November 21, 2018

COBRA Portal for Planetary Liberation \\ golden-ages | ~ Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing ~ | .. Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing 13 Rays Remote Healing... 2018 is an extraordinary year! It inherits many outstanding achievements and foundations of 2017. It will surely speed up the EVENT, First Contact and Ascension of the Earth! The Prepare For Change –International Golden Age Group in collaboration with Prepare For Change – Japan almost 50 healers will provide remote healing with Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays together on the 14th and 15th day of every lunar month to help people around the world heal their inner being and mind. This is a gift provided to everyone free of charge. Healers from around the world, including Japan, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. who are all qualified in Level 2 Initiation and practice using Cobra’s 13 rays….will devote themselves to becoming LIGHT bearers, conveying these divine healing rays to everyone. To take advantage of this precious opportunity, please join us on the International Golden Age’s Youtube channel at the time listed above..(..).. |


PFC \\ ZeroHedge \\ cphpost \\ thelocal | ~ Whistleblower Implicates Deutsche Bank In $150 Billion Money Laundering Scandal ~ | Blogger: [💰Shares in Danske Bank have fallen by around 50 percent since the case broke in 2017, which equates to losses of around 100 billion kroner. What is on everyone's lips, WOULD the evil Rothschild empire with their danish cousins, the danish deep state govt.,ONCE AGAIN PROTECT AND VOUCH, FOR THE KHAZARIAN MAFIA'S SYSTEM OF BANKING CARTELS & DANISH SIX BANKS "Too Big to Fail", including Danske Bank?? The danish government says it WILL NEVER EVER reveal who’s the corrupted customers true identify, because sought a investigation, cost billions🤑] ... BREAKING NEWS🔴: -- FOREIGN INVESTORS PLANNING LAW SUIT AGAINST DANSKE BANK -- DANSKE BANK WHISTLEBLOWER SAYS HE RAISED ALARM FOUR TIMES -- WHISTLEBLOWER REVEALS MORE PLAYERS IN £178BN DANSKE BANK SCANDAL -- A group of foreign investors are planning to sue Danske Bank to obtain compensation for losses sustained due to the bank’s shares taking a pounding on the stock market as a result of the money-laundering scandal. It has not been revealed who the investors are or what the sums involved are, reports Berlingske... |


The Tree Of The Golden Light | Message from St. Germaine | Channeling through Nancy Tate ~ Wake up Call | .. I am St. Germain, and I go now, as I see that some of you are already changing your thoughts and are allowing the truth to set you free .. |

The ascended master, Saint Germain
Ascended Master Saint Germain, Le Comte de Saint Germain, European Marvelist, and many other names belonging to the chronicle of the fascinating mysterious man such as, "The man who knows everything and never dies". He is known for his commitment to shaping the 18th century Europe. He was a favorite guest in Versailles, familiar with King Ludvig and Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Katarina the Great of Russia, and many other heads of state in this period. He was known to have lived for 300 years never aging, partly because of the mysterious Elixir and other alchemy substances he created.

Saint Germain has been the manufacturer of our entire generation of future charity packages, RV, GCR, PPP, etc. If you pursue the messages of our ascended masters, you can summarize true accounts and the fundamental understanding of our race. Can of course only just talk about my own experience and consciousness level.

Channeled by Nancy Tate
© 2016 treeofthegoldenlight

Wake up Call: St. Germaine, November 20, 2018

There is something coming that is going to wipe clean all of what is being projected for all of the planet. When that happens then you will see why this is taking place and what it is going to tell you what the next steps will be to the release of the boundaries that have been in place for so long. Go now to your own inner self and ask what the next steps are for you and it will begin the new process of clearing out what has been in place for so long that has kept you all in the boundaries of placement that keep you from releasing all of the dirt that has clouded over the truth for you. It is a matter of being in the moment and seeing it for what it is, then moving forward, for in that journey of truth is the answer for every question that you have.

I will give you one more piece of news and it is that there is coming an outbreak of action that will give you all the idea that what I have told you is where you must go in order to be able to see what the truth is, and how you can move in the right direction for the freedom of being who you are and creating your world in a way that resonates with all of those who are in the same mind/heartset. I feel now that this is what you will be receiving in order to be feeling the newness of your place in life and what you are to be doing in order to live and share it with others.

ModernGalaxy | ~ Kryon Gives a Special Affirmation That Will Help You Take Control of Your Akashic Records ~ | Kryon in Sylvan Lake, AB, Canada 2015 |

In this channeling, Kryon explains how higher functioning DNA will allow old souls to regain control of their Akashic records. When your Akashic records begin to function properly, you will be able to bring forward positive energies from your past lives that will benefit you tremendously. You will be able to drop old habits and unfinished business from the past that could be holding you back. In this message, Kryon also states that it will then be your job to teach how to do this.

SGTreport | ~ The Deep State VS. Trump & America -- Robert David Steele ~ | .. Buckle up. This is a far reaching conversation about the deep state's attempts to topple Trump, we also talk about nationalizing the Fed, the California fires which Robert David Steele says involved the use of microwave weapons - and much more. Thanks for tuning in .. |

JFK21 - JordenFrihedKundskab | ~ Fascisme i Danmark? Korruption i Danmark? Kan politiet gøre det bedre? ~ | Blogger: [🚨THE DANISH POLICE CANNOT BE FORCED TO ACCOUNT PROPERLY FOR MISUSE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY FOR 10,5 BILLION DANISH KRONER🚨] ... Videos and references to these articles do not necessarily reflect my own position on the verdensalt's editorial board, but are angles that can illustrate and expand the subject from experts, other links are from enlightened individuals or useful organizations from the multitude of the web... |

Kære Alle,

Her er en artikel om korruption i politiet fra selveste fake news DR:
- Rigspolitiet kan ikke redegøre for kr 2,5 Mia.
- En tidligere afdelingschef i Rigspolitiet er politianmeldt for at have givet vennetjenester for over 40 millioner kroner til tre eksterne konsulenter fra 2011 til 2013.
- Købte konsulenter for 10 milliarder
- I løbet af de tre år indkøbte politiet forskellige opgaver, materiel og konsulentarbejde for i alt 10,5 milliarder kroner.
-Og gennemgangen viser, at man ikke kan dokumentere, om opgaver for to af milliarderne har været sendt i udbud.
- Som eksempel på, hvordan konsulenterne er blevet hyret, fastslår revisionsfirmaet, at der i flere tilfælde er eksempler på konsulenter, der har fået forudbetalt deres løn, før de havde udført opgaven for politiet.
- Rigspolitiets gennemgang af sig selv fastslog også, at den generelle praksis for at sende opgaver i udbud var helt gal.
- Politiet mente selv, at man kun havde overholdt udbudsreglerne i 38 procent af opgaverne købt udefra i 2015 og 2016.
Det lader til som så mange andre steder i det offentlige at bureaukratiet og teknokratiet er FULDSTÆNDIG ude af kontrol.
"INDKØBTE "forskellige" opgaver, materiel og KONSULENTER FOR 10 MIA. PÅ 3 ÅR!?!?!?!!" WHAT THE F#¤#!!?!?!
Er det hele vores land, der er i gang med systematisk at blive udplyndret?
Det ene øjeblik er det SKAT, det næste hvidvaskning i bankerne, derpå frasalg af statens virksomheder for en brøkdel af værdien.
Samtidig ser det ud som om politiet kun efterforsker forbrydelser imod virksomheder eller økonomisk kriminalitet, mens voldsforbrydere imod borgerne tager man ikke så alvorligt.
Kunne det hænge sammen med at i et fascistisk land, der er forbrydelser imod virksomheder vigtigere end forbrydelser imod borgerne? Er Danmark et fascistisk land? Hvad synes du? Ikke hvad du ønsker. Ikke hvad du tror. Ikke hvad du hører på fake news DR. Men på baggrund af hvad du ser ske hver dag i Danmark. Er Danmark et fascistisk land?
Tag for eksempel sagerne om pædofili, her bliver pædoerne idømt små bøder på få 1000 kr og får korte ofte betingede domme.
Hvorfor mon?
Og når man klager over politiet, beslutter klagemyndigheden, at kun 1% får medhold. Fordi her i landet, har vi ingen retssikkerhed, eftersom der endnu ikke er krav om at myndigheden, der afgør klager skal have habilitet, politiet må gerne vurdere klager imod sig selv. Totalt gak gak!!!
Altså i et land hvor folk er så autoritetstro, at der virkelig skal meget til før man klager over politiet, så er ifølge politiet selv de 99% helt ugrundede anklager.
Dobbelt WHAT THE F#¤%!=!?!?!
Jeg vil gerne opfordre de mange i politiet, som er blevet politifolk fordi de ønskede at tjene borgerne altså mennesker, at blive WHITE HATS ligesom i USA. Altså kæmp for at
- stoppe korruptionen i politiet, i USA kaldet "drain the swamp".
- bekæmp pædofilringene og sørg for de kommer i fængsel i mange år.
- kræv at en anden myndighed end politiet skal vurdere klager over politiet, så de ordentlige politifolk kan se sig selv i spejlet og være stolte over det værdifulde arbejde de fleste politifolk leverer.
Alle kan i en lang karriere komme til at lave en fejl, det er i alles interesse at den fejl bliver vurderet af en uafhængig myndighed, ofte også for vedkommende politimand, som så kan få sin straf, som ofte måske blot er en løftet pegefinger, en irettesættelse, det behøver ikke altid at være dramatisk. Det er vigtigt at borgeren, der er blevet krænket får oprejsning for at tilliden til politiet kan bevares.
Her er et link der viser hvordan de bekæmper pædofile i USA (Klik til højre på linket, i alt 36 fotos):
Mads Palsvig, Folketingskandidat.

Var det vennetjenester? Rigspolitiet kan ikke redegøre for 2,5 milliarder

BuzzFeedVideo | ~ I Survived The Holocaust Twin Experiments ~ | .. 💕This Touched My Heart SO Profoundly💕 ~ I hope this video touches your heart as deeply as it touched mine. Such an incredible demonstration of the spiritual power that lives inside each of us. May forgiveness be another gift given this holiday season wherever your heart is inspired to provide it (Matt Kahn) .. | Blogger: Thanks to Matt Kahn for sharing... 🙏 This video is a story about the 2 twins from Transylvania, Romania who were used as human guinea pigs by The “Angel of Death”, Dr. Josef Mengele, the infamous Nazi doctor who performed medical experiments at the Auschwitz death camps... This is also a story about the power of forgiveness, act of self-healing, self-liberation and self-empowerment... 'All victims, feel hurt, hopeless, helpless and powerless. We cannot change what happened, this is the tragic part, but we can change how we relate to it, says Eva Mozes Kor... |