head wound that, according to the local medical examiner’s report, suggested there might have been a struggle prior to his fall.

‘The Collective’: Message to Lightworkers - June 17, 2016

Kanaliseret af Caroline Oceana Ryan
© 2016 carolineoceanaryan

The latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, Light Family! We are pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

We are aware that many around the world are dismayed at the apparent outcome of the presidential election primaries in the United States.

Particularly, there is great disappointment that the more popular candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, has not been given the Democratic candidacy, though many more millions cast their vote for him than for his opponent.

Understand that elections have been rigged—bought, swindled, stolen, and riddled with voter suppression—for the whole of the United States’ history, as is the case in most countries.

We understand that many are now feeling that “it’s happened again, despite our phone bank and canvassing efforts. Despite our pleas and prayers to the Higher Forces of the Universe. We are again at the mercy of the corrupt—the abusers and usurpers of power.”

And yet, we would say, “Not at all!”

For understand that your very clear, very powerful individual and group intention to create a fair election, to elect someone to the presidency who is not only aware of their Divine purpose, but who is living it out fully, is still in the air.

Still in the ethers surrounding the planet, and still influencing outer events in ways you cannot yet envision.

There are no full-of-purpose, soul-expanding intentions in your world that do not affect outer
events—that would be impossible.

And your planet’s current political “system” is likewise feeling the effects of these powerful expectations of fairness, equality, justice, freedom, and abundance for all, just as it is feeling the effects of the powerful energies increasingly coming to Earth, and building new waves of increasingly higher vibration throughout Her being.

There is no mistaking these powerful energy waves of higher intent, as they race out into the atmosphere, raising the level of human consciousness and calling forth every kind of higher help—Angelic, Ascended Master, and all other Divine resources of assistance.

So that far from having missed your goal, you are reaching it.

Mike Quinsey: A Message from my Higher Self - June 17, 2016 CET

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
© 2016 treeofthegoldenlight

The Earth is alive with secret activity but little of it reaches your ears, because the dark Ones still control the Press in spite of the fact that their power is quickly weakening.

However, desirable changes are still taking place, and the next major one will be when the new Republic of the United States of America can be officially announced. A new President has already been appointed which along with dramatic changes will give power back to the people. It has been a long hard road for those involved but well worth the effort. It will bring freedom from those who would hold you all in bondage.

The “silent war” over who controls the Earth and its people is coming to an end very soon, and you will be relieved to know that the threat hanging over your heads has been removed. To be prisoners on your own planet would have been bad enough, but plans had been made to drastically reduce the population. Some of you have learnt who is responsible and in time all will be revealed to everyone so that you understand what had been planned for your future.

LIGE NU: Politiet rydder Pusherstreet - alle hashboder rives ned (En specialgruppe i Københavns Politi mod hashhandel i Christiania har siden 2012 beslaglagt hash til en værdi af 255 millioner kroner)


Dr. Michael Salla & Corey Goode: Military Abduction & Extraterrestrial Contact Treaty – Corey Goode Briefing Pt 2 - June 17, 2016

[Continued from Part 1] At the same time the Soviet Union had deployed Cosmospheres in the 1970’s that competed with the National Reconnaissance Office and USAF for domination of the space around Earth, the U.S. Navy was developing its own secret space program called Solar Warden, which used huge cigar shaped spacecraft equipped with antigravity and temporal technology for distant off world operations.

Former aerospace engineer, William Tompkins, has disclosed that he provided the initial designs for these kilometer long secret space craft in a secret think tank at Douglas Aircraft Company in the 1950’s. According to both Corey Goode and Tompkins, Solar Warden became operational in the 1980’s and was highly compartmentalized, and therefore unknown to most USAF Space Command/NRO/Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) personnel who were told the vehicles in deep space or remote locations like Antarctica they were monitoring were merely prototype craft being tested.

Goode additionally explains that most NRO/USAF Space Command/DIA personnel are unaware of the Secret Space Program Alliance (an alliance between the Solar Warden program defectors from other secret space programs), whose operations Goode has been disclosing since late 2014.

Apparently, some of the intelligence released by Corey Goode over the last 18 months about secret space programs, was accurate enough to come to the attention of the “lower level secret space program,” as he described it, run by the NRO/USAF/DIA. Subsequently, he was subjected to a military abduction by one or more of these agencies, which he briefly described in his May 14 update:
Military abductions conducted by operatives of one or more unacknowledged programs occur. Chemical interrogation tactics are implemented. Body fluid and hair samples were taken, words and phrases were read off of a tablet to attempt to ascertain if I was a current asset of a known UNSAP [Unacknowledged Special Access Program].
While briefing me on June 15, Goode stated that he experienced a total of three different military abductions on a spacecraft that was clearly less advanced than those belonging to the SSP Alliance. The abductions happened just prior to or during the month of March 2016.

Artist depiction of room in spacecraft where chemical interrogations occurred.
I asked Goode why he wasn’t protected by the “Sphere Being Alliance” (advanced extraterrestrials belonging to a Type III civilization), since they had previously intervened during an alleged incident on Mars that he described in a report back in June 2015.

Continue Reading at ..... http://exopolitics.org/military-abduction-extraterrestrial-contact-treaty-corey-goode-briefing-pt-2/

BREAKING NEWS: Danish "TV 2 News" reports that, the Biggest Nordic Banking and Financial Group, Nordea AB, now under criminal Investigation after breaches of money laundering rules (Additonal news, Nordea raises contribution rates 27 times more than necessary, writes Financial Watch. Nordea ended up as the villain in Danish Panama-flop. Nordea Russia has led money to tax haven countries through the law firm Mossack Fonseca in Panama. Nordea's top brass - David Hellemann leaves Nordea and Christian Clausen got sacked after scandal with money greed, money laundering rules, overspending on private airplane, gourmet dinners, crazy bonuses, unaccountable money transfers and the biggest "keep-your-mouth-shut" retirement bonus, never seen in Danish history on 140M DKK)

Translation : Downfall continues for large bank Nordea, which has now been reported to the police for breaking the rules on money laundering. Control of Money Laundering has been so severe in Nordea, the FSA reports the bank to the danish police authorities.



That's why huge various syndicate groups (Cabal/Illuminati) flee to Antarctica/South America, fearing huge solar storms predicted to hit the Earth. The so-called “solar killshot” (My take on this, military use of Remote Viewing has predicted Solar-Flare-Killshot since the 90ish, nothing happen yet. The Galactic Federation of Light, friendly aliens hanging out in the Kuiper Belt and lightworkers and inner earth angels, will never alow this to happen..)

Veteranstoday: Edward Snowden: Solar-Flare ‘Killshot’ Cataclysm Imminent

Rise Together: How to know which freedom plan will work: A 5 question litmus test (Blogger: Why do we trust guys like Karen Hudes, Benjamin Fulford, (Dinar Gurus, Niel Keenan or unify movements like Occpy, Unify, Oath Keepers, Ubuntu Liberation movement Míchael Tallinger etc. etc. which has been infiltrated and taken over?) As Cindy Currier mentioning, ".. STOP latched into the mantra of these people og whistleblowers, saying things from their perspektive are true. They're based on the information they have been given and what they know. NOT all information are rock solid, due to the protected and preservative nature. It's all up to us, NOT to turn these people into heroes or saviors, NOT to get caught by worshipping or get starstruck..The right plan, plan that works is all about YOU, from Your inner values and solid character. NOT acting on your fear, but acting on your place of knowing. Acting as individually with a unified voice and herein lies our POWER..")


David Icke Update - Think For Yourself - David Icke with Iain Lee on talkRadio (Down memory lane... Great British talkradio for new followers that want to understand David's background)

Prepare WW3 & NWO: The secretive Bilderberg Group is rabidly anti-Brexit and ultra pro-EU and waiting for Economic Collapse to happen. Just seconds after Bilderberg 2016 meeting ended, NATO declare to boosts build-up in E. Europe near Russia border with deployment of four multinational battalions. NATO member states are expected to declare cyberspace a warfare domain, along with air, land, sea and space. False flag?, UEFA issues Russia with suspended Euro 2016. UN & Ukrainian PM: Maintain Western Sanctions Until Russian Withdrawal. Dozens of State Dept officials call for US strikes against Assad in Syria. Denmark goes to war & John Kerry to visit Denmark & Greenland(In Greenland, some suggest the unthinkable - rejoin the EU- US wants total control?). Cabal's minion banksters like Goldman Sachs makes billions on billions after Dong Energy made its stock exchange debut in Copenhagen. Was Orlando Shooting A False Flag? Shooter Has Ties To FBI, Regular At Club. - Brexit Campaigns Suspended- The Labour Party member of Parliament, Jo COX, got killed, perhaps because she was an activist and a passionate voice for refugees? Pres. Obama did not fire Sanders, he will now work with Clinton to transform Democratic Party, seems Cabal faction is on Hillary. Rejoin the space race or fall further behind, MPs warn Britain & Mars Wants You! Retro Posters Invite Red Planet Explorers. Declassified documents and scores of testimonies from retired military personnel, astronauts, pilots, politicians etc. demonstrate that very advanced and unknown aviation technology is present in our skies(SSP). Acc. to Dr Michael Salla and Goode, recent events shows, that an aerial battle over Antarctica has taken place with various syndicate groups (Cabal/Illuminati). For the last six months they fled there into enormous underground bases in Antarctica. We have seen even Pres. Obama visited Bariloche, Argentina on March 24, which had become the unofficial headquarters of the “Fourth Reich", to close a deal like Pres. Eisenhower did in the 60ish...All coincidences - C'MON!!!!

1. Current events
2. China
3. Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision, unity
4. Middle East
5. Russia
6. US political landscape, economy: growth, debt, reform
7. Cyber security
8. Geo-politics of energy and commodity prices
9. Precariat and middle class
10. Technological innovation

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/mar/08/russia-warns-north-korea-nuclear-strike https://www.rt.com/uk/346812-space-station-satellite-britain/