Jun 16, 2018

A Message from my Higher Self | June 16, 2018 CET | Channelled through Mike Quinsey | .. message from Kryon “Trump will change the World” .. |

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
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15th June 2018

Once again I have found a message from Kryon “Trump will change the World” a title that bears no relationship at all to the message. It is the best one I have read so far, as the whole content is about the changes that Humanity can expect in the near future. I have copied those sections I feel would be considered the most Important. I would recommend reading it in full for more about our DNA and the coming shift. If you would like a full copy I will Email it to you.


The biology starts to cooperate, you live longer, a lot longer up to three times longer, not only that, the elimination of disease by itself, because the body is able to fight it, where something called Innate in your body talks to you on a regular basis intuitively, a self-diagnostic that is intuitive and is about time. Can you imagine what that might do to your medical industry, it is actually going to help them, because when you show up on their doorstep you will know what you need and they will be able to help you far better, and in your country (U.S.A.) they are keeping people sick for money, and all that is going to fall over, get ready for the demise as you know it. A big Pharma – it is not going to continue, it cannot any more than tobacco did for the same reason, any more than Banks can continue doing what they did, for the reasons they did and you took care of it and it hurts, it still hurts.

Dear Ones, because the planet needs your Light, could it be any clearer all of the things given to you can be used appropriately in combination. Biology is going to change, life expectancy will become longer, and then there is a Human Being who says “I do not think I want to live that long that long – my goodness I know what it feels like at 70 years, why would anyone live to 300 years”. We would say to you how 3D of you, would you wish to feel like 35 years until you are 298 years old, and that is what is at hand. Dear Ones the body rejuvenates itself much better than it does now. Can you conceive of this where the stem cell blueprints are picked up over and over and you do not make a copy of a copy, you make the original over and over last a long time, and you last fresh and young, this is what is possible. This is where it is eventually going and the potentials. Kryon you mean that is no, an absolute no. Humanity is a free choice, you can turn it around if you want to but the steam roller is fired up and moving, it is hard to stop it. The ball of snow is rolling down the hill, it is hard then to make it smaller.

Disclosure News Italy | Aggiornato il 15 June, 2018 | ~ QAnon Update – Have a Wonderful Weekend ~ | .. Anon posts fm ID 33af96 same as confirmed post w/tripcode. Ref to Google > Comey’s Gmails? @POTUS in great spirits during impromptu appearance on @foxandfriends. Was this bike pic taken this morning during morning stroll after his chat with the press? The weather was beautiful! .. |

QAnon Update June 15 – Have a Wonderful Weekend. By Interstellar. Source 8Chan. Updated 23:03 UTC

Anonymous ID: 33af96 No.1762748 Jun 15 2018 17:19:41 (EST)



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 33af96 No.1762761 Jun 15 2018 17:21:32 (EST)


ECETI - Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence | June 16, 2018 | ~ ECETI News Update ~ |

James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, www.bbsradio.com and Contact Has Begun, www.worldpuja.net. He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience.



Hang on we are going through what seems to be a multidimensional hit storm. Almost all the healers I know, light workers, even family members have been seeing what can in most cases be seen as total insanity. People acting like they are possessed or under the influence of something dark. We are all getting a crash course in loving detachment. We are also being pressed to shield up and learn how to clear unseen negative influences. Everything is surfacing, the deep state is being exposed, the lame stream media are proving to be professional pathological liars, friends and family are losing it yet we are not clear on the source. It seems to be coming from multiple sources.
Could be psychotronics, some are seeing dark portals opening up, many healers are seeing people with so many attachments, astral beings, greys, reptillians and serpent beings they don’t know what to make of it. Many are having their whole worlds turned upside down especially those who aligned themselves with the lies and deceptions. Their icons are falling, the masks are coming down and everything they be lie ved is turning out to be a lie. Their egos just got sucker punched. The powers that were are imploding. The only solace I can offer is this too shall pass. It’s a process and chaos sometimes is necessary. We need to hold space, process our own issues as they arise, monitor ourselves and continue to clear any unseen negative influences. Remember a lot of these thoughts and emotions are not yours. Get out in nature, meditate, find ways to separate yourself from the chaos till it works itself out. Again we cannot stress how important it is to do clearings.

myNEWSdesk | 16. Juni 2018 | ~ Lidl sætter aldersgrænse på 16 år for køb af energidrikke ~ | (Pressemeddelelse) -- Lidl sætter som den første dagligvarekæde i Danmark aldersgrænse på køb af energidrikke med højt koffeinindhold. Fra d. 30. september 2018 er det ikke længere muligt for børn og unge under 16 år at købe energidrikke med højt indhold af koffein og sukker i kædens butikker. Initiativet følger DTU Fødevareinstituttet og Hjerteforeningens anbefalinger om børns indtagelse af koffein .. | Blogger: ⇒ 👍👌💪 ⇒ 🍬🥤⇒ ⛔👎 ... |

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TV2 FNYS | 16. June, 2018 | ~ Nye oplysninger styrker mistanke om svindel bag dødsbrand ~ | (In English:) -- ""WE REQUIRE AN INVESTIGATION"". Abandoned to the victims of the "Death Ship" - MS Scandinavian Star April 7, 1990, has provided new information and recordings of testimony. The survivors supplement their demands with a police report of nine people from the circle of owners, crew members and insurers, primarily to plan ""insurance fraud"" with a fiery fire as a consequence .. | Blogger: [📌 "if they knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts," ~ George H.W. Bush🔥] ... |

Scandinavian Star brød i brand om natten den 7. april på vej fra Oslo til Frederikshavn. Foto: CLAUS BJØRN LARSEN / Scanpix (arkiv)
LÆS VIDERE: http://nyheder.tv2.dk/samfund/2018-06-15-nye-oplysninger-styrker-mistanke-om-svindel-bag-doedsbrand

NN | June 16, 2018 | ~ 🚨 Urgent salmonella alert for pumpkin seed protein ⚠️ ~ | .. Our microbiology tests recently found insane levels of microbiology in pumpkin seed protein powder, along with ""deadly salmonella"". After we rejected the bulk lot, we learned that somebody else bought it. This means the contaminated pumpkin seed protein powder is being sold across America right now, making people sick. And nobody is stopping them. The greed and filth that powers the protein industry is truly unreal .. |

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KLAS8 | June 15, 2018 | ~ Armed with a “machine gun”, blocks Hoover Dam bridge near Las Vegas ~ | .. One of them said “Mr. President release the reports,” according to a witness quoted by KLAS .. The suspect eventually drove over the bridge into Arizona, where he was arrested “without incident,” the Nevada Highway Patrol said .. | Blogger: WHAT a weird story and incident... 🤔 |

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The GoldFish Special Report | June 16, 2018 CET | ~ 🚨 PUBLIC ALERT: Alleged Medical Kidnapping ⚠️ ~ | .. This public alert announcement is prepared for the parents of a newborn baby girls in Glendale Arizona whose baby was allegedly Medically Kidnapped from its mother as she was breast feeding the baby .. |

Person named Denise Marie on Facebook published this and made it into my news feed.
Mothers: Jemima JonesBaby: Nevaeha

Born: 6-10-18 at 4:35amGender: Female 
Location: Banner Thunderbird Medical Center 5555 W Thunderbird Road Glendale, AZ 85306 Weighed 6lbs 7oz Hospitals claim: Mother used Marijuana

#Arizona Testing: Came back negative but hospital refused to provide documents to mother.
  • Hospital refused to provide patient advocate which is illegal. 
  • The child was ripped away from the mothers arms at 12:30 am this morning while she was breastfeeding the child. 
  • Hospital refused to provide any ppwk or details to the mother. 
  • DSC Refused to supply mother with any ppwk. 
  • The hospital refused her the ability to breastfeed or hold the child after 12:30 am on 06.12.18. 
  • Glendale Police department was contacted on 1 PM 06.12.18 to file a report. They refused to file a report. They said what the hospital was doing was against the law but they were refusing to report on it.She was escorted out with armed guards today at 3 pm on 06.12.18 
*Note there was another black family on site having their newborn also removed at this time this occurred. Similar story back in 2015 from the same hospital.